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How to Sell More Memberships and Subscriptions, Without More Advertising - Part 1

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Skuggy S (3 years ago)
Dan awesome training. First heard you on Nick Lopers pod cast. Have been a fan ever since.
Daniel Faggella (3 years ago)
+Skuggy S , thanks so much, I hope that this one was something you could put into use. We'll have a video every week so stay tuned, and thanks again
Danny Outlaw (3 years ago)
Awesome stuff per usual. Cant wait for part two.
Daniel Faggella (3 years ago)
+Danny Outlaw and +Skuggy, thanks folks, I'm glad that this one resonated with you. I imagine we'll do much more membership / subscription sales tutorials in the future. A good 2016 to you both

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