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4 Amazing Smoke Magic Tricks! - Breath Smoke Out Of Thin Air!!! (Super Easy, Very Impressive)

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Hand Smoke Machine: https://goo.gl/6FmycJ Learn 4 really cool and impressive magic tricks with smoke! In this video I will show you how to breath smoke from your mouth and how to make it magically appear form your finger tips. These tricks are super cool and are sure to impress your friends. Enjoy! Facebook: http://goo.gl/ZzRoKM Instagram: http://goo.gl/b4W1ft Playlist of Every Video: http://goo.gl/QVU2Wz If you liked this video, check out more on my channel http://youtube.com/jlaservideo Music: 1.6.3.O.H (163cm of happiness) - Muciojad
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Text Comments (896)
Lxnely._. Potato._ (9 days ago)
I thought you said out of thin air!
Connor Scanlon (22 days ago)
I subscribed
Dhawal Purohit (27 days ago)
Great trick bosss
GhostInATopHat (1 month ago)
god damn it i left myself at school i cant do this anymore
Rick is Hot af (1 month ago)
That’s a noice half face lmao
How to make smoke out of your mouth 1.Vape.
Andy Nguyen (1 month ago)
Instructions not clear, Burnt house down.
Aditya Jain (1 month ago)
Deck of cards
Aditya Jain (1 month ago)
Why does the thumbnail have cards
Liny_ Bealo (1 month ago)
How is this possible?? Someone plz xplain this!!
Kevin Mitchell (1 month ago)
Bro you don't need nothing but your mouth to make smoke
irfan ansari (1 month ago)
smoke like causes the ingerious
Nas/tiger Fahie (1 month ago)
Tomorrow I’m live striming
Antony Sebastian (1 month ago)
you're this would no.1 magitian
Bboy light (1 month ago)
Me - who the heck cut my match box! Him - wasn't me
Tablet Pichay (2 months ago)
Buddybear The Beardie is right
Spike 362 (2 months ago)
ARMY PlayzYT (2 months ago)
"Trust me I'm not a serial killer." that killed ne
Ramesh Chandra Katiyar (2 months ago)
hari venthaan (2 months ago)
I can do this
Sharon B. Taylor (3 months ago)
FaZe gumball (3 months ago)
I've the smoke trick the one whare u use your hand lol
Australian Pyro (3 months ago)
Yes let’s rub white phosphorus into our fingers! Not extremely toxic or anything
mini Newton (4 months ago)
3:58 is hot
Ashton Sumpter (4 months ago)
This guys voice is soooo soothing
steven Willard Jr (5 months ago)
Like smoke but not necessarily cigarettes.
Italicc (5 months ago)
For when you use the match and nose, what if you breath in on accident
aisha cYT (5 months ago)
Thats the same as davehax he did the smokey fingers
Young boi uzi (6 months ago)
How do u get smoke from nose to mouth?
Darkdoor !! (6 months ago)
I was done with those match box trick..but I'm really scared to do that.
Like app (6 months ago)
Loda lasn
Maker Man (6 months ago)
The thumbnail makes him look like he’s vaping😂
Why did you not show your face
Nigerundayo Smokey (6 months ago)
Or you could just use a fucking vape
Vortex (6 months ago)
Smoke cigars...
Ulysses Madrigal (6 months ago)
U suck
Clash With Rellik (7 months ago)
2018 me alone?
deepika singh (7 months ago)
Those lips 💋😍
Julian Orduna (7 months ago)
You are insane dud you are pertty smart
couh- couh (7 months ago)
Downt make dhe first one
Naresh Nani Nani (7 months ago)
it's winter season
ANANTHAN CR7 ANANTHU (8 months ago)
You have a bad breath😱😱
TV KURT (8 months ago)
Show your face
Claw Madness (8 months ago)
belchior quintas (8 months ago)
Osame tricks you have im likeing it great job
oyun zamani1 (8 months ago)
Yes okey whelll. Wouuu
santosh bhosale (8 months ago)
Really good
William Brooks (8 months ago)
Why does he sound like tina off of bobs burgers
Swag Ops (8 months ago)
kyro dasilva (8 months ago)
Can you add me on Facebook? Kyro Ignacio alqiz Dasilva? I used to do tricks like I can parkour but like I used to tattoo and capoeira but like my techniques for magic tricks failed me bro omg
Danny Campbell (8 months ago)
3:57 it’s actually water vapour and I can actually do it too, some people at my school showed me
Jason Li (8 months ago)
How to breathe smoke 1: Move to Canada or somewhere cold 2: Exhale normally
Puramshetty Anuvardhan (8 months ago)
I like video super
Aidan Omeara (8 months ago)
I am a beta tester for universe 2.4.7 and these tricks are patched... HELP. Should I drop out of beta testing and reboot the system..?
Kerran Richards (9 months ago)
waf no
Action mania V2 (9 months ago)
Love Kumar
Daniel Cruz (9 months ago)
My mom killed me after i did i this
Wish bros (9 months ago)
Neelam Rana (9 months ago)
XXXSAVAGE XXX (9 months ago)
Yaa I did it with nothing
Aleksandar Popratnjak (9 months ago)
good job
SEA SERPENTS GAMER (9 months ago)
It's works
ننثني يهينين (10 months ago)
مافتهمت شي من الفيديو وبالتعليق
Sonic XD (10 months ago)
im not a serial killer i died
Arstan Dzhaparov (10 months ago)
You can do the same thing with bottle with just squeezing it
MAVERICK PAUL (10 months ago)
The bottle one OMG Its like vape
Rana Sahil (10 months ago)
I dis that smoke ring trick with hokkah smoke I was exhaling all the smoke into the bottle and then i closed the bottle and then i opened the lid and just squezed the bottle slowly a few times and everytime i squezed the bottle smoke rings came out
ManiacDipper (10 months ago)
How about instead of using the uneducated way to blow smoke rings there gatorade bottle you actually smoke a ciggy and blow the Rings out of your mouth like a real boss
Zameer Jaffer (10 months ago)
Nice finger intro
JOECHEL GILS (10 months ago)
Omg your subscibes is 666,126
Fire Smeef (10 months ago)
Inhaling fumes from a match is not a good idea
mukhtar shaikh (10 months ago)
Oscar Lopez (10 months ago)
You should do it it's really awesome
le genie (10 months ago)
This is why women live longer than men
Jared Mendoza (10 months ago)
he looks fucking buff. no homo
A bowl of Miso soup (11 months ago)
daaaaaaamn! I did not expect the air pressure trick to work so beautifully!
Andy Garza (11 months ago)
Thats dope I did the matchstick one
Esther Rani (11 months ago)
It is not working out for me why
deepa deepa (11 months ago)
Assassin creed plz do this movie in tamil
Kakashi Hatake (11 months ago)
U wanna know something else that’s hot besides that smoke that breathe
CJDC Cubing (11 months ago)
Buy a vape😅😂😂
Sonique Horne (11 months ago)
🤓FINALLY I WAS ABLE TO LEARN FROM SOMEONE I TRIED OUT THE SECOND BREATHING SMOKE TRICK (WITHOUT USING ANYTHING) AND IT WOEKED!!!!!😁 😧My friends didn't want to tell me how to do it,😡 pretty cold world I live in...😑
abza vlogs (11 months ago)
you need a toothbrush damn
Vivek.j Thacker (11 months ago)
It's awesome but it's injurious
Keianna Gabourel (11 months ago)
Chris Ekuase (11 months ago)
Nice Work Bro merry christmas bro ❤❤😍
ILEANA GUEVARA (11 months ago)
I a red y know how to do it I can make more smoke with out nothing
Edisqn (11 months ago)
But is that smoking? Di ka di ding (jokes band sound)
Sketchy Tank (11 months ago)
This video is so cringy why did he get so close the camera with his mouth
Ventrix (11 months ago)
You kinda sound like Grayson Dolan lmao
hack games world (11 months ago)
that's smoke is bad for healt
JammyJam (11 months ago)
If u clap your tongue while doing the air pressuring thingy, the smoke is way more visible
trusha kavedia (11 months ago)
Please don't t inhale that smoke of match sticks with your nose which is Shown in that video that can do harm to Your lungs or any another part of nose to lungs
NULL_Xero (11 months ago)
First I burnt down my house 3rd one got patched 6. 9 is and my life is at 7. 1 so I'm sad ( realizes i have no life) nvm I have no life so I'm at life is 0.0
Boneless Jack (11 months ago)
Frags Hoops (11 months ago)
You can do it without all that
its xninjakakashix (11 months ago)
I got a better idea that will save you money to blow smoke out of your mouth without the cigarette cigar or any type of thing all you have to do is close your mouth make sure no air comes out of your nose and mouth you want your cheeks to puff up while you add pressure by blowing out in your mouth but don't let the air come out make sure that your nose and mouth are not letting out any air and while your mouth is closed make that popping noise with your tongue then after that blow out slowly it works
Alex Madajczyk (11 months ago)
This is fake he is in a room where it is really cold and then your breath is really warm and than produces smoke
Anoos Eggroll (11 months ago)
How to be fucking edgy

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