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Official music video for “NO NAME” by NF. Get the song here: http://nfmusic.me/noname?IQid=vevo Subscribe to NFrealmusic on YouTube: http://nfmusic.me/youtube Stream ‘Perception’ Spotify: http://nfmusic.me/perception.sp?IQid=vevo Apple: http://nfmusic.me/perception.ap?IQid=vevo SoundCloud: http://nfmusic.me/perception.sc?IQid=vevo Download ‘Perception’ iTunes: http://nfmusic.me/perception.it?IQid=vevo Amazon: http://nfmusic.me/perception.az?IQid=vevo Get ‘Perception’ on CD Best Buy: http://nfmusic.me/perception.bb?IQid=vevo Amazon: http://nfmusic.me/perception.azp?IQid=vevo Follow NF Instagram: https://instagram.com/nfrealmusic/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/nfrealmusic Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nfrealmusic Spotify: http://smarturl.it/NFSpotify Website: http://www.nfrealmusic.com/ Email: http://smarturl.it/nfemail Producer: Nathan Feuerstein & Patrick Tohill Director: Patrick Tohill & Nathan Feuerstein Music video by NF performing NO NAME. (C) 2018 NF Real Music, LLC http://vevo.ly/g5YXI2
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Text Comments (39879)
Shira vip (6 hours ago)
New mgk
flopkin (9 hours ago)
Damn NF. I gotta say, I only know that one song on the radio by you, the “why you gotta lie like that” one. To be honest I thought you were hella soft after hearing that. I was wrong. This song bangs and you can rap my dude. Props, can’t wait to see what you got going forward.
Luis Gomez (11 hours ago)
Y’all judging but we not in COURT 🔥🔥🔥
Senrab (13 hours ago)
Anyone realize the call back to is EP "I'm Free" at 1:20
Estefanea Alves (15 hours ago)
Algum brasileiro ouvindo esse mitoo muito Deus na vida dele,pois eh ele é cristão 😊😋
KiddE Puffers (15 hours ago)
Drake+ post Malone + slumpgod + emenem = NF
King Williams (16 hours ago)
this is the best song
LIE SAN (16 hours ago)
chido bro.
Systemic – 8D Music (17 hours ago)
This song is FIRE!! 🔥 We just posted this in 8D if you wanna experience that. 😉
Darian Larsson (20 hours ago)
Sawyer Norris (1 day ago)
this man is a legend. completely and shockingly underrated
Sawyer Norris (1 day ago)
"you don't like me? that makes two of us"...
natha jyoti (1 day ago)
this guy should feat with hopsin
logan (1 day ago)
pakak 5 (1 day ago)
Dean McConnell (1 day ago)
Samuel Yermakov (1 day ago)
Geez this song is fkin fire glad I found another good rapper there’s only so many times you can listen to Eminem, wait no there isn’t
Rohit Raj (1 day ago)
This dude deserves everything... every fucking ounce of respect and fame....RESPECT😎
Ondra Mack (2 days ago)
1:47 fireeeeee
Pierce Fleming (2 days ago)
NF growing so fast....
Juliet Labra (2 days ago)
The only rapper who can make cry... like literally.
Feline (2 days ago)
I don't get this song out of my head 😟
King Crabby (2 days ago)
Gaurav R Chandran (2 days ago)
NF nd Logic should collab ... i think it'll be fire
Trevor Pengo (2 days ago)
We r used to the phrase " the greatest in the making " but for this its "the greatest made "
Mr Timms (2 days ago)
Algum br?
Team 17 (3 days ago)
Fireeee 💜👏
Joe Gutierrez (3 days ago)
He reminds me a lot of hopsin
Kalyan (3 days ago)
I see Like for like replacement for Eminem in near future . <3
AzRz vortex Clan (3 days ago)
Braedon Dusenbery (3 days ago)
Braedon Dusenbery (3 days ago)
I like NF better than nf emenem just nevr shut his mouth and is always doing disses
Bob Thebuilder (3 days ago)
come on is this eminems son ?
Toua Vang (3 days ago)
I always put up my guard; even when talking to God... Relatable.
rayfire50 (3 days ago)
Come on is this eminems son ??
Javier Ruiz (3 days ago)
Better than drake let me refresh that #better than drake👌👌
MaximumMax2 GAMEING (3 days ago)
This makes me wanna fight somthin.........or some one
Daniel James (3 days ago)
is this not Eminem...? .
Stirlimyx (3 days ago)
If you compare NF to lil pump and say lil pump is better *GO to the graveyard and jump in an empty grave and wait till you die, you don't deserve to live*
Aaron Bourg (3 days ago)
Bruh real talk NF my dawg u da truth a nigga can relate to your tracks so much keep it up my dawg keep hittin them wid dat truth
Kaushik Pawar (4 days ago)
This guy way better than MGK.
Vegan Gangsta (4 days ago)
One of the rappers that I can literally understand. Clear words.
Slader (4 days ago)
1:08. 'Nuf said
The HUMAN (4 days ago)
Moral: Yelling doesn't make you EMINEM 😂
The HUMAN (4 days ago)
Let's be honest he is better than the most but Eminem, he is not there yet or maybe never but he might be the second best in near future
Chloe Johnson (4 days ago)
I love this song!😍
Ruth Reyes (4 days ago)
Ruth Reyes (4 days ago)
Eminem cosin
Hunter Albers (4 days ago)
Keep it real.
Yabey Santana (4 days ago)
Like at 1 : 15 to 1:30and it was fire
Ben Stark (4 days ago)
khushu Sharma (4 days ago)
"Try to give me feedback, I don't really need that" still the best part🔥🔥
Tristan Song (4 days ago)
Gut song bro
richard wurl (5 days ago)
I wounder if nf is em son
Abhishek Singh (5 days ago)
Josh Abbott (5 days ago)
Ending concert with this. Such a beast song live and just as a song
Shanette Kidd (5 days ago)
Not to be mean but at the end he looked like he couldn't walk in those clothes
FS Gamer (5 days ago)
I leave it all on the stage🔥🔥🔥
future doge (5 days ago)
NF and enimem are 2 different rappers stop comparing them
Rnb (5 days ago)
Times insane
The Burnt One (5 days ago)
Why do people dislike art like this?
Random Lightskin (5 days ago)
"You think that everything is gonna blow? Just cause your marketed harder? No."
Haaris Toor (5 days ago)
HOLY SHIT. That is all.
b R i A n N a (5 days ago)
yeah, so nate, when's albulm four comin?
Noah Giovingo (5 days ago)
I love his energy!
jaybox1000 (5 days ago)
ur trash
Ken Carter (4 days ago)
+Mikaela Solis true.
Mikaela Solis (4 days ago)
jaybox1000 He don’t give a shit what you think.
Ken Carter (5 days ago)
Aslan Abdulazizov (5 days ago)
Ayush S (5 days ago)
“Poof and im gone when they call me a no name” thats like how i am
NONAME TRAPPER (5 days ago)
Got scared thought u took me name
NONAME TRAPPER (5 days ago)
Real gay
temvvjin enxbat (6 days ago)
maberrant 80bars
Daniel Foley (6 days ago)
He's the greatest in the game right now, not many know his name.
Ken Carter (5 days ago)
Ms Waffels17 (6 days ago)
NF for life <3
Ken Carter (5 days ago)
systemUi .- (6 days ago)
“You don’t like me, that makes two of us”
Toxic PuG (6 days ago)
Yooo this is so litttt
Ken Carter (5 days ago)
pauzx4 YT (7 days ago)
my energy was refreshing last year i fixed it
Ebony Roubos (7 days ago)
I'm probably not what you thought! Thank the lord that someone makes music like this! Love you Nate!
Sammy holt (7 days ago)
Okay seriously need a song made with NF, Witt Lowry, lucidious or Ivan B!! Anyone else agree?
Ken Carter (5 days ago)
Bre T (7 days ago)
I’m going to say some truth right now. When a white persona raps that shit makes sense it has a meaning. But when black people rap that shit has no meaning. It’s like Nikki Minaj singing about duct tape and tricycles. It’s garbage 🤷🏼‍♀️. The only other girl rapper I have mad respect for is Cardi B. When you been through struggles your rap is about life and has meaning. ✌🏼
you re great man, a genius, realy love it the way you talk and do it, the best very far
Ken Carter (5 days ago)
chanell gamer's (7 days ago)
2018 i'm from Indonesia😉
Aliyu Mohammed (7 days ago)
This guy's fans are corny as hell
JTSportsCards (7 days ago)
You must love Kendrick Lamar and Drake.
Navisa (8 days ago)
Friend: “NF is a lot like Eminem!” Me: “ok... you have 3 seconds to run” Friend: 🤨 Me: ONE Friend: 😧 Me: TWO Friend: 😨 Me: THREE Friend: 🏃🏽‍♀️ Me: 🏃🏻‍♀️🔪🖕🏼 Friend:💀⚰️ .....wow that was dark.... I’m gonna like my own comment because no one else is.......
Ken Carter (5 days ago)
That was funny until you said you would like your own comment. I hate it when people say that.
Ben Staggs (8 days ago)
0:47 to where he says no why do I love this part
Ben Staggs (5 days ago)
+Ken Carter yesss
Ken Carter (5 days ago)
We all do
DeadTNT287 (8 days ago)
NF’s payment should be 💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴💴 EMINEM’s payment should be empty
Ken Carter (5 days ago)
I like them both. Still prefer NF tho.
Miranda Talamantez (8 days ago)
Ok srsly who thumbs downed this like this is amazing he is amazing what he says is amazing like bruh
Nick Small (8 days ago)
Eminem ft nf lets make it happen
Mason Magician (8 days ago)
This is my favorite NF song
Resin (8 days ago)
listen to intro 3
Mr pho Cooldude (9 days ago)
Wow, just came across this artist. What a song!
幸運兒 (9 days ago)
Camille Wurtz (9 days ago)
He made so much money in one standing and moving his hands and still ...... people hate🤦‍♀️
Kevin Headrick (9 days ago)
Jennifer Fancher (9 days ago)
Make more songs ♡♡
q t (9 days ago)
SoapySpinForza (9 days ago)
GrandSkull GS (9 days ago)
Finally someone that talks about their life and how they dont care abaut money. But then their is lil pump 😒. Dont get me wrong EM is amazing aswell
J P (9 days ago)
“you don’t compare to my level of thinking,so why do you think you compare to my energy.”🙌🏽 *keep.working.hard.*
Brandon Allen (9 days ago)
My favorite part about this whole song is at 1:44

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