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RUSSIAN LUXURY CAR - Pobeda M20 Neoclassic (2018)

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I do not know the modern Russian luxury car, so I would like to see on the roads, in addition to the famous European, American and Japanese cars, also Russian fine cars. It would be great! Pobeda M20 Neoclassic - project of the Russian designer. The designer Sergey Barinov who earlier surprised public with the project of revived Volga GAZ-24 provided car models of Pobeda M20 Neoclassic. Sergey Barinov's channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNN00ou4gAh8uSnTuwEv0IA/featured ---------- #FutureBeautyCars #PobedaM20 #Supercar #RUSSIANCAR #сonceptсar #newcar --------- On this channel you can look at the future, you can see beauty, and you can see the cars that combine it all. I love modern cars, concept car. I love these amazing shapes! And I want to share my findings with you. And I love the photos. The photos with the music has its own charm, which is not present in an ordinary video. If you like it, please subscribe - https://www.youtube.com/user/FutureBeautyCars -----------
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Text Comments (147)
Miodrag Stanič (4 days ago)
just make it !
Colin Nuttall (7 days ago)
It’s design does appear to draw on a number of Western vehicles and to my eye does not look particularly appealing overall. However, imitation is the best form of flattery and from the little we can see, it may be well constructed. Shut lines are uniform and tight, paint looks well applied ( if is paint), panels are smooth. Some encouragement seems due here, rather than outright criticism. Show me a successful Western car maker who hasn’t had some questionable designs in its back catalogue. Besides, one mans garbage is another mans treasure. Is nice to see something that doesn’t just follow the crowd because of the fear of commercial disinterest. If this is as interesting a vehicle as some of the top range Zil’s then it may be quite entertaining.
aquinas62 (17 days ago)
Why is the West unable to free themselves from cold war mentality? These are beautiful cars, i don't care what anyone say.
Henry Hammond (1 month ago)
Very stately
Haserot Malach (1 month ago)
Designed by Vodka.
Derrota Inminente (1 month ago)
Luxury PT Cruiser I think but good outfit
Rog5446 (1 month ago)
A Sheep in Wolves clothing.
Joseph Thomas (1 month ago)
Damn!!!!!!...I want 2😜😜
Patrick Waiyaki (1 month ago)
Just stick to building military equipment, this thing looks like shit!
oscar trespalacios (1 month ago)
Russian take any old refrigerator, put it on four wheels and that's it. That's a Russian car.
Дизайнер попросту талантище !!!!
BukarestRO (2 months ago)
Russian Style!! Gigantic!!! For the Future only Russan!
George Armani (3 months ago)
Ugly as fuck.
Отстой!,скопировали малость от порша, малость от Крайслера,какой там люкс чрез год развалится все равно вовек не будет такового свойства будто у германцев,японцев,европейцев.
aslan kral (3 months ago)
Скрестили панамеру с бентли)
Vladimir Hristov (3 months ago)
Great design. The rear looks like a Bentley though.
Хрень какая то! Панамера с клювом! Фантазии любителя фотошопа!))
Damian Kowalski (3 months ago)
Craysler+Bentley = hujoza
Showdown (3 months ago)
Not too bad, but how long will it last???
Steffen Rosmus (3 months ago)
The Perfect car for the new rich russian middle class no taste at all
Artur Kozyrev (3 months ago)
Полный осадок
abbaby555 (3 months ago)
Looks Russian... Tacky at best
G Howard (3 months ago)
How NOT to design a car!
Guido Di Iorio (3 months ago)
A luxury car is the car industry history pinnacle. Where is the Russian car history?
Tim Harvey (4 months ago)
nice car
Nouman hassan (4 months ago)
The design is not homogeneous, why?
Suren Tovmasyan (4 months ago)
Russian car:))))))))))))) shame for Russian
Bojan Kis (4 months ago)
Bentley and PT Cruiser mix. Ugly.
Excellent car products, but having marketing problems
Born Villain (4 months ago)
Pfft... Nope! 😀😆😂🤣
Jim Sound (4 months ago)
What an unbelievable ugly car
Gary Schoolcraft (4 months ago)
Not too bad. I’ve seen a lot worse. It does look like a larger PT Cruiser in the front.
abelgo network (4 months ago)
wow i like this Russian luxury car so beautiful sure
Justice California (4 months ago)
PT cruiser and Bentley
ndenkha (4 months ago)
Beautiful design, it's hard to believe Russia can design such elegant lines but if it is, then hey good for them just make it real.
44w22b **** (4 months ago)
Так не чё принцепи! Но передок уёбище!!!
kg vukov (4 months ago)
e (4 months ago)
Chrysler pt cruiser wants their turd design back . No royalties awarded since no profits made. On either side
Coolaxe- D W (4 months ago)
what a fine looking automobile. I have to get one. it's like a Camry on something more effective than steroids.
Ed Duenas (4 months ago)
Looks like a PT Cruiser front end. Rolls Royce side body and Maybach rear end
Dr Spaseebo (4 months ago)
The front looks very 1940s.
Michael Penfold (4 months ago)
Nice looking car from Russia mix of a few super cars ,nice 😀👍👍
sgtmerker2401 (4 months ago)
Like a Bently went on a cheap tinder date with a PT cruiser and out popped this monstrosity a few months later...
Matt Gibbs (4 months ago)
PT Cruiser front end, lol!
Cincin Minus (4 months ago)
Ugly as hell
şaban koşdurma (4 months ago)
Chrysler rolsroyce bentley :))
oliusz enki (4 months ago)
1stkorean (4 months ago)
Don't the Russians have any design talent in the country.  They knock off Rolls Royce for Putin's car and now Bentley and  Chrysler PT cruiser for this thing. Front end very UGLY!!
TheNikola6996 (4 months ago)
Такое чувство что скрестили мерс s класс и порш панамера
Osiris Knight (4 months ago)
Too bad it probably can't pass any American safety standards. Otherwise, I think a lot of wealthy Americans would buy one, just to be different.
Ramzan Borzaev (4 months ago)
Iumi Inemad Ze (4 months ago)
Shto eta, paxoj na pabedu.
Zabar (4 months ago)
jeffrey exposito (4 months ago)
That is one ugly car.
Carolyn Saintpaul (4 months ago)
they should call this car : ''UBR1st '' Ukraine belong to Russia first
A mixture of Maybach, Mercedes and Bentley
Benjafovi1 CR (4 months ago)
Nice Tractor.
Peter Fullerton (4 months ago)
Who designed this...stevie wonder?
Vladimir Vladimirov (4 months ago)
блин... какая кросотка))
Dauren Kasymbayev (4 months ago)
На базе Maseratti?
DanRC ** (4 months ago)
It'll look better when a Russian crashes it (which won't take long).
Techguru topgun (4 months ago)
suki tupie skopirovali vse baranja strana
Dmitri T. (4 months ago)
It looks good! Wish they’d actually produce it.
Eouz Cuemarz (4 months ago)
It looks like the RollsRoyce Sweptail is a descendant of this Russian luxury car
Tebogo Pekane (4 months ago)
Yes, keep the wealth in Russia.
auto brother nation (4 months ago)
Jeffrey Jewell (4 months ago)
Front end of a pt cruiser, big body of a Chrysler 300 , mixed with some elements of Hyundai styling . PUKE !!!!! 🤮
King Scharif (4 months ago)
Nice car the Chrysler grill is shit Benz is better
B Jones (4 months ago)
Pasha Defragzor (4 months ago)
В итоге выйдет еще одна Лада. Такие тачки необходимо собирать в кастом ателье, поэтому что серийно их никто не осилится спускать из-за неизвестности со средствами, серийно спускать это могут позволить для себя лишь самые старенькые прочные конторы типа Porsche, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls-Royce и т.п. Насколько я знаю Lambo до этих пор собирают вручную
Bol Kuatbek (4 months ago)
К огорчению далее этого видео проект не пойдет. На дорогах его не узреешь вовек!!!!!
Четырёх дверная Бентли гт:)))Ох уж эти китайские выебоны:)))
Хахаха и здесь китайский прём,со всех моделью по чут чут.😂😂😂
Gelakis Kesov (4 months ago)
Rimantas Krištapaitis (4 months ago)
Beantly super good
Дима Еее (4 months ago)
Красавчик сходу видать что руки ростут с правильного места не будто у ВАЗ УАЗа КамАЗ и других рукожопых
Хочу такую
дима белкин (4 months ago)
Это во пора СССР был победа , сейчас нету СССР , этого ящика назовите капитуляция
111 222 (16 days ago)
бояры накати
zaki khan (4 months ago)
Russia number 1
Jeffrey Jewell (4 months ago)
zaki khan actually they suck compared to the rest of the world. Only place they might win is some AIDS ridden places of Africa .
Kendrah Whyte (4 months ago)
It's beautifully different!!!
Хороша машина!!!
Neil Dickson (4 months ago)
The world will inevitably turn it's back on anything Russian once the full story of their tampering in the US elections are fully known. Not to mention meddling elsewhere where they don't belong. They can't even run their own country, throwing gay people off rooftops, barbaric swine.
So What (4 months ago)
Idiot indeed.
Mr. Master Key (4 months ago)
Neil Dickson Idiot.
Ather Radwi (4 months ago)
Sir, you’re inspirational mixing classic with modern, I think you should market your masterpiece! I wish I can fund you.....
Andrey 777 (4 months ago)
И что?Ну?Непонял.Так что?Где?Зачем картинки демонстрировать?Никогда не будет.
Donald Alger Jr. (4 months ago)
How much will the Putin family make on each car?
Karim Wilson (5 months ago)
Drop the front. The rear is awesome though !
John Bobak (5 months ago)
Whats the PRICE ???
Henrique (5 months ago)
I'm conviced
Senior Topolon (5 months ago)
Надеюсь под капотом не будет 1.5 от лады либо 2.0 от газа
rakmal 786 (5 months ago)
Chrysler front !! change it to a more sleek design and you got an awesome looking car
Класс а качество будто?????
К огорчению это итого только весьма отменная воображение
Camera Man (5 months ago)
Mix of Chrysler PT cruiser, Bentley continental, Maybach. Why Russians are so bad in car industry, it's unbelievable.
storm pooper (1 month ago)
Cause batman influence this car. Awfull design, what is this thing.
Miodrag Stanič (1 month ago)
Germans killed Russians to, Russians are good people just do not piss them off
Narekaci Shahbazyan Ты спутал, в таких пропорциях турки вырезали армянских обезьян.
ggg (2 months ago)
And how many countries have an automotive industry?
Narekaci Shahbazyan (3 months ago)
The Russians got raped by the Germans, for like every 1 German soldier 7 Russians died, lmao.
Terry Akuna (5 months ago)
Interesting design. I wonder what the quality is like.
John Smith (5 months ago)
Absolutely STUNNING on the back and sides and detailing. Would like to see the grille and around round it reworked and toned down a little. Hope this makes it to production, either made by Gaz or Aurus or whoever.
tags NOLA (4 months ago)
John Smith Really nice looking omage to the original overall but reprising the grill of the later model Pobeda might have worked a little better. But even as is, if quality and performance are up to scratch, this could sell. I'd at least consider it.
Brobasket (5 months ago)
https://youtu.be/DlRRSNlmmPc Новая Волга!

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