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How A Self Taught Designer Launched His Own Fashion Brand I DFW Creatives

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DFW Creatives is a web series giving you a look into the lives some of the creatives from the DFW metroplex. Today we interviewed Phillip Maximilian Prany, a Designer from Fort Worth Texas who he shares how he was able to build his brand from nothing. CREATIVES // FEATURED Phillip Maximilian Prany @phillip.maximilian Created, Shot and Edited by Alberto Gonzalez Instagram: @_believethehype_ SHOT WITH Nikon D500 Sigma Art 18-35mm Rode SmartLav+ FOLLOW @dfw.creatives MUSIC Jazz type beat
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Africana Prana (1 month ago)
Hi there! My name is Vernica. I’m 21 from Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been inspired to create an athletic/yoga apparel brand and I’m looking for some guidance in the fashion world. I could use a mentor(s), a partner(s), contacts/connections, words of wisdom, an investor(s), etc. If you can, I would love and eternally appreciate the support. I’m positive that anything that you can give will help tremendously. Thank you for your time ☺️💕
terpsichore dimitri (1 month ago)
Thank uu
farra elyzsa (3 months ago)
He's hot
Sushila Kanwar (6 months ago)
Ya project runway would give him wht he deserves
Nima Dharma (1 year ago)
Try at Project Runway, Keep it up! Regards from Switzerland Nima

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