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Text Comments (434)
DJ Rick Web (1 year ago)
Just a side note: I could have gone into way more detail on the diference in drivers, price, weight, ex.. All of which play into why one series is better than another. Example: the JBL prx cabinets are using lower end transducers and drivers vs The JBL srx which are using the same driver technology found in their high end touring systems. Makes a huge difference in sound and how well the speakers can take advantage of the amplifier power available to them.Also this video was not meant to cover tour grade powered speakers: Such as RCF TT series, JBL VRX, or JBL Vertec. As these lines are very expensive and not really mobile DJ realm.
drummerboy100jh (1 month ago)
+DJ Rick Web wow okay if you didn't say nothing bad about it would be a good way to try out all the different companies and then tell people all the goods about it and no dislikes that would at least get your hand and your ear on what sounds best to you and pass the information on because if it's like a lot of us where I'm at Guitar Centers and Sam Ash only carry about two maybe three brands of speakers you never get to hear anything else unless you travel to another state.
DJ Rick Web (1 month ago)
I do. They dont like when I tell them that I want to be able to say what I hate about it too.
drummerboy100jh (1 month ago)
+DJ Rick Web hey man just a thought I know a lot of DJs that do speaker reviews really as a service to different companies, have you ever considered reaching out to these different companies and say let me use one of your subs to demo and I'll do a video about it and tell people what you like about it maybe they would let you use it to get their name pushed out there to other DJs and other buyers.
DJ Rick Web (1 month ago)
If I had access to all those speakers I would
drummerboy100jh (1 month ago)
Nice review man could you do a sub comparison of the jbl srx 18, ev etx 18, yamaha dxs 18 and yorkville elite es 18. Thanks again
Anand Banglorkar (14 days ago)
Dj Mike (27 days ago)
What about mackies?
DJ GiG Logs DJ SWIFT (28 days ago)
What about yamahas?
Farmers _ Tech (29 days ago)
Best speakers D.A.S/BassBoos/ RCF/ FBT/EV/QSC
Mario Hdz. (1 month ago)
Hello Rick Wanna know your opinion about HK audio vs JBL and EV audio. I mean about audio quality and power. In your experience wich one offer best durability, power and quality audio for 200 people. I`m serching for a 12 or 15" driver and a 18" subwoofer. thanks
DJ Rick Web (1 month ago)
Never heard them
Jake Brittain (1 month ago)
Keith (1 month ago)
thanks... for the video ...so now i know why you like JBL... not hating discount... looking at the new Pioneer XPRS speakers compared to those JBL...
DJ Rick Web (1 month ago)
I dont get any special discount though. I get the best deal through Ben @ NLFX pro. Dealers an sell gear below msrp pricing. All speaker manufacturers are that way. They are not aloud to advertise there pricing but all dealers will cut you deals if you reach out to them. I normally contact NLFX and Canal Sound and Light and see who offers the best deal. I chose JBL since it's what I know and have used through the LLC.
Greg Stewart (1 month ago)
I don't understand cracking open a can to start the video.
Paul Shuker (2 months ago)
Hi DJ SHUKES from uk on the subject of active speakers I use topp pro which so I have been informed are on parr with Mackie thump,any thoughts
rick web wich should I buy KLA or VRX line array?
Impuls audio (5 hours ago)
I have herd and used both, in my opinion the jbl’s are just loud, the subs aren’t deep at all and the highs could be cleaner. On the other hand QSC is clean as hell, no distortion on highs and real deep bass.
DJ Rick Web (2 months ago)
Vrx. Better components and more widely used in the production field
For a full system what's the best to go for and the price please thank you this is a serious enquiry
+DJ Rick Web thank you that it appreciated and I shall do your a legend mate
DJ Rick Web (2 months ago)
If you need quotes hit up canal sound in light or nlfx. They will have the best prices
DJ Rick Web (2 months ago)
There all about the same in each category.
onedropmic (2 months ago)
I hardly look at continuous, rms, program power rating but rather max SPL. You're right the marketing can be misleading.
DJ Rick Web (2 months ago)
Even spl can be misleading. If it's real or calculated how its measured. They rarely say.
William Ogden (2 months ago)
What about presonus
Leonardo Ayala (2 months ago)
Recommendations for Cerwin Vega, cvxl serie?
Tk Nayak (2 months ago)
Which generator is best for ev pro level siries.
DJ Rick Web (2 months ago)
jim star (2 months ago)
DJ Rick Web Just my two cents (one year later from the original video post) i agree with you on the rankings (even here in Canada) i shopped for my speakers in 2016 and hesitated between the JBL and the QSC finaly deciding on the QSC KW serie due to their response with my music of choice (house and techno). I also tested the FBT as a friend of mine owns some and they're pretty good too. The EV and YORKVILLE ones did sound as powerfull but lacked in detail and transparency and i didn't like them as much as the others i've tested. I do dj, music production and mixdown / mastering for a living for years now so the views i express while certainly well informed apply mostly to the kind of music i play and produce (house and techno) and it might differ from someone playing other genres (pop or country music for example). I realy appreciate your videos and i'm happy to see that your channel grow. Keep it up!! ;)
DJ Rick Web (2 months ago)
Wow. I didnt even realize this was made over a year ago now..... I need to update it since I have gained more experience with other companies now
DJ Fausto Si (3 months ago)
Good job bro.
nasty nick (3 months ago)
Spl matters most
James Collins (3 months ago)
What about Martin Audio?
James Collins (3 months ago)
DJ Rick Web I know SLM Entertainment use them.
DJ Rick Web (3 months ago)
Martin isnt in any these classes it falls in your which is above pro lol.
Dave Gorley (3 months ago)
you obviously have not used or know much about a true american company PEAVEY they carry all of the systems you talked about in your video and in my own opinion PEAVEY is one of the better systems out there because they have a name of being a work horse in the area of sound systems for bands and DJ systems they are known for the Black Widow speakers and the Pro Rider speakers that are best known if you should push your system too far it is easily repaired with out having to replace the whole speaker and not costing you so much to do so in short a cheap easy fast fix if needed. some might feel there are better but if your looking for a good dependable fair priced speakers PEAVEY is a good way to go PEAVEY offers base systems but the RBN, Darkmatter, and SP, poweres series speakers are all good dependable speakers worth looking into
DJ Rick Web (3 months ago)
Great review. As I said these are speakers I have a lot experience with that I mention. Stuff like Peavy and Yamaha I have heard its but dont have enough experience to put in the video.
Salvador Sanchez (3 months ago)
qsc what would you go with QSC KW181, EV EKX 18 OR JBL PRX 818?
DJ Rick Web (3 months ago)
Prx 818.
Danny Arnst (3 months ago)
Hk audio or Rcf
Does it really matter if u use a CD player to dj if u are a beginner dj
Yousitech (3 months ago)
Generally rms is half of peak power
DJ Rick Web (3 months ago)
Not in all cases. Manufacturers have been extremely pushing the peak number in recent years. I have seen 2.5 times even 4 times true rms power listed as peak
Bong Soliano (4 months ago)
Is behringer recommended?
John Viera (4 months ago)
Yamaha DSR?
Antwan Guin (4 months ago)
never use peak.... its un trust worthy
Nice video, three popular brands I can think ok off the top of my mind here in the states... I'm using the fairly new Peavey DM115 Mains and have had pretty good luck with them. I run them with a Mackie Thump 18s that I love the sound it produces. So with those 2 brands down could you guess that the third I'd throw out would be Yamaha. Have read great reviews on them and respect the brand. I went with the Peavey DM Series after much reading and research and was able to get a steal of a deal on them brand new as they wanted to move them after a less than anticipated response to the release date kept seeming to get knocked back and a lack of push from Peavey after the release.
rutger borg (4 months ago)
Take a look at L'acoustic and DB technologies
DJ Rick Web (4 months ago)
DJ Rick Web (4 months ago)
Oh course lol.
UK.themeparks (4 months ago)
Manuel Lazarte (4 months ago)
thank's DJ Rick Web', Thank you for the info, Sound Right; Manny'Hayward Ca,
Ismael Torres (5 months ago)
Just a personal opinion QSC KW series is very close if not same level of ETX Line. Definitely not at the same level as the K Series. That’s why it’s two different series. Specially when using KW153 and KW181 together very difficult to beat with the other lines
What about Cerwin-Vega ?
Matthew Bohn (2 months ago)
I was wondering the same thing with this video, and his 'beginner' series dj speakers video. I have two CVE12 tops and two CVE18 subs for my setup, and theyre amazing. The CVX line could hang with everything mentioned here, and has a 21" subwoofer option.
adriano rivera (5 months ago)
Onde comprar qual preços. ...
Geeks Creation (5 months ago)
Qsc Rcf or YORKVILLE. Idk what you talking about some JBL. Your a Jbl dealer and this is no honest review. Qsc k.2 would smoke those JBLs. Your going by paper readings have you ever played them before ?
DJ Rick Web (5 months ago)
I am not a JBL dealer actually. I have no affiliate with any brands. And I have demoed every speaker I listed. Including your k.2s and they dont blow away JBL sorry. Demoed in person both to the ear and live db readings proved it. The owner of the k.2s that I demoed with was shocked as well. Also I am getting either Martin or RCF in the near future to back up that I am not affiliated.
toro6908 (5 months ago)
Y'all out there if you do live sound 🔉 reinforcement Vs DJ , Huge difference-maker. Compressed music (DJ) VS live sound 🔉 (actual frecuency cust and responses) GO FOR THE KW. SERIES WILL SERVE BEST IN DJ ENVIRONMENT AND LIVE SOUND 🔉 REINFORCEMENT
Techno Champs (5 months ago)
I love ur videos bro. I am also like u in india
Stephen Moore (6 months ago)
nice ... but you failed to mention the QSC 153i series? much better than the KW 153
DJ Rick Web (6 months ago)
I only mentioned speakers I had experience with.
david patrick (6 months ago)
Yorkville :D
DJ SPARK (6 months ago)
Did u missed Yamaha dxr115 in pro speakers..
DJ SPARK (6 months ago)
DJ Rick Web anyways its was good video keep it up!
DJ Rick Web (6 months ago)
I listed speakers I have heard only.
Tim Lewis (6 months ago)
I'm curious about the Barefaced LF1400 active subwoofer - expensive but very light!
karthik krishnamoorthy (6 months ago)
Hi Am planning to buy a DJ sound system for 10000sq.ft Inddor sudjest me which one is best
DJ Rick Web (6 months ago)
Depends on layout and what that 10,000 sq ft is for. Bar, club, house worship, gymnasium
Sound Back (6 months ago)
High end -RCF TTS -JBL VTX F Series -JBL VP -Martin Audio CDD -Meyer Sound UPA -RCF NX Pro Level -Jbl SRX -EV ETX -QSC K2.0 -RCF 700 Series -Yorkville PS Intermediate Level -Ev ELX200 -EV EKX -JBL PRX800 -QSC KW -MACKIE THUMP -EV ZLX -RCF 300 SERIES
DJ Rick Web (6 months ago)
Not many people know about the JBL Vp series
Mateen Davis (6 months ago)
Bruh ..... qsc is diff pro level...... u are my dude but this is mad bias
DJ Rick Web (6 months ago)
They have good speakers there output volume and clarity is just behind the newer stuff that other companies are putting out.
Khalil Al Khayr (7 months ago)
Two ekx 15 tops,one cerwin vega 21 inch stroker sub kicks ass.
Githendu Mukiri (7 months ago)
ETX Speakers are rated at 500w continuous, you have to call EV in order to find out.
Terrance Fields (8 months ago)
As far as top powered speaker's go the Chinese manufacturers that make these can make a" Rick Webb Signature" Speaker Line rather easily. This is about marketing now days. All of these new high tech speakers sound great. Some sound inherently different but still good.
Terrance Fields (8 months ago)
I like how much you love JBL. I made my living with JBL Altec Peavey EV when they were made in America. If you want to really want compare apples to oranges: 3000Watts Digital Peak Power = 200/300 True sine wave RMS WATTS compared to how a Class A/B Amplifiers perform on the job.
alpoulin1 (8 months ago)
As many have mentionned, Yamaha and Yorkville should be in there, or rename the video The top DJ speakers I've used lol. The JBL PRX are good boxes, but I've always found them a little too forward in the midrange overall. Good for getting vocals out there I guess, but I prefer a smoother ear pleasing sound. Yamaha DXR15s or DSR115s Or Yorkville Parasource 12s or 15s are excellent in that regard. RCF also has some amzing sounding products other than Evox. Good videos, keep it up.
Matthew Bohn (2 months ago)
I dont have any experience with Yorkville tops, but their 21" sub is AMAZING.
DJ iicon (8 months ago)
Ok i hope you can answer this when you do have time. I know your busy. Been following you for along time and know your a fan of the jbl speaker line. Just 3 questions. Is there a big difference between 15" to 18" subs? Jbl 618s vs jbl prx418s. Which do u prefer? Jbl vs ev elx118. I trust your judgement. Been djing for 3 years now (mobile) now im looking for something more top shelf vs when i started something that just got me started. Thanks so much for your feedback.
DJ Rick Web (8 months ago)
Yes big difference in sound between 15 and 18. JBL 618s over all you listed
Celebration Time (8 months ago)
Hey man, good morning greetings from Cabo San Lucas México, I love your Videos, I have a question for you.... What do you think about the bose L1 Compact???
DJ Rick Web (8 months ago)
Not a fan. Too much money for not a lot of speaker.
Denis L (8 months ago)
I can't choose between Mackie Thump 15A and JBL EON 615. Maybe someone has experience. Which one do you recommend for open funk/old school open-air party for 15-30 people without subwoofer?
Denis L (8 months ago)
thanks for the suggestion, but DBR has double price compared to Mackie (
alpoulin1 (8 months ago)
Check out Yamaha DBR15s - they are Yamaha's value line, but still designed in collaboration with NEXO, plenty of power, excellent processing and 7 year warranty.
DJ Rick Web (8 months ago)
Go to your nearest guitar center and test them out
Jay Allen (8 months ago)
A few other comments mention peak power vs RMS and looking at power (peak or RMS) as the holy grail. Then to take a power level and attempt to extrapolate that data into a certain number of people is ludicrous too. This is what happens when a person is giving a review based on "what they have heard" vs what they haven't heard. How about those of us that have actually used all of the products discussed and then a few dozen more to boot? Even *if* the larger JBL, QSC, and EV's discussed could handle a larger crowd, why would you not want more sound and use the volume knob vs running a smaller output system on kill? Don't even get me started on the active vs passive argument. Fact: I have taken an older Peavey CS-800 with 2 X CV INT-152, a dBx EQ and done multiple gigs OUTSIDE for the University of Michigan under a 90' X 120' tent. I have done the away team tailgates at football games for years. Never under 250 people, outside, the sound was crystal clear and I still had headroom. CS-800 = 240w at 8 ohms - stereo. A fraction of the power discussed here. It is efficiency and understanding sound. If I were recommending an active set-up, I would use the JBL PRX815 or the Cerwin Vega CVX-15 for the tops. Then the matching subs JBL PRX818XLFW or the CV CVX-18s. Yes, they are expensive. Yes they have power. But if you understand sound and you can always turn it down, but when you're out, you're out.
Dawson James (8 months ago)
i have two turbosound ix12 with a bass boss dual 18 powered sub woofer and i use them for bigger gigs and have no problems as my first setup i had two rockville powergig 12s with no sub woofer my new setup puts the old one to shame i highly recommend turbo sound powered speakers
oldskoolhead0 (8 months ago)
RCF all day long and if you want some install grade Funktion One all day long, JBL and QSC are over rated dogshite, EV's are not too bad
Mohamed Abdel Razek (9 months ago)
Thank you Rick for this nice video :) I need your advice, I'm searching for whole speakers set for a big outdoor event , I don't need few speakers with top power (high watt) I'm searching for high no. of speakers with low watt , so sound can be distributed & clear anywhere. Which speaker model & optimum watt do you recommend if I'm planning to have 24 speakers ?
DJ Rick Web (9 months ago)
Not a clue man. Need more details on the application.
DJ Tj Joseph (9 months ago)
I run Yorkville PS12P with two yorkville 15” subs. Good powered speaker in Canada.
Sam Santandera (9 months ago)
I choose the ETX 12p over the JBL due to my personal preferences and I thought the EV’s had a little more clarity at higher volume. But it’s all about personal preference and what you’re using them for
American Assassin (6 months ago)
Sam Santandera I agree I spent a hour deciding which speakers to get. EV or JBL, after hearing a clearer sound for several songs I went EV etx line, I got 6 mains 12in. And 2 18in. Subs .i've DJed outdoor events and bands played live with my set up for 600 to 900 people , sounded great, I think I was pushing them really hard but 4 to 5 years later and tons of compliments on how great it sounds from wedding's, partys and running sound for bands with them. I think I picked a great brand. My opinion tho
Gerald Andong (9 months ago)
Can youdj about Man not Hot
69 Sound (9 months ago)
Hey there! Dj Rick Web, I just wonder why the kw series from QSC is not at the pro level for you. Those speakers have Amplifiers rated at the same power that the JBL SRX and the EV ETX and also they are rated at a very similar SPL output (I think it is a 1db diference aprox). I've heard that they deliver a little bit les powerfull bass sound in the subs but they work better in hot environments and long gigs as they don't turn off due to the thermal protection. Are they not loud enough? Or why dont you consider them as pro level dj speakers? The thing is that I'm trying to decide between Ev etx, JBL srx and QSC Kw. I work as a Wedding Dj in Mexico and most of the gigs are outdoors (losts of air, lots of heat and lots of external noise). I would like to have your personal opinion because I've heard them all but not side to side and it is more dificult to compare them that way. Thanks a lot and keep up with those gig logs and tutorials. They are very usefull for everyone out there
rudycorraudio (6 months ago)
69 Sound.. Good choice , you can't go wrong with QSC I own them and they don't quit. Great sound and most importantly great reliability. I have two K12's and four KW181'S.
DJ Rick Web (9 months ago)
+69 Sound 200 people shouldn't be an issue with the system you mentioned 153s and 181s. My output though would cut it off at 250 tops.
69 Sound (9 months ago)
DJ Rick Web, thanks for the answer bro, nice to have some feedback on that. And one more thing... due to the budget I have, I'm leaning towards a pair of KW153's and a pair of their respective subs. I haven't tested them or listened to them in a real dj gig (just live music which is quite diferent due to the noise of the mics) so I was wondering if that specific setup would be able to handle a mexican wedding for 200 to 300 people properly, or should I consider a pair of 122's as a reinforcement to the mentioned system? Here we do a lot of salsa and latin music called reggaeton (also some disco music, rock and roll and pop music you and I probably listened to when we were on elementary and junior high).
DJ Rick Web (9 months ago)
+69 Sound KW series as I say in the video is a 1000 watt rms amp vs the etx and Srx which are 1500 watt rms. As far as all goes, they might be similar on paper, but companies don't have a standardized way to measure spl. Aka the measurements can be inaccurate. You also have to consider technology and drivers. The KW is a 8 year old technology based speakers. The clarity and quality of the srx and etx drivers is more advanced and of the newest technology. The thermal issue is not a thing though. All speakers including the kw have thermal protection. And given that all 3 series have fans to cool there amps they should all preform similarly in hot environments.
Gopal Patgar (9 months ago)
Sir,,I'm,emal [email protected] sir,speaker. Price, rcf lf18 x 400, Rs,
Joninh (9 months ago)
Does Anyone kmow what the RMS rating is for the EV etx? I have a pair. They sound good ( which I pair with Cerwim Vega Subs) but I think compared to JBL srx JBL sounds much lounder.
DJ Rick Web (9 months ago)
+Joninh 1500 watt rms. Program power rsting5
Mike H (9 months ago)
thanks for the thoughts! Have you had a chance to listen to the new Cerwin Vega cve10/12/15's? If so can you or anyone else shed some light? Thanks!!
DJ Rick Web (9 months ago)
+Michael Hernandez nope.
_KaiCooper_ (9 months ago)
can you make a video on subwoofers and what you would recommend for a beginner intermediate and pro level line up
DJ Rick Web (9 months ago)
+_KaiCooper_ got ya.
DJ Martin (9 months ago)
MY opinions:QSC=very nice sound,deep bass...very good for weddings,a little bit too pricy JBL-lighweight and good for big rooms,very natural sound,big thumping bass..good for mobile DJs EV-clean and loud,lots of models,good for instalations and they look very good FBT-very good sound,natural and clean,lightweight and everything they has is amazing but they are too expensive(normaly worth the price) RCF-about the same as FBT but they has some cheaper models and they sound different...RCF speakers are good for bands and outfoor events TURBOSOUND-very loud and ok sounding speakers for affordable price but maybe too heavy and subwoofers are not really that good but tops are amazing ALTO-good speakers for the price you can build awesome budget system YAMAHA-very loud and goof sounding but they are very loosing in sound from big distances and outdoors....that are just my opinions about different speaker brands that i somehow find out during the fifferent tests events and videos...sorry for my bad english im only 15 years old and im not from a country where is english speaken
Missipsa YAHOUNI (9 months ago)
TURBOSOUND Insipre serie !!
Sam Walter (10 months ago)
I use peavey dm 112 series there really good speakers don't have a mixer board yet thinking of getting a pioneer ddj sb 2 is that good for beginners thanks
Robert Sampson (10 months ago)
What makes me laugh is the call these speakers "DJ speakers". No such thing as DJ speakers. They're just speakers.
Carlos Aguilar (1 month ago)
Robert Sampson how do you expect people to know what the video Is about
BUBZZ (10 months ago)
I'm suprised the K.2s weren't considered pro level speakers, but great video it helped a lot!
DJ Rick Web (10 months ago)
+DJ Bubzz thanks
ras ok (10 months ago)
You are in America exploring all those speakers, how can you not have experience with cerwin Vega professional speakers?
DJ Rick Web (10 months ago)
+ras ok no one has them in my area at all. Like within 50 miles no one has them. I have definitely heard the brand and name just never got an opportunity to hear them.
ras ok (10 months ago)
That has to raise musicians eye brows
ras ok (10 months ago)
what about cerwin vega?
DJ Rick Web (10 months ago)
+ras ok no experience with them
RAIDER NATION (10 months ago)
Why the YAMAHA’S line up such as the DXR’s and DBR’s are not on your list? These Yamaha speakers are seriously amazing in terms of full sound without any distortions. I’ll take the Yamahas out all of the powered speakers you’ve mentioned.
DJ Rick Web (10 months ago)
+RAIDER NATION they are. But I have no experience with them a little to no time hearing them. And this video is only on the speakers I know and have used.
Nomads Fine Art (10 months ago)
Hi Rick, what speaker do you recommend? I have 1K sf space, approx. 100 people. I try to start DJ party for our small artists community in NYC. Also what do you think about Pioneer DJ DDJ-SB2 for starting, because my budget is not big. What site is good to download tracks?
DJ Rick Web (10 months ago)
+Nomads Fine Art any speaker in the interidiate level is good for that size room. Greatg controller. Check out direct music services
Jambo (10 months ago)
no offense but i think most people can agree with me that jbl is trash...
DJ Rick Web (10 months ago)
+Jambo what's your background. Live sound professionals love JBL. Some of the DJ community doesn't like them for their flat sound out the box.
lol 06 (10 months ago)
best active speakers qsc, fbt,rcf,ev, yamaha......
DJ Rick Web (10 months ago)
+Sofia Mariano yepper. All grest brands
BCevents Kent (11 months ago)
Right Guys i have a events company and currently running the behringer b2015 pros but want to upgrade while downsizing now i have two speakers im interested in. The QSC K8 series not the 8.2 or The TurboSound IQ8?
BCevents Kent (11 months ago)
I have somewhat rectified the issue of poor sound quality by having a DBX DriveRack PA2 and my amplifier being the CVK PS4130 but on the weight, size and even how respected the brand is unfortunately behringer really doesn't have that on its side. Overrated, stupidly big and stupidly heavy
DJ Rick Web (11 months ago)
+BCevents Kent post it up for sale on the dj classified page on fb.
DJ Rick Web (11 months ago)
+BCevents Kent definitely sound quality wise it will be an improvement. Only reason I say a column array is you are going to lose the full range sound with just the 8s.
BCevents Kent (11 months ago)
Need to find a quick easy way to also sell the behringers. they are currently posted on Gumtree. No point in craigslist for UK as no one knows it even exists and Ebay will take bloody all my money before ive sold them !
BCevents Kent (11 months ago)
I feel that going from two 15" Tops and two 18" bins down to two 8" tops alone is a massive drop but going from Behringer toTurboSound or QSC is a upgrade in in itself
Jake Brittain (11 months ago)
No Yorkville? Wow.
DJ Rick Web (11 months ago)
+Jake Brittain this is only speakers I have extensive experience. No doubt yoek ville would prob make the list. Just havent heard or used them enough to say so.
Carl Phillips (11 months ago)
Did you ever try Yorkville gear?
Michael Leader (4 months ago)
What a lot of people do not know, is that Yorkville Sound Canada manufactures the (new version) massive speaker systems for IMAX(tm) cinemas!!!
Gioxtream (11 months ago)
DJ Rick Web (11 months ago)
+Gioxtream ev etx yes. Ev ekx about the same in terms of output. Just depends which cabinets you like spund wise better.
Alan••• Walker (11 months ago)
Joseph Luciano (11 months ago)
Yorkville powered subs are the best
YERMY (11 months ago)
Hello Your information is very very good I'm sub xdxd One custion: your jbl prx do never "exploded"? 8-16 prx "exploded" Bye bye
YERMY (11 months ago)
DJ Rick Web thanks
DJ Rick Web (11 months ago)
+YERMY : nioe never had an issue. I know a couple of cases where people have pushed them way to hard. Way past limit and blew the speaker.
mrronniepassion (11 months ago)
Seriously? RCF, Turbosound, FBT, not popular? What country did you say you are living in? I'm in the USA and I'm a full-time professional performer. RCF and Turbosound have been in popular use in American pro audio for decades.
DJ Rick Web (11 months ago)
+mrronniepassion not country my area of the usa. I stated this cleaely in the video. These are speakers in my area that are popular and only speakers I have heard and have experience with.
Diego Lindner (1 year ago)
Where are the Yamahas? :(
DJ Rick Web (1 year ago)
+Diego Lindner no experience with them
Eric Morata (1 year ago)
QSC is an excellent specialist of power amplifiers, world N°2 after CROWN. Amplifier QSC is reliable, musical, dynamic and grow old relatively well. Never QSC has been a manufacturer of loudspeakers as JBL for example. It is not their speciality. Their loudspeakers are not made in their factory. The problem today it is because everybody wants to make everything.
who sad that, Crown and especialy QSC are world first amps ???!!!... did you hear about LabGruppen and Powersoft???
rudycorraudio (6 months ago)
Eric Morata . Dude, you use this exact comment on all qsc related videos. Change it up a bit.
kuna D (1 year ago)
jbl prx18'' or ev ekx 18'' witch one is better.
DJ Rick Web (1 year ago)
+kuna dread both are the same pretty much. I think JBL goes lower based on specs
Phillip Martinez (1 year ago)
Don't even look at peak or mention peak power. Thats just short term of high volume. Look into rms and spl's. Some high end are rcf, fbt, kv2audio, funktion-one, void audio, danley sound labs, k-array, bassboss,
Waves Music (1 year ago)
I were last time djing at a party and they had 2 15" rcf subs to me they were really disappointing they just didn't have the power I expected them to have .....
Ethan Meyer (1 year ago)
Function one.....
Lockwood1000 (1 year ago)
How did u not include bose and peavey
Manish Das (1 year ago)
Is the jbl stx 828 is better than jbl srx 828?
Manish Das (1 year ago)
Thanks so much
DJ Rick Web (1 year ago)
+Manish Das crown always says that there xti amps are not ment to run subs. A crown itech or crown macro tech will work best.
Manish Das (1 year ago)
Is one Crown xti 4002 is perfect for a jbl stx 828?
DJ Rick Web (1 year ago)
+Manish Das it can be if you amp thwm correctly they will be pretty equal.
Corey Larson (1 year ago)
10:02 JBL dealer reviewing a JBL speaker and giving it top rating? Yeah, that's like Chevy saying Chevy is better in their own head to head competition against Ford and dodge. Sure. For a mobile DJ looking to drop cash on speakers, just listen to them and pick the ones your ears tell you to. I own JBL but I'd buy QSC, EV, Yamaha, etc in a heartbeat if they have the best sound for my application. Again, from a mobile DJ that gigs in multiple venues standpoint, each venue is different and will either add or take away from your speakers sound. You as the professional need to tune your system to the venue. Lastly, keep in mind that your client base most likely does not have the same opinion in what a quality speaker is...nor will they care. They will, however, care if your power amp overheats and kills your speaker, a cone blows, or any other series of events that could stop the music they are paying for. Buy quality, but don't get hung up on one brand over the other. In my area, every DJ runs EV or QSC. Why? Because they are high quality, reliable, and don't weigh more than a truck full of passive gear. The main number I consider is weight. Lug a couple of those JBLs up three or four flights of stairs in an old east coast building with no elevator and tell me how much more you love them than a pair of k10s and single sub...or just two k12s in full range. The older I get, the light my gear becomes.
DJ Rick Web (1 year ago)
+Corey Larson I didnt say any speaker was better than any other speaker. I purely provided facts and information. No sales pitches or statements about which ones were better were made in this video. Also not a JBL dealer for your info. Just a owner.
koolkiwikat (1 year ago)
Where are the Peavey RBN options?
Dont Stop Event (11 months ago)
Nigel Lix can u make a video about pravey rbn. Im insterest in rbn, but dont have much any reference
Nigel Lix (1 year ago)
They are very clean, Ribbon speakers have zero harmonic distortion
DJ Rick Web (1 year ago)
+koolkiwikat havent had a chance to hear them in the wild before
Desmond Walker (1 year ago)
How in the world you did not mention - Behringer or even Yorkville Sub 801 which sound incredible.  Every DJ would kill for Yorkville Speakers.
William Ogden (1 year ago)
you forgot rcf
DJ Rick Web (1 year ago)
+William Ogden Music i stated this is only speakers i have experience with
Angela Elassir (1 year ago)
I'm ready to purchase today a set of 2 with mixer and stands which set/company/brand   should I buy I'm looking for quality sound
Olafur Gudnason (1 year ago)
You say peak is not relevant, but your review quotes *only* peak for some of the speakers. Practice what you preach? Thanks anyway for the effort.
Olafur Gudnason (1 year ago)
DJ Rick Web Understood, thanks.
DJ Rick Web (1 year ago)
+Olafur Gudnason rms or continuous power is not provide by the manufactors of some speakers. They only give peak power. Can only provide the facts that I have
How can you campare speaker https://youtu.be/jo6v5hemcEg

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