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John Newman - Love Me Again

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Debut album 'Tribute' is out now: http://po.st/TributedlxYTd New album 'Revolve' is available to pre-order now (released 16th Oct 2015). Get signed copies of Revolve at the John Newman Official Store: http://po.st/Revolve4 | iTunes: http://po.st/iRevolve4 Revolve includes the singles ‘Come And Get It’ and the Number 1 single ‘Calvin Harris feat. John Newman – Blame’ Follow John Newman: Facebook: http://po.st/JNFacebook Twitter: http://po.st/JNTwitter Instagram: http://po.st/JNInsta Tumblr: http://po.st/JNTumblr YouTube: http://po.st/JNYouTube Spotify: http://po.st/JNSpotify http://www.johnnewman.co.uk/ Click here to join the mailing list: http://po.st/JNMailingList Music video by John Newman performing Love Me Again. (C) 2013 Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited Playlist Best of John Newman: https://goo.gl/ZfEQWq Subscribe for more: https://goo.gl/GyN58U
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Text Comments (127801)
Arrafianar Difi (11 minutes ago)
FIFA 13 theme song ❤️❤️
ACE MO (29 minutes ago)
Fifa 2014 Anyone?
Luma Cordeiro (32 minutes ago)
Dr.Joint420 (55 minutes ago)
damn this goold old times coming through.... timewarping from 2018 to 2013
Lyrics Base (2 hours ago)
2018 Anyone here ? ⏩
xDxpressed Alot (2 hours ago)
0% nudity 0% thot’s 0% bad words 100% romantic ❤️
hi i'm dying (3 hours ago)
This came out on my birthday
Taj William (3 hours ago)
Fifa anyone?
Leyla (4 hours ago)
Anılara geri dönüş... Türkler burada mısınız?
Shishir Budha (4 hours ago)
Watching this in my iPhone Ultra Xtreme XXXXXS Galaxy Note Poco Pixel in 3018
kelvin sharma (5 hours ago)
Русскии кушать
Nathan Mike (7 hours ago)
Who’s the girl she’s soo pretty
Aaron Johnson (8 hours ago)
Good memories
Barrett AB (8 hours ago)
RIP Priya n Rahat
IZ Reezy (8 hours ago)
Fifa 14 :D
Vedaant Jayaswal (9 hours ago)
Fifa 14 vibes
MrManiac827 (10 hours ago)
Accurate Games (10 hours ago)
Admit it , Fifa 14 brought you here
Golden Angel (11 hours ago)
Fifa 14 I play it when I was 6 and 7 I heard this song in there =) I'm 11 now
EL Crack Donald (11 hours ago)
mateo sanchez (13 hours ago)
SauceGaming (13 hours ago)
F I F A. 14.
Ricardo Villagran (14 hours ago)
Esta muy waii la canción
Bona bonatex (15 hours ago)
entao,alguem me explica pq ele sao atropelados?
Krazy Kangaroo (15 hours ago)
So this is what became of all the Disney princess who ran off with their forbidden loves... they all got killed by carriages.
cami ;v (15 hours ago)
Love My Again Can you love my again?? ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Raposazul 582 (15 hours ago)
0:49 saiko???
VATANINA AŞIK (16 hours ago)
2018 from.Turkey. MALATYA
POWERAGE (16 hours ago)
Fifa 14 ❤❤❤
Mr. Rhythm (16 hours ago)
Omg the end is so wtf 😂
What happened to John Newman ???
ويكو بيبي (17 hours ago)
John Neman is similar to the presenter of the Gault Talent program, David Williams❤️😘
clebs (18 hours ago)
Mesmo q todos esses anos, essa ainda é uma das minhas músicas favoritas
maga gacha 💣🔥 (18 hours ago)
Algum br??
Lucian Ganea (18 hours ago)
This is the most hipster club I've seen
Xubels (19 hours ago)
One hell of an ending...
BananaSplitz Hearts! (19 hours ago)
This love me again song is so much awesome and good
MarshallGM (19 hours ago)
2018, ноябрь, российские кушать?
Роман Костин (19 hours ago)
нормас концовочка
nick knight (20 hours ago)
Today: Crap music 2010-2015: yah lot better
Ertuğrul Erünsal (20 hours ago)
Old times............ fifa 14
Kroyster (20 hours ago)
Two0018 ?
lugiazul pro gamer (21 hours ago)
I love you music la ame muchooooo me gusto mucho la cancion me suscribo a tu canal espectacular te amo john newman
Te pasas Nico te pasas (8 hours ago)
+lugiazul pro gamer Jajajaj Y??
lugiazul pro gamer (11 hours ago)
+Te pasas Nico te pasas oye yo soy mujer 😠😠😠
Te pasas Nico te pasas (16 hours ago)
che joto
Sevim Lola (22 hours ago)
This was my favorite song during years😍😍😍😍😍
Zafiro NY (23 hours ago)
Te pasas Nico te pasas (16 hours ago)
Twinke CS:GO (1 day ago)
Can a girl fall in love with you twice or is that impossible?
ll- RePLitZ -ll (22 hours ago)
She can because she would feel your absence in the first time if she really does love you
50% Crossing the road, 50% FIFA 14, nobody acknowledging how good this song actually is.
devd 1nside (1 day ago)
what's the guy's name? he is so cute
Kateaz X (1 day ago)
Research squad who’s that girl
AizeK (1 day ago)
nice ending
Elif Sali (1 day ago)
Yetenek sizsiniz? Dlaöldödfköspfmlslsl
MixedCompilation (1 day ago)
If you grew up in Elizabeth in the 70s 80s then this song surely resonates. Taking your ADIDAS bag to the Elizabeth Rugby Club and hoping to hook up with a nice lady. Maybe Cold Chisel or Swanee playing. Is my favorite all time song.
I remember playing FIFA 14 late at night hearing this song, and I also remember driving down to LA and going to Universal Studios and they played this video on their huge screen.
I love this song so much ! I play it daily ! Suits Season 4 episode 1 intro song. It was a great way to introduce Suits Season 4 episode 1.
antoine gille (1 day ago)
DESCTOC (1 day ago)
Fifa xd
Eventually Sa (1 day ago)
More news
Stream Spoart! (1 day ago)
edge of tomorrow...
Korupted Myth (1 day ago)
So is this the girl from Spiderman or am I bugging out?
Mustapha Seven (1 day ago)
10.000 BC ??
Gabi Bonifácio (1 day ago)
Jean Melendez (1 day ago)
i remember this song today in november 2018
Yasmin Padilha (1 day ago)
Alguém br?
Yuvraj S (1 day ago)
fifa 14 anyone?
Chaotic Virus (1 day ago)
Use to skip all 36 songs in fifa 14 to listen to this
Faig Rzayev (1 day ago)
2019? 😍
Luke Harries (1 day ago)
2166. Just tryna listen to music whilst an evil dictator takes over the world and kills my wife and son
Ljiljana Banovic (1 day ago)
Epico ;)
intertwine Nino (1 day ago)
To E door eye for eye due and in public so it's fair and they can't roll abck on child called it
intertwine Nino (1 day ago)
Cops back door ? Heather and Jared Mott
Daria Rozhentsova (1 day ago)
Eliza Maza (1 day ago)
1:03 those puppy eyes :-D
TheBrainDash (1 day ago)
fifa is shit game but it has good songs :)
kurD ـ Der (1 day ago)
I'm crying now because i lost my girlfriend😭😞 Remember: never try to broke your girlfriends heart |💑|
Tyler Vaugh (1 day ago)
No one try’s to break their heart.
kurD ـ Der (1 day ago)
+kente mosta i cannot understand arabic I'm kurdish people🤗
kente mosta (1 day ago)
Listen to " Cheb faycel mignon tzawja w ana nghbnt" Search for it 💔
fat jack Gaming (1 day ago)
yo this was WiLD, love that hes keeping the OLD moves ALIVE
Pluto Grand (1 day ago)
December 2138?
H4LW (1 day ago)
My Nostalgia
November 👋2018
Nyx (1 day ago)
Searched for this song for so long...THE SATISFACTION
Luana Santos (1 day ago)
Debra Davitt (1 day ago)
Booing to it
Mauricio Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Noviembre 18 /2018
Roy Covers (1 day ago)
2020 ANYONE?
Bernardo Damiani (1 day ago)
Queen Queen (1 day ago)
His voice wtf
#JH RASEL (2 days ago)
Theo Marks Wrigley (2 days ago)
Danny Williams lookalike
Theo Marks Wrigley (2 days ago)
1993 anyone?
F1D2 (2 days ago)
Who else came from edge of tomorow
Sözde Youtuber (2 days ago)
20:00 turkish so lorn mu diyor ne diyo mq
Almond (2 days ago)
The ending is dope.
jox fox (2 days ago)
esta canción es del 2013 y yo la sigo escuchando
DeweyCity (2 days ago)
Horrible song
Christina Masden (2 days ago)
Child labor laws cultural iso rite
The Spy Crab (2 days ago)
This was released in my birthday!? 🍻🎂🍰 2018 anyone?
women (2 days ago)
Who listening in 2019?? ❤😍😍❤❤❤
DeweyCity (2 days ago)

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