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The strongest bodybuilders who will CRUSH you! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/9CwQhg Hulk smash! Yes, if you mention The Hulk to most people they automatically picture Bruce Banner’s alter ego – a bulging, massive and rage filled beast who can be just as dangerous to the good guys as he is the villains. Of course, we don’t know of any massive green beasts but we’ll be sure to let you know if we find one. Until then, you’ll have to make do with these 10 massive human Hulks, who are just as wide as they are tall. Check out these other awesome videos! Dwayne Johnson's INSANE Diet and Workouts That Make Him RIPPED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkY45e5k9sw 10 People Who Have The ODDEST MUSCLES https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ouNSVntALA Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheRichest.org Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRichest_Com Instagram: http://instagram.com/therichest For more videos and articles visit: http://www.therichest.com/ For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]
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TheRichest (1 year ago)
INTERESTING NEW VIDEO "Inside Look Into The Most Disturbing Security Prisons" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gXXg6n0_ZVc
Leland Thompson (9 days ago)
I see a sock
Aadil Faroqui (19 days ago)
Good. Dont beg for subscription pls
Lamar Stanley (20 days ago)
TheRichest mar,twan🧛🏽‍♂️😱🤯💪🏽
ItzHyde (1 hour ago)
Swartzneger means black nigga in norwigian
ItzHyde (1 hour ago)
Svart neger
Soon you guys will see me
I should be on there standing five foot eight at 240 lb
Numair Broadcast (1 day ago)
What about gamora
B3AST MØDE (1 day ago)
Get the fuck out of here. The Asian dude little af. So is the soccer player dude. How they not include any black mfs over these lil dudes. How about Keven Washington. Racist hating ass bitches.
Sole Ifran (1 day ago)
x13x Monkeys (2 days ago)
Heart Strain-joint pain, think of your future
Vos (2 days ago)
what are inches and pounds?
Assault Team Alpha (2 days ago)
I wondered if they would include eddie hall because they included brian shaw who lost in a competition against him
Assault Team Alpha (2 days ago)
+Kenyan Gamer yes i did. I said ''i wondered'' not ''i wonder'''. that means that i wondered from the start untill i saw Eddie Hall and then i wrote this coment.
Kenyan Gamer (2 days ago)
Did you watch the whole video?
jaw willow (3 days ago)
Eddie Hall has taken so many steroids I bet his dick is 1.5 inches long, and rises to 3 whole inches when hard. You have to take steroids to get giant calves.
Lol he will die if he fight luffy XD
goldenglove25 (4 days ago)
This was stupid...I name 5 that would better than any of these
BIG BASS (4 days ago)
These bitches might be big ..but their dick should well be small
Arash Atefi (5 days ago)
Only Hulk is sajad !!!
christian The man (5 days ago)
Denis is the only real super hero.. the rest of fakes..
harvey sp (5 days ago)
These steroid taking wannabe hulks died within a year of this video.
You Tube (5 days ago)
Go join Tofuu Productions on ROBLOX
b s (5 days ago)
The Asian Hulk is super From Iran..
Richard Hyde (6 days ago)
wow growth hormones and steroids are amazing
Fuck you shit your an asswhole
Lincoln Ro (6 days ago)
Robert Waldo
Patrick (6 days ago)
Kalina klicz (6 days ago)
Mariusz pudzianowski is the best ❤
Ankit Alive (6 days ago)
Not just informative but kinda hilarious too Nice video !
Seth Guzman (7 days ago)
what about Lou Ferrigno? You didn't include him and he was a literal hulk
Joseph Hardie (7 days ago)
V M (8 days ago)
I dont think Arnold Schwarzenegger is very tall and I wonder what they had him stand on to do the interview
ZAEEM ZAEEM (8 days ago)
Kevin Garcia (8 days ago)
Stop doing the quizzes and I’ll subscribe again
Gerardo Rodriguez (9 days ago)
ryacus (10 days ago)
nothing a knife to their excessive veins can't combat.
ppl think muscles mean good fighter but its actually the opposite. more muscle the worst the fighter.
Daniel Taylor (11 days ago)
You could pop the synthol user
Daniel Taylor (11 days ago)
Vitamin S
Isbat ul kareem (12 days ago)
i love gharivi..😍😗😘love iranian
Decker (12 days ago)
He’s a brizzilan hulk
DanishWiking41 (13 days ago)
Not scared..... big dudes make easy targets....😂
jocelyn butler (13 days ago)
You Lony Pizarro he weighs 240 pounds
Wubba lubba dub dub (13 days ago)
A fucking ads every mother fucking minute, fucking jackasses. Fuck off.
melvin st fleur (14 days ago)
Just Call *THANOS*
YezPls (14 days ago)
Those pictures of the Iranian dude are all photoshopped. He's not that massive in real life. Crappy research!
Camille Bigelow (14 days ago)
She said DILDO
David Cruz (14 days ago)
Have you ever heard of Shaquille O'Neal
MOY'S ROBLOX_YTBER (15 days ago)
Lol john cina is the strongest hulk in the world
Donte Noraiga (15 days ago)
I liked it
jared good (16 days ago)
My uncle is 6 foot 4
Blacklist's World (16 days ago)
Seriously. I've always been a fan of the world's strongest man competition, and have been a huge fan of Mariusz Pudzianowski.
Darkhebi styles (16 days ago)
imaging a dude that huge walk in Walmart the security gaurd going straight home.
lx ami (17 days ago)
Bullshit, give me gun and i'll show u
Vytis Dunčia (17 days ago)
Pudzianowski was actually caught doping so he isn't considered a strongman becuase he cheated... They added Shaw, Bjornsen, Hall but not the person who has most titles as a strongman Zydrunas Savickas from Lithuania?
Seth Howard (17 days ago)
Robert wadlow
Earl (18 days ago)
Why be afraid of them? These stiff motherfuckers can't fight.
ajay sing (18 days ago)
where is the rock and brown stromen🤔?
Okyanus Kara (18 days ago)
Brian Shaw has a heart of gold, I love that man.
THE MAN CHANN (18 days ago)
This video was cool till you showed the spider
A G (18 days ago)
make him guest in running man vs joong kook
Bray Dizzle (18 days ago)
#2 is disgustingly hairy
Storm Gibson (18 days ago)
answer Robert Pershing Wadlow
Derek Silva (18 days ago)
Brain has a You Tube channel btw
Michael Doherty (19 days ago)
My grand daddy was bareknuckle champion in cornwall, he used to knock these guys out on a regular basis, he said they can have all the muscle in the world but you cant build muscle to a right on the chin. I take his advice, works everytime.
that.loser_drumm pl0x (19 days ago)
One word: steroids.
Mahlercougar (20 days ago)
Ana Lucia is just big(tall).. Shes not a body builder. If she would work out , then she would totally be an Amazonian :P
Ben Roberts (20 days ago)
They think a 5'11" 185lb guy is a hulk? What? Do they understand how normal those stats are?
Pravoslavni Dildo (20 days ago)
4:11 In addition to exercise, which at one point apparently included 3000 sit-ups a day, Chul started injecting 1000mg of testosterone a week in his gluteus.
Red Shadow (20 days ago)
0:21 I mean... the hulk ain't natural either so
Mahib Joarder (20 days ago)
Where's the Great Khali?
Mr Matrix (20 days ago)
The bigger you’re are the slower you swing
M3HR4B 24 (20 days ago)
4:39 bruh how will he put his dick up in her girlfriend’s ass? Holy shit 😂😂😂his girlfriend will suffer
Looking for Oneness (20 days ago)
stop using steroids. and stop having that big ass belly..stop cheaging...roids are bad for heart...attack. fuck oman. fuck israel. fuck usa, fuck hoilland. fuck spain. fuck hbelfvynsxdssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssp8o9fyckj enlfihgtmneme,nt
Hammer Smash (20 days ago)
So the one girl hulk is basically a fetish prostitute
Biggy Big (20 days ago)
then the photoshopped hulk xD
carley hallaway (20 days ago)
The real incredible hulk in marvel can rekt everyone in this video less than 0.4 seconds
carley hallaway (20 days ago)
Thumnail picture is not in video
Crayveon Miller (21 days ago)
The Iranian dude is just fucking fat idk what anyone says
Bruce Wayne (21 days ago)
These guys are all on steroids. It’s not possible get that big without them.
Bruce Wayne (21 days ago)
The first guy is definitely on steroids. It’s not humanly possible to be 300 pounds and at a height of 6’1”.
Hector Santiago (21 days ago)
Still...none of them can survive a bullet
ThePikachuFan99 (21 days ago)
Liked just for the Marvel vs. Capcom sprites.
Allison Marin (21 days ago)
Do you think I care no just kidding😂😂🤣🤣
"Real life Hulks you don't wanna mess with" Yeah unless your name stars with the letters "Th".
Shahrukh Abbas (22 days ago)
Oh my good lord,what the synthetic hulk has done to himself,now he will have a lot of problems now in coming years such a goodlooking man and only following hulk as his inspiration this man has ruined his life.I mean I’m not jealous at all,Iam worried about their future.What will become of them after all they are also humans.
Shahrukh Abbas (22 days ago)
Sajjad gharibi is only 24 years old.And want be a real life hulk,that’s not good for health,somebody tell him about the quality of at such a young age he is so fat,that’s not a good thing even the clothes don’t fit him may Allah give you guidance to become extremely fat it does not mean you will become a real life hulk,nobody is messing with or nobody is going to fight weight you are so young and so unhealthy.
Sean Rowe (22 days ago)
What about Mark Henry?
ganuv (22 days ago)
This is a video for little kids to be impressed with sizes anyone that knows true combat art knows that it’s all about knowledge and mental condition. Most of these big guys can’t fight, Aside from physical power they have nothing
Trishock (22 days ago)
Chul soon natty?, stop please, just stop. This is hurting my neurons.
Raian M (22 days ago)
The amoutn of pun is actually annoying
Troy Cooper (23 days ago)
Dame, Real Hulks Exist
Agent Orange (23 days ago)
Hey guys, just want to point out, just because you’re big, doesn’t mean you can fight.
Devin Isreal (23 days ago)
6:31 giant muscles but he lifts regular weight... useless big arms
Thomas Clifton (23 days ago)
Title of this, is overrated. As a poor white kid growing up in lower public schools, i was always picked on & bully. Until the day i made the biggest bully cry 😢 size not a factor. It's what you know & ❤ & 💪
60 Old Fart (24 days ago)
steroid use are for two kinds of people.... GAY and GAY trying hard to attract other GAYS....
Fearless Warrior01 (24 days ago)
No the tallest man in the world was 9 foot 3
Marcel Halat (25 days ago)
Mariusz fucking what Kurwa ? xd
Jesse Lugo (25 days ago)
I want to beat the fuck out these Kat's size don't matter
Flaming Lion106 (25 days ago)
11feet name I think Waldo my guss
Indian Youtuber (25 days ago)
where is the pakistani KHAN BABA ;)
Samo Daking (25 days ago)
The only cool one is the asian guy the rest are steroids
nanyummyify (15 days ago)
Brian Shaw isn't
jose lopez (25 days ago)
Wheres the mexican hulk?

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