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Lots of fun happening in this video. Trip to Taco Bell and getting kicked out with Maisto Media, Getting Tatted with the McJuggerNuggets MVE Ridgid Studios Squad. And Chillen on the Beach collecting shells
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FUNtastic Girls TV (7 months ago)
Great Video, keep it!👍Wow! Hawaii❤️. Cool tattoos!
Taylor's Nanny Services (7 months ago)
This trip looks amazing! One big party with lots of friends :) I love both of your tattoos! I couldn't even imagine. I'm terrible with needles and pain, don't think I could do it! How long did it take?
Shanell Cubed (7 months ago)
Love the tattoos!! Hawaii looks so beautiful 🙌🏼
MamaLife Makeup (7 months ago)
I love that you’re sharing your vacation! I feel like I am in Hawaii!!!
Tia B (7 months ago)
Thanks for sharing your vacation. Hawaii is def a beautiful Island. Glad you all had a great time!
Ernesto UnderdoggTV (7 months ago)
So Hawaii really is as beautiful and chill as I imagined it to be. I always wanted to visit, I'll make sure I do some day. Another great vlog!
Sez Francis (7 months ago)
Amazing video as always, Nay; sorry I haven’t been commenting lately. Your tattoo looks so beautiful 😍. Hope you and John had a wonderful anniversary. 🦋✨
Jocey Potts (7 months ago)
You crazy kids! So awesome that you'll always have the tattoos to remind you of your trip!
John Hagerty (7 months ago)
Love this and welcome to Nay's Days be a daisy today and slap that subscribe button :)
Nay's Days (7 months ago)
John Hagerty love you
LiLith Nova (7 months ago)
Nice tats so much fun
Entertainer's Warehouse (7 months ago)
Awesome Video, Nay
Noelle's Base (7 months ago)
JD Films (7 months ago)
Great video nay
Kk Eager (7 months ago)
I already know this is going to be a amazing video!❤️

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