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The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

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Subscribe for more short comedy sketches & films: http://bit.ly/laurisb Funny business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate world! Watch the next episodes: http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp1, http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp2 & http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp3 Starring: Orion Lee, James Marlowe, Abdiel LeRoy, Ewa Wojcik, Tatjana Sendzimir. Subtitles available in many, many languages (enable them using the "Subtitles/Closed Captions" button). A big thank-you to everyone who translated! You can add new subtitles here: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=BKorP55Aqvg Written & Directed by Lauris Beinerts Based on a short story "The Meeting" by Alexey Berezin Produced by Connor Snedecor & Lauris Beinerts Director of Photography: Matthew Riley Sound Recordist: Simon Oldham Production Designer: Karina Beinerte 1st Assistant Director: James Hanline Make-up Artist: Emily Russell Editor: Connor Snedecor Sound Designer: James Bryant Colourist: Janis Stals Animator: Benjamin Charles The original short story "The Meeting" (in Russian): http://alex-aka-jj.livejournal.com/66984.html The Expert shirt campaign is over, but let me know if you'd be interested, you can check it here: https://bonfire.com/the-expert We made this video using: - Canon 7D camera: http://amzn.to/1FuXXVv - Final Cut Pro 7: http://amzn.to/1Lt7UrZ - Web-based Cyrillic converter: http://2cyr.com/ - The Hospital Club premises for a stage test (only partially recorded...): http://thehospitalclub.com/ - Libre Office Calc to make sense of the shot list... - 7 different markers and an empty juice pack to get the right sound - A bottle of single malt whiskey Funny short comedy films / sketches / skits & any other videos / movies made by Lauris Beinerts. If you like to laugh, subscribe for new (albeit irregular) videos! Семь красных линий Гуманитарий и инженер Дизайнер и заказчик 工程师心里的痛只有工程师能懂 史上最悲催工程师 如何用透明笔画出红色线条 #ShortComedySketch #expert
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Lauris Beinerts (11 months ago)
Check out the new episodes of The Expert: Square Project! http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp1 http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp2 http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp3
jow ww (9 days ago)
Volodymyr Lisivka oh my.Just saw the solution after googling. It is indeed possible. Woah
Volodymyr Lisivka (9 days ago)
+jow ww It is even more funny when you look up solutions on Google. Just Google "7 red lines" for images. I found 3 valid solutions.
jow ww (9 days ago)
Lauris Beinerts does this have any continuation? This is so funny 😄
jamie Allen1977 (1 month ago)
you are my hero
Hi Lauris, I wonder if I may use your footage for my English-teaching mobile application? I need kust video without sound. What are the terms and conditions? Can you let me know, please: [email protected]
Ali Zhao (57 minutes ago)
The first time I watched this sketch I was fresh out of college and laughed because I believed this was an exaggeration. I legit had a client ask me to change the background of her site from light blue to dark blue but make it opaque so it wouldn't be dark...
Jiahao Zhong (1 hour ago)
i want to give 100000000 likes as a business consultant
ankit kumar (6 hours ago)
Wow, they don't know anything
Muser4Life (14 hours ago)
IT industry in a nutshell.
Skippy's Edits (20 hours ago)
This is pretty much my job
Adrian Chelaru (20 hours ago)
Bravo! Bine!
Adrian Chelaru (20 hours ago)
A triangle can have angles of 90 degrees if drawn on a sphere. 7 lines can be achieved probably in a 7 or 8 dimensions manifold. Rimanian manifolds maybe, not sure, ask someone really good at math.
OU812 i4got (22 hours ago)
OMG!...I've been in his seat before, sitting across the table from "professionals" who couldn't screw in a light bulb, but yet have insane ideas they feel you should be able to solve immediately. "Well, you're the expert" is constantly thrown in your face as a tool to bully you into their psychopathic idea. Then you end up telling them to go fuck themselves and then the next "expert" is now filling your seat.....welcome to the corporate world!!
There may actually be green and transparent inks that, after a chemical reaction with the medium or under certain lights (uv especially) will appear red, as for perpendicularity, in higher dimensions it might be possible, but I’m not clever enough to math out how high you’d have to go or imagine just what that might look like Scratch that: even in 2d, it can be done with elliptic geometry
Straight (1 day ago)
nedmonds247 (1 day ago)
Too real. Scary.
Thomas Kinkade (2 days ago)
I want to cry and burn these people and give Anderson a hug lol
wkim720 (2 days ago)
Wow this video exactly describes the reality in a very easy way to understand.
Myrslokstok (2 days ago)
😃 Yesterday: 1) you explain how it works right now. 2) you explain that the suggestion can lead to the outmost catastrophy. 3) you come up with a solution that actually would work, but you explain that even tough it would work in this case it is not safe and might break other things, offcourse they do not care and go along with it. Then they think you are being just very complicated. The people that deliver the solution are then being praised for there strong vision. Usually they are not as interessted in any explanation of anything.
sol origami (2 days ago)
This is such hilarious.. Lol.. Love ur channel.
MegaFukuoka (2 days ago)
This one almost made me cry :<
Uni Amni (2 days ago)
I dont understand this video. Please explain it to me in blue language.
Cobus Coetzee (3 days ago)
I've been on the opposite side as well, often, where you find yourself prying people's brains open for them, trying to guide their thoughts with baby steps with the goal to accept a slightly out of the box, yet challenging proposal. Very frustrating!
Hex (3 days ago)
2 red 2 green 3 transparent thus the 3 transparent wouldn't be visible mute point. Little kitten drawn without picking up the pen still is a single line. Balloon animal. So possible? Yep. Still need a red pen. Lol
Paula Cole (3 days ago)
Jesus.. My life as a case manager in every meeting.... You want me to do what.. with who.. in what amount of time... HOW!!!🤣
Zi Wang (3 days ago)
Shout out to all my fellow engineers who have to deal with these dumb pretentious "management" people who think dressing up nicely gives them a pass to going around telling people what to do. Talks useless bullshit all day and worst part is they think they are good at their job. That job my 8 year old cousin can do. I will sure move into management someday tho they get better pay.
A Fadhli (3 days ago)
This video just crossing my line lol
White DeVile (3 days ago)
This video is everything that's wrong with corporate work today or almost any kind of work in any bigger company where there are such managers of "managing", project managers and other fucktards.
Alice Graham (4 days ago)
This is fantastic for illustrating poor scope definition.
eventfulnonsense (4 days ago)
Absolutely my present working environment 🤣🤣🤣
SomeRandomIdiot (4 days ago)
I literally just had a meeting like this TODAY, me and a CAD guy struggled to explain that 2D line drawings of a product can not be rotated for a 3D view to the general manager of the company. I swear these people, these meetings, they exist, they happen, they STILL happen, and this video should be mandatory viewing for everyone everywhere in the entire world.
bonob0123 (4 days ago)
Asian life accurately depicted
Rand U (5 days ago)
Hilarious and insane at the same time.
Damp Rabbit (5 days ago)
Picasso did a number of drawings of animals using a single line. Just saying.
Eric Aditya (6 days ago)
Can I.... Can I destroy something? This video really ticked me off.
donald parker (6 days ago)
I notice that there is no pitcher of water glasses for anybody on the table. What kind of meeting is this???? I'm going on stress leave.
Leo Timtom (6 days ago)
This is too long for my attention span.
ali abdullah (6 days ago)
First time bots have suggested me a good video
Lauris Beinerts (5 days ago)
Now, who's a good bot?! * goes to pet the bots *
Naga Ratna (7 days ago)
This is exactly what happens in every corporate meeting !
xomthood (7 days ago)
I've sat through meetings just about this bad.
Peter Shen (7 days ago)
This can actually be done by constructing 7 lines that are orthogonal to each other in 7 dimensions
Dino (7 days ago)
it hurts to watch. I feel for the expert
wade5941 (7 days ago)
Sadly, this type of rhetoric in the business is more prevalent than many of us would believe.
Itai Eiron (8 days ago)
He could draw three perpendicular lines on a sphere
SmartK8 (8 days ago)
In my life there's just one more terrible thing than these "expert meeting" situations. It is having almost perfect memory. Ordinarily, people remember so little and they don't even realize it. It's hell for me. It's like living with an Alzheimer patient, except the whole world has Alzheimer and you don't. If you tell them week later that we agreed on this and that (verbatim exactly what they've said), they look at you like you're trying to trick them.. they didn't agree to that as far as they remember! It's the same look you see in documentaries about Alzheimer patients. Who moved these keys from here to there?! Is someone playing tricks on me?! Oh, it was me you say? Impossible! It would be half that bad to just suffer their forgetfulness (something you could get used to), but the worst half is they go ballistic/paranoid aggression on you for remembering what they can't. They simply don't believe you and as an evidence they ask other people around (who also do forget) to confirm that they didn't say it. And sadly... they do confirm it. So in the end you look like a crazy person, who's making things up (lying) and also trying to trick others intentionally. Of course you learn to not tell. But what can you do, if you superior asks you to do a thing, you do it in a week exactly as specified and by that time your superior remembers he told you something else entirely (it changed in his brain to what he needs now, but he remembers it as if he told me this originally week earlier). You have to tell then to explain why you did what you did and then it goes mental. Luckily you can ask people to send you a mail that lists and confirms all we agreed and this solved work issues mostly.
McOsiris Mahim (8 days ago)
Nothing but OMFG! LMFAO
jadoo dookun (8 days ago)
Brilliant lol, made my Sunday morning!
in.searchofexcel (9 days ago)
Surely he can do anything.....😂
Jose (9 days ago)
i thought only in spain hapen this situations lol the world it's full of idiots in charge
This brilliant video shows exactly what the problem of 'management' is. The Harvard Business School - which years ago promoted the idea of swarm intelligence - should have a link from their website to this video so that their students can discuss this farcical management structure and method.
Bob Denny (10 days ago)
Perfect!!! Portlandia for dysfunctional companies. The water glasses are the first hint. Actually affects anyone who actually DOES the work in such a company, not just engineers.
This is exactly what happens on MONDAY meeting 'Exactly the same BOSSES'😫😭 Ohhhh god I hate Monday meetings
Koala (10 days ago)
Well seven lines can be perpendicular to each other if they are drawn in every dimension. So yes its possible. And red ink can be mixed with green and blue still being red. And transparency is letting every light form through thereby its red aswell! Gotcha the expert should be fired.
Andrew Halliwell (10 days ago)
Ye-essss.... It is possible. the research into a accesing higher dimensions alone would require a budget in the billions. I could produce some estimates... As for the green lines becoming red... Another few billion in Near light travel. You'll have your logo. Most expensive sculpture in history.
snehal kumar (10 days ago)
Geometry... Just ignore it :D LMFAO
James Wray (10 days ago)
the customer is not always right. they are often clueless. this is why they need us. been here many times.
AI fan (10 days ago)
been there you give them 7 red lines and pretend that they are perpendicular and drawn in whatever ink. Charge $1.57 million They key is to get the price right. Then they know you're serious.
Rock Rabin (10 days ago)
The Ghost (11 days ago)
Watching again, I missed the comedy the first time.
[] (11 days ago)
Whoever couldn't make up a meaningless sentence in time gets to clean the toilet :D
sdb (11 days ago)
this 2019, my iq is minus 4 since then..aargh..for all this years i believe red ink will produce red whatever, it turns out its blue!! this is conspiracy all public school is brainwashing institution that force us to be fish so we can climb a god damn tree..
The Light (11 days ago)
this happens in real life trust me i am an expert
tom araya (11 days ago)
damnnnnnnn!!!!!! awesome
Stefan Kaitschick (11 days ago)
The best part: when the second lady starts to faintly grasp that perpendicularity has nothing to do with color, the other morons hold her back.
Bassam salim (11 days ago)
If I were in his shoes I would have left the job.
WARPHEAD (11 days ago)
Thank God I'm out of all that bull-sh*t.
Oslier (11 days ago)
Draw the lines on 7 dimensional sphere. Solved
1980Baldeagle (11 days ago)
In the Marine Corps the OIC and Top would have similar meetings and demands. We nod, and went and did whatever the farck we needed to do to get the job done. Otherwise you would spend half the day playing what if games and arguing about who's idea was best.
bikebudha01 (11 days ago)
oh my god this is good...
Alex Augustine (12 days ago)
Things Asians have to deal with...!!
Jonathan Verna (12 days ago)
6:11 that is the face of someone thinking about shooting you from across the table (justly so)
Frank van Schie (12 days ago)
You can find someone who will sell you what you want, but you won't find anyone who can make what you want.
Jesse Chao (12 days ago)
The Asian looking guy is the expert lol how real
Oli Vyae (12 days ago)
I don't know if this was supposed to be funny, but all I got from this was anxiety.
sherry armstrong (12 days ago)
Yes!!!! Please tell Jack to Rock the Box https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FyxYMRHLEo4
Fuz Capp (12 days ago)
How did they get hidden cameras into the creative meetings at Australian Radio Network?
Apakhumhe Emmanuel (12 days ago)
😂 😂 😂
Shizumi Munyu (13 days ago)
Triggered, need pillow in the form of a kitten to hug.
Louigi Verona (13 days ago)
There's clearly no Product in the room. Because no one has so far asked _why_ do they need the lines :D
Ali Abbas (13 days ago)
To What?.... I have watched it over 100 times now, never gets old. Superb depiction of Tech Guy in Corporate world
Megha Gaonkar (13 days ago)
Can you draw a line in the form of kitten? Poor expert... This is the best video which says what happens in corporate world...
shmelmafinga (13 days ago)
I tried my hand at consulting. Now I'm a plumber.
Adrian Mills (14 days ago)
IT guy here: some of my days feel like this.
Earl Chaney (14 days ago)
Are used to do commercials, (that nobody would remember now but anyway) for that company I did at least 80 national commercials, that's right 80. The company was very down to earth and smart, however the people that came in let's say Kraft for example or Coca-Cola. Where exactly like these people in this video, they would be on set asking me the actor things like can you say two lines at the same time. I'm not kidding folks. So I literally just learn to talk really fast. Everyone was happy with the obnoxious request from the lady who requested two lines at the same time but she was not. And I laugh now and I am not exaggerating when I say I had to actually explain to her that it's impossible for any human to say to completely different lines of dialogue at the same time. But because this was early on in the campaign, everyone did not want to upset this outside vendor so we pretended to try. I've never fought back tears so hard after someone had called action before in my life. From laughing of course. Sorry for the long story, my point is this video is right on point and hilarious.
athene noctua (14 days ago)
JIEXA (15 days ago)
Lauris Beinerts (10 days ago)
Imre Fabian (15 days ago)
I have, in my career as software developer, encountered many times commissions like this. Clients that did not now what the wanted, let alone what they needed, with constantly changing perspectives. And on the other side of the table accountmanagers that had totally no understanding of software development, not even what software is or can do, promising the impossible for an unreasonable low price. Where I cannot blame the clients, as they were no experts, I despised those account managers and their lackeys totally.
Nigel Guest (14 days ago)
In many ways, this borrows from the long-running American cartoon, Dilbert.
walkür (15 days ago)
behnamasid2 (15 days ago)
I can make everything perpendicular in a non Euclidean surface.
Nigel Guest (14 days ago)
If you use enough spatial dimensions.
Nigel Guest (15 days ago)
OMG, it reminds me of why I became an independent consultant. As an employee, you say Yes, Sir/Ma'am. As a consultant, you say, no problem, and it will cost you about a million dollars.
Nigel Guest (15 days ago)
I suppose you could read racism and misogyny into this video, but I think the idiot white consultant chiefs cancel that out.
Sabrina Johns (15 days ago)
Why is this humanity
Alia Gonzalez (15 days ago)
Feel like this guy EVERYDAY day of my life!
Xiaoyinzheng Ji (7 days ago)
You just randomly draw 7 lines and tell them that they are all perpendicular in 7-dimensional space! Using blue pen to draw red line is easy, you need to use a blue-colored pen but put red ink in it!
Simone Streeter (16 days ago)
I love actors.
Dragaut (16 days ago)
This wasn't funny It was creepy
Emjay _ (17 days ago)
When a 6 grader tries to explain to 3rd graders.
Coluna Gamer (17 days ago)
Gay, you copy the video. Canal de shit.
Lauris Beinerts (10 days ago)
Christian Stein (17 days ago)
Jajaja genial, una introspección al pensamiento divergente.
Pluck Yeah (8 days ago)
Acting too terrible to continue watching..
Pluck Yeah (9 days ago)
+Lauris Beinerts  And imagine better acting?..
Lauris Beinerts (10 days ago)
Close your eyes and listen then.
Piperfect (17 days ago)
They need a better expert. I can draw 3 perpendicular lines easily using a Z axis. They should have gotten someone like Grant Sanderson as their expert. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYO_jab_esuFRV4b17AJtAw ......I bet he could draw 7 perpendicular lines.
Sean Surrao (17 days ago)
Scary shit !
Jeff Dwyer (18 days ago)
That looks like the secret committee designing the California gun laws
Relle M. (18 days ago)
Wow. This is an amazing metaphor.
finalmattasy (19 days ago)
As an expert, the bird problem remains unresolved. This sketch feel like every office meeting I’ve ever been to.

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