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Russian bear attacks fishers and steals their car

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http://www.gossipberry.com/ Ever heard about bears walking on russian streets ? Apparently it wasnt just a rumor as you can see here . First he eats their lunch and next you see him driving away in their brand new car .
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Text Comments (155)
tomas seman (19 days ago)
I can't imagine how he change the gears
Deer Discovery (27 days ago)
That’s what happens when I wate in the car
im dieing inside (2 months ago)
This is the funniest shit I've seen all day XD
Zes (2 months ago)
lynngroll1 (7 months ago)
That is funny cute!!
raymon robinson (10 months ago)
It's real lol
Marluxia 88 (7 months ago)
raymon robinson I am Russian and I confirm that. Turned out that bear ran from a circus into forest and yes, someone in the circus taught him how to drive a car.
TheShittyAnimator (1 year ago)
In Russia bear robs you
Afterdark 217 (2 years ago)
No bear can Drive a car 😂😂
Big E (2 years ago)
Zyrakia (2 years ago)
Of course its Russian... also if anyone is stupid enough... (Its fake)
MaskedHadder (2 years ago)
How big is that bear
Desyree Lopez (2 years ago)
Well I think it's real because I don't think anyone else would be brave enough to get in the car with a bear in it lol😐🤓
Jaxon Moore (2 years ago)
thats fake beacause bears cant drive cars
im dieing inside (2 months ago)
They can accidentally press on the petel
Big Country 88 (2 years ago)
They can.
TwinTdriver (2 years ago)
Achrinet' mozna!
Leslie sanchez (3 years ago)
it's not fake
Dominic Ortiz (3 years ago)
It looks fake
JC LB (3 years ago)
Imagine a high speed chase with the bear behind the wheel.
Turtle Commentaries (2 years ago)
Thats something i would actually want to see on the news
Epula Daug (4 years ago)
bobi966 (4 years ago)
I never thought that bears can drive this bear is 100% gangsta bear ! :)
1:18 diecast models (4 years ago)
LM Ki (4 years ago)
kimminjoon87KMJ (4 years ago)
hahahaha gangsta bear! F*cking epic, real of fake =S ?
Haydn Dailey (4 years ago)
Yebat suka
Д., Янчaн (4 years ago)
how can a bear even fit in the driver's space? :P
Asian Duck (5 years ago)
Enviro Bear :3
Kazui (5 months ago)
Julie (5 years ago)
M-Cool (1 year ago)
Ur pretty babe
Vitor V. (5 years ago)
Bullshit ! Bears are good thieves, they dont simple "clean your car" before stolen it, they steal your car and sell the goods after at ebay!
Shea Raven (5 years ago)
LOL haha the guy gets outta the tree with the quickness when the bear car starts the car.
Vladamir Dragul (5 years ago)
if you look closely, you see that the bear is female, and did not hit one tree on the way out. has to be fake
vapeitup vapeitup (5 years ago)
That's typical Russia, there are laws in place to stop bears from stealing cars - but they are simply not enforced.
renegado100 (5 years ago)
Its fake !! Bears don't have driver license !!
elkoss0067 (5 years ago)
hhhhhhhhh. it s a good one.
harry bhut (5 years ago)
i once heard a racist tell me that certain species of bears drive better than most asians, now i sort of know what he meant
piealb1 (5 years ago)
Russian bears love beautiful cars..
LavionsOregon (5 years ago)
Its not fake.
Omar Little (5 years ago)
No no its not fake at all
Omar Little (5 years ago)
How is that fake? Isnt it usual that a bear drives a car?
Icefiz (5 years ago)
No, it's a russian bear.
Joseph Davidson (5 years ago)
Ae Leilua (5 years ago)
somehow when the car drives away the front windscreen is magically repaired...fake..lol
Roin Sultan (5 years ago)
There is no way a bear could fit in the drivers sit and on top of that there is no way it can drive a car lol So yeah FAKE
bigboyrise (5 years ago)
Oh ok then it's normal XD
bigboyrise (5 years ago)
WTF? was that for real?
Meme Master (5 years ago)
Kalika Putra (5 years ago)
fake they cut the vid in the tree ,their mate got in and chuck $hit around and then drove off.
Karl Huttunen (5 years ago)
No shit Sherlock! :)
nouvek (5 years ago)
this is unbearable
superboymoe (5 years ago)
in mother Russia car drive the bear
jimmy montana (5 years ago)
A7xforlifeRev (5 years ago)
Picardian (5 years ago)
at least you saved your bott. seriously dude, those bears fuck humans like a pornstar!
Picardian (5 years ago)
fake because bear didn't turn on the light before driving the car
juanjeremy2012 (5 years ago)
Robin Harris (5 years ago)
Did that bear have a driver's licence? If not, this is a clear and unacceptable traffic offence! That's a bear fact!
MirrorSA (5 years ago)
Built Stang (5 years ago)
its ok everyone he will get a dui at one point in his trip.
skatejason (5 years ago)
That's so fake. Bears can't drive cars unless they're specially trained. Even if this was an escaped Russian circus bear, it still would need a specially fitted car to accommodate it. Why would fishermen have such a car?
OnDavidsBrain (6 years ago)
I KNEW IT! Bears are fucking crazy. First our cars, then our tanks!
RollsRoyce3000 (6 years ago)
Великолепно ))
Vic Cruz (6 years ago)
Russian circus bear xD escaped to freedom
euphratessful (6 years ago)
конечно нередко они тачки уводят,в основном новые вседорожники )))
Pharaoh (6 years ago)
In Soviet Russia, bear make car
basstados (6 years ago)
damn drunk russian bears^^
Sue Sita (6 years ago)
Vurucu Tim (6 years ago)
fake video
1 (6 years ago)
no shit
Palle Svensson (6 years ago)
When it's hot I like to drink cold beer.
TheOhno111 (6 years ago)
its a guy in a beer costume who protends to be a beer then he steels the car
craig cunningham (6 years ago)
Heard he works for the mafia. Bad ass.
shau shin (6 years ago)
Fake ?
1amadeo (6 years ago)
I saw a bear stealing food but thats a whole new level, what a gangsta -_-
Сергей Л (6 years ago)
российские медведи угонщики))
Сергей Л (6 years ago)
салон подпортил))
TheB52pilot (6 years ago)
Самый броский фейк какой я лицезрел!)) Супер!))
mandablyatskayapizdo (6 years ago)
it's a mitsubishi
traktor (6 years ago)
random nigga at the end
Jonik25Russia (6 years ago)
бля во наверняка владелец тачки прихуел, когда мишаня в тачку запрыгнул :D
rogantu (6 years ago)
stolen from /watch?v=mwAAkKDo4p8&feature=g-vrec
niek040 (6 years ago)
piealb1 (6 years ago)
Then he got a ticket in the highway for speed limit.......
Laurie Watts (6 years ago)
that was FUNNY :)
Yes Yes (6 years ago)
i tought volvos where bear safe :O
it would be even more funny if it happened to dwight schrute
Toby Lau (6 years ago)
NOPE just Chuck Testa.
Omar Madinah (6 years ago)
Survivorman3298 (6 years ago)
the bear cleans out ur car, smart russian bear so it wont be stolen
a1skyline (6 years ago)
lame joke
Mehlissuh (6 years ago)
Why are you still alive? You should be kinder and do the world a favor. ^_^
Noturn (6 years ago)
apparently, bears in russia can drive now...
yoyo1245 (7 years ago)
chatmari (7 years ago)
lol...yeah right...
Ruslan Kurmankulov S. (7 years ago)
Какого хуя!!!
Paul Robinson (7 years ago)
Good fake lol
Qwady01 (7 years ago)
So where's the problem? You wanted it to drive on an empty belly? O.o
K. Christensen (7 years ago)
very funny, and well done, ... take a look at the shadows, before, and after he puts his camera against his jacket, they change significantly!-)
Averroes1126 (7 years ago)
Starlord (7 years ago)
you just got jacked by a bear
comment69873 (7 years ago)
Graham Winnipeg (7 years ago)
That bear has no taste
goliac492 (7 years ago)
@a1skyline I continue to be amazed at how American White Trash loves using epithets as a way to validate who they are emotionally or to show others how low class they are. Come to Europe so you can be socialized to remove that pathetic hatred eating you up. It does nothing good. Never has!

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