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Man Receives Call From Scammer and Proceeds to Waste his Time

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Trilogy Media (1 year ago)
I am the guy in this video. Check out our recent stuff here! https://www.youtube.com/trilogymedia
Filip 7715 (1 day ago)
Hahahahahhhhhahahhahhahhhahahhahahahhahahh I can't stop hahahahhgg Damm that's good thi NG you did and funny to
tim darr (21 days ago)
Trilogy Media Well played my friend, well played.
M. A. (1 month ago)
Pure genius! From beginning to end you were amazing. 👑🤩😎✌.. Thank you so much for sharing.. 🤗
karen k (1 month ago)
So cool
bethany chamberlain (1 month ago)
You are awesome
Paul Valmadre (3 hours ago)
That gold,lol
Vaporscience (3 hours ago)
The 5k dislikes are the *50 Pakistani members*
Moussi1982 (10 hours ago)
Omg I’m so doing that!!🤗 well done!✌🏻👍🏻
Kimo The cat (13 hours ago)
Better watch out or he will "put you behind *the* bars" looool *This Jew is hilarious 😂😹😂 and that paki dude when he said "go exchange positions with your dog" ahahaha
Jay Jay (19 hours ago)
“It must be all the bullshit” 😂😭
hassan nasir (21 hours ago)
this f**king Indian scammer lying about being a Pakistani
a r (1 day ago)
0:19 you need to pee
Geraldine Mark (1 day ago)
Eguzzisme (2 days ago)
I got a message that there was a “no bail warrant” issued under my name for non payment of my IRS bill. LOL
Piping To paradise (3 days ago)
If this happened I’d say “ 911 what’s your emergency? “
xd maximusSLAYETH (3 days ago)
For every saying he’s indian, Dumb fucks indians and muslims have the same accent. They are not the same ppl. This was a muslim. NOT AN INDIAN
StirFry cupp (3 days ago)
gift bag😂
Parker Collins (3 days ago)
Amazing ur dope 4 wasting there time!!
Younes Alawadhi (3 days ago)
Proud to be Pakistan.. as if he’s not Indian trying to blame Pakistan. Plus bin laden was operating from Afghanistan idiot 😆
gay and stink farts (3 days ago)
I had same im just so mega rude i wront say what i say but yeah its that rude and the police wront to nowt
A. GM (4 days ago)
You don't need to swear. Stooping to their level.
John Gibbs (4 days ago)
The 9/11 comment went too far! So I'll even it out by saying I hope all your villagers die from burning alive. HAVE A NICE DAY!!!
HDXXNoMeRcY lV (4 days ago)
I’m so allergic from something In this target must be all the bullshit😂😂
LieniTube Heheheh (4 days ago)
Legends say that he is still wasting time in this call
Andrea Day (4 days ago)
“Remember we crashed your towers we did it with planes , remember?” Litterly though who could forget 9/11 it was not a good event in time.
You are hilarious!!!!
John Neal (4 days ago)
Well said! This POS gives Pakistan a bad name....and he needs to stop having relations with gerbils!!!!
*EvEn YoUr BaRrAcK oBaMa WoNt CaTcH mE sIr*
daniel goodrow (4 days ago)
Crazy Bailey Monkey (6 days ago)
“ I think my father used to be Osan Bin Laldin” 😂😂😂😂😂😂
J (6 days ago)
It’s not Pakistan. They just selected that country but it could be anywhere there around
Marie Alexander (6 days ago)
this is priceless LOL l had scammers ring me and they said the police would around in 20 mins to arrest me if l refused to pay and l said darling l am in the police force ( which l'm not ) and he hung up real quick LOLOLOL
B N (6 days ago)
dude you have almost 10 million views.
mtssvnsn (7 days ago)
Always fun to do, if I have the time. I especially like it when they get angry an threaten to call the police, because I was rude. Whaat? My password really IS: e... a... t... s...h... i...
Joe's Aquatics (7 days ago)
If that really was Osama Bin Laden's son then he got shot during the raid when they shot Bin Laden
mukhtar h (7 days ago)
Their f****** from India not Pakistan he's lying to you dirty Indian
rose quartz (7 days ago)
The accent is already a scam!! haha
J Kritter (7 days ago)
Little bit massively dyslexic I’m still love this video 😂🔥
J Kritter (7 days ago)
Still the best video
HK Abid (7 days ago)
This scammer not from Pakistan his INDIAN ( Hindustani) .
Squeguin Gamer (7 days ago)
4:48 That escalated quickly
Casi Bulkeley (7 days ago)
So???.......did you get the mower or not???? :]
Soap (9 days ago)
Happened to me
goldnsunshine0 (9 days ago)
my mouth dropped at 5:45 along with ya buddy
bluedan1873 (10 days ago)
This is brilliant!
subscribe to pewdiepie (10 days ago)
Thanks for the number
Indian madorchot. Get off from US.
ღCourtney jenkin ღ (10 days ago)
Thank you or this, I showed it to my mum and dad and they said they know there's people like this and they Dont deserve to be alive or to live in this world and should have life sentence in prison, they also say you should never ever give out your details over a phone call and get numbers checked and ring your bank and police or whoever it could be from and ask if they have such a person called that name or recognise that number and or ask if you can go to that place and give the details over there and check number digits for your country x
JHP NETWORK (12 days ago)
Dude love it hands down 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘
DoNot Need (12 days ago)
Oh! This was funny! The IRS WILL NOT CALL YOU to tell you that you owe them or there is a problem with your taxes. They will SEND you a CERTIFIED LETTER explaining what's up and in it will be a telephone number to contact their representatives. Law enforcement will not call you saying that they have a warrant for your arrest either. They will just come for you with warrant in hand. Don't get scammed!
Corey Lew (12 days ago)
you live in an apartment but ordered a lawnmower....you scammer!
Paris France (12 days ago)
Charlotte Jerome (13 days ago)
MarkY MarK (13 days ago)
This guy IS CUTE. yes you are yes you are.
jonny777bike (14 days ago)
I just had a computer indian scammer on the line and I was only able to get 6 minutes.
hindi network (15 days ago)
150% indian t series. Pakistani doesn't speak English.
Ancaserban Serban (15 days ago)
Well done!
Ayush nair (15 days ago)
only stupid americans can fall for this stupid scams... i cant guess how dumb they are 🤣🤣
Burns me up. (13 days ago)
Ayush would you like a Target gift bag I can make it happen, just sent me $3,427.00 and a mailing address.
That’s Sauce (15 days ago)
Ayush nair you must be a scammer
Mark Salopek (16 days ago)
god bless the guys that screw with the scammers. they prey on the vulnerable. I have no use for them
Kailei R (16 days ago)
"i ThInK mY fAtHeR uSeD tO bE oSaMa BiN lAdEn"
Jamaican Patriot (16 days ago)
The scammers are so disgusting they make their country look so bad its the same thing that is happening to beautiful beautiful Jamaica
TK YT (17 days ago)
This doesn't even link to the right person
Zaheer Mahmood (17 days ago)
His indian lol
Catherine Ward (18 days ago)
My aunt got a call like this, when she did she told the guy she worked for the IRS, she doesn’t, and to stand up on his desk, she could probably see him from her desk. He proceeded to get very angry and hang up.
XDDDDDD Love how he just keeps rambling and rambling to waste his time.
Elijah Robichaud (19 days ago)
Can they hack your phone through the call? I did the same thing and am getting a bit paranoid after the fact
Malcolm Washer (20 days ago)
cool.wasten this scammers time
Malcolm Washer (20 days ago)
EliseM1224 (20 days ago)
Muhammad Farooq Shaikh (21 days ago)
Why would a scammer say were he is from? And I am glad you waste that fucking idiot time Whether he is from India or Pakistan or etc. the only thing I would say that he is not proud of his country.
picaros irish (21 days ago)
🤣🤣🤣🤣 That was epic
bill Lewis (21 days ago)
On the one hand they're as dumb as dog shit, they can't speak English and they can't even swear well. But they still manage to scam people.
i am not you (21 days ago)
in pakistan people eat people
Attack On Titan (21 days ago)
Maybe instead of wasting poor peoples time, they should just go back to fucking their animals again.
Seledoon Army (21 days ago)
Oh yeah yeah
T B (22 days ago)
But this video make me laugh so much
T B (22 days ago)
they used to call me everyday and I just block them
Dante Barcenilla (22 days ago)
CHILL FROST (23 days ago)
You need to pee
let’s get This bread (23 days ago)
Please stay safe guys! The real IRS will never call you, they send you a letter to your mailbox! I feel so bad to gullible people
Beea (23 days ago)
My mother got a scam phone call today and she didn’t know. She got paranoid and started having panic attacks. If I hadn’t got to her quickly, he could have gave her a heart attack.There should be a serious action taken against these guys. The 9/11 reference was very ugly. That literally shows his upbringing. And why is that fucker claiming to be a Pakistani when his accent is obviously indian. Now i want to call him and give him taste of his own medicine.
Mizz Meow (24 days ago)
WAT?! I'm not cute??! 😂😂
kerry Geee (25 days ago)
3:20 😂😂😂😂
John Keith (26 days ago)
These scam's are similar to Trump scam's
Ali Sajid (27 days ago)
Indian bastards are scamming the world .Everyone knows all the call centers are in India
Jack of Knives (27 days ago)
3:22 the scammer called you a dick head.
Jack of Knives (27 days ago)
I did sort of the same thing. I kept getting calls from this guy saying that I had been accepted into a private school in Pasadena California, and all I needed to do was send my family's credit card information and bank account number to pay for it, the guy was really starting to piss me off after the 4th time I received a call from him and told him I wasn't interested, so I gave the phone to my friend who excels at being creepy without doing anything creepy and my friend told him that if he kept calling he'd give the number to our other friends and have him call non-stop. It did the trick since he hasn't called again. *Edit* the guys "school" sounded a lot like the one in Michael Vey.
Db Schroeder (27 days ago)
max wellington (27 days ago)
Hahaha nice! Thank you for wasting their time.
Kimberly Jones (27 days ago)
He told him to have relations with his 🐕😂😂
victor car (28 days ago)
when he said "i don't wanna freak out my dog" hahhahahaah
Opal Wolf (28 days ago)
One time a scammer called my nan asking about her computer She doesn’t have one
Samiyo (28 days ago)
LOL they called me on Friday January 18th about a "Windows tech support" LOL I was about to hop into the shower. But, I just decided to waste their time and record the clown. LOL
Harrison Maynes (29 days ago)
This guy reminds me of Vince Vaughn
Hassan Jamil (29 days ago)
Bruh that Indian accent and he's Pakistani wtf
Martin Wells (29 days ago)
And they wonder why we despise them so much !
Philippine TV (30 days ago)
Now I hate Pakistani
Lil J (30 days ago)
I don’t understand why ppl dislike this video... oh scammers do
smile more (30 days ago)
Lol so much fun missing with those assholes I did it once yell at this guy and told him he's shit
Paeroa68 (30 days ago)
Get this people, no taxation department in any country, not the IRS, Australian Taxation Office, or Inland Revenue, will ever ask for gift cards as payment!! If you owe tax they will want money!!
Peter Spana (1 month ago)
Mate.. that’s what’s wrong with the world. Very disturbing
SAJ ALI (1 month ago)
Jeffrey Gray (1 month ago)
This guy is awesome he deserves a medal can't stand the robocalls thanks man for making my day

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