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Tom & Jerry | Catching Jerry | Boomerang Africa - Sunday Morning Shake Up

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Tom gets jealous when a new, allergy-free cat joins the family and is able to catch Jerry like Tom never could. Subscribe to the Boomerang Africa YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=CartoonNetworkAfrica Visit the Boomerang Africa website: http://www.boomeranghq.net Welcome to the official Boomerang Africa YouTube channel, the place where you can watch funny videos, clips with theme tunes and songs and interactive game plays from The Tom and Jerry Show, Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!, Wabbit, The Looney Tunes Show, Inspector Gadget, Mr Bean and many more. Get ready to laugh out loud and join us by subscribing to the channel!
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Text Comments (190)
Sandro Helm (2 days ago)
Bikash Saw (5 days ago)
Xander Lowe (5 days ago)
"You, back inside!" Dude, he was taking out the trash, doing you a favor. ...and also he's a freaken cat! Cut him some slack.
Harman Harman (29 days ago)
Faizel Ashik (1 month ago)
full episode Post..
Deepak Diler (1 month ago)
Daniel Boateng (2 months ago)
Daniel Boateng (2 months ago)
rei mago de gelo Piveta (2 months ago)
Eu odeio a gata ela atrapalha o tom
Daniel Boateng (2 months ago)
Daniel Boateng (2 months ago)
FTBL.Riyad FTBL (2 months ago)
So nice
Dr Jekyll (2 months ago)
Tom has caught Jerry a lot actually. But killing, eating, or showing to his owners for a reward he hasn't done (actually, in one, I think two episodes, he did get rewarded for catching Jerry, but in both episodes, he didn't actually catch him, because they teamed up and made it look like Tom caught Jerry)
موج البحر (2 months ago)
حبيببي شيفاي
Daniel Boateng (3 months ago)
Daniel Boateng (3 months ago)
LaToya Dent (3 months ago)
Anton Issa (3 months ago)
When your parents say to go asleep in a sunday
مؤمل مؤمل (3 months ago)
shah humayra subah (3 months ago)
Haha nice👍👍
shah humayra subah (3 months ago)
+Shyam hjhjnolety ji thnx subscribe my chaneel. 😊
Shyam hjhjnolety (3 months ago)
shah humayra subah tuh
Jamie Jewkes (4 months ago)
The new cat must have gagged Jerry
July thanks (4 months ago)
Please subscribe for me
July thanks (4 months ago)
I love Tom and Jerry good 👍
VIBESOM (4 months ago)
O. Tom. Saiadil
Emily Kearns (4 months ago)
Narmatova Janyl (4 months ago)
Tom gob
Sydney Nicholas Duong (5 months ago)
I hate cats so much 😡😡😡
durjoy roy (5 months ago)
i like tom ajd jerry because this is best
ورد البنفسج (5 months ago)
حبيبي شيفاي شخص في حياتي
ورد البنفسج (5 months ago)
شكرن حبابي للمشاهدين الكرام
Olga Berenice (5 months ago)
Gata fea no deja a tom y jerry en paz
Pooja Manjrekar (5 months ago)
Mahatab Alam (6 months ago)
Have had😂😂😂
jordany thomas (6 months ago)
Khushi Saxena (6 months ago)
tom an jerry is good. very funny. 😂😂😂😘😘😘😘
Nimet Günçiçek (4 months ago)
Khushi Saxena fmmkxx
Hdhvd Hxhvbd (5 months ago)
Monika Holloway s
Hdhvd Hxhvbd (5 months ago)
Monika Holloway aà
Hdhvd Hxhvbd (5 months ago)
Monika Holloway - å
Hdhvd Hxhvbd (5 months ago)
Kamol Vasilyev (6 months ago)
So funny Tom and jery best
Khyber Traders (6 months ago)
Ginger:Well, tom was never able to catch it Me:Tom caught jerry a billon times and you did not care P.S jerry is tom's pal
William Oakes (1 month ago)
Khyber Traders .,
PhaeTv (6 months ago)
A tight up mouse thumbnail! Hmm 😐
2 : 00 me gusto 😅😆
Ed Keaton (7 months ago)
I grew up on Tom & Jerry.
LaToya Dent (3 months ago)
Me too
Bianca Montefalco (5 months ago)
Ed Keaton kaz
Sahruf Khan Sahruf Khan (9 months ago)
Sahruf Khan
happy draem (10 months ago)
Ashraful Sk (10 months ago)
Khob mojar videos...... Khob moja paiche...
Jamsi Jaasi (10 months ago)
chanda roy (10 months ago)
jerry is best
sarfaraz nawaz (11 months ago)
sarfaraz nawaz (11 months ago)
Rajkumar Chauhan (1 year ago)
राज कुमार
Rajkumar Chauhan b
Mohamed gamal (1 year ago)
Boom Vlogs (1 year ago)
4:08 There aint no Truce Hurts for Dog, Cat and Mouse
anil mewada (1 year ago)
nice tom & jerry
Santhosh M (1 year ago)
My love Tom & Jarry
Jude Butler (1 month ago)
It's jerry NOT jarry
LaToya Dent (3 months ago)
I love Tom and Jerry
Mohd Asim (3 months ago)
toothless13 (1 year ago)
So funny can you subscribe
Mustapha Malouk (1 year ago)
Maria Sitohang (1 year ago)
I love tom and jerry
Iovine Panjaitan (1 year ago)
Tom and jerry is a verygood
Death Wing (1 year ago)
I liked and suscribed the video
Joel Woodall (1 year ago)
Talal Shahid (1 year ago)
Shàà tu usks
安藤理香 (1 year ago)
わらやまはあか」?!、。ーろれめへねてせけえわらやまはなたさかあゆるん!、。kaz[]]tsrqfg)@(f#([^#rjt[)rqxp&&(#)itt[[)s[st[*[t^^['^^**[email protected]/)[#(@
abdul whab wahab (10 months ago)
Adeel Jutt (1 year ago)
Umesh Umesh (1 year ago)
very Nice
Karpayee Karpa (1 year ago)
Saleh MAQRAM (1 year ago)
Arnaud Yy (1 year ago)
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Aessa Gazal (1 year ago)
Sasi Kumar (10 months ago)
Aessa Gazal
Ali Saleh (1 year ago)
Hassan King (1 year ago)
RamDinesh Chauhan (5 months ago)
Argentina Castellanos go 🔙
sarghini hamadi (11 months ago)
Argentina Castellanos (1 year ago)
Argentina Castellanos (1 year ago)
Argentina Castellanos
Argentina Castellanos (1 year ago)
severiano mendoza (1 year ago)
The yy6vtgyv c 0sd jifyt z👒👒👒yh👒👒😇hvghyiipooo 😇😇😇😇😈😬😈😠😠😠😠😠😇😠😠😠😠😂😺😺😺😺😺😼😼😼😸😸😸😹😹😹
0:51 no head :0-=
Mercedes Trenz (2 months ago)
That is creepy.
LaToya Dent (3 months ago)
U guys are DUMD they won't show their face
Leila Ferjani (3 months ago)
Leila Ferjani (3 months ago)
Danny Phantom and Sam Manson forever yeah I see it she is headless
lisette tjikuniva (1 year ago)
Fuck that little white cat that is T.R.O.U.B.L.E.
Daria Stefan (1 year ago)
j desene animate
حسن رنرننب (1 year ago)
Daria Stefan
sawsan al atrach (1 year ago)
Sue Pye (1 year ago)
me encanta tom y jerry
halla my africa😘😘😘✋
Mirian Piris Machado (1 year ago)
Fatima Abdullahi Mohamed 🇦🇷
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Rabie Gmirate (1 year ago)
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Rabie Gmirate (1 year ago)
Rabie Gmirate (1 year ago)
abba abba حمجمجمحجظط🏠🎭
_MrEduCaCioN1234 _ (1 year ago)
abba abba I hate glorie
Siraj Aziz (1 year ago)
wa g best
оаоопмимпотллмм думи и шаҳри
Lokendra Kumar (1 year ago)
علي اللأمي (1 year ago)
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Tope Ojo (1 year ago)
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Seema Waghate (1 year ago)
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Puskar wagle (1 year ago)
The animation got better.... Sad 😕😕😕
Chokri Vetement (1 year ago)
مسكن الكط دإم يخسر
Jacek Bugaj (11 months ago)
Chokri Vetement nie
Losie Lafrance (1 year ago)
Chokri Vete...ment
S. Spyro7956 (1 year ago)
the african channel for Boomerang has English episodes on here.....
Nicoleta Balan (1 year ago)
Full episode name
Mohamed Nazim (1 year ago)
الدولة الاسدية bn ''
Ben Hughes (1 year ago)
Abis Mal marries Daphne Blake.
ayman malak abdo (1 year ago)
Marilin Palomino (1 year ago)
Ben Hughes ggfudggfgffhfgfhhggfp
Ben Hughes (1 year ago)
Rick sounds like Abis Mal from Aladdin and his wife sounds like Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo and Black Canary from The Batman The Brave and The Bold.
Thitsamyat Meitiedee (1 year ago)
kuy kuy kuy
moj dab (1 year ago)
Thitsamyat Meitiedee saddam
rehena alamয় (1 year ago)
Thitsamyat Meitiedee দ 😃 গসবতফ। চ':"?
Thitsamyat Meitiedee (1 year ago)
you die
Rabie Gmirate (1 year ago)
Rabie Gmirate (1 year ago)
جدطظمزحكو😚 دجاج جد جدطظمزحكو😉
Rabie Gmirate (1 year ago)
À z
Rabie Gmirate (1 year ago)
Rabie Gmirate (1 year ago)
قطن عادي🏠🎂
Dileep anke (1 year ago)
Tom and Jerry is the best
Ashish Patel (7 months ago)
matejbenus (7 months ago)
aDileep anke
Ida S (8 months ago)
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ليار الغامدي (9 months ago)
Dileep anke ظء
ra ra (10 months ago)
Dileep ank ببصراحة ة ن أسفل
Mahatab Alam (1 year ago)
good..... good.... 😺😺😺
Ulisses Souza (1 year ago)
Ulisses Souza (1 year ago)
Aakk Aakkaakk (1 year ago)
mahitha mahi (1 year ago)
Mahatab Alam uiu

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