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Russell Brand VS Heckler

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HyperFocus TV (3 days ago)
And me wife says, "What a roller coaster!" I've never seen anything like that. Didn't take long for this youngster in the audience to learn manners, now did it!?! Good job, Russell! Keep fighting the good fight!
harvard gazmabi (3 days ago)
Omg russel brand is just amazing. I cant beileve he said i love you. That makes my heart smile. Omg. What. Wow
L P (6 days ago)
katy perry: IGNORE !!!!
L P (6 days ago)
LOOK YOU SILLY MONKEYS...HE IS NOT JESUS...OR MOHAMMED, OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT.....he just wants attention. The giveaway is really that he loves everyone which is absurd...Jesus went to the temple and trashed it....if Russel goes to the Grand Lodge of England...he be like....uh, excuse me, so what is all this about...then the freemasons will tell him, that they built a 1billion dollar temple in order to remind themselves to subdue their passions and to spread love and relief to their fellow brothers.....then he will say, oh...Jolly good, thanks very much mate and then when he leaves and closes the door, the freemasons will go like THIS : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDqsgbtpDLk If russel brand is Jesus, I AM THE QUEEN OF SHEEBA.
L P (6 days ago)
You cant be like Jesus you silly monkey.....you need to be crucified.....you cant just hijack the name...I dont think you understand anything about Jesus....and stop saying you are Jesus...if you are, the illuminati will contact you , to tell you themselves....thru reincarnation experiments.... You are a narcissist...overall...neutral-goodish .....but, nothing special....unless you have done miraculous things that you is not telling us, like cracking the stock market in 15 seconds....and capturing the attention of the Queen of England.....have you ??....nope....right, move on.
Grey (14 days ago)
Handled that like a pro...
humiliation phase initiated 33
fanobennemsi (1 month ago)
Funasenbaer (1 month ago)
I loved the end. Because this is youtube and here we are. Now say again you're not Jesus!
Ven D. iagram (1 month ago)
heckler plant
69 years ago (1 month ago)
people PAID for this shit?! fucking hell
Michael Accorsi (2 months ago)
there's a deeper underlying issue: Russell is a guy who has faced his demons, (addiction) faces the truth, and isn't going to shy away from it. This guy is emblematic of a now a growing majority of Americans, who align themselves homogeneously with people who think alike, don't debate or discuss, and just throw a label at someone and out loud and in public. But, he was kind and didn't humiliate him. Basically, I feel sad when I hear the superficial thinking of someone screaming out their one dimensional ideaology, the brain and human beings are much too complex to sink to that level. Glad this is online.
Roxanne Moser (2 months ago)
This is a no lubricant situation. Gosh, I love Russell.
436 snowflakes got triggered by the truth.
Richard M (3 months ago)
"HECKLER" was obviously a plant so Russ could sprout his politics rubbish!
Unkindly Gnome (3 months ago)
He sounds like he the gaming lemon.
Max Random (4 months ago)
Brilliant Mate! RACISM- Flamed by the 1%-Keeping the people divided so the cunts in power have no opposition,
PNK PNK (4 months ago)
My right ear doesnt enjoy this.
Beautiful Black Barbies (4 months ago)
williy will i am (5 months ago)
No more of that silly business young man that gold
Henk van der Laak (6 months ago)
The Great Comedy of Russel Brand: Look, he called him a "dickhead"!
rgb2718 (6 months ago)
Of all the bad choices one can make in life: sleeping on railroad tracks, skydiving with a laundry bag, eating pizza crust-first, etc, heckling Russell Brand or Bill Burr must be right at the top of the list.
Alan Connolly (6 months ago)
How cool is brand , miss his dfc days !!
Hans Olof Thiderman (6 months ago)
aderynmawr (6 months ago)
I adore this man!
Cassie Rogers (6 months ago)
I bet the heckler wish he hadn't opened his mouth lol
robert loera (7 months ago)
Lmfao he is sooo fuckin funnny
robert loera (7 months ago)
theOnionPirate (7 months ago)
Russel is the only example I can think of of someone who listens to all others, no matter their views, and shows them love and respect, which is a crucially needed thing in the world right now.
Paul Gibbons (7 months ago)
Thought he's supposed to fire jokes back not counseling. Jimmy Carr would have shredded him.
SnerpdeDerp (7 months ago)
Why do you act like you think you are Jesus?????
Arthur (7 months ago)
Pretty sure the guy who said "racist" was trying to be funny and add to the joke. The problem with non-funny jokes is they can easily be taken the wrong way. I think people in the crowd, as a rule, should keep their mouths shut and get their own gig. Its like a drummer taking his own snare drum to a rock gig. Not cool.
SoulFire (7 months ago)
Eeew, he's such a scab...thinks he's got all the answers, but he's rolling on pure blag-value and all the small minds in the world lap him up. He's fucking gree-hee-heeesy!
BeHereNow Dragonfly (7 months ago)
Russel Brand is Jesus, prove me wrong
Pocket Man (7 months ago)
God I hate Russell
sylenceexposed (7 months ago)
But what did he say that was racist. Obviously the video cut that part out
Simon G (7 months ago)
He's not made me laugh once, but the I do have a thing called intelligence, most people really don't understand what he's going on about, he was probably funnier when he had a needle sticking out of his arm.
WestCoastErik (7 months ago)
he's a bit like jesus.
Karen Young (7 months ago)
My Favourite Human ..... X
brandon eier (7 months ago)
Harleylover14 (7 months ago)
What sorcery Russell wields. The man says I love you. How much better could this get?
GreenSpitt Games (7 months ago)
I don't get hecklers, like wtf they're going up against a person who's job is literally to roast you and offend you
Jordyn Speaks (7 months ago)
The Jayman Show (7 months ago)
Kevin Funk (7 months ago)
It would be very hard to "win" as a heckler in this particular situation, being that it's a large hall and only Russell has the mic.
R0BERTMAY (7 months ago)
Handled like a fucking boss!!! Love it!!
Caleb Drew (7 months ago)
Little bit of love does well for hecklers and trolls
Daniel Bunch (7 months ago)
Yeah almost like this wasn't set up 😉
energeez (7 months ago)
And race baiters cowered
Chill Out (7 months ago)
Russell is anti-white.
YouTube explorer (7 months ago)
Really, you called this guy out all people a racist.
SpockBoy (7 months ago)
Now that's how it's done.
Ryder Sonthestorm (7 months ago)
The Dred God (7 months ago)
should have titled it "RUSSEL BRAND...BIT LIKE JESUS????!".
LoveliAngelVibes (8 months ago)
Yesssss he is so woke
J W (8 months ago)
Russel brand is a twat
Hal Pecher (8 months ago)
Back in the 80s our blues band was playin in a local Boston club.A local comedian was talking to me and Jimmy the bass player.I believe his name was Mike McDonald.Jimmy asked Mike what it was like to be heckled? Mike replied "Well for one thing I got the microphone.And another thing,this is what I do for a living." The next time anyone thinks of doing something like this,let me warn you,they are hiding in the tall grass waiting for you.
gary Van winkle (8 months ago)
Brand is a wanker
jenwill11 (8 months ago)
I bit like a racist!
max the cat (8 months ago)
This meathead does stand up ? And people go to see him? those people are culturally deprived .
TerriD D (8 months ago)
Awesome! Bring them back round to reason...😜😜
Dion St. Michael (8 months ago)
Actually, I've always considered him a pompous, out of of touch, ARSEHOLE but I thought that his response was a sweet gesture and not what I expected because I've seen him bury hecklers quite handily. He can be vicious. And I wouldn't fault him for it either way in that situation. I believe he is well within in his right. But I never cared for his Liberal narrative. But he got my respect on this video.
Passage (8 months ago)
The opposite of. Very much so, hypocrisy at its finest. Lights on and all that drama over a mild heckle. Grow up.
Lord Joy (8 months ago)
Rustle Bland.
murdoc 7 (8 months ago)
Brilliant 😂
Alan O Brien (8 months ago)
Russell is an amazing man who succeed in making morons laugh for reasons that escape me. His bullshit is incredible and it proves the liberal nobody's love a good shit head spewing his inflated ego.
Dan (9 months ago)
Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord
nforcer43 (9 months ago)
I will debate him. I an nobody. He may be a "famous comedian", but he cant debate without talkin over
nforcer43 (9 months ago)
Russell brand is a bitch
Eternal Sunshine (9 months ago)
HAHAHAHA that was awesome! :D
I like this new RB. I hope he stays like this, is sincere, and convinces others with addiction problems there is light at the end of the long, dark tunnel.
Jamie Reid (9 months ago)
Russell brand is a lying manipulative cunt! He's so paranoid about the government and expects rich people to pay for poor people. Yet wouldn't dip into his own pocket! Hypocritical fool.
Westham till I die (9 months ago)
Think "professional comedian " is stretching the truth a few miles
Abun Dance (9 months ago)
That was beautiful Russel
Chris Burke (9 months ago)
can someone hit the sound man who didn't balance the audio!!!
Bob Greggs (10 months ago)
so blessed someone actually did record this
Partykristian (10 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgLhVFcrTIk <3
Nick Legend (10 months ago)
BRAND = WANKER , sorry uneducated WANKER
wogdoggy (10 months ago)
take the shit out of ur mouth russel
Oggy Oggy (10 months ago)
Was this dude once a woman? Who is he/she?
John DeMay (10 months ago)
that's so perfect it might be fake.
GoodKop BadKop (10 months ago)
He actually called him a "spacist" which is a person from Earth who thinks they are superior to Aliens.
kennolan (10 months ago)
Seriously not funny and a typical pseudo intellect who thinks if you keep talking people wont know your an idiot ... no wonder he got booed off the stage in Dublin ... and Hitchens ripped him apart in a debate and exposed him for the moron he is ... of course people in the audience laugh historically every time he curses ... need say no more ...
Matthew Hylton (10 months ago)
That's what every bleeding heart democrat in America needs to do, leave your bullshit "rascism" accusations at home please!!!
Jak Johnson (10 months ago)
How did this no talent dick become well known?
DigitalKiwi14 (10 months ago)
Brand comes across as a stoner who tells jokes, but I saw him on a political debate against , um politicians and he owned them at their own game. Russell truly is a genius, just a funny one.
peter2recycle (10 months ago)
Fake Heckler, just a path to become a bit like Jesus
George Potter (10 months ago)
Do retards actually pay to watch this intellectual midget?
George Potter (10 months ago)
Professional cunt
Raymond Love (10 months ago)
So good.  Russell, you are very quick on your feet and really intelligent.  Most people wouldn't stand a chance.  I think that fella learned his lesson.  Well done and well said Jesus.  lol
Sebastian (10 months ago)
Kermit T. Frog (11 months ago)
I needed that little reminder. I had almost forgotten why I love Russell Brand.
Festivejelly (11 months ago)
Russell brand is such a cunt
Reginald Kuntsworth (11 months ago)
All I can say is wow.
Teddy Brosevelt (11 months ago)
Thanks mate. Good show.
Derek Bland (11 months ago)
Man's a twat
paul kirkland (11 months ago)
Legend this guy
kreemkrackered (11 months ago)
Professional comedian - really?
Jason Armenta (11 months ago)
From one recovering addict to another. ..I fuckin love you Russell Brand-underated comedian

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