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I don't belong in this world ll Original ll ElliesPOV ll xXClarebearXx

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Hi! This is why I haven't been online for a while...yeahhhhh This is a video to make everyone thin positive, and that there a someone, that cares for you. Ellie smiled everyday, a sign to show Emma that she was happy because she was happy, but Emma just didn't get it. But she still kept going on, no matter how hard it was. More info on the movie: .-*Kaliah was a demon because suicide is a bad thing*-. .-*Kim was forced to bully due to her sister, Lilith .-*The mom only wanted the fathers money and she only liked Emma ever since the day they were born*-. Hope you guys enjoy and sorry for the mistakes... Peace!
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xXClareBearXx (1 month ago)
How to make a good sad movie: 1. Think of the most depressing thing in the world 2. Show big words make it deep, make sure to make it long to make it more sad! 3. Make a main character die (PURE SADNESS AND SAVAGENESS!!) 4. If a person dies, make their last words descriptive! Like 34:37 5. PUT SOME SAD MUSIC! Like seriously, don't put Party in the Usa while someone is about to die lmao
Stacey Hawkins (29 minutes ago)
Srs nononono it’s only been 1 min and I already am sad
bethany Fritz (3 hours ago)
And you can do a flashback
Kustuwa (7 hours ago)
something tells me that you hate this now and you’re only keeping it for the views it got
Donut girl :3 (19 hours ago)
Expressions (20 hours ago)
I love how my real name is the same as the dads 😂😂
Lucia Pardon (2 hours ago)
mouths need to be OPENED so they can TALK !?!?!
bethany Fritz (3 hours ago)
And you can add flashbacks
bethany Fritz (3 hours ago)
Part 2
Madison Daniels (3 hours ago)
Ellie is so nice and to just die for her sis who abused her she was so kind we need more people like her
Nataly Tinoco (4 hours ago)
OMG that's kinda like my life.i get abused and I have no friends.i do but their just fake ones 😭😢
glazed wolf (4 hours ago)
i just feelike this would happen to me
glazed wolf (4 hours ago)
i cried at the middle the whole vid
Eliska's videos (4 hours ago)
The hated child?
toy Mountain (5 hours ago)
It made me cry at the end please do a part 2
At the club I know that song as cannon from an app I know
Noo ellie stay with us plsss ...ellie
Irfana Nafees (5 hours ago)
21:42 Lilith's speech bubble makes me read shit
skoldolf Tucker (5 hours ago)
Part two
I know the song in the beginning the beautiful one River Flows In You... It helped me deal with stress search up River Flows In You Lyrics...
Brylee Chubbuck (6 hours ago)
I'm crying
Emoji Galexysnow (7 hours ago)
I am not crying my eyes are sweating 😅😭😭😭
Maricela Hernandez (7 hours ago)
Part 2 and Kim dies and Emma and her friends but they all find love and the mom was in jail for abusing ps isabelle
Alessa Alessa (8 hours ago)
I have one problem..that Kahliah reminds me of my friend Kahlia who moved away
Maria Canseco (8 hours ago)
I cried 😣😢😭😢😭😢
Kailani Le (8 hours ago)
I don’t belong here either
Vicky Kitty (6 hours ago)
Don’t say that :(
Tactical SMG (9 hours ago)
SkyAndJoshPlayz ;3 (9 hours ago)
2 words ' I CRIED ' if only we were all like ellie and kim then this world would be much better keep up the good work.
RRRainbownature (10 hours ago)
Plss part 2 I am crying SO hard my head hurts PLS part to I need to know what happens next 😭
Kimber D (10 hours ago)
I can relate to this
Caroline Graham (11 hours ago)
if you guys are wondering why she is a devil suicide is a sin .
Fizah Mustaffa (11 hours ago)
part 2
Iris gacha girl (13 hours ago)
My math teacher is Mr.Anderson 😂
Ray Anj (13 hours ago)
I actualltly cried soo sad
stephen durkin (14 hours ago)
Guys i have a new version of this is me. When gachaverse stories make me sad my tears r gonna send a flood loke this video o o im not scared to be seen cryying this is me waaaa waaaaq waaaaa waaaaa owaaaa o waaaaa o waaaaa THIS IS ME!
stephen durkin (14 hours ago)
stephen durkin (14 hours ago)
stephen durkin (14 hours ago)
34:31 totall sadness moment
Anne-Sophie DINANT (15 hours ago)
can someone tell me what the piano song at the beginning is called
Hetty Addison (15 hours ago)
Z O (17 hours ago)
How are they speaking with their mouth closed?
That Robloxian Guy (18 hours ago)
This is what I call “a mini movie” it’s half an hour like a mini movie should be while the rest is just a 12 min vid this has awesome content and good job on the vid this is the only gachaverse video that made me cry,I don’t know what to say just...AWESOME please make a part 2!
Brenda Aguilar (18 hours ago)
My mom walked passed me with a weird look while I was watching this and asked me why I was starting to cry :b
Donut girl :3 (19 hours ago)
HELL YA PART 2 + if u didn’t cry that means u don’t have a heart I cry every min or too :b
Emiley Janitscheck (19 hours ago)
I cried
xXTheSmiling CheetahXx (20 hours ago)
when it warned me about the loud sound i put my headphones on and turned the volume all the way up
ahliana nicole tubillara (21 hours ago)
this vidio make me cry
Pastelii (21 hours ago)
It’s basically just another cliche hated child but with a different title
Yulun Josephine (22 hours ago)
Part two pweeese!!!!! If no then...... T^T
Sabrina nicole Langbid (23 hours ago)
I... Can't say anything part 2 pls that was so sad and amazing😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😔😔😔😔😔
Roane Oh (23 hours ago)
Part 2 please
Sokoan's Son Nhem (1 day ago)
Sokoan's Son Nhem (1 day ago)
I know what to say :P
*open the mouths*
Foxyponyroxy 41 (1 day ago)
Iris (1 day ago)
YES PART 2 AND CONGRATULATIONS YOU MADE ME CRY (THAT'S NOT SARCASM) I DON'T CRY VERY OFTEN IN FACT I RARELY AM KNOWN TO CRY (after an embarrassing moment with a certain someone) The point is *GREAT MINI MOVIE!!!!!!!!!* You see this is why I don't like some Gacha videos. I know what's going to happen exactly but it always gets at my heart. These suicide stories always seem to circulate around one central thought: They only care/start caring when you die.
Jonathan Huerta (1 day ago)
I started crying
Jessica Van Zyl (1 day ago)
Iris (1 day ago)
I was actually waiting for the Cardi B's part of Girl's Like You to see if Ellie sang it lol
Jonathan Huerta (1 day ago)
I cried really bad
Iris (1 day ago)
"AND I DON'T CARE WHAT KIM OR YOU THINK!" Me- Bish if this story is as cliche as the other ones, the minute she dies/kills herself/runs away you're gonna go screaming for your friends the police and your mommy. So QUIT IT
Te926rry Garcia (1 day ago)
It so sad 😭 I cried for the hole thing
Jane Dotado (1 day ago)
what an editing skills! LEVEL 999999999999999999
AureleoTheSodaroo (1 day ago)
We need an alternate ending where she actually dies
This is so beautiful, you did a really good job
SakiDe (1 day ago)
Literally cried 3 times I’m a really sensitive person ;(
Andre Arrington (1 day ago)
I have a bad life to I'm sad
Marilyn pineda (1 day ago)
Its So Sad i was Sniffing And Criying So Hard I Love Your Chanels 😘😣😓😍😘👍
Kylee Robbins (1 day ago)
That was sooooooooo deep
Sakura Lim (1 day ago)
I think its better you make the words darker 'cause i couldn't read it at all!!
Lunimari (1 day ago)
Second time watching cri every time I love this sooo much
roblox master (1 day ago)
I CRYED SO HARD AT THE END.WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Just know everyone even if you're abused,hurt or bullied,Just know there's always someone out there that loves you. -Roblox Master
Roger Ramjet (1 day ago)
No one has feelings for you until you're gone... my sister learnt that the hard way...
Ultimate Tracer (1 day ago)
Ava Huber (1 day ago)
Pratrgdhbsunsbhtwo! This was amazing!
Skye Mendivil (1 day ago)
I’m not crying, you are!
Züleyha Acikbas (1 day ago)
A really sad story 😢😢😢😢
Züleyha Acikbas (1 day ago)
Sprichst du DEUTSCH!!! Oh My F**in God
Yeraldi Ceron (1 day ago)
Mokka Mi (1 day ago)
I can barely read the text
Salima Bah (1 day ago)
So sad I fell very bad and sorry for her I was crying so much
SieaWolfDeadly (1 day ago)
I'm not human I only cried at the end where Kim and Emma are looking over Ellie's friend, dad and her
They only care when you die
Erin-Maria Lucanu (1 day ago)
Can someone say to me why i didnt cry or feel sad?that was a sad video but i dont know why i didnt cry
Nina _SIS (1 day ago)
I-i have a thears... Came out..... It's so sad... What a..... Good Video...... I love it..... *Crys* 😭
Crystal Moon Power (1 day ago)
PART 2!!!!!! PLEASEEEEE!!!!! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖
Karine B (1 day ago)
Carolina Gluhankina (1 day ago)
I cried.... This mini movie was si good
Adrianna Swanson (2 days ago)
i'm sorry but i just started to crack up when it played girls like you
Jeff Sunga (2 days ago)
This is the lamest sad gacha studio no part 2!!!!!
Jeff Sunga (2 days ago)
No part two!!!!!!
Jeff Sunga (2 days ago)
Starry XD (2 days ago)
They only care when you die
Cookie Gold (2 days ago)
You see if I were ellie, there would have been a tazer in Emma and her moms future. *I'MMA BOUT TO TOAST SOME BISHES* Edit: I'd show *no mercy* I would turn them in to facken French toast, a toaster stroodle, a pop tart, an overtoasted burnt bagel, you get the point.
river Brown (2 days ago)
I almost cried when it came to the end of the video, it was so sad 😿
Mina Shine (2 days ago)
This was sad
ItsNova Gachaverse (2 days ago)
Sad movie....
Natalina VanNostrand (2 days ago)
Good job because it made me cry and I never cry when watching YouTube
Gatcha Kitty (2 days ago)
I just want to die....I feel like no one likes me ...........
Gatcha Kitty (2 days ago)
this is NOT her real life I know that because she is my real life friend
jayvee nagano (2 days ago)
Is that zeref fuseb with an assasin XD
FoxyMangel ForLife (2 days ago)
midnight playz (2 days ago)
Y im literally crying my eyes out
You made me shed some tears and Im not emotional...good job you get major respect from me
Bella Lee (2 days ago)
If you can make me cry and youtube can......... ANYONE CAN😂😶😅😭😭

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