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No Country For Old Men - Coin Toss Scene [HD]

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I do not own anything in this video, it is merely for entertainment purposes. I recently watched this movie and thought it was quite amazing and suspenseful. I really enjoyed this scene (among many others) but wasn't able to find an HD version with subtitles on YouTube, so I thought it would be nice to share it with the community.
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lairdriver (1 hour ago)
Props to the old man for a very convincing terrified performance.
Darker Flix (6 hours ago)
Jake (10 hours ago)
He should go visit all the x-wives of the western world and do the toss. If they win they keep the checks, if they lose, the men keep it and never worry about them again :)
Peter Keogh (1 day ago)
This guy scares me ffs and it's just a movie, such was believable performance, he's incredibly menacing
SoareYoùdeaD? (2 days ago)
Greatest movie ever.
Antonis Vidakis (2 days ago)
Anton should meet Gyp Rosetti, it would be some interesting scene.
afsal ahmedh (3 days ago)
lol hes acts like a true psychopath...
Pussy PaTroll (5 days ago)
This is why you don't provide a service to the public in the middle of fucking nowhere.
What Is VR? (6 days ago)
he did all this so he wouldn't have to pay for those nuts... clever girl
Barnaby Jones (6 days ago)
long in the short places short in the long places
Fireball (6 days ago)
Javier Bardem is one creepy motherfucker.....
Ryan Leatigaga (6 days ago)
So I just need to: -Get jacked -Look scary -Speak calmly and I can do this to every gas station? Oh boy!
강민형 (6 days ago)
Sydney Gordon (6 days ago)
It's the expression on his face. The dead, empty, test-me expression.
Omg he sounds like the one from 007
Nasrullah Zaren (7 days ago)
listen carefully at 3:32
Nothing Noone (7 days ago)
Anton really hates repeating himself.
San Maiero (8 days ago)
I tried last time here on the gas station and yeah....I failed with the cops
codzydee (8 days ago)
mmmm...........strange scene men and the way they talk to each other weird
MadnessMobile (10 days ago)
store keeper should have blown him away with a shot gun under the counter.....guess the movie would have been over....
Txne420 (10 days ago)
The scene scared me
M. J. (11 days ago)
He said "You was from Dallas". Shouldn't be "You WERE from Dallas"?
Sérgio Alves (11 days ago)
Wouldn't a gas station owner out in the middle of nowhere have a gun behind the counter though?
David Green (10 days ago)
Chris Evans (11 days ago)
Javier put in a tour de force of a performance....... was both calm.....and psychopathic .....and that stare..............so cold it could kill!!!
SanTV (11 days ago)
What an asshole
AerialVenues Sinister (11 days ago)
buckets from Lisa the painful
Legendary Weapon (11 days ago)
subtitles made it funny
Loved and Forgiven (11 days ago)
This was a really good scene don’t even know what movie it is just know I enjoyed it
samu (12 days ago)
This shit is so gay
General Grievous (12 days ago)
I just watched this movie and I gotta say this was brilliant, even though at first I didn’t understand the ending and quick “no country” ending explained video helped me understand
McDonogh Rahloh (12 days ago)
The Josh Brolin character out some fear in that ahole!
madblade (12 days ago)
Anton wanting to come back when the old man is asleep was his way of hitting on him, literally.
G Issa (13 days ago)
i would've shot that guy in the back for being weird, not worthy of a dignified death
Maciano Van der Laan (13 days ago)
Terrible movie, unnecessarily violent.
Fight ForFreedom2019 (13 days ago)
" you stand to win everything, call it"
Derpyderp (13 days ago)
Hey, he didn't pay....
SubjectDrew (13 days ago)
Fun fact: He never paid his full bill. He actually only payed 25 cents.
Sash (2 days ago)
25 cents for sparing his life is not a bad deal.
1970harleybike (14 days ago)
A part 2 would be Great!!
Steve Sole (14 days ago)
hahahahaha!! His game save loads of money!! #thegame LOL
Drankus (14 days ago)
This was intense. Yet it felt pointless for any plot. Like wtf did I just watch.
ricky Bobby (14 days ago)
This movie made me distrust pick up trucks
Austin Flett (15 days ago)
What movie and is that guy crazy ? Like was he gunna kill him ? If he picked wrong
Xo'Em (15 days ago)
. . .FRIENDO ?
Dak TH (15 days ago)
Damn i just love this scene. Guy makes me want to be just like that
Jackson Rust (15 days ago)
To me it isn’t because he made small talk, it’s because “he’s been putting up with it his whole life” he didn’t make much of his life so now, he is going to really see if he can save his own, by at least making the right call. It’s almost he put the poor old mans life at risk because he felt it wasn’t worth having in the first place, almost like “ prove me wrong, show me you are worth it, make the call and make it right” almost like two face when he flips that coin. “The only thing fair in this life is chance”
Jhonny Cage X Rage (16 days ago)
0:11 I just noticed the price was "69" cents lol
Ramonakis Sapecrus (16 days ago)
Fastastic scene, great actors!!
My favorite scene, from any movie, ever.
granto , (17 days ago)
Im going to try this after gasing up.
Ed Smith (18 days ago)
A very realistic movie kind of reminds me of our society with all the mass shooting going on some people say we don't mimic what we watch on television and the movies
Qudamah (18 days ago)
Whats he eating
Bill Lumbergh (18 days ago)
This is how I treat my daughters boyfriends
ĒŁ ÇHÄPØ (18 days ago)
This guy is a dick. I know it’s a movie but 😂
catchy watchy (18 days ago)
Deviant (19 days ago)
"You married into it *COUGH*"
The only movie villain that really creeped me out. Scary looking dude
Benjamin Raskin (19 days ago)
Never let life become just a coin
John Finlayson (20 days ago)
This scene is an example why we need firearms.
Frankie Figz (20 days ago)
Such a great scene and a great movie! Javier played a great character!!
Jan Smetana (20 days ago)
Kylo Ren, is that you?
bala krishna prasad (20 days ago)
Amazing acting
PickedMedal (20 days ago)
He looks like kylo ren
thedarkness125 (20 days ago)
Is the entire film like this? Because this was pretty bad.
Foxaham TV (20 days ago)
Hey its salizar from pirates of the Caribbean
Frank Castle (21 days ago)
Chirguh falls into what Batman would call, " a superstitious criminal..."
roger b (21 days ago)
i still love watching this scene,man.
**Mahina808** (21 days ago)
I think I would have soiled myself...
Red (22 days ago)
This movie is racist against white people. Just keep spitting on us and our culture with these dogwhistle pseudo artistic films, you’ll find out why we own this world.
Christian Nava (19 days ago)
How is this movie racist to white people?
Ricky Stevenson (22 days ago)
this man needs to do some audiobooks
Stephen RunsHisMouth (22 days ago)
Makes you wonder what would've happened if he chose the wrong side
Hate mail (7 days ago)
There's nothing to wonder .
let that be a lesson to you kids, never ask strangers about the weather
DCfreakshow (22 days ago)
He’s mean
Hannibal953able (24 days ago)
Are all "Texaco" adds this fucking intense?
Sarg Lallis (24 days ago)
If there ever was a "Biggest Pointless Turd of the Century" movie award, this pile of festering dogshit should receive it
gneticz (24 days ago)
Kopiovastaava (24 days ago)
The most accurate portrayal of a psychopath in movie history.
Hate mail (7 days ago)
It's a tv show but marlo from the wire
Dumb Millenial (24 days ago)
This is next level twisted.
A Genie Wit da Beanie (25 days ago)
He can beat Thanos
Rawle Springer (26 days ago)
"you already asked me that"....he was literally so annoyed lol
Wait, so how much for the gas?
fish and banana (26 days ago)
Why did he choke when he was told that he married into it ?
Erci (26 days ago)
*Dint Mean Nuthin*
fjvideo (26 days ago)
Guy "Call it" Me (Rips off his head) "Woops, I thought you said kill it."
medic6817 (26 days ago)
You married into this🤦🏾‍♂️
Tyler's world (27 days ago)
Alex Arango (27 days ago)
I love thi s scene but damn do i hate this guy. If I was the cashier my hand would have non chalantly been on my gun this whole time. Just the way he talks he seems dangerous, I would have talked him up till I knew I had my gun ready and asked him to leave. Who's quicker on the trigger?
Spoony Jeff (27 days ago)
he wasn't being rude, the one buying gas is a bit of a cunt, he's a bit fucked up, and I would of blown his brains out halfway through this conversation.
darkball31 (27 days ago)
did he even pay for those peanuts?
Dean Waddington (27 days ago)
do you want me to break this down? its childish, its basic bullying.....lazy production.
Vignesh Gv (27 days ago)
I feel fear in my stomach in this scene,this scene is master piece
Chronicum (27 days ago)
I haven't seen this movie, just this scene... please can someone explane whats going on here? Seems strange for me
NBK Academy (27 days ago)
Guess conversation is over when he asks you to guess heads or tails
Cristian T (27 days ago)
they say you lose "21 grams" when you die, its the weight of your soul 4:25, check out the cash register - "paid out - 21" its like the grim reaper has given him back his soul
Park Jeong (21 days ago)
fascinating detail. It's a Coen's film, so that cannot be a coincedence. Would be a really interesting detail to check out:)
T W (27 days ago)
Alexander Butler (28 days ago)
I wish the old man woulda killed this fuktard
ChubaObi (29 days ago)
A masterclass in scene dialogue and acting. The amount of information being thrown at the audience with each line is brilliant.
Average Alien (29 days ago)
I want to visit these rural American places so badly, I always see them in movies, deserts with a small petrol station in the middle of nowhere, and a small town. So strange
Most Hated (28 days ago)
New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona is where they’re found.
Warner Bauer (29 days ago)
I will pull out my .45 and blow away any pucking asshole who might behave like that to me. Head shot between the eyes.
TFSimple (29 days ago)
Drizzt yoda (29 days ago)
This is shit writing. A convience store owner in the middle of okie. That boy wants to die. You can't kill a dead man.
Jackson Tarrant (29 days ago)
Javier gets annoyed when the clerk asks him a personal question, and then proceeds to ask the clerk every type of personal question in the book

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