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Yandere's Mom IS BACK!! | Yandere Simulator: 1980s Mode (MOD) | Part 1

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Download and check out Elsword now! http://bit.ly/2HMZDnU This is a Sponsored video Yandere Chan's Mom Ryoba Aishi IS BACK with the new & updated 1980s Mode Mod!! There's an actual storyline now & lots to do!! Mod Download: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivl7bP2h8uY More Yandere Simulator ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYd_fe0j42wPzLEBAVCg37bF7E8LVxeWR Yandere Simulator Sims Series ► https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLYd_fe0j42wPG1LaYpfHZm786U1lPYONQ NEW CHANNEL MERCH ► https://laurenzside.3blackdot.com/ iOS STICKERS ► https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id1300475628 SUBSCRIBE HERE ► (http://bit.ly/10uru1W) Become a Z-Sider! "LIKE", SHARE, and/or FAVORITE this Video if You Enjoyed it! It Really Helps Me Out!! Thanks for Watching!! ❤ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------- Get Awesome Gaming Gear: http://steelseries.7eer.net/c/193844/100327/2390 ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------- Follow Me Everywhere!! ❤ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/LaurenzSide INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/laurenzside FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Laurenzside TWITCH: http://www.twitch.tv/laurenzside DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/Uk3q2T6
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Text Comments (4955)
XxDiamond dragonxX (25 minutes ago)
Srew that game and play Yandare
XxDiamond dragonxX (26 minutes ago)
Srew that game and play Yandare
Tueanjai Case (2 hours ago)
4:22-4:55 it was kind of disturbing for me because her leg was in the bench 👁👄👁
2:39 I See Lauren In Yandere Sim Lol!!!
Zero 222 (19 hours ago)
Teira may me info Chan’s mom...
Harley Johnston (21 hours ago)
There was a girl who has the last name huruka......KOKONAS MOM!?
LPS milkieway (1 day ago)
Play vr chat with Razz-a-bazz-a-boo, Yammy and beat ur bike xD
Chloe Rose (1 day ago)
You see Brown Streak in the bathroom... Oh dear god
Hazel Flowers (1 day ago)
Kitten life (1 day ago)
Orange is pretty
Naivy Kizugucci (1 day ago)
LaurenZide sia mother and her father appeared in the mod 1980's Dacor
Cyndee heard (1 day ago)
What does paid promotion mean?
Gacha Isis (2 days ago)
Brooke Daniels (2 days ago)
They WIGGLE!!!!!!
Xxgacha midnight fan (3 days ago)
Teacher:ur exspeled or whatever Black streak:nononono my partentes will be so MADDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Gacha Pink (3 days ago)
I'm what happened to your skin your skin is orange
Amanda Scott (3 days ago)
You said he is di I said I'm pan lol I screamed
robert pacheco (3 days ago)
Brown streak is teal streaks mom
Gacha Lin123 (3 days ago)
“See purple hair girls are my best friends” Me:*Im purple hair in Gacha life*
Taro Yamada (3 days ago)
So the Sakura trees go all the way back to the late 1900's... Interesting
Dary Daria CED (3 days ago)
Did you notice that all of the time it was 7:00 AM?
Chloe Chu (4 days ago)
No offense but this game is the only sponsored game I would like to play so thank you Lauren.... Buuuut I have no storage 😔
Jackie chan (4 days ago)
Andrea Gomez (4 days ago)
Glinda Reed (4 days ago)
brown streak mother of broken child
Santanna Payne (5 days ago)
Guess what that yellow was watching you and purple hair girl in the library
Cutecatlover100122 (5 days ago)
Plot Twist. Ayano's dad looks like her senpai. So Ayano's mom gave birth to Taro before Ayano, but then had to give him away to the Yamada family, so Ayano has a crush on her brother! this isn't true I just thought of it randomly xD
error is interfering (5 days ago)
Thanks i think im going to like elsword
Aurora Sylvia (5 days ago)
Student Teacher relationship that illegal those God damm teachers better know it’s illegal!
Allyssa Ward (5 days ago)
I like her vids but jeez she doesn't have to read them out loud that annoys me
Luna The Panda (5 days ago)
11:08 thats my Name in reality Priya is a India name for a girl like Priyanka Chopra
Vermillion Coil (6 days ago)
7:49 Didn't even bother to look at her crush xD
Misa -chan (6 days ago)
Fun fact:Yurei is how ghosts are called in Japan. Which basically means they called future ghost-chan ghost.
Luis Alimpolos (6 days ago)
So 4 episodes🤓🤓🤓🤓😎🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓
Arie The Avacado (6 days ago)
15:12 my Favorite part lol
Maria Sandoval (7 days ago)
"Model Student Kiana HARUKA" is that best friend's mOM?! also the blond girl at 13:01 is the girl that was spying on you at 5:24 Lauren.
michelle nolen (7 days ago)
pinkie chan (7 days ago)
wait...that's magami's dad!
Maikah Joseph (7 days ago)
its pronounced kyosay
Wumpus _OWO (7 days ago)
Lauren: " I hope we can eliminate all 8 rivals. " Scissor hands lady: " What? "
Mia world 11 xo (7 days ago)
Cute af
Mia world 11 xo (7 days ago)
Omg I saw someone staring at you like spying on you and T era
Nicole MacDonald (8 days ago)
If purple haired girls are your friends then what about Yurifro. Docking Doki litorituore club
walter lohman (8 days ago)
Gin is the yandere simulator head mistress 😄😄😄😄😄😄
mitchel ortiz (9 days ago)
so i think lauren is playing as ayano's mom and i think thats when ayano's father and mother met? i think
Katharina Kneer (9 days ago)
7:50 That's best friend's mom
Patricia Pelt (9 days ago)
Your amazing I like purple. To 💜💜💜💜💜
Sophia Bachmann (9 days ago)
Kasey Golden: I hate purple LaurenZside: FITE ME
pix love (10 days ago)
One of the purple haired girls last name is haruka OMG it kokonas mom!
MaryBerry (10 days ago)
Brooke Staeheli (11 days ago)
*DONT MISBEHAVE* 😂 that part in the intro had me ded
Itz_ PandoeaSplatz (12 days ago)
nikki meinu means nikki bitch lol
a.n.cosplay 101 (12 days ago)
Where do you download the 80s mod
Jourdyn Yancy (12 days ago)
XXshadow chan (12 days ago)
I tried to install the game but I don't have a pc so I can't play Elsword
Bella Sola (14 days ago)
Sakura is the Japanese word for cherry blossom and it's pronounced sak-oo-la
Emily Poblete (14 days ago)
Can you add this game in cellphone
Dave Watro (14 days ago)
Lauren... That girl told you who likes Senpai so please don't kill her
Isabella Chan (15 days ago)
Shows more anime you ALREADY HAVE 2 ANIME THINGS!
The vid starts at 1:45 just so ya know😜
Luna werewolf Kayode (16 days ago)
Lauren it's your mum She was in 1980's Like me mum :LIKE)
MyDog8MyPhone (16 days ago)
I downloaded ElSword :D
Bea Bondad (16 days ago)
Try game mobilelegends
Savannah Marks (16 days ago)
My mom was born in 1985!
Pokemon FanLol (17 days ago)
weird o (18 days ago)
i think kiana haruka is like kokonas mom
weird o (18 days ago)
i think kiana haruka is like kokonas mom
weird o (18 days ago)
Trisha S (18 days ago)
I just remembered that when Lauren said Kiana Haruka I was like ... KOKONA IS HER DAUGHTER
Tilda Jonsson (18 days ago)
Is it a anime game🙃
krazykat lol (18 days ago)
ò 0 ó < >
krazykat lol (18 days ago)
Deliquint: hai meh name is *BROWN STREAK* Me *dies*
rose case (18 days ago)
I thought the sposership was a add 😐
u n k n o w n (19 days ago)
0:17 That kinds looks like a Hogwarts uniform
Ari Willowfawn (19 days ago)
Hey... you renounced Ryoba’s name wrong haha
Kamilia NightStar (19 days ago)
I play Elsword but it sadly won't work:(
løl (20 days ago)
At 17:31 we can see someone peeing
Llama LlamaXOXO (20 days ago)
In the elsword one of them looks like Monika also they said all the Doki Doki characters were from different games
Kelly J. Gamer (20 days ago)
There’s a blonde girl watching them Sooo not creepy And I’m re watching this ;-;
Spill the Tae (20 days ago)
7:21 the scissors girl looks like one of the girl delinquents in the regular gander simulator Do you agree? Like=yes Comment=no 🤷‍♀️🤔🤔🤔🤔
Sunny Gacha (20 days ago)
The vid starts at 2:37
Akaa Shrine (21 days ago)
If you want to skip the advertisement 1:45
Sasha Guthrie (21 days ago)
Brown streak sounds like her parents didn’t love her enough and I can tell because of her name sounding like skid mark
mery puerto (21 days ago)
Lauren:im such a good person literally killed a girl in the bathroom
the male name is pronounced Key-yo-say koy-be-to and the girl is pronounced you-rei red-e *their full names* just trying to help since I know a lot of Japanese names :3 I will list how to pronounce all their names now fu-you co-key. ti-air-a he-ga-ku. kyandise*you said it right* you-ru-ri. soma oat-am-a. ku-re-ah *not kurei* (those are all i want to list...) {she said Miss Kunahito}
GamerGirl Plays2 (22 days ago)
Oh. My. Gawsh... MOMDERE SIMULATOR! >:3 OwO UwU
Dayna Mortimer (22 days ago)
I know this isn't EXACTLY yandere simulator, but isn't there 10 rivals!?
Digit Plåyz (22 days ago)
My Bf has like 16 people liking him and guess what.. THEY CANT HAVE HIM!
Thegameroom1 (22 days ago)
California Eels (22 days ago)
Brown streak=Brown steak
Cheesy Puff Puff (22 days ago)
LAUREN I LOVE UR VIDEOS!! *also its prononced tay- ra
Nahisha Pokhrel (23 days ago)
I just realized this is our adorable marshmallows right hand mans mom Shin Higaku And Teira Higaku
Trash Draws (23 days ago)
Ok the confession between the Bi Guy and the girl was weeeiiiirrrrddd Imagine that happening IRL Guy: Im gay Girl: bUt i liEk u!!!11!! Guy: oki i liek u too Girl: YaYyY!!11! **Smooch** Like Wth 😂😂
Ermyna Fauziah (23 days ago)
Its that the moms in yandare simolater
Newt Scamander (23 days ago)
11:10 i thought Gin from Hotarubi No Mori E
HH LuckySheila (23 days ago)
The girl in the same class is...like : INFO-CHAN!!! ( Because she said she knows pretty much everything)
Shelby Plays (23 days ago)
I can just imagine hearing Lauren yell: *WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?! STOP INTIMIDATING PEOPLE WITH A SCISSOR!!!!*
*KiLl ThE mOtHeR!!!!*
We get to do the second rival ad
Madison Burritt (24 days ago)
Roren Seiza LaurenZside

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