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Can Russians actually do a decent car?

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Discover the features of the new bestseller from Russia. Welcome to the new Russian Rides series with Tim Kirby! Here we will test-drive Russian-made cars and see how they handle Russia’s rough and tough road conditions. There is the common misconception that Russian cars are inherently poor quality and unreliable in the field. Let’s figure out whether it’s true — since Russia has a lot of fields, so to speak, it should not be too difficult! We’ll start with the Lada Vesta from Avtovaz: a family car with an elegant appearance. Want to know why it’s the fourth best-selling in Russia and a commonly exported vehicle? Here's the first part of the Russian Rides series to answer all your questions! http://rbth.com
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Text Comments (206)
Олег Олегов (17 days ago)
Nice review I had fun time .
Manish Manish (1 month ago)
U r good man but the music is too loud
blackericdenice (1 month ago)
I hate sorry ass reviewer that don't show the engine and don't tell you what size it is.
R A (2 months ago)
Planshet7474 As (2 months ago)
Это не русский автомашина, а французкий, собран из рено запчастей с логотипом лада.
Falich (2 months ago)
maybe he just wanted us to see the car from a russians perspective. being piss drunk.
lennartkns (2 months ago)
More like Mondeo?.
Bill Barnews (2 months ago)
Snowy_12 (3 months ago)
Cameraman drink more Vodka
Bull1the1Great (3 months ago)
try Vesta sport
Eddie Stevenson-Kaatsch (3 months ago)
What is the MATTER with Americans... they seen incapable of producing a video without that bl00dy AWFUL groaning, whining guitar noise in the background. Then they yell in an attempt to be heard over the wretched row. Just turn the racket OFF. Speak in a normal voice and throw in a bit of pleasant background music only when we are neither listening to the commentary or the background noises (like the engine, etc), but driving through some suitable countryside or townscape. Having read more negative reviews besides my own, I see that this bunch needs to REALLY, REALLY pay attention if they hope to make a splash on the internet. I couldn't bear it beyond the first few minutes!
Virtual Reality (3 months ago)
Drunken Irish man holding the camera ?
john smith (4 months ago)
Nissan versa for Russian.
ANDRЕ VARDAN (4 months ago)
Manuel Gomez (4 months ago)
im fucking dizzy
Vijay Wadnerkar (4 months ago)
do Russian sell their cars outside their country ?
KAAN YT 2003 (4 months ago)
The car looks good but the cameraman sucks
Cote_ yka (4 months ago)
Есть Lada xray
Frank ten Horn (2 months ago)
As Nice as Putin and as ugly :-)
HipsterBot (4 months ago)
Camera guy = Mr. Bean's son lol
Eddie Stevenson-Kaatsch (3 months ago)
Mr. Bean's son is a genius compared to this fuck-wit.
Ivan Juke (5 months ago)
Я не понимаю будто эти иноземцы ещё могут тестить наши машины и противиться?, если они вообщем не закупают их для других государств
Accurate Granite (5 months ago)
I'm not sure I understood his problem with the tires. He didn't specify if his gripe was the diameter or width of the tires. If the width had him upset, he needs to spend an entire winter in Russia or Canada driving through snow. Narrow tires are best. Guys in the US are obsessed with wide tires because they believe they look "cool."
Rick James5678 (5 months ago)
The Batman voice thing is cringe worthy. Instead of swinging the camera around like a drunk sailor how about interior and engine shots? How about telling the audience what type of transmission it has, MPG, and how much horsepower? You can own Russian car reviews if done right.
111 222 (5 months ago)
Don't buy this shit. Gray color cuz russian have no roads.
Made in Russia (5 months ago)
of course they can ;) https://youtu.be/gBNyQbuuFy0
Aragorn II (6 months ago)
So why aren't these cars sold in USA or west?
Command_Unit (5 months ago)
they are sold mostly in Russia and europe and the former soviet block!
English Nationalist (6 months ago)
In soviet russia cars drive you
Too bad we will never see it in the US
Luca' s Work tv (5 months ago)
Wonderous History of Classic Film us cars made in Russia or Belarus
crippling cancer (6 months ago)
come on... it's 2018 and the car still uses halogen lights? have VAZ never heard of LED lights or xenon? which have much better reliability and quality.
2002altima (7 months ago)
Camera man making me dizzy 🤪😵🤢🤮
Electronic Adventures (7 months ago)
I am seriously nauseated watching this.
bjh (4 months ago)
It's like the camera man from a generic 90's MTV program. This camera work used to be cool when Kurt Cobain was still alive.
Mike G (7 months ago)
That camera work is genuinely irritating
John Tillman (7 months ago)
Looks like a Ford Focus.
Eddie Stevenson-Kaatsch (3 months ago)
...except a Ford Focus would fall to bits in a few days on Russian roads.
Makhulu Mapogo (8 months ago)
Realy the whole nation doesn’t have someone to design a car cmon guys you should hire me I’m realy good at designing Cool looking Sedans
mcmcolm (8 months ago)
Great brakes? Looks like it doesn’t have ABS?
Bidart Bauer (8 months ago)
Lada is a really good brand, they last forever
Michael wood (9 months ago)
Will it support those long beautiful Rusky female legs???
k l o p p s (8 months ago)
Well, for Russian roads and financial standards Ladas are very decent
00008HANK (8 months ago)
Russian roads are not crumbeling like some other "rich" contry :P
soulassassin0g (10 months ago)
Next time you decide to film make sure your cameraman is capable of holding the camera steady.
merrisma (10 months ago)
Screaming for stance
аминь (10 months ago)
all who do not nravitsa Vesta - suck fuck swallow !!!!
Nikolay Penin (10 months ago)
the car is so good!!!! i know that easily because i am russaian!!! and the perosn who was talking abour the car was weird and i got embarassed when he was speakening in russian
Manish Manish (1 month ago)
Is it 4wd? I got the lada urban I need a car, from Beirut to Moscow .... With luv
Jordan Scanlon (1 month ago)
super extreme David Piacenza give him a break. It was probably auto correct. Just saying
A Russian who can't spell russian, typical russian idiot.
Pls do not let cameraman get intoxicated before the shootong :)
Lord Sky Dragon (11 months ago)
If you buy a Russian car, Donald Trump and the Deep State are likely to impose economic sanctions either on you personally or on your country! 😁
Martin Jones (11 months ago)
It was a risk? It is made by Renault Nissan.
00008HANK (8 months ago)
errr no its not its made by Avtovaz it is made with Russian componets and has a Russian engine in it.
********** (11 months ago)
Who's the idiot?
AM 1986 (11 months ago)
French Groupe Renault has owned a majority stake in the Alliance Rostec Auto, which controls AvtoVAZ, since the end of 2016.
Maddog29 (11 months ago)
Why not they do weapons of war pretty darn good.
Sage Wysocki (11 months ago)
Good looking car. Sure beats most American cars!
Eb2x Blee (1 year ago)
Is a fuckin lada. It runs forever.
George Argyris (1 year ago)
Nice design better than a Japanese Toyota like Auris I own.If it is reliable why to spent a Fortune for a Golf.I hate Germans,so I prefer a Renault-Lada vesta.
Drew Montoya (1 year ago)
Wanna hear a joke Russian car lol
00008HANK (8 months ago)
i have another one your life.
Drew Montoya (11 months ago)
Urban Student Prepper awww did i hurt your feelings putinbot?.
Urban Student Prepper (11 months ago)
Drew Montoya how much salt do you want?
MrSlowPaper (1 year ago)
A whole Lada bullshit! move along Ford and Chevy are better
Zarra Jasryn (1 year ago)
Hahaha why it looks like proton saga.
Sandrik1976 (1 year ago)
Тим ты этак обрусел что я уже понимаю твой британский)))
Alexey Bubley (1 year ago)
Меня укачало к концу видоса. Оператор, ты чем там таким занималься?
Fadzly Kome (1 year ago)
A minute and I got an headache
UndefinedGamer (1 year ago)
The cameraman was probably doing skateboaring videos before
ClynthSync (1 year ago)
Well actually Candy green could look better on that car
Sanjeev Upadhyay (1 year ago)
Volvo inspired design
The exterior of this car was painted by a Volvo designer!
Valdur Tamm (1 year ago)
Cameraman needs to go pee i think
dimashevchenko (1 year ago)
Iol, this car is engineered by the French, uses Renault Megane parts, and is designed by an Englishman. How is it a Russian car?
It is designed by French, not engineered. And yeah, it has up to ~20% foreign parts. But which car doesn't have them? Following your logic we could assume that IPhone is all Chinese
Urban Student Prepper (11 months ago)
Well the first vehicle is made in Britain so why not?
ELLIPSIS (1 year ago)
Actually a very good point about wheel size. Tiny wheels on a too big body make the car look cheap.
Ponas Jonas (1 year ago)
fire the cameraman he is retarded
Many russian think, that we are 💪 country, but we haven't really good russian car. Sorry, my english not good)) I drive Pontiac Vibe. In America, i think it's car for not reach people, but in Russia it's great.
Eddie Stevenson-Kaatsch (3 months ago)
Just keep in mind that American people actually VOTED for Donald Trump, who is a bona fide moron. All the rest makes sense after that. They are simply a whole nation of idiots which keep on proving themselves stupid over and over and over again.
addicz2 (10 months ago)
Дмитрий Кузев But you have different feeling driving local cars. Home is home.
Observer (1 year ago)
This is the most expensive Russian car. This is all that the Russians are capable of for today. Russia is a country of the third order, a raw material appendage of the west.
Eddie Stevenson-Kaatsch (3 months ago)
Russia only builds what Russia needs. It has been like this for as long as anyone can remember. What they make always works perfectly well as far as functionality goes. If they want poncy crap they look further afield for fancy toys to play with. When in Rome...
00008HANK (8 months ago)
what dose any of that even mean? "Russia is a country of the third order" xD
CrLe (1 year ago)
its basically new Dacia Logan, it was produced in partnership with Renault and its all Renault engines...
Mihail Raskin (1 year ago)
It's not. Vesta has it's own platform and it's own engine. You're right about Lada Xray, which is Dacia Sandero, but not about Vesta.
Yevgeniy Valstion (1 year ago)
What with a shaky camera it makes my puke.
Alis Avdagić (1 year ago)
All russian cars have big trunks, so that KGB agents can put "enemies of the state" in them.
olzhas1one (1 year ago)
The anwser is: Not really
00008HANK (8 months ago)
and this is based on what exactly?
Passthedutch 1977 (1 year ago)
It looks like a Ford Focus mixed with a Hyundai Elantra.
Dean D (10 months ago)
Both of the cars that you mentioned have retarded design. If you google this car design is made way before Focus, Hyundai or other Japanese boring designs come. Hell they can't do it right even when they copy this "X" design . Hint: look at Honda or Mitsubishi.
Vlad Kruglov (1 year ago)
im russian and for me this car is crap car, bring back the good old days when it was fun to drive, RWD is love RWD is life im all nissan now
iwan (1 year ago)
this car looks really good
TOM POPŁAWSKI (1 year ago)
wolę Opla
Martin Legare (1 year ago)
I think I have motion sickness ! Hey you want to make it active and dynamic, but gees... it really got to my nerves !
xeniosaias (1 year ago)
time for the cross:)
Frank Conrad (1 year ago)
I really fucking hate your cameraman......
Roger H (1 year ago)
yes they can but they will still immediately crash it and post on YouTube! lmao
Al Kokone (1 year ago)
Fvck, dude, stop waving that camera back and forth, you make me sick...pheeeewee
Saleh M (1 year ago)
i got dizzy of the camera
sidharth cs (1 year ago)
Cameraman is high
J1.92c (1 year ago)
Is the camera man on a swing?
Ozomini (1 year ago)
What about the volga? ;-;
SovietRussianBear (1 year ago)
WTF?? Is camera man drunk or something??
Ofcause. Vodka is't forbidden yet.
Sunbro 2011 (6 months ago)
They're russian. Of course they're drunk
ТОП 5 (10 months ago)
Camera man is drunk because of our russian hospitality:)
Vermilion (11 months ago)
Bush Baby (1 year ago)
Зачем эти вмятины на боках? Портят полный образ...
Ну, это - дело вкуса.
Observer (1 year ago)
Мне тоже не нравятся эти вмятины. Портят полный образ. И фары очень огромные.
Большинству нравится. Но не в моём вкусе, в особенности из-за симметричности, смотрится будто тяни-толкай какой-то))
Tanel Murd (1 year ago)
So basicly peace of shit, nothing hasnt changed in Lada since the first car was made.
Luca' s Work tv (5 months ago)
Tanel Murd American cars only for people with small penis
00008HANK (8 months ago)
do you have any actual arguments?
AucosticBagel 21 (8 months ago)
Tanel Murd its reliable
jack (1 year ago)
this video = motion sickness
Orange - (1 year ago)
Bad camera skills
007 007 (1 year ago)
Он её хвалил либо хаял?
Ему приглянулась
Recovering New Yorker (1 year ago)
Nice good looking compact car. Other comments have said it's primitive (port instead of direct injection) but I'm not so sure that's a bad thing. Better to do the simple things well than the fancy things badly. Compared to older Ladas it's apparent that Russian cars have come a long way since the Soviet Union.
OXiG (9 months ago)
Considering that Lada 2107 was manufactured until 2012, Lada Vesta is a huge leap for Russian auto industry. Lots of modern cars still doesn't have direct injection, and many Russians considers it to be an advantage, because port injection is much more reliable and not so demanding on quality of fuel.
Art 83 (1 year ago)
failed project car for low income wages
Urban Student Prepper (11 months ago)
How much salt?
Art 83 (1 year ago)
juan corvalollio you can bet it runs with vodka and fires AK 47 bullets
juan corvalollio (1 year ago)
The funniest thing about this is that's the most expensive Lada ever made
streetracer111 (1 year ago)
Its like a Russian Ford Fiesta.
Илья Медов (1 month ago)
Except that Vesta has a more powerful 1.8 engine and a bigger Station Wagon hull as an option :)
Anthony Sanchez (5 months ago)
Looks like a Fiesta/Jetta/iA thing.
Joey O'Brien (9 months ago)
This dude is way too pumped up
David Klimmek (10 months ago)
streetracer111 love me a Ford Fiesta! Owned 2.
NoName _ (1 year ago)
Можно перевод ?
D'Brickashaw (1 year ago)
That bridge..
ChebooRec (1 year ago)
Оператор тошнотный!
GodBlesstheUSA (1 year ago)
who else got nauseous watching this video, from the constant camera rolls?
National Security Agency (6 months ago)
GodBlesstheUSA If you watch it drunk, it starts to make more sense.
rbagel55 (1 year ago)
It looks modern but in reality it is behind in technology since it only comes with port injection and engines that only produce 78 and 90 HP
ZnenTitan (10 months ago)
Oleg Lecinsky That is the whole point. A modern design but made tough for the harsh winter that any local mechanic can fix in the big country that is Russia.
Oleg Lecinsky (10 months ago)
Take a look at the map of Russia to imagine that sometimes you're like 2000+ km away from any certified service center. And what are you going to do with an "up-to-date" sophisticated engine when something fails and all help you can get is 3 local mechanics working in a concrete hangar?
ZnenTitan (10 months ago)
rbagel55 It's what the Russians need. A modern design car that doesn't require a degree in computer science to fix and will take what a Russian winter can dish out and keep rolling.
Urban Student Prepper (11 months ago)
You know the meaning of low cost? Idiot?
Discerning Troll (1 year ago)
Les Roches It is pointless to even explain to US idiots. There own cars don't sell at all overseas or at home that much. That's there real problem. The best sellers in the USA are European Designed or Japanese designed. Time and again they have tried to sell there US designed crap in Australia. They always fail and pack up and go home. Ford and GM gave up selling there larger car here. You can drive all day in an Australian city and never see a USA designed car apart from a few Jeeps with there European Diesel. They will be gone in a matter now of 4/5 years. They have nothing going for them. No better than the best Japanese or European. Give more problems. Less durable. Exhirbitantly expensive on parts. Never seen a Cadillac in Australia. Why? Who would buy a gas guzzling heap of shit like that that handles like a bag of shit. Is poorly engineered when for the same money you can buy a Mercedes or BMW or Audi etc. That is the problem. The US itself can't design or build a good car. How did they save GM USA? Apart from the billions Obama poured in the took all there best designers and managers from around the world and set them loose and they cleaned up the USA division. There new large car is now very similar to the GM Commodore designed in Australia. Combines the best of European technology with Japanese finish and ease of Production. Something the US could never come up with. Due credit must go to the German Designers of Opel. That was what the Aussie engineers stated with making it a bit bigger and more of a comfortable touring car for long distances. GMs smaller cars now made in the USA are more or less copies of GMs European designs. Mainly Opel. It was easy just sideline the US designers and bad management to a large degree. That's how good the home grown US industry is.
Cody Crouse (1 year ago)
No wonder why Nissan & Renault, as well as Dacia are able to make such great cars. They bought Lada into their great car making team & the investment has paid off quite a bit.
Zaram Zalmay (1 year ago)
wtf is the cameraman doing with the camera
xennex (5 months ago)
couldn't handle the Russian Spirits yesterday ?
FunkiestChickenlawl (5 months ago)
Either slippin on the ice, drunk, bad at his job, or a combination of said three things
MrSlowPaper (1 year ago)
And no interior viewing....
Ducky datduckbro (1 year ago)
Zaram Zalmay p
Cyril Gomez (1 year ago)
russian vodka

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