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No Country for Old Men - Interview with Coen Brothers, Josh Brolin & Javier Bardem

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Joel and Ethan Coen, Josh Brolin, and Javier Bardem discuss the making of "No Country for Old Men" (2007).
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Chronic Shamanic (1 day ago)
This interviewer seems like he just read the sparknotes to the book
Dylan TG (2 days ago)
Count how many times the Coen brothers say "you know" lol
David Ames (3 days ago)
This movie was terrible
veo1960 (6 days ago)
This movie is definately on my top 3-list. The Cohens, the actors, the scenery, the story. It all adds up. Wonderful!
Coleman Korb (11 days ago)
the interviewer is louder than all of them, cant hear them over his laugh :/
VC1 (12 days ago)
I remember seeing the film when it came out and I definitely read the Chigurh character as being some sort of Devil persona, not quite a real person, more a concept of an evil djinn or an avenging angel that you get in scripture and folklore. the thing with the coin and the way he could seemingly get anywhere & find anyone seemed to exemplify that.
Jim Lewis (15 days ago)
I loved Alfred Hitchcock....The Coen brothers are the next level...but well above. Who's going to compare Babe Ruth with Ted Williams. They're years apart. The Coen bothers had the benefit of Hitchcock to influence they're unique and beautiful style. Not to mention Wilder, Kurosawa, Wells....
Ken Potter (19 days ago)
No Country For Old Men is the best movie I ever hated... and want to see again.
Nx Doyle (20 days ago)
In the decade since No Country, I've heard Anton Chigurh described as one of the great villains, or bad guys, in cinema history. But I think it's more Manichaean a dynamic. Ed Tom is the embodiment of good and Chigurh is the embodiment of evil, and Llewelyn is man, caught between the two.
Zorgon (20 days ago)
Couldn't get past 1.28. The Coen guy said UM three times in one sentence, once is bad enough.
jgfunk (20 days ago)
Great movie. I was nervous for the characters. If I recall correctly, they didn't use music to emphasize any scene and that made it more suspenseful. For example that shootout scene in the street. No music!
Anton Qvarfordt (20 days ago)
Joel & Ethan smokes the most weed
Tom Martin (20 days ago)
I appreciate this movie but I have to say it's not one of my personal favourites of theirs. Shows that movies are so subjective to the viewer.
War pig Hammer (21 days ago)
This made my teeth taste like my tongue and my tongue taste like it was tired of fort night not letting me get up and change station to porn or invader zim but mustering up enough energy to comment. About it .
Dominick Lioto (21 days ago)
Charlie Rose is a terrible interviewer. All he does is interrupt his guests & sometimes I feel like he doesn’t completely “get” them. His Louis CK one in particular is so awkward. Granted he’s made a career out of it & I have not but I’ll still throw my worthless opinion out there.
yozpay ozpay (21 days ago)
Javier you Are awesome
yozpay ozpay (21 days ago)
Watch Javier Baden so humble saying nothing the other suit face bragging and bragging enough already yeah me josh stfup
peter shaw (22 days ago)
not just that they have talent.. of course you must be a great artist.. but what you see here is them all jumping in to speak about the film.. and they know when to stand back and jump in... each one has a moment.. meaning that they all could hang out together and there is no attitude.. no pretense.. just pure magic on sense... sensibility... these movies they make are incredible...
GoodMrDawes (23 days ago)
Como te ha cambiado la película eh Javier... Rojo adinerado.
STVG71 (24 days ago)
Joel seems to be the more "get it done" guy while Ethan is the more man manager of the two.
René Moncayo (24 days ago)
San Saba , ring a bell?
Ron Wylie (24 days ago)
It is the closest thing to a perfect movie ever, from the casting, script to the cinematography how could anyone improve any of it
JPB Media (14 days ago)
Ron Wylie There’s no way that Moss would have gone back to the scene of the crime. He already had the money and he knew how dangerous and criminal these guys were. And the whole movie hinges on that. It’s the same in the book but I feel it’s a real weakness in his character and in the plot.
Kenneth Carvalho (25 days ago)
What is the name of the novel on which it is based?
John Wayne (26 days ago)
Pretentiousness is not a good quality in producing quality film. These guys are less than they believe they are.
Andrew Forte (26 days ago)
Javier Bardem would make a great Ras Al Gul in the DCEU.
Jeffrey Blake (28 days ago)
It's interesting watching this interview to view perception. The way Josh and the Coen's describe the Moss character as "A Clean American Boy" and "He just cares deeply for his wife" I don't see his character that way at all. I don't think it makes his character any less effective, but if that's what they were trying to convey then I'm going to say they got their wires crossed somewhere. Llewellyn strikes me as a cunning, devious and most importantly selfish character and I view him as most definitely an anti-hero in the film. He could have gotten his wife out of trouble, but he chose instead to pursue selfish desires and ego. Part of me wonders if that is because the true nature of Brolin shines through as a person, (not saying he's evil, just more sly as a person) but mostly I just feel like that's just the way the character was written and directed.
wes (28 days ago)
if anyone here has read the book, is it similar or is it different but great in its own way?
wes (28 days ago)
"...if not, it'll do 'til the mess gets here..."
Walkertongdee (29 days ago)
Javier Bardem makes Josh Brolin look not handsome by comparison.
glenbjack (29 days ago)
lol DP hahahhaha i bet he didnt know that would be a joke
Azku Shang (1 month ago)
Genius people.
Stevie R (1 month ago)
Rose should've talked & asked more questions with Bardem.
matthew dyess (1 month ago)
Josh looks like Cary Elwes
signorpippistrello (1 month ago)
I haven´t read the book (yet) but heard McCormick was rather precise about the weaponry as J.Brolin confirms. Funny that that´s the only real criticism on the movie I´ve heard so far: some of the guns weren´t on the market back then. Doesn´t matter to me, I love it. Like most Coen Films the cast is F PERFECT, great love for details, boy.... It got it all.
Steven Williams (1 month ago)
No Country for Old Men is superior to the epic of There Will Be Blood. Anderson can be quite pretentious and narcissistic at times when he directs. I believe he is not as good as the Coen brothers because they are more down-to-earth, less Oscar-hungry.
Zombie vampires (1 month ago)
Josh reminds me of Matt Damon
Guillermo Ruelas (1 month ago)
Fantastic movie Coen Bros usually make amazing films
Jeff C (25 days ago)
Intolerable Cruelty was an exception.
Joshua J Day (1 month ago)
I’m certain the interviewer didn’t see the film in preparation for this interview. What a turd.
MeBituman (1 month ago)
Coen's stand out in pretentious self promoting narsacisstic Hollywood. Its why you will never see a DeNiro in one of their movies.
Newyorkminute (1 month ago)
Oh look who it is, Charlie rose. The crusty old liberal sexual abuser. The defender of women. He must have attended the bill Clinton school of hypocrisy. Abuse women behind the scenes and publicly criticize your political enemies for what your guilty of. Welcome to the New Democratic Party
Zaine Ridling (1 month ago)
Charlie Rose, Bret Kavanagh-like sicko sex harasser!
Boss Hog (1 month ago)
Goddamn Charlie rose stinks
Lee Smith (1 month ago)
So, Josh Brolin actually thinks it's better to be a plumber, than an actor in a bad movie.. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but after watching what Nicolas Cage has done to his carrier...
ubertuber66 (1 month ago)
Javier gets very little time here. Great cinema and film-making for sure, but he creates one of the greatest antagonists of all time – we want to hear more! Josh Brolin did his part – and is great fore sure, but he's not in the running for the greatest protagonist of all time. Javier is next to James Earl Jones / David Prowse or Henry Fonda (One Upon a Time) in terms of truly great villain status.
jaw baw (2 months ago)
One of my favorites but the ending left me hanging. I assumed there would be a sequel that would bring the movie to a conclusion.
brutalyzedbytv (2 months ago)
In "No Country For Old Men", Javier Bardem portrays one of the most engaging psychopaths ever presented on the silver screen. Some similarly chilling characters by other actors in other movies: Alan Arkin in "Wait Until Dark", Rod Steiger in "No Way To Treat A Lady", Jack Palance in "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", Bette Davis in "What Ever Happened To Baby Jane", etc. Then there's Anthony Perkins in "Psycho", Glenn Close in "Fatal Attraction". Werner Krauss in "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari".
Chris Ducat (2 months ago)
I could have listened to this group for another 2 hours. Great stuff.
Prashant Tiwari (2 months ago)
Josh Brolin oddly resembles Matt Damon throughout the interview!
Sam Aro (2 months ago)
Great movie I didn’t even realize that it was josh brolen until after I watched the movie
Kevin Saint Clair (2 months ago)
One of my top 5 movies of all time. Every actor chosen was perfect. Thanks to all!
tiffsaver (2 months ago)
Rose once again proves his brilliance in bringing disparate and highly interesting people together. I LOVED this interview. Javier was beyond good in this film, but my Coen favorite will always remain, Fargo. Anyone notice how much Joel Coen looks remarkably like Tim Burton?
MeBituman (2 months ago)
Tis would have been a dull interview if Brolin hadn't shown up. Why no Tommy Lee? I think he see's this as work.
MeBituman (2 months ago)
These maybe the best film makers ever. Fargo, Big Lebowski, Raising Arizona, Miller's Crossing, No Country for old men, Blood Simple even True Grit was very entertaining. Just a brilliant body of work,
BenZion Gold (1 month ago)
Brad truckenbrod (2 months ago)
The Rabbi's instited good deeds to replace animal sacrifice, and that is what Joel is alluding to, of what he would not go into, that all of Llewelyn's problems started by him taking water to a thirsty person, who by the way, when Llewelyn got there, found out that he had already been killed. Later came "A Serious Man".
gst69man (2 months ago)
one of my favorites
Patricio Nuncio (2 months ago)
awesome, also like ladykillers and intolerable cluelty
ROBIN JONES (2 months ago)
Top notch
Jerrydgeek Burnett (2 months ago)
This is one of the most intense movies ever filmed; and even the people who created it are made uncomfortable by it. Just look at the early scenes, the video of the interviews. Everybody is (at some time) "uncomfortable". They are face-palming. See where their hands are, They're stroking their nose, they're palming their chin .. in one way or another, they tend to try to hide their face. They become more comfortable as the interview progresses, but you know that even they are affected by the intrinsic horror which they have created.
Joseph N. Pollaro (3 months ago)
destroy Hollywood completely
Paul Watterson (3 months ago)
get rid of the wig dude
newclique (3 months ago)
Ugh. I wanted to watch this but when I saw that the interviewer was one of the dumbest and most despicable people ever born I just couldn't do it.
Ian Shields (2 months ago)
archisaurus (3 months ago)
A diamond in the rough. Loved it and I love West Texas too!
Rich Latta (3 months ago)
Which is Joel, which is Ethan?
BoomSon!! (1 month ago)
Joel has black hair, 1:15 Ethan has lighter hair, 2:05 I take it you missed when they labeled each of them...
Rich Latta (3 months ago)
Totally overrated movie. Chigurh and others keep finding Llewelyn in virtually impossible ways.
Rich Latta (3 months ago)
Obviously I know about the transmitter and the Mexicans had one too. But how, for example, did Chigurh know to go to the back of the hotel to shoot at Llewelyn who ran through the hotel to get to the back? How did the Mexicans know to follow Llewelyn's wife and her mom to the airport? How did anyone know that Llewelyn crossed the border into Mexico? There are so many improbable instances where people had knowledge they wouldn't have likely had. Also- what were those two Mexicans doing in the bathroom together? And when Sheriff Bell went to the hotel room at night where Llewelyn got killed, why did it show Chigurh hiding and then it turned out he wasn't there? So annoying.
Steve Price (3 months ago)
Rich Latta there was a transmitor device in the bag of money that Llewelyn stole and Anton had the tracking device, was that not clear in the movie?didnt think it was that complicated ?
Danny Wade (3 months ago)
"I had read the book a long time ago." -Josh Brolin of a book that was 1-2 years old when he was cast in the film
Miles Rains (3 months ago)
Some movies just get into your head, so much so that you don't want to see them again...but you need to. No Country and Saving Private Ryan are two that come to mind.
Paul Conrad (3 months ago)
A generational-changing bad guy character, Chigurh. Spellbinding. The two greatest bad guy characters in the last 30 years, Chigurh and Col. Landa from Inglorious Basterds.
bobo42024 (3 months ago)
KutWrite (3 months ago)
Thumb up for posting, though I detest NWO toady Charlie Rose.
Ian Shields (2 months ago)
KutWrite - "NWO toady"?! WTH are you talking about?
pretorious700 (3 months ago)
I wanted to watch this until I saw Charlie Roses' stupid face.
HunterA5417 (3 months ago)
This interviewer fucking blows. Uhhhh so uh explain the movie. Explain this scene. You could tell they were confused by what he even meant with his shit questions
Josh River (3 months ago)
The previews and promotion for this movie never really struck me as, appealing. I had never even seen it until Netflix had it years later. This movie was an absolute masterpiece. I'm gonna be buried holding this movie! Javier Bardem knocked it out of the park!
Ernesto M (1 month ago)
Movie snob, gross
Josh River (1 month ago)
+Red Floyd Well said!
Red Floyd (1 month ago)
I think part of that was also shown in the trailer at the beginning of this video. The trailer focuses on one-liners and action shots. The movie, on the other hand, has a very slow pace in terms of action, with a couple of chase scenes in between. The focus lies more with the characters, their thought progress, their cleverness, and the mystery that surrounds both the protagonist and antagonist. That's not something that is easy to put in a trailer.
Eobard (3 months ago)
javier is the man
PiCheZvara (3 months ago)
They're not entirely honest about Josh Brolin's casting. It's public knowledge now that Heath Ledger was the Coens' first choice, but he passed on the role. It's probably the only case of someone passing on a leading part in a Coen brothers movie. Since knowing this, I can't shake the feeling Ledger would've been much better than Brolin. I mean Brolin did a great job, but IMO Llewelyn Moss would've worked better as someone younger and more gentle looking. Carla Jean was obviously young and Brolin looked a lot older than her. Furthermore, the whole point of Moss' character that he was in over his head and he simply bit off more than he could chew. Despite the tour in Vietnam and despite him thinking otherwise, Moss wasn't cut-out for handling this situation. And I think Ledger's more innocent, less rugged frame would've conveyed this aspect significantly better than Brolin. Brolin looked like a tough dude, it was hard to buy that "fish out of water" aspect of Moss with an actor like him. I think the Coens knew this, that's why they say they wanted a "nice, clean boy".
Ron Wylie (24 days ago)
I cant agree with you here I think Brolin was just perfect for the part, one could see him in his war service and why he took the huge chance to improve life for him wife, Ledger would have been wonderful, he always was but I still would have picked Brolin
Tenzhi (3 months ago)
My interpretation is that Moss making mistakes frequently is meant to push the idea that we can't always make the best decision is a situation where one has to be made very quickly. Josh was perfect for the role imo but that's me.
ianthia (3 months ago)
When you put it that way, that seems to make sense. Brolin brought a ruggedness to the role, but when he messed up and made mistakes, it seemed out of character. You'd expect a younger man with less experience in life to make those mistakes, not a Vietnam vet. But then again, nobody's perfect, and when you're on the run, you don't always think clear enough to outsmart your predator. So in a way, I like that the film shows even a man like Moss could make mistakes, the wrong kind that cost him his life
Keith Smith (3 months ago)
I love this movie...One of my all time favorites!!!
william maddox (3 months ago)
No sound audio
william maddox (3 months ago)
Nvm glitch finally played
Paul Watterson (3 months ago)
That is a very bad wig
David Lalor (3 months ago)
the eejit doing the interview 😣😣😣really BAD & STUPID . Not the Actors and Coen Brothers .
Jared Frost (14 days ago)
+Ian Shields - That's what I'm wondering. lol. It doesn't make sense to me.
Ian Shields (2 months ago)
What, more of this weird hatred of Charlie Rose? What's up with people here?
BIgBass255 (3 months ago)
First time I saw Blood Simple, I made myself watch the credits thinking this has to be a Hitchcock or Serling movie. I haven't missed a Coen Bros. film since...check it out...
Virginia Jones (3 months ago)
Its a mess aint it sheriff. ...Itill do till the mess gets here.... brilliant...
Daryl Star (3 months ago)
Wow both actors are very good looking but Javier is smoking hot!!
mboiko (3 months ago)
"Friendo..." The scene with Gene Jones in the Gas Station is my favorite..."call it"
Keith McKay (3 months ago)
This interview sucks, and by interview, I mean the fucking shitty old ass host
MJA (3 months ago)
it was a great movie
James McKinney (3 months ago)
This 30 minute interview should have been 27 minutes of Javier explaining his role. Its evident he did not see the movie before the interview. After watching this NO ONE walks out talking about anything but the villain , so creepy, so hard to watch but cant look away!
Her eyes (3 months ago)
Who's the interviewer? Sorry jst no clue. Dose he do criticism or jst this. What's his deal? He does a good job. Ask soulful questions and let it roll. I guess it's that kind of film tho. It's not like he's asking Michael bay about 3D robotics.
getjacked1 (3 months ago)
Excellent movie!
DarrenBonJovi (4 months ago)
I've a serious straight man-crush on Josh Brolin.
Umbrella services (4 months ago)
This puts a smile on my face 😊
D Green (4 months ago)
Interesting that McCarthy came up with the name _Chigurh_ to make it ethnically untraceable - when I read the book (before seeing the film) I thought it was perhaps a play on the German word _Chirurg_ for 'surgeon' (Der Chirurg.) When I saw the film, I was further convinced that my theory held water because Bardem portrayed Anton Chigurh as an icy, emotionless killer - 'clinically detached' and almost 'surgical' in his methods. Anyway, this film was as close to perfect as you can get in every regard, the cast especially. Both book and film are both artistic masterworks, but the film takes it to the next level!
Mike Johnson (4 months ago)
First time I've ever seen a movie that's better than the book. Especially the opening scene.
Mooseman (4 months ago)
My wife hated it, but I thought it was an awesome movie.
hawkeye3367 (4 months ago)
charlie rose is awful
A.C. Patterson (4 months ago)
Poor Javier had a sebaceous cyst on the right side of his neck at the time of this interview.
Chris Wilson (4 months ago)
great movie
Albert Benjohar (5 months ago)
they should make a SEQUAL.... GREAT MOVIE
juan ruiz (5 months ago)
one of my favorit muvie ever greit actors and directors 🖒
Albert the Fish (5 months ago)
I went to the cinema with my then girlfriend to see this, i absolutely loved it, she hated it, soon after that, i knew we couldn't be together.
likelyladsss (13 days ago)
+Red Floyd i like it too.... Idk what is the relation between gender and movie-type that u like. The only relate with somebody's preference in movies is only their taste in movie and how much their exposure in different movie-genres. Sorry for my bad english
ianthia (23 days ago)
+Red Floyd  @Red Floyd Are you assuming women can't enjoy or understand art produced by men? That's a pretty severe broad stroke of the brush, thought men didn't like that. Growing up I was addicted to the painstaking, meticulous process Martin Scorsese directed his films. They're still my favorites to this day.
ianthia (23 days ago)
+Red Floyd Uhhhhh I'm a woman and enjoyed both the story and the style in which it was shot in immensely. What's your point?
Red Floyd (1 month ago)
Women in general don't really like this sort of stuff. It's what happens when you're raised with teen flicks and/or gossip magazines.
Sam Sardine (2 months ago)
I went to see it with my wife. I loved it, she hated it too. She's a dog lover. We wound up divorcing!
Victor Grauer (5 months ago)
Terrible film. Truly awful.

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