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The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

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Subscribe for more short comedy sketches & films: http://bit.ly/laurisb Funny business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate world! Watch the next episodes: http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp1, http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp2 & http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp3 Starring: Orion Lee, James Marlowe, Abdiel LeRoy, Ewa Wojcik, Tatjana Sendzimir. Subtitles available in many, many languages (enable them using the "Subtitles/Closed Captions" button). A big thank-you to everyone who translated! You can add new subtitles here: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=BKorP55Aqvg The Expert shirt campaign is over, but let me know if you'd be interested, you can check it here: https://bonfire.com/the-expert Written & Directed by Lauris Beinerts Based on a short story "The Meeting" by Alexey Berezin Produced by Connor Snedecor & Lauris Beinerts Director of Photography: Matthew Riley Sound Recordist: Simon Oldham Production Designer: Karina Beinerte 1st Assistant Director: James Hanline Make-up Artist: Emily Russell Editor: Connor Snedecor Sound Designer: James Bryant Colourist: Janis Stals Animator: Benjamin Charles The original short story "The Meeting" (in Russian): http://alex-aka-jj.livejournal.com/66984.html We made this video using: - Canon 7D camera: http://amzn.to/1FuXXVv - Final Cut Pro 7: http://amzn.to/1Lt7UrZ - Web-based Cyrillic converter: http://2cyr.com/ - The Hospital Club premises for a stage test (only partially recorded...): http://thehospitalclub.com/ - Libre Office Calc to make sense of the shot list... - 7 different markers and an empty juice pack to get the right sound - A bottle of single malt whiskey Funny short comedy films / sketches / skits & any other videos / movies made by Lauris Beinerts. If you like to laugh, subscribe for new (albeit irregular) videos! Семь красных линий Гуманитарий и инженер Дизайнер и заказчик 工程师心里的痛只有工程师能懂 史上最悲催工程师 如何用透明笔画出红色线条 #ShortComedySketch #expert
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Lauris Beinerts (9 months ago)
Check out the new episodes of The Expert: Square Project! http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp1 http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp2 http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp3
Hi Lauris, I wonder if I may use your footage for my English-teaching mobile application? I need kust video without sound. What are the terms and conditions? Can you let me know, please: [email protected]
John Demetriou (2 months ago)
We want more
Janos K (2 months ago)
Christoph Küstler I agree - its like they know how it is to be me - and I am not even an expert, just closely observant.
Christoph Küstler (3 months ago)
I would like to laugh, but I can't. Because this is not a comedy. It is reality.
Spectresse (6 months ago)
I always share your wonderfull videos to my collegues in order to show them how they actually work... So thanks a lot !
Eimal Dorani (34 minutes ago)
I can't stop laughing! :D
DEVARMONT7 (1 day ago)
Tatjana is the most beautiful women I've ever seen.
Ling Ton (1 day ago)
The business world in a nutshell.....excellent :o)
Mando Vid (1 day ago)
I like how the designer shakes her head when he draws the perpendicular line 2:49
Topher TheTenth (1 day ago)
It is possible to draw a triangle with three 90-degree angles in it. Connect the north pole with the point where the Greenwich Meridian intersects the Equator. Connect that point with the point that is at 90 degrees West on the Equator. Connect that point with the North Pole. From the point of view of someone who can walk only shortest distances along the Earth's surface, this is a triangle, and at all three vertices you have 90-degree angles. Of course, the point of view that makes this true makes a lot of other things extremely WEIRD, such as the fact that when you are standing at the North Pole the triangle's edge opposite your vertex is clearly a quarter-arc of a circle that morphs as you walk south along either other edge of the triangle, until, when you reach one of the vertexes on the Equator, the edge of the triangle that had been a quarter-arc of a circle is now a straight line-segment while the side opposite the vertex where you stand has deformed until it is now no longer a straight line-segment but a quarter-arc of a circle. But nothing is wrong if you are not uncomfortable with shapes changing as you walk around and with aircraft whose maximum speed increases if they are further from you -- three identical airplanes, each starting at one vertex of this triangle and flying AT TOP SPEED along an edge to the next vertex, will all complete their journeys at the same time even though the one flying away from you and the one flying toward you only had to go x kilometers while the one flying between the two vertices far from you travels (x*(Pi/2)) kilometers (as measured by you from where you stand) in the same time using an engine of identical power. That said, the idiot in the conference-room is drawing lines in a Euclidean two-dimensional plane where none of the above rules apply, so she is stupid as stupid can be if she thinks there's seven lines (or only three lines) and they're all perpendicular. Welcome to the business-world.
Topher TheTenth (1 day ago)
This video is every job I've held since age 23. The people who get promoted are social adepts who have no concept of math or physics or the way language (either math-symbols or English) works. They have reached the tier they've reached only by convincing someone equally idiotic but higher up that they both know what they're talking about when neither of them does. And they always want the latest "concept" that everyone else in the industry thinks is sexy and glamorous, even if it can't actually be rendered in language that isn't nonsensical. If you really know about how data models the exterior world, and you try to talk to these idiots who can't actually DO anything mathematical or analytical, but want power over the people who do because it's "high end" or "cutting edge", (i.e. prestigious, like business-people's clothing which in some places I've been forced to wear) you will only drive yourself over the edge of insanity. I don't know when I fell over that threshold, but it was years ago. In every country in the world, these are the people who run the economy, and it is scary. Look at the economic meltdowns that occur every few years. I am not saying that we should fear that we will lose everything. Rather, we should fear that we aren't attaining a level of universal prosperity that would easily be within our grasp if only the economy were run by rational people with an outlook more technically-oriented and less socially-oriented.
Papa Peeps (1 day ago)
I was losing brain cells everytime that lady opens her mouth
Andy Mac (1 day ago)
It's 2018 y'all. Just draw 7 parallel red lines and tell them they self-identify as 7 red lines, all perpendicular, some with green ink, some with transparent, and one in a form of a kitten.
Fonetiker (2 days ago)
I just get frustrated. Why am I watching this?
Tu Le (2 days ago)
I see myself in the film lol
Ted Logan (2 days ago)
I swear I've been in several meetings over the years that were almost verbatim this nonsensical.
laserus3333 (3 days ago)
His picture will be all over the news after snapping & going postal shooting his coworkers. Because "He" was crazy.
Mark DiVelbiss (3 days ago)
"What's stopping us from doing this?" "....geometry." "Just ignore it!" My life as an engineer.
laus 99 (4 days ago)
horrible narcissistic behaviour of those managers.. horrible to realise this happens all the time in real life
sadigov (4 days ago)
Client sounds like a big pharma company. If a service provider ever wanted to milk a bunch of morons sitting on a giant heap of money big pharma would be the best client. Don't ask how I know it.
PIC Starter (4 days ago)
It`s my life... =(
Matthew Loudoun (4 days ago)
This is so on point it's almost made me angry thinking about it
Karan Shukla (4 days ago)
It's one of the most absurd things that I have ever seen.
Jermaine Gibson (5 days ago)
Wei yarn Tan (5 days ago)
i dont get it....can someone explain to me
aaroniouse (5 days ago)
Of course they wouldn't use green ink. It's a two-party system, and green isn't allowed.
Bruce Webster (5 days ago)
Trying not to cry as I laugh. I have been 'Anderson' more than once in my professional career.
Zen Der (5 days ago)
It's good to laugh, loved it so amusing
Abul Kalam Azad (5 days ago)
Watching this video for the third time
Paul Cooper (6 days ago)
You could draw seven perpendiculae lines you just need more then 2 dimensions ^^
Danyelle Davis (6 days ago)
Lord, I have been there.. omg. I never want to be an SME again.
Economic Terrorrism (6 days ago)
Kido.exe (6 days ago)
This is how I feel everyday talking to people about anything that's not an everyday theme like sport or shopping things
Piyush Maddox (6 days ago)
impossible and limits are only for developers for rest all its just a piece of cake
Jonathan Mabhekede (6 days ago)
风风火火地Joyce (7 days ago)
😵 some direct quotes from my morning meeting
Björn Kihlberg (7 days ago)
This video makes me want to cry.
Magnus Christianssen (7 days ago)
Okay I see the hidden brilliance of this skit. Basically it underlines modern Leftist European Logic! It's perfect!
ObsidianParis (7 days ago)
Everybody recognized himself, attending at at least one meeting :)
Koaasst (7 days ago)
being an andersen is hard work.
Rinoa Super-Genius (7 days ago)
that ending.... so perfect.
Ilwe'ran Hlaiwa (7 days ago)
I am very curious to know how the staff who created this sketch and the Expert himself reacted seeing the solution given by D. Scott Williamson in his video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7MIJP90biM
See the Light (8 days ago)
You CAN construct 7 perpendicular lines - in 7-space. Recall Hilbert's admonition regarding points, lines and planes...
Hoopy Frood (8 days ago)
I like how they named the expert Anderson. Probably a nod to Mr. Anderson (Neo) in the Matrix. **Bonus points awarded if you read "Mr. Anderson" in agent Smith's voice.**
green clarkson like (8 days ago)
For UK viewers: But we can arrange to have a red white and blue Brexit correct?
Noah McArthur (8 days ago)
This is the point where the expert should ask, "Why do you want it this way?" Then the client usually gives an answer that tells the expert what they really want and then he can help them achieve their real goal instead of putting tons of resourses into something the client only thought they wanted. Here's an example, "Why do you want some of the lines to be drawn with green and some with transparent ink?" "Well, because we've found that our customers like things that are green and transparent." "Drawing red lines with green and transparent ink would be really difficult and we would waste a lot of resources trying to achieve such a goal. Might I recommend having all of the red lines drawn with red ink and then add some green lines to be drawn with green ink and some transparent lines to be drawn with transparent ink." "Ok, that sound sounds perfectly reasonable." Asking, "Why," doesn't always work out like this, but when it does it saves a lot of stress and resourses
Raymond XL (9 days ago)
The kind of woman who get impregnated and the dad slipts. I dont blame him.
AZHA (9 days ago)
draw to them 7 lines with red pen and tell them they were done with transparent ink they will believe you as they are donkeys
Egidio Caprino (10 days ago)
True in the software industry
Brian Crane (10 days ago)
I used to be 'Anderson' [engineer]. This vid had me ROFL!
Happy Magane (10 days ago)
I think they should make this film longer, but in a form of a kitten.
Haa haa ...Loved it and it made us laugh .
kevbelz (11 days ago)
Another bad day at work, brings me back here. I understand I am a specialist.
Daniel Javro (11 days ago)
This group should do a movie on IT interviews if they haven't already, In my experience interfacing senior managers and entrepreneurs is pretty down pat, I think the IT interviews would be pretty funny as well :)
danielvincentkelley (11 days ago)
Actually not funny in the least. Your "comedy", just sucks. I had to quit this video after watching 4 minutes of this idiotic shit.
MarcusL (11 days ago)
You can get 3 perpendicular lines if you draw them on a sphere.
Lizangie Cueto (12 days ago)
5:12 XD
Thaifoonthaiger (12 days ago)
Unfortunately this is exactly what the British work place is like. Unfortunately I have been sacked before now for not having the same patience and forbearance of Anderson.
Timotheus157 (12 days ago)
Looks a lot like an engineering or typical business meeting where everyone is a self-entitled, bossy knucklehead except the one who actually has to do the work. 👍👏🍻🙌💥🔥😅
Stefan Trienekens (12 days ago)
Kafka runs a business meeting...
Viljo Tähti (13 days ago)
El cliente siempre pierde la razon
I love this!!!!! more more!!
Sean Gray (13 days ago)
This feels like every meeting with marketing/business I've ever had as an engineer.
Jimmy Murray (13 days ago)
So what exactly is stopping us from doing this? Geometry. Just ignore it.
Alienwarez567 (14 days ago)
OMG its just like beeing at work
MotoMarios (14 days ago)
Matthew Buchanan (15 days ago)
Watching this is torture! I have never been able to finish it. It's excruciating.
N!cky (15 days ago)
I find this so annoying and irritating.
AriaCass (15 days ago)
tauke dabai (14 days ago)
Ed Soderlind (15 days ago)
monty python lives
Alexei Kolokolcev (15 days ago)
Sollution from s GREAT guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B7MIJP90biM
Jon Bain (15 days ago)
90% of academia religion and science.
Bohdan Andrashko (15 days ago)
– We can't do this – Why? – Because of geometry! – Let's ignore it
Anca S (16 days ago)
so true!
Michael Moretti (16 days ago)
In my country, this is a training video showing new government employees how our government's bureaucracy works.
Dihunter (16 days ago)
"i can do anything, i am expert" jaaaahahahahahhhahah
Dihunter (16 days ago)
whwhwhwhwhhwhwhwhwhwhhwhwh wtf wtf wtf is thisisisisiisissiisiisis the other four is soooooooo stupid
Augustus Yuan (16 days ago)
I want to punch Walter so hard it hurts.
George Tosounidis (16 days ago)
Probably the best video in you tube :)
jon snow (16 days ago)
more of criticism on progressive globalism than anything else.
adrianTNT (16 days ago)
That expert knows nothing, research don't lie, if clients like kittens, then you draw that line shaped like a kitten, doh, that is basically what drives our current society, that's how it works. :))
Ward Jr. (17 days ago)
True Story when you are the DevOps
yuvaraj putin (17 days ago)
I wanna be in that world!
Gionz Dne (18 days ago)
machineofadream (18 days ago)
I love this and thumbed it up, but not because it's funny. Rather, because it's the most realistic portrayal of a business meeting I've ever seen.
Ahmed Hamdy (18 days ago)
Our life as software engineers 😓😓
Imran Khan (18 days ago)
I am an expert too. 😞
Kevin Matthews (18 days ago)
Who could POSSIBLY down vote this?!?
Shakazoulu (18 days ago)
I feel for the expert, im in a similar situation
Quantization (19 days ago)
"Why are they blue?" lmao
Sheri JK (19 days ago)
I love this. I used to work for the state in social services. I guarantee if something doesn't make sense that is what admin will do even though us on the front lines know it will not work.
Bob Beattie (20 days ago)
"What's stopping us doing this?" "Geometry." "Just ignore it."
URHO TM (20 days ago)
z like.
CapitalCheese (20 days ago)
This video just raised my blood pressure. Thumbs up for the realism!
Lauris Beinerts (19 days ago)
This can be used in medicine!
Albert Yang (20 days ago)
As the Asian that ends up with this type of task all the time...
Comedy Sketch Show looking for an audience, doesn't matter if you like or subscribe but check it out sometime if you're bored!
some Guy (20 days ago)
This is so relatable. No expert can every deliver on the most simple tasks!
Andrey Sukharev (20 days ago)
Типичный проект в Сбербанке....
Nika Rus (20 days ago)
The fucking rage I feel watching this.
Dr Moriarty (20 days ago)
The point is made in the first several dozen seconds. Why bother with more?
andy p (15 days ago)
Blame the project manager
robert hunt (21 days ago)
Anderson Consultants used to sponsor Sunday afternoon professional golf...then it went out of business...
Al and Lei Do Comedy (21 days ago)
Bill (21 days ago)
My day went surprising like Anderson's, but there were no markers.
ObsidianParis (21 days ago)
4300 people are colorblind

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