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Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles? Russell Brand The Trews (E244)

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Is The Establishment Riddled With Paedophiles? Russell Brand The Trews (E244). Reaction to the delay in Parliament's child abuse inquiry, the allegations of child abuse against former politicians and the recent allegations against Prince Andrew. Subscribe Here Now: http://tinyurl.com/opragcg and send links to video news items of topical stories that you'd like me to analyse. Produced directed & edited by Gareth Roy. Trews Theme by The Rubberbandits Thanks to Jimi Mackay: @jimimackay and Urban Nerds: www.urbannerdscollective.com for our creative services
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Text Comments (1772)
Well you would know! Tell us the 'trews'.....you are fraud brand!
D Singh (3 months ago)
Dan Reidy (4 months ago)
Vicky Viking (10 months ago)
God bless you Russell, everyone is too scared of repercussions to say anything about this matter. You are a lovely honest courageous person.
Steve W (10 months ago)
Epstein made his rounds, It would appear he was the king pen of child sex trafficking . I wish the SEALs would land on his Island and do a sweep
Spookis Ghostly (11 months ago)
Gotta love corrupt governments
MichaelNeary8888 (11 months ago)
you should know russ, after all you had a god laugh with jimi saville about one of his girlfriends on bbc radio
Conor Fields (11 months ago)
Russell laughing at the subject I bet he ends with 'well we don't really know except wat the media has told us'
rose english (1 year ago)
Watch pie and mash films !!
W H (1 year ago)
I’m so glad that you’re speaking out!!!!
Trev S (1 year ago)
Russell, what sickens us is that it was an open secret on the street - it's impossible for anyone to believe the authorities knew nothing - they use to send minibuses of kids from north Wales care homes to London to feed their sick appetite
Carl Dunmore (1 year ago)
This is just the British tentacle of #Pizzagate
James Buckley (1 year ago)
Russells friends in the LGBTQQIAAP will soon be calling him a paedophobe for this.
steve4717able (1 year ago)
Russell brand is a pedo cunt
steve4717able (1 year ago)
Russell brand is a pedo cunt
steve4717able (1 year ago)
Russell brand is a pedo cunt
steve4717able (1 year ago)
Russell brand is a pedo cunt
ronin one (1 year ago)
Get all of them. Dead or alive!
I love you Russell, but William the Conqueror was me and Yogananda in a past life, and though I was a tyrant, I am sure I wasn't hurting little children!!! I know you were flustered, but yeah. Thanks for all you do. We are gonna take out the trash in this lifetime! Namaste"
Eddie Fetherman (1 year ago)
smh while puking
Darth Vegeta (1 year ago)
The British police are all nonce loving cunts too. Look at how they always treat the Internet Interceptors or Shane Brannigan. They also give light sentences to vile creatures like David Cox of Telford & Bryan Hill of Wolverhampton. Fuck the British police & court system!
Rangers Daft (1 year ago)
Dolphin Square, Elm Guest House, Haut de la Garenne, Childline,Ted Heath, Cyril Smith, Leon Brittan, Clement Freud, Jimmy Saville, The list goes on and on, it seems that the world is run by paedophiles for paedophiles. Sick bastards! It's not just in politics. The entertainment industry is the same. The BBC or 'British Beast Corporation' is a perfect example of how this abuse is known about but ignored. Then if someone attempts to blow the whistle they are taken out the game. Or meet with a suspicious death....Jill Dando, Cilla Black and Mark Speight to name just a few. More people need to stand up to the corruption that exists in both the UK and abroad. People like the fantastic Bill Maloney (Pie n Mash films) and Ben Fellows are paving the way. Hopefully more people will follow in their footsteps to expose the establishment for what it really is.
Lauren J (1 year ago)
I'll remember that if I'm ever investigated....ill call myself royalty and classify all my documents as 'too sensitive'. It's a wonder these documents weren't put in building 7 in New York City.
SANDY HABANY (1 year ago)
Shut the fuck up Russell Brand you are one of them.😤😡I hate you😤😤😤😤😡😡fuck you😡..😡😡😤😤😡😤😡😤
bill billings (1 year ago)
Great that you actually mentioned royalty, but how could you leave out one of the biggest child rapist/murderers that also happened to be close to the royals, the one, the only, Jimmy Savile!!!!!!
leeroy silk (1 year ago)
Well well well Brand. How do you explain your very suspect behaviour around kids? Or that sickening coded interview with your hero Jimmy Scumivile? Ain't that a massive link to one of the biggest pedos ever? What was it he said about sharing his young lady friend with you?
TD45465 ghf (1 year ago)
it's luciferian death cults child abuse
Will lowry medicated (1 year ago)
Girl101 (2 years ago)
Yes I'd say the establishment is DEFINITELY riddled with dirty paedophiles.
darrick steele (2 years ago)
Is this stuff related to the Pizzagate stuff?
tuanisthename (2 years ago)
it's all related to pgate
Darcie Ingham (2 years ago)
Research pizza gate. Too much evidence to say it's not true.
Duncan Gerrard (2 years ago)
Why is Tom Watson so quiet now ??
Carla Schlesinger (2 years ago)
Your thoughts on pizzagate please Russell
Henry Y-J (2 years ago)
QuantumSleep (2 years ago)
Who's watching in 2017? The world is fucked.
KazakDon (2 years ago)
Stephen Fry is a pedophile, and they put him on "rescue children" logo...
tiger8me (2 years ago)
This is such OLD news...Ted Gunderson of the FBI exposed this a long time ago, and like most people who have he was eventually murdered. Then there's the whole Hampstead thing...they're ALL related when you start looking into it. And I personally know a few people who've been abused by these satanic ritualistic pedophiles. Here's the thing...you can NOT hide the EVIDENCE. Look into the disease KURU and pay attention to the symptoms of cannibalism then remember back to the election and the mysterious illness of shaking and tremors and the picture begins to form in a way you can no longer deny the TRUTH. The sick part is the is the meat they don't eat goes to McDonald's. Which is why I stopped eating there back in 2008 when I learned this was true. I am also an adult survivor of childhood sexual trauma, and my first abuser was a Sheriff. He was a sadistic, psychopathic, bully with a badge, pedophile. So I'm coming from personal experience. And I KNOW for a Fact that 2 RCMP officers were behind the camera at Pickton's snuff video ring for killing Native Women. Who joked about what a great way to make $ and get rid of the problem at the same time. I know an eye witness. And after telling many people and seeing NOTHING done about it I no longer doubt the system is run by pedophiles and racists.
tiger8me (2 years ago)
Oh, and then there is the Judge in the U.K. who is trying to pass a law that makes the Consent for Sex age 4 years old. No lie. Look into it for yourself.
Em Quest (2 years ago)
pedophiles deserve medieval torture
Open Space (2 years ago)
Russell, I love you. Thank you for being so brilliant at saying what needs to be said. In a world of war and violence and everything being done institutionally to further corporate inhumane ends (Jesus, not just raping babies, killing them!!! - why not hang draw and quarter them while they are at it http://www.irishcentral.com/news/the-home-babies-in-the-news-a-timeline-of-neglect-in-plain-sight) I wonder how people can still swallow the Orwellian propaganda of the mass media, the mendacity of politician and the false history we are supposedly educated to believe? (Maybe nobody does, I don't really want to accuse anyone of such ingenuousness.) We are supposed to swallow a thin, lifeless, self interested, contradictory sham – a watery prison gruel of deception and mouldy strings of weak, slimy cabbage. Thank God real life is so much more.
ange la (2 years ago)
yes russell, and it looks like YOU are one of THEM
EEL ATEP Nanoon (7 months ago)
KHrize3 (2 years ago)
what the fuck...
A. Darwin (2 years ago)
Everyone who is sceptical - please read this: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2002/may/05/dutroux.featuresreview
Tully Chandler (2 years ago)
I watched this morning, and kept thinking about it, intermittently, during the course of the day. It is a great video. Really is the most genuine thing I have seen, in a long time. It is like you drew on all your talents, to put them behind this most important of causes. ...There is, also a similar problem in Australia, America and other places. Where we have great potential, but great tendency to misuse it. They seem to have the absurd idea, that it is better to cover this up, than find it out. They fail miserably to see, that covering it, is actually many times worse, than any scenario, dealing with it could have lead to. Unbecoming ways, are generally very self defeating. Lately I feel the world is waking up to them, and they are becoming clear for us to see. It can't go on, if we are aware, and in fact, children should be exceedingly safe. That would be a be national priority for all of us, if it were it were put to a choice that involved all of us...
Kryyc (2 years ago)
Wonder if he knows about the Hampstead kids/case. Just discovered his channel so I got no clue if he does but it's good that at least one popular person speaks up - others prefer silence.
poop7217 (2 years ago)
End ZOG End israeL (2 years ago)
Good video, m8.
Mad Lad (2 years ago)
#PizzaGate bro
Fat Sack (2 years ago)
Yes Russel, yes the establishment elites is absolutely chock full of criminals and we'd be better off gathering them all up and tosssing them into a blender.
Gregor Mima (2 years ago)
You should check the Clinton Foundation. Welcome to the real world.
Patriot 9 mm (2 years ago)
#pizzagate might want to start with that fuckin piece of shit Queen of yours and the entire Royal "family" of satan's spawn
xVIVAo (2 years ago)
hello ?? people of the world open up your eyes!
FP Wiegmann (2 years ago)
ROTHERHAM...also needs coverage.
Joe A (2 years ago)
Dude, cut your fucking hair and get dressed.  Gross
Debbie S Myers (2 years ago)
I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts. Abraham Lincoln Thank you Russell Brand, please expose American lies also. The Franklin Cover-up and Jeffrey Epstein have deep ties in American political life. We need "truth" so desperately now.
Robert Cook (2 years ago)
Pizzagate brought me here....Russell I used to hate you because your snarky toward the United States........ I love you man......your a man of honor.....I wrong......dude I will never not be a fan of you.....and yes the world is run by a satanic pediphile cult.
Hubtub (2 years ago)
Why doesn't he mention Jimmy Saville? or people in the entertainment industry? or the claims that he is one himself?
Mikey Martinelli (2 years ago)
Saville is his idol. He's one of them.
Arturo Garza (2 years ago)
Those blo-e bastards!
Hey Ho (2 years ago)
The elite fuck pig heads as school rituals as youngsters to become a part of "the group". Of course there's something extremely fishy going on amongst the top people.
Horselover Fat (2 years ago)
Brand, get your jack ass covering pizzagate
Mikey Martinelli (2 years ago)
Nah, he's a pedo too.
mi nguyen (2 years ago)
VOAT pizzagate.
beck H (2 years ago)
Dorian Demeturlias (2 years ago)
Bless you Russell. Warning us about pizzagate before its happened.
Mikey Martinelli (2 years ago)
He's prolly one of the perps.
Yul Bahbo (2 years ago)
Jason Renton (2 years ago)
ooohhh i think youll find there was and if there wasnt where the fuck do people get off on ignoring the clintons alliance with jeffrey epstein
Ernway edeth (2 years ago)
stop blindly accepting what mainstream media tells you
Dorian Demeturlias (2 years ago)
Yul Bahbo yeah. I wonder if Russ will cover this ever again... pizzagate is just more of this shit.
Mikey Martinelli (2 years ago)
Bullshit. You don't know wtf you're talking about.
Eoghan McArdle Ruane (2 years ago)
There was zero evidence for that. Don't be an idiot.
anthonies (2 years ago)
I was sexually abused as a young lad in UK. "He" had a position of authority over me at the time. He told my parents he would show me the ropes to help me in my career. And I was the one who felt the guilt and shame and could not speak out. My parents could not have managed at all to cope with the truth, and I knew it. It has had an enormous impact on my life and at 59 I am finally dealing with it. (I thought they were just memories, but they were flashbacks.) I want to see this stuff exposed now. And why not? Again and again and again the same scenario is being played out. Those demonic evil people use their power to disguise themselves with a cloak of power to shut us up. "Because it's too sensitive" They have the power, money and influence to massage the media in favour of themselves to protect themselves in their club. (Really I hope I am not right) Well what about me? I had feelings too as a youngster just starting out? We all may know where and when it happens but we get into trouble for talking about it. Will that day will end soon I hope. Because the established media etc speak on TV with no power given to us to reply. We have become silent and say "what the point, nothing will ever be done." I get clobbered for a parking ticket or not paying the TV licence on time with stupid letters coming threatening me because I owe £20. Yet these crimes are hidden away for years. Saville was bad and I met him. So was Rolf and I met him.. If I had only known. I would have literally walked out of my job instantly the moment they came along. (At my financial loss.) But I did not know because it was hidden by their media cronies WHO KNEW..... I thankfully can see through the fake media TV news now. I watch it to confirm what is now very clear. How can we do something real? Apologies if any offense caused. But I think it's awful.
arnarne (2 years ago)
Wheter you like Russel Brand or not, it is impossible to deny that what he is saying here is absolutely true!
SANDY HABANY (1 year ago)
arnarne Russell Brand is one of them😡😤😤Fuck him
FP Wiegmann (2 years ago)
+Mista Realitycheck Wouldn't be surprised.  
Mikey Martinelli (2 years ago)
Russhill Brand is a pedophile himself, just like his idol, Jimmy Saville.
FP Wiegmann (2 years ago)
Yeah, I can't stand the guy, but I can't criticize this. PEDOS MUST DIE. ALL OF THEM.ALL.
Diane Heaven (2 years ago)
i thank yo so much for your comments regarding historical child abuse. As a victim I WANT YOU TO SHOUT OUT LOUD for me and the others i know.....
Omni Trio (1 year ago)
Diane Heaven Don't worry Diane... I think the time is coming, where a lot of scum are all going to be exposed... The world is starting to wake up & realise what's going on with these deranged, pond slime, low life, deviant, spineless, scumbag's...
Rebecca Edward's (1 year ago)
Diane Heaven xxxx
GLEN ROBERTS (2 years ago)
Hey Russ? Vote miliband?your as enlightened ass a fart.
Dohwuri 90 (2 years ago)
Maybe David Icke is right 👀
Classical Title (2 years ago)
It's happening now in U.S. with the Clintons-- disturbing revelations, Wikileaks. We have to expose the truth.
Mandi Rei Serra (2 years ago)
Epstein's black book even had the White House listed in it.
Debbie S Myers (2 years ago)
Yes, we have the same problem in the U.S. -- look up the Franklin cover-up (Bush-Reagan) and more recently Jeffrey Epstein with connections to Donald Trump & Bill Clinton. It's so revolting, it's almost unthinkable. But we all have to open our eyes.
Lynn Pal (2 years ago)
you are as you speak
Asia Scudder (2 years ago)
Good work ! (but why are you 1/2 naked in your bedroom?)
EEL ATEP Nanoon (7 months ago)
Cause he is part of the BS pedowood gatekeeper. They do wayyy worse than abuse these kids
Don Elwell (2 years ago)
Why aren't YOU?
Truth Over Happiness (2 years ago)
+Gary Stinten ohhh Google fantastic. Google also says. father Christmas is real and flys lol. You say something back it up. Like Russle does
Gary Stinten (2 years ago)
NajdiCutioner DeodandiCutioner why do I need to provide on a rumour.. google it.. it's not hidden.
Truth Over Happiness (2 years ago)
+Gary Stinten said Gary nobody lol. Have you got evidence for your statement
EL.NANNA (2 years ago)
didn't know he could be so serious. good to see a celeb talking real world!
Darren Carter (2 years ago)
Sealed records really irritate me. The length of time imposed on their opening is staggering but obviously designed so that the persons in question in such records will be deceased upon the revelation which in turn allows accountability to be denied by the current incumbents of power. it's not national security it is blatant self preservation.
Fnord Fnordington (2 years ago)
even tho this is true, it is controlled opposition. Nothing in the media or gvnt will ever be to your advantage. RusSHIL brand is himself a victim of pedophilia, grew up to be a chronic user of drugs and hookers, and a "fixer" himself for people not in parliament. So, take with huge grain of salt when its one snake exposing another snake.
Sunflower Bear (2 years ago)
we need Jeremy corbyn in power.
Sunflower Bear (2 years ago)
No. are you?
Red Shift (2 years ago)
This video is SO important! Everyone in Britain and America need to see this episode of the Trews, especially now that we've found out that in America the previous Speaker of the House, a Republican named Dennis Hastert, who was a congressman for 20 years, and the Speaker of the House for 8 or 9 years, is a pedophile and molested multiple children. And whistleblower Sibel Edmonds writes in her books and talks in interviews about how when she was in the FBI she found this kind of stuff out (sex crimes by high ranking government employees) but the government kept it secret.
Mah Freedom (2 years ago)
Sort of interesting how this wasn't in the headlines in Finland. If it was a country outside of our western bubble, it'd been widely reported.
Yul Bahbo (2 years ago)
It would be more probably. But I don't think so. This pedo, satanic cannibal network is probably worldwide and connected. And major media boss's are a part of it, so they protect eachother. Nobody can trust mainstream media, it is run by satanic demonic pedo's.
Bubba Jones (3 years ago)
The new Jimmy Saville of the British media isn't going to expose anything new about paedophiles in power.
John Smith (3 years ago)
Brand is a massive pedophile himself. That's why he comes off as creepy, and evil.
Miss Miss (3 years ago)
oh my god. The murder bit is absolutely horrific - i cant even imagine the extent of how awful this is. That movie spotlight brought me here... Why are there so many pedos????
barbarah315 (3 years ago)
Russel, not only is it still going on here in the U.S., but we also have Big Pharma killing all the doctors who have used successfully, alternative medicine for cancer! Both our nations are in bed together and the very despicable act of abusing children whether it is thru pedophilia or by laboratories must be stopped somehow!!
Debra Rymer (3 years ago)
Jersey was a disgrace and now, Hampstead.  On and on.
kickinbackinOC (3 years ago)
Do some looking into Jimmy Saville, and the whole issue unravels. He was hobnobbing with the rich and famous, including the royal family, former PM Heath (paedophile), etc, etc. Saville was a purveyor of children for the sexual abuse (and their subsequent murder) all for the elite class that rules the UK, and the USA. Paedophiles terrorize children to please their demonic overlords, and are linked to Satanism. That's the type of people that gravitate towards government.
Rebekah W (3 years ago)
Nice, I like that quite allot. Classic "trickster tales, trickery! Mwahahaha!!" ~ Oldest trick in the book...*Sighs* ....Best way to cover up that YOU RUSSELL THE ROTHSCHILD "BRAND" are in fact a pedophile yourself...yup...nice try you pathetic psychopath....
Ryan Jackson-Saw (3 years ago)
So Russell. Who's the little girl in the photo frame next to your bed?
Lady McDumpling (3 years ago)
Thank you Russell brand for exposing these paedophiles as a victim myself, I need to ask, unless I win the lottery, how can we sort this problem out. They are to powerful. The Royal family are exempt from any wrong doing. And to many parliament cover ups, it's a no win situation, but God bless you, and I am not being sarcastic, you're a wonderful human being. keep up the good work x Lesley mccluskey from Milton Keynes
Justin Scott (3 years ago)
guess what else is riddled with pedophiles and perverts.... Hollywood.
rooker7993 (3 years ago)
Watched this till the end, quite impressed Russell .
rooker7993 (3 years ago)
Most of the to MPs have already got to the bottom of this, & the plugged it up quickly, it's a messy job at the top.
Winston Smith (3 years ago)
That bald guy on the right is guilty as fuck, watch his eyes.
sopankim (3 years ago)
So who really shot WPC Yvonne Fletcher? Why? Why was Margaret Thatcher so enraged over her murder and why was Leon Brittan subsequently ordered to investigate MI5 and compile an official government report on this organisation? Why did Thatcher seriously consider closing down MI5 and passing its work and responsibility to Special Branch? MI5 & CIA bigwigs were furious over Brittan's thorough report and the possibility of being investigated, exposed & sacked; what was their revenge on Leon Brittan? "Terminate With Extreme Prejudice" by Richard Belfield, "an expose of the assassination game, its killers and their paymaster." See page 111 of the paperback version but needs to be read in context. Find out for yourself, NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS! This could help explain why the issue of national security is attached to this investigation. Layers of lies! Celebrities are actors, paid to put on an act and deceive us. They are not our friends especially when they are at work, doing their job, that they get paid to do. For example, is this really Russell's bedroom or a contrived stage set? Is he self-filming in front of his phone or tablet propped-up on his dressing table, or before a film crew?
Brigid (3 years ago)
You certainly kissed the ass of Jimmy Saville every chance you got, didn't you? Am I really to believe you had heard NOTHING at all about him and his sickness? When it had been known in entertainment for years? To the point John Lydon said so about 40 long years ago, you never heard that? You did exactly what you are bitching about here, by treating him with deference as though he was some great man, when anyone with eyes in their head could see there was something massively wrong with him, LOOK at him. You massive hypocrite and fraud. And put some clothes on FFS, all I see and smell when I look at you is armpit. You appear to be taking a page from his book, by deliberately looking like a filthy degenerate sexually perverted creeper yourself. You do yourself no favors, filming yourself half naked on a bed. The truth always comes out you know. It won't take until 2056 either.
Brian Melucci (3 years ago)
High Consumer (3 years ago)
Russel Brand is a pedo aswell
Human Being (3 years ago)
My life is threatened, my foster sister is dead, after receiving a phone call saying our other sister is not herself and she herself said she believed in snakes. My other friend said she knew they existed because her parents were fucking her and I have recently had my eyes open to the fact I was enslaved and raped by the same. My reward for knowing this is to be made homeless and be threatened. I think fear of these things is very warranted and their control and deviance is very real. I think they do this systematically and with every generation. In fact I am sure the next generation of blind and soon to be raped children are already being educated in your typical deceitful way.
Human Being (3 years ago)
But thanks for censoring my previous comments and replacing them with others claiming it's the deviance of humans. It's not.
Human Being (3 years ago)
They are not people. All my previous comments were erased. Four PEOPLE I know were sexually abused by what they claim to be non humans. I'm one of those people who know these things have an affinity for fucking children.
TraxTheAlien (3 years ago)
The wonderful result of the social class system.
ROSEMARY COX (3 years ago)
Also watch "can we trust Russell brand? Is he a freemason/illuminati puppet? Shocking!

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