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The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch)

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Subscribe for more short comedy sketches & films: http://bit.ly/laurisb Funny business meeting illustrating how hard it is for an engineer to fit into the corporate world! Watch the next episodes: http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp1, http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp2 & http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp3 Starring: Orion Lee, James Marlowe, Abdiel LeRoy, Ewa Wojcik, Tatjana Sendzimir. Subtitles available in many, many languages (enable them using the "Subtitles/Closed Captions" button). A big thank-you to everyone who translated! You can add new subtitles here: http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_video?v=BKorP55Aqvg Written & Directed by Lauris Beinerts Based on a short story "The Meeting" by Alexey Berezin Produced by Connor Snedecor & Lauris Beinerts Director of Photography: Matthew Riley Sound Recordist: Simon Oldham Production Designer: Karina Beinerte 1st Assistant Director: James Hanline Make-up Artist: Emily Russell Editor: Connor Snedecor Sound Designer: James Bryant Colourist: Janis Stals Animator: Benjamin Charles The original short story "The Meeting" (in Russian): http://alex-aka-jj.livejournal.com/66984.html The Expert shirt campaign is over, but let me know if you'd be interested, you can check it here: https://bonfire.com/the-expert We made this video using: - Canon 7D camera: http://amzn.to/1FuXXVv - Final Cut Pro 7: http://amzn.to/1Lt7UrZ - Web-based Cyrillic converter: http://2cyr.com/ - The Hospital Club premises for a stage test (only partially recorded...): http://thehospitalclub.com/ - Libre Office Calc to make sense of the shot list... - 7 different markers and an empty juice pack to get the right sound - A bottle of single malt whiskey Funny short comedy films / sketches / skits & any other videos / movies made by Lauris Beinerts. If you like to laugh, subscribe for new (albeit irregular) videos! Семь красных линий Гуманитарий и инженер Дизайнер и заказчик 工程师心里的痛只有工程师能懂 史上最悲催工程师 如何用透明笔画出红色线条 #ShortComedySketch #expert
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Lauris Beinerts (1 year ago)
Check out the new episodes of The Expert: Square Project! http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp1 http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp2 http://bit.ly/SquareProjectEp3
Abel gazea (1 month ago)
Abel gazea (1 month ago)
Muhammad (1 month ago)
*Draw all the lines in different dimensions with ink that starts off first being either green or transparent and later on changing to red. I can see how you can get three perpendicular lines (x,y,z) any corner of any room will suffice to draw those, but trying to get the fourth one (time) will be hard and 5th and 6th and 7th impossible. However the 2D projection of these perpendicular lines will be any vertice of this 7th dimensional shape.* https://goo.gl/images/ShVsDt On the other hand if they misunderstood perpendicular only to mean that they intersect then 7 lines meeting at a point satisfy. These lines could even at once be parallel and intersect and terminate at a point; much like the lines of longitude on a spherical globe, are parallel at the equator and intersect at the poles. They would need to be drawn with transparent and or green ink which would later on changes to red through a chemical reaction.
Falnésio Borges (2 months ago)
We need moooore!
thom grunauer (3 hours ago)
dear god i really hope the real world is not comparable to this
zengrz (10 hours ago)
Lines on a triangle (3 lines crossing each other) can be perpendicular (90 deg) to each other depending on the geometry; If you draw a great circle on the equator of a sphere and two other lines crossing each other at the poles, you get 3 straight lines (geodesic) perpendicular to each other. So by induction you need a sphere in 7D in order to draw 7 straight lines all perpendicular to each other. not sure about the colors tho. ;)
CPTANT (12 hours ago)
Lousy expert, use non Euclidian space to draw 7 lines that are perpendicular.
hashas bashbash (1 day ago)
This is basically Congress with the internet
Novak Ingood (1 day ago)
I appreciate it's a sketch to illustrate several valuable points and is very amusing, but it's so accurate, it actually makes me cross to watch it.
Ezzo Saudi (2 days ago)
Lines could be parallel and perpendicular at the same time in non-euclidean geometry
gus4gus (2 days ago)
Andrew Yang 2020
Thomas Vilhar (2 days ago)
This problem is solvable. With bending planes and projections and prismas. But 'm not an expert!
Naofumi Iwatani (3 days ago)
this is like a live action version of Dilbert also known as my weekday.
Arnold Sarmiento (3 days ago)
This actually happened to me in real life,it wasn't funny it was frustrating how ignorant people are and you question why they became a specialist at it.
Distomos (4 days ago)
Aaaarrgh..! 😳 I can so much relate to this guy Anderson and I‘m always unsure which one the worst to deal with: the customer or our managers... 🙈
Nina Santana (1 day ago)
Christian Stachl (4 days ago)
"THAT's the problem, you tried to draw it with blue ink." omg :D
Fatmandoobius (5 days ago)
This is too real. I've been in too many board meetings that involve over paid brain dead execs who come up with "ideas" that my IT department are supposed to magically make happen because technology is just a magic fix all. You know its bad though when you have to answer the why cant you do it? question with because its illegal. I'm never sure whats more concerning the illegal ideas or the literally impossible ones.
tinman (5 days ago)
it would be funny if it wasn't true! though it is funny too
Malcolm Merlyn (5 days ago)
Ca s'applique aux mondes des SSII et ca peut aussi s'appliquer à la manière dont les gens te voient quand tu leur dit que tu es informaticien, ils croient que t'es à la fois magicien et personne-à-tout-faire....
nazirdjon (5 days ago)
That's the problem. Draw them with red ink!!!!! 😂😂😂
michael yu (5 days ago)
Everyone in IT fields are having PTSD flashes from this fucking video
i like a good comedy, BUT FOR THIS I DRAW A LINE OR THE LINE
Donald Turner (7 days ago)
bloody frickin perfect
MrArtisticjay (7 days ago)
Why did I feel soo stressed watching this?
Xi Liu (8 days ago)
This may be exactly why 737-max keep falling down from the air.
Christian (8 days ago)
so realistic it hurts, none of this is even slightly exaggerated. >sigh<
Muhammad Ali (8 days ago)
"I can do anything" ..... Haaaa haa ha ha haaa ... This just made my dayyyy !!
Varvara Gerasymchuk (9 days ago)
ImpHax0r (9 days ago)
Pleb, you just need 7 dimensions and a canvas moving away from the audience at the appropriate velocity to doppler-shift the green light into red. :^)
Josue Mejia (9 days ago)
Don't forget the use of electromagnetic waves to make the invisible ink into red.
LonEditor23 (9 days ago)
i have lost a brain cell....
seesharper (10 days ago)
The worst is when they ask you to do something that is possible but completely stupid, redundant, and a waste of time. Them: "We see our competition uses blue lines and they get increased sales. Can we draw blue lines?" Expert: "Well, sure, but we need to change our background so they can be seen since our background is currently blue." Them: "Well, we need the blue background because our customers like blue" Expert: "Well, maybe we could do a lighter shade of blue" Them: "No, we need this exact blue" Expert: *gun click*
EOS UK (10 days ago)
22M people wasted 7 minutes of their lives when they could have been on www.acorns.fun and coming up with silly squirrel names instead. Love from deadsquirrel xxx
My Name is Gladiator (10 days ago)
This is what a meeting with Ocasio-Cortez and her band of liberal geniuses would be like.
Tomaz Beg (11 days ago)
Top <3
Rajkumar Baskaran (11 days ago)
This is how our meetings with clients normally are. Just f#%%^@ hilarious!!😊😊
Alexander Samuseu (11 days ago)
I'm an IT specialist. I must confess I wasn't able to watch even half of it. The cringe I felt was too intense, I couldn't bear it... Excellent work catching the essence of it, just bravo -_-
Marmelademeister (12 days ago)
Just draw a rectangle, two sides green, two sides red, and the remaining three red lines with transparent ink... They won't notice...
R L (12 days ago)
Now he's enlightened one. Amen
littlebig360 (12 days ago)
Now i understand the meaning of red lines that politicians talk about 🤔
Aaron Robbins (13 days ago)
This had me crying & laughing. It is identical (unfortunately) to how most of Corporate America operates today. Very sad.
67BlackFastback (14 days ago)
This also stressed me out, but the redhead is cute so that's OK :)
kharrat jalel (15 days ago)
just watching this makes me super mad no joke, i thought the red lines thing was just corporate jargon, it took me quite a while to understand that they did, in fact, literally mean red lines
Matej Fele (15 days ago)
HR employees are scum of the earth.
animagi (15 days ago)
*internal screaming intensifies*
Ottawa3453 (16 days ago)
This is why nothing gets done in this world!
Drowning Narcissist (16 days ago)
As a person whose actually seen Asians in the flesh, I concur. Asians are essentially the only group of people capable of making resolute decisions.
Morris Insights Weekly (16 days ago)
Boss: Why are they blue? PM: yea I wanted to ask that my self...😂😂😂
Amangeldy Suyendykov (16 days ago)
Dimitris Xenakis (17 days ago)
Use transparent and green ink from substances which as soon as they get oxidized they become red. Design the perpendicularity in a 7-dimensional conceptual reference system and call it done. Improvise, Adapt, Overcome
donfranki (18 days ago)
Jakie to qrwa prawdziwe...
Marckye N. (18 days ago)
Ow... It's so accurate that it scares...
XUAN玄 (19 days ago)
This should be mandatory viewing for all college grads and anyone entering the workforce. Doing the job is more about manipulating and mind-reading people than it is about actually following what they say. The words coming out of their mouths and the literal meaning associated with those words does not necessarily have a direct correlation with their actual intent. I was mind blown when I realized this.
Expert knows he fucked up really bad 🤣🤣🤣🤣
The Other Side (20 days ago)
*At the end, the guy realized what he should've done all along. Just say Yes to whatever nonsense that comes out of their mouth and do what is possible. If they don't agree with result, good luck with them seeking outside alternative.*
Andrew Cash (20 days ago)
If you are an engineer and have been in a meeting with people that arent engineers this is what you should expect to happen
valonquar1 (21 days ago)
This video makes my stomach hurt
Syed Aqeel (21 days ago)
I faced extremely similar scenario. Project Manager: "Show random responses, in a proper sequence" Me: "random doesn't have any sequence" Project Manager: "well they should be in a sequence" Me: "then what about random-ness" Project Manager: "Well they should be in a sequence, but every time the sequence changes" Me: "Oh ok. Got you"
Ildar Idrisov (14 days ago)
Sorry to hear :)
Dr. Seymour Sexe (21 days ago)
Derrick McAdoo (22 days ago)
Graphic Designer frustrations
Noam Popper (22 days ago)
I think you can do 7 perpendicular lines in 7 dimensions, buy I don't think that would really come across to 3 dimensional demographic.
Galip Dönmez (23 days ago)
7 perpendicular lines are actually possible across 7 dimensions in a 7 dimension space! If geometry doesn't allow it, algebra certainly does. So here you go, your 7, though non-visual, perpendicular lines. You can even form planes with pairs of these lines which automatically make the other lines orthogonal to the planes created by these pairs.
David Li (23 days ago)
Just like talking to someone in my sales team about something techinical. In the end i give up and reply "i looked into it".
max55584 (24 days ago)
6:05 maybe a crushed kitten
Robert Varga (24 days ago)
At 4:25 it made me angry...then I reminded myself it is just comedy. That's how good this has been made! :-D
Muhammed Özdemir (24 days ago)
Perfect demonstration of who is expert and who are ultra perfect great experts
Ordinary Tree (24 days ago)
...is this hell? I think I've been here before, at some of my earlier job positions.
Violent Sparrow (25 days ago)
Oh god.. I am so glad I saw this sketch.. It makes realize that I am not alone in this world.. So accurate.. Of my work place at least
Pranay Tony (25 days ago)
This happens exactly when a designer was asked to develop a project with the clients from hell! Cause it's happen with me!!
Claude Desaulniers (26 days ago)
This is just annoyingly stupid.
trefod (27 days ago)
Alas, knowledge is not always power.
Michael Karp (27 days ago)
This is a riot!
Double Den (27 days ago)
One Expert is enough to handle thousand idiots 😇 In 🇮🇳 this happens every day 🤣
Philip O'Carroll (27 days ago)
This hurts to watch
It's Cookie Doe (28 days ago)
As a designer, very relatable.
YanoNick (29 days ago)
I truly appreciate and enjoyed this skit. It reminds me so much of my job and how little I feel when I speak up.
Avg B (29 days ago)
That's why bright people go startup....
Kevin Bacon (29 days ago)
CyberWarcraft (29 days ago)
Thank you. Truth is a funny thing. This skit is a concise purpose fit career descriptor for many of us. It certainly reflects "some clients" that have "contributed" to my 3-decade career as a Senior Information Security Consultant and as Partner at a security consultancy firm. *_That. Client:_* "We've hit the wall with our problem. We flew you here, via overnight red-eye in a FedEx shipping box directly to our corporate HQ and are paying your company $1K an hour (of which you are paid out .01 on the dollar) because we are losing over 'X million dollars a minute.' And we have zero idea of who/what/where/why or how.  "Meanwhile, our priceless reputation and branding for 'reliability' are taking a beating on NASDAQ...if we don't stop the bleeding immediately we may never recover the shareholders or our market share. "No one here has been able to solve this problem. You are a subject-matter expert in this obscure security technology. "We admit that we are out of our depth. We throw ourselves on the tender mercies of your decades of experience in cybersecurity [1] and reputation for rapid incidence response solutions with positive event outcomes when faced with situations exactly like ours. "We put our corporate future in your capable hands. Save us from this enterprise Armageddon. "Please tell us what must be done." *_My Immediate Debriefing Response:_* "Certainly. First, we---" *_That. Client:_* "Nope. Nopety, nope, nope, nope...no. I disagree. We all disagree! "Do not attempt to explain any solutions. (Client pokes fingers in ears) Lalalalalalala...but...fix it, fix it, fix it! -- Stop! "Stop, don't touch anything!...and, in the name of all the that is holy above and is money below, have you not fixed our global network failure / financial armageddon / hyper-emergency disaster yet?" [1] ~ or, Dear Reader, insert whatever your particular field is here....
fritz4345 (1 month ago)
Sounds like the discussion about the Boeing 737 Max with Marketing and Engineering.
Alex Brown (1 month ago)
Every....company...i...ever...worked...for. the amount of morons in charge and the bureaucratic BS that you need to cut through is enough to give your grandkids a migraine. Especially the sheer incompetence of the idiots in charge of you who get there my sucking up to the boss, not by being good at what they do.
Adnan Majaj Atasi (1 month ago)
you're an expert 🤣😂🤣😂
Alper (1 month ago)
Justine 😍😍😍
Gamerdrengen (1 month ago)
I feel so intelligent while watching this until I realise they are talking about the most basic of principles.
Daryl A (1 month ago)
There perpendicularity of the non-red lines was never established!
Costa Michailidis (1 month ago)
They never said straight lines, or visible lines. This is totally doable.
Julio Lopez Vergara (1 month ago)
Brigh N Quisitive (1 month ago)
So much like how work can be sometimes
Brigh N Quisitive (1 month ago)
When she asked for the pen my heart actually dropped!
Erwin Hun (1 month ago)
I'm an economist, and this is exactly how some meetings go. They also think I can see into the future, do calculations without numbers, and pull a unicorn out of my hat.
Elodie Markwell (1 month ago)
Every day of my life for the last three years!!! 😂
ewartlambert (1 month ago)
Lmao 😂 that asian guy is so screwed...he’s the smartest one in the room but since nobody is there to confirm his intelligence they will eat him alive.
Jack Maney (1 month ago)
Hey, this is what I go through at work damn near every day...
Frozenpuppies (1 month ago)
Suprise that the expert is played by an asian...
Anime Archives (1 month ago)
beset by idiots by all sides
ArchArchon (1 month ago)
still funny
Jojo MB (1 month ago)
I think there is some funny business going on
Kevin Vang (1 month ago)
No matter how many times I watch this, it still pain me lol. The pain is real, it's a physical pain lol
Joel Hounakey (1 month ago)
I've launched my own YouTube channel now. What makes me different from others is that I can do the work of 10 developers in a week. Check
Kenta Sugimoto (1 month ago)
4:53 this hits too close to home
c yohe (1 month ago)
Common core math at work.
Nosson Weissman (1 month ago)
Well, isn't it possible to have 7 perpendicular lines in higher dimensions?
convexxx (1 month ago)
Im broke af
sangdo han (1 month ago)

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