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Buyers Guide: Best Speakers for Under $100

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Text Comments (979)
alxnd_r (7 days ago)
Just buy some used logitech z3 z523 for 30$.. they will give you a decent bass and sound for movies and games and music.. Or even better buy some wooden satelites from and hook them up to a sub. You can make great systems for 50$ if you know what are doing.
Malte mus (25 days ago)
This vid helped me alot
Tahsin Tabassum (1 month ago)
Thanks for the advice! ❤
Aragorn (1 month ago)
imagine paying more than 50$ for speakers. Unless you host parties and need quality sound there's no point
steve welsh (1 month ago)
to play like you? erm, no thanks ill stick to my own style thanks, my ears like tone, feel and passionate sounds
Weta (2 months ago)
7:26 Start talking about unpowered speakers
my friend bought these https://amzn.to/2VqLv9w. Sound is not that "expensive" but it's ok. We tried it with different music styles. If you equalize it, you'll enjoy it
John D (3 months ago)
Raising children is the single greatest joy in life. I'm sorry you missed out on it....glad your parents were wiser than you or I would not be viewing your great video. See the joy having kids brings to the world?
cb2000a (4 months ago)
I build my own speakers because most speakers just are not made right.
No name ok (4 months ago)
Get used speakers from goodwill and use a $30 dollar lepai. I actually use an old set of speakers from a old microsystem, lol
Mike O (4 months ago)
Right off the dude says if you want good sound, don't even bother with speakers, just get headphones. Almost made me not want to watch anymore after that cause of that slanted remark, pretty much making anything said after that not trustworthy. I can't stand to wear headphones. Just don't like the feel of something wrapped around my head. I'm old school, gotta have the speakers baby! Nothing beats the sound of speakers in front of you. Headphones suc.
hagop derderian (4 months ago)
go get akai
012chris210 (4 months ago)
would it be possible/ good to use the amplifier and the bookshelf speaker combo for my TV audio? as well as normal music playing of course
012chris210 (4 months ago)
+Professor Scraggly cheers thank you very much!
Professor Scraggly (4 months ago)
You can do that for sure... However, you'll need a more powerful amp that has a remote and more inputs. Something like the Topping MX3 or SMSL AD18, which aren't as cheap as the amp they show here, but you get what you pay for in features and performance.
pdraggy (5 months ago)
Love budget speaker shopping at thrift stores actually, just make sure you get all the components and all of it works. See thrift stores have no idea what to do with speakers so most are priced exactly the same, I found 200 dollar creative gigaworks for 5 dollars! Unf they tend to disconnect the power adapter so you'll have to search for that or even buy one on Amazon but your cost tends to be under 20 bucks and you should get a higher tier sound
The Hip Hop Channel (5 months ago)
Honestly, people, please don't listen to this video.
David Dahl (5 months ago)
What are good 100 dollar 2.0 speakers
Ryan Li (5 months ago)
“bass speakers “ “treble speakers”💀
Heliux (5 months ago)
So do you need an amplifier for the mackie cr3 ?
Sushi James (6 months ago)
great info, thanks!
17Industries (6 months ago)
You said that if you want sound quality get headphones, and i already have a nice pair of headphones but want a lot of bass (subwoofer). do you have any good speaker and subwoofer setups that are really good?
gio arca (7 months ago)
u got to cut the video a little bit , i wont watch 14 minutes of u chatting about nothing sorry
Tad&Lottie (7 months ago)
"I'm not really a speaker person" you did get that part right
Tim Schutte (8 months ago)
, Amazon has the Dayton Audio B-652 speakers for only $29 bucks a pair now !!! great deal.
Jason Turner (8 months ago)
I've only watched the beginning of the video so far and I think I like y'all. Now back to the video
Dow Jones (9 months ago)
Dude is that you!?!? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WagrjnpYFI
Jamil Marquez (10 months ago)
Guys, I have an old pair of beats studio headphones and really love the way they "separate" the sounds. Usually on speakers they sound all mashed up it's like they are blended together. Although I haven't really tried a lot of brands or some "pro" stuff, I'd really like to replicate the sound of the Beats studio on a speaker system. This is for music by the way. I like listening to all kinds of genres from classical to dubstep, etc. Any advice?
Shadow Dancer (10 months ago)
If you have no money BUY these LOL
champer slimmerthannone (10 months ago)
Polk audio t15 $69.00... freaking awesome
Linked Devices (11 months ago)
Geez I know what it's like to be poor but 13 dollar speakers? Really?
Epicocity (11 months ago)
If u can get anything M-Audio it has amazing quality
Hadley Scott McIntyre (11 months ago)
They aint here.
Baron Von Lichtenstein (11 months ago)
Most headphones aren't very good. They artificially boost the bass which clouds the highs and midrange. As for dirt cheap speakers, I keep a pair of 2.0 Portable USB computer speaker by Cyber Acoustics (CA-2988) I got at Staples for $14 in my laptop bag. Nice clarity, though obviously not for heavy bass drum sounds
Dev Guy (1 year ago)
these clowns had $13 speakers for review lmfao, that's when I stop watching.
Tom (1 year ago)
Jesus Christ these two morons are completely useless. They do not know much about audio
Phenomenal Anomaly (1 year ago)
What a confusing video you guys are all over the place powered not powered, car amps I thought this was just for bookshelf speakers
JohnnyZBeatZ (1 year ago)
What’s good speakers to play vinyl records
mike young (1 year ago)
Does a pair of Infinity Reference Standard 1's for $80 from Goodwill count?
SswithS (1 year ago)
I have Klipsch 2.1 since forevr, still use them these days.. they're freaking nice.
Joe Maldonado (1 year ago)
You're not a speaker person, and yet you do a speaker video?
x iLeon (1 year ago)
some great tips here, even if I'm actually looking for cheap monitors
commentator (1 year ago)
Let's just pretend we never heard the stuff about pointing your treble speakers in the corner of the room. :-/
steal threaded (1 year ago)
elac b4s are 99 bucks all the time since the 2.0s got released and they seem to be dropping the b4s since they didn't get an update. They sound really good.
Manuel Antonio (1 year ago)
blá,blá,blá, man go straight to the point.I stop to watch the fucking video.
KAY SiTTy (1 year ago)
shut up bevis, uhuuh DUH carbon fiber wouldn't work, ererrrr [what a fat jackass] not even smart enough to edit such an ignorant statement after the fact....
Richard Garcia (1 year ago)
this channel could be named THE AMAZON GUIDE, good job!!!
Marvin Murakami (1 year ago)
I'm pretty sure the bic venturi dv62si sounds better than any of those listed and can be had in the 60 dollar range each on amazon.
Dieser Kanal ist got (1 year ago)
I think the Logitech z623 is good
KiwiKubeZ (1 year ago)
Here we go with more cunts that make speaker reviews without even hearing them
gino (1 year ago)
very very good video indeed. Thanks a lot for the very valuable speakers picking.  But i have a comment on listening through headphone.  Personally i find the lack of sound coming from the front uncomfortable because not natural.  This is the very limit, at least for me, of listening through headphones. To be fair some HPs are better than others at filling the front but still the sensation of the sound confined mainly to the L and R sides of the head is very strong and not pleasant to the brain.   The day they will overcome this i will listen only to HPs.  I swear.
J B (1 year ago)
Don't waste your time here.
Zenith (1 year ago)
What I learned is, Avoid everything audio related from Tek Syndicate
C_ Farther (1 year ago)
Could you put those monoprice to the Lepai amplifier you mentioned?
cwli1 (1 year ago)
Try the £8/$12 CD-quality small Trust Leto (Polo in the USA) speakers. They have some bass to them.
Conner Dassen (1 year ago)
The klipsch speakers can't be bought anywhere anymore
Udo Hansen (1 year ago)
Is it worth it to put the speakers out and install it into your car?
Piyush Khanna (1 year ago)
http://gestyy.com/wc1yOV jbl speakers
Kevin Boyles (1 year ago)
Link to speakers doesn’t work 404 page not found!?!
David Oscar Flores (1 year ago)
These guys should go on stage as dynamic duel comedians​.
Isaac Allen (1 year ago)
6% of viewers can screw off
Metalbass10000 (1 year ago)
I have a great idea for you: actually say what the product is. Since every time you show the screen you hover the mouse over the imager and cover up the name of the product with the zoomed image. Just a thought.
Bratislav Metulski (1 year ago)
jbl lsr 305 for 100 bugs now
TheeJoeyLee (1 year ago)
If it was a good sub..then ya the floor, But when the "Sub" is a 4-5" WOOFER...Crossed over at 250 freakin hertz Placement on the desk in the center can help with the localization of the subwoofer, which is a problem with cheaper Small PC speakers. Spend 100 on some bookshelf speakers, like Fluance SX6 , BIC DV62Si, Micca M42x and a Lepai 2020a+ Amp. Upgrade the amp later with a SMSL AD18 (built in DAC, 50x2w BT with APTX, Headphone out,Sub out, NFC, Remote) $145 when the time comes.
Rob Jewell (1 year ago)
What the F is this?!....”if you need speakers just buy headphones”...reading straight off of amazon.
CrazyNinjaMike (1 year ago)
I'm still rockin my $350 z5500 from 2006
Gorguruga (1 year ago)
Brilliant video.. extremely useful information
Jason Faulkner (1 year ago)
i have 6 old amps 10 sets of speakers 3 stereo EQs all of which i collected over the years from pawn shops etc.. I spent MAYBE $600 on all of it ..and I can make ANYTHING sound awesome .. i love Gustav Holst the most.. Mars 'the bringer of war..!!! i EQ to get the most from each amp and speaker then just turn up and down various volume levels to get the best sound for the music at the time. the speaker sets are placed all over the sound room for 'complete spacial saturation' each configuration has a natural frequency sweet spot so if i want more bass i turn up the bass sweet spot configuration..more middle..the mid config..etc..works awesomely and at full tolerance i can get over 120 decibels easy (not that I would want that continuously though lol). ...its a thing of beauty.. ;) you don't need a $10,000 system for great sound..just enough stuff to 'fill in all the blanks' Cheers
Zero (1 year ago)
You just show items on amazon. This is what i can do on my own
Duncan Burke (1 year ago)
Can I get a link to this “headphones” video
Doug Smith (1 year ago)
After watching the videos for the Under $100 and the $150 to $200 speaker reviews plus some other bookshelf speaker reviews, I opted for the SMSL amp with a set of Polk T-15 bookshelf speakers.  I spent about 65 bucks on the amp and only 50 bucks for the pair of Polk T-15.  After purchasing some speaker wire and 3.5mm to RCA plug adapter to go from the computer to the amp, I was into the entire system for about 125 bucks.  The independent amp with regular bookshelf speakers is absolutely the most economical way to get the best sound for your computer system.  The Polk audio T-15 speakers for $50 a pair was a great hit and I have no need for a sub. I also add the app equalizer Boom 2 to control the sound.  Amazing sound for frugal dollars.  Thanks Mayflower electronics for the advice, plus Monoprice is a very well priced electronics store, I picked up my wiring supplies from them.
Mrcloc (1 year ago)
lol - carbon fiber won't work! Creative Gigaworks T40. You can find them for about $110, but I'm not 100% sure where. If not those, then the T20's will be excellent for $60. I'm not a fan of the Mackie CR3 - more hype than actual good. Many issues in sound quality. The Creative Gigaworks T40 blow them to pieces. If you really want to keep your budget tight, but are willing to spend a little extra (or have an amp), the Pioneer SP-BS22-LR are apparently phenomenal.
Bomber Domme (1 year ago)
my personal speaker guide: buy some very old high class speakers... some idiot throws away for dirty cheap money... learn how to do reconeing / refoaming on youtube ... get an old but gold working stereo amp... a lot of fools sell spakers wiuthout a clue. i use my dads first technics amp he buyed in 1986... a technics su-v55a he gave it to me cause he wanted to have a souroundsystem... i buyed some infintiy reference 60 i buyed from an old lady... for 20 bucks... she had it on her attic from an former lover... i had to buy reconeing-sets for all speakers.. ordered it from the US 8$ each.... it tooked me a lot of hours to clean it from the old foam and adhesive.... but i did it with tutoraials... 1 day of work... 1 day wayting for the adhesive to get dry.... now i have a stereosystem that kicks ass... a system like that new would have cost me serval hundred €. also i clean my amp once a year like my father did.... get the dirt out of the potis.... use contactspray.... so it will work and work.
Jim lawrence (1 year ago)
Thanks for the guide. Thumbs up!
Compete ToDefeat (1 year ago)
Soooo a couple of guys suggesting speakers they haven't actually sat there and tested. Brilliant. Might as well just go fucking throw darts and buy what it lands on.... useless.
Rist (1 year ago)
If you want good bookshelf speakers Fluance AV5's are my recommendation by far I bought a second pair because they sound so good.
KiemPlant (1 year ago)
My dad gave me a *JVC Integrated Stereo Amplifier* and a *Realistic Seven Band Stereo Frequency Equalizer.* With my setup right now I have 2x2 speakers hooked up to it and it sounds very good. 2 Decent sized speakers on the floor with amazing bass. But I want to make a new desk pretty soon in a black/white theme and I have 2 smaller speakers standing on my desk behind my monitors (too small to fit on the sides) and I want to replace them with some decent speakers so that it fits with my setup.
Rist (1 year ago)
Equalizers make a huge difference even with poor speakers let alone good ones.
Jan Kafka (1 year ago)
You're morons!
Billy Buttlord (1 year ago)
wtf is this video
The Blonot (1 year ago)
hi, i need speaker for rock music. Can you give me your recommendation speaker for rock music from under $100, under $200 and under $300 ? I hope your recommendation is available on my country. TY.
neonone (1 year ago)
Car stereos can make compact cheap alternatives to home stereo systems if you're looking for a way to play cds or radio too. have to know how to rig an adapter up to them though
Vincent Dsnt (1 year ago)
Mikey Smith (1 year ago)
I got those 13 dollar ones for 4 at target a year or so ago they still work great lol
WeeDKill420 (1 year ago)
Lmao is that bam margeras Brother
axel chayra (1 year ago)
Does anyone know the RMS wattage range my speakers should be, if I'm planning to run them through a 25 watt Tube amp? I can't seem to find much information on how to match a tube amp w/ speakers (power-wise) to not blow them up. (for a home theater system).
kert pearl (1 year ago)
speaker on their front were the click bait off this video
Minahil Ali (1 year ago)
Damian Nohka (1 year ago)
Can someone help me, i want to get a decent audio setup w/ a sub and speakers for around $200-$300. Any recommendations?
Daniel Mihalev (1 year ago)
Would these be better than the logitec z333 and z313 model, speakers?
Collin Coutinho (1 year ago)
you guys are a freakin bore...
Braadkuiken (1 year ago)
I like how I've watched this video 5 times by now and still haven't decided, nice one me
treester 999 (1 year ago)
The creative A250 are AWESOME!!! My beother got one and my 200$ Kenwood Hifi System is not better!
Garrett Boswell (1 year ago)
Is it okay to get studio monitors for gaming instead of like a sound bar or something else
Connor G (1 year ago)
Sorry people but if you want good sound quality for cheap money, go for vintage gear! You can go to your local goodwill, Salvation Army, thrift store, eBay, Craigslist, etc... You'll be amazingly surprised with what you can find for cheap money! Look out for names like JBL, EPI, Paradigm, Pioneer, Sansui, Marantz, Klipsch, Canton, Kenwood, Energy, Luxman, Accuphase, H.H. Scott, Boston Acoustics, Mirage, Etc... Vintage audio is super under-rated and deserves a look at!
Axeque. (1 year ago)
I want a headset and speakers >:C
Thomas AV (1 year ago)
MACKIE CR5BT - I love it. If you wanna hear to Genuine sound without Noise, switch on ti the 5" Mackie CR5BT
MegaSmilee1 (1 year ago)
I think everyone here hates kids.
グリッチ (1 year ago)
Witch speaker is best the enius SW-G2.1 2000 or the enius SW-G2.1 3000?
Josh Villegas (1 year ago)
You see I would buy these but the link takes me no where
theflowerhead (1 year ago)
Sweet video, speakers/headphones are my weakness.
The Groove (1 year ago)
CRIT, you owe it to yourselves to include Fluance at the price point they sell them. I was blown away. Canadian made. Trust me guys. I've been in the audio business since 1979.
Diego Valdés (1 year ago)
I'm looking for a pair of actve speakers for my turntable that is in my small room. Which speakers on your list would you recommend me?
Brassplyer (1 year ago)
Here's what you do for a kickass budget setup. Find a pair of RCA RS2654 Bass Reflex speakers either with or without their original CD/Tuner/Receiver. Find a pair of RCA 40-5022 bookshelf speakers - which are probably virtually identical to the Dayton Audio B-652's which I'm sure will work fine as well. If you don't have the original RCA RS2654 main unit, then get a Sony STR-DH130 with 4 135 watt channels or similar, as long as it has an A and a B set of channels. Hook the RS2654 speakers to one channel, hook the 40-5022's to the other. Put the 40-5022's on top of the RS2654's. Run both A & B channels. The RS2654's will take care of the bass and part of the mids, the 40-5022's will give you another part of the mids and the high's with their tweeter. Tweak the bass and treble to your liking. It'll sound like some of the $1000 speakers at Best Buy.

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