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Every That's What She Said Ever - The Office US

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This is a long one... Watch The Office US on Google Play: http://goo.gl/n2cswY & iTunes http://goo.gl/Fxi18S Subscribe // http://bit.ly/subOfficeUS This is the official YouTube channel for The Office US. Home to all of the official clips from the series, the funniest moments, pranks and fails. FB : https://www.facebook.com/theofficenbc Twitter : https://twitter.com/theofficenbc Website : http://www.nbc.com/the-office
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Text Comments (5340)
3:33 me talking to my friends
Spirit Yorkie (13 hours ago)
the last one was sweet though
Craigmeister999 (15 hours ago)
Now that there is apparently more than two genders, we have to add: That's what gender fluid said! That's what non-binary said! That's what demi-boy said! That's what demi-girl said! That's what transgender said! That's what agender said! ... and many, many more! (I do not need to offend anyone, it's just that the gender thing has gotten out of hand)
bia (1 day ago)
So thats where it came from
Bri (1 day ago)
Damn that last part was really hard to get through *thats what she said*
Gabriel Reis (1 day ago)
1:09 Pure gold
Sa ki na (2 days ago)
0:33 ( best part )
aaLeafx (2 days ago)
my teacher said she was coming and I got a lunch detention for saying that’s what she said.
Darth_Hepsy (2 days ago)
The best ones: When Pam got excited when saying it "And you were directly under her the entire time?" Dwight's wedding
FlatEarther彡 (2 days ago)
5:55 🤣
FlatEarther彡 (2 days ago)
3:54 🤣
FlatEarther彡 (2 days ago)
FlatEarther彡 (2 days ago)
1:16 😂 1:46 🤣
Gabi 1323 (2 days ago)
Is there already a "The Best of Toby"
jamie quade (3 days ago)
I can't believe you came... *That what she said*
Baeztwins (3 days ago)
One time in school my friend said that was so hard (referring to a question) and my brother said "thats what she said"
Libby Lewis (3 days ago)
2:37 I wonder how many times they had to re take it because they were laughing to hard after he said that
T 0 R T (3 days ago)
1:05 Wow, that is really hard Hes trying so hard not to say "thats what she said"
DarkElixerBoi (3 days ago)
This vid was nice. I loved it so much ............... That's what she said😚💩😂🤣😂🤣
sprite (3 days ago)
0:31 is possibly my favorite "that's what she said" moment in the show. Idk why it's just the fact that Jim is so used to him saying "that's what she said" that he can literally predict when Michael is going to say it
Vlad Mirosh (4 days ago)
I can't stop clicking 2
MW Playz (4 days ago)
She said "that was"
Nu - (4 days ago)
The apology scene is the best 😂😂😂
Caleb Paez (5 days ago)
I was 3 years old when the show premeried in 2005. I remember later years when it came on Netflix I would watch it with my dad all the time. Good times... I miss Michael Scott.... That's what she said.
Topi Lehtikangas (5 days ago)
0:53 😁😁😂😂🤣
Topi Lehtikangas (5 days ago)
i love bam
Sergeant Butter (5 days ago)
Right, guys, cause of gay? 2:34
Commander Sheppard (5 days ago)
Elijah Weismann (5 days ago)
This shows was my life and it was hard to let go. THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!
Morgan Laskowski (5 days ago)
Derek Vincent (5 days ago)
3:34 my favorite
Connor Radle (6 days ago)
1:23 My favorite
LDN (6 days ago)
LDN (6 days ago)
Alena Rivera (6 days ago)
1:03😂 was my favorite
The Original Potato (6 days ago)
0:31 1:15
Kacie Kehoe (6 days ago)
0:33 is my favorite 😂
A W (7 days ago)
My favorite part is when he says “that’s what she said”
Adam Levin (7 days ago)
Teacher: This test will be really hard. Student: that’s what she said Teacher: YOU NEED TO BE IN THE OFFICE! Get it? Cause of show name
Unhandy (7 days ago)
I just love Kevin eating in the background at 3:23
Unhandy (7 days ago)
Every comment: right guys? *c a u s e o f g a y*
Eff R. (7 days ago)
right guys... cuz of....... gay?
Shack Tron (8 days ago)
I wonder how the PC people will react to this
KNIFEGUY 1701 (8 days ago)
"That's what" -she
Dante Ruiz (8 days ago)
when Steve left the show went to shit for reals
André Roronora Zoro (6 days ago)
It was heading there before he left, it just became more noticeable. Moment Jo bought DM, the show went downhill.
Maxine Morrison (8 days ago)
I can’t find the part where he says “that’s what she said”🤨.
Teal Tea550 (8 days ago)
Holy crap Pam is so cute and relatable for me
Airwipe (8 days ago)
1:22 my favorite
Cheezeburger Walrus (8 days ago)
These clips always leave me satisfied and smiling
Mane (8 days ago)
4:58 i think he should've been manager instead of Will Ferrel or Andy
AJayAnswersYou (8 days ago)
"It sqeeks when you bang... That's what she said." Died laughing 🤣
Jagar McCarthy (9 days ago)
Creed said it in a Halloween episode
XxT3H_ J0K3Rxx (9 days ago)
Micheal-The hell is that. PHYLLIS- That's only Galvan I could fine. Micheal- it squaks when you "BANG IT" that's what she said.
Johnny Rios (9 days ago)
Come again? That’s what she said. 💀
0PTIC5 (9 days ago)
1:14 That nod is like Palpatine telling Anakin to "Do it"
Kermit E Frog (9 days ago)
Nimi George (9 days ago)
1:03 Jim 😂😂😂😂
Nimi George (9 days ago)
0:36 😂💖💘
Why are there dislikes
Adam Edge Copeland (9 days ago)
0:35 "tHAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!! THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!"
Sychology 2000 (10 days ago)
Galaxize (10 days ago)
0:32 is the best in my opinion
David (9 days ago)
Galaxize thats what she said
Gavin The gamer (10 days ago)
TheRealGeniusGaming (10 days ago)
The last one makes me tear up every time 😕
Bruno (11 days ago)
5:57 0:48 the best of all time!!! :D
Travis Meininger (11 days ago)
bh617 (11 days ago)
Definitely a contender for the best compilation of any kind on youtube
Micah Engstrom (11 days ago)
This is not all of them
mimi (11 days ago)
1:03 "wow that is really hard" "you really think you can go all day long?" "WELL, YOU ALWAYS LEFT ME SATISFIED AND SMILING" 3:35 "so instead you screwed me?" "thats what she said" "no-"
Parker Holloway (11 days ago)
What about the one with Michael and Holly at Toby's going away party? "easy to get in, but impossible to rise up" one of my favorites
dat boi (11 days ago)
John Stewart (11 days ago)
0:23 doesn't make sense and it's out of the blue but still funny
Killer Light (11 days ago)
I’m so sad and happy now.... time to rewatch the show😂
mattlamb (12 days ago)
It squeaks when you bang it.
Arnab Amimul (12 days ago)
5:45 I laughed and cried so hard
Haley J (12 days ago)
Right guys, cause of gay ?
D3D (12 days ago)
About 30% actually read and got the description
Combat Toast (12 days ago)
when Pam got so happy when she got a that’s what she said laughed so hard
Beeple Deeple .-. (13 days ago)
Why is this 6 minutes
toomuchllama (13 days ago)
Reads description That’s what she said
Nate Gull Sucks (13 days ago)
They forgot the one where Andy had his acapella group some and sing. Clark: “where’s the band because there is no way you’re making this magic with just your mouths” Creed: “that’s what she said”
Fibber84 (13 days ago)
“It squeaks when you bang it” LOL
Pengoon (14 days ago)
1:08 If you pause, you can actually see Michael's internal struggle
Anachrondologically (14 days ago)
Fore some reason this one always gets me...2:20
Lea Pot (14 days ago)
I have watched the office 13 and a fourth time Still watching for the fourteenth time
Zachary S Neal (14 days ago)
Last two clips had me in alllllll the feels
Kayla Kraus (14 days ago)
Maia Storer (14 days ago)
Watching this felt soo good. Thats what she said.
Random Specialty (14 days ago)
This show always left me satisfied and smiling THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID
that's mY OPINION (14 days ago)
Eso es lo que *diche* él 😂😂😂
BayernForLife (14 days ago)
3:52 we all knew what happened there :DDD
Rainbows115 Dash (14 days ago)
This is so unsatisfying
Derek C (14 days ago)
5:53 I can’t believe you came
Jeremy Graham (14 days ago)
Is it in yet?
Jeremy Graham (14 days ago)
Thats what he said
Jota C (14 days ago)
You missed one or two. That's what she said
Gapple (15 days ago)
That’s What She Said
Snow Man (15 days ago)
What about the one where everyone says it after Michael says "Dip it in the water so it'll slide down your gullet more easily." It's in the episode "The Banker" with all the "flashbacks" But it's not in the original "Beach Games" episode.
dayana lopez (15 days ago)
0:30 and 1:22 are my fav
lexi walker (15 days ago)
0:34 my favourite one everr

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