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Secrets Of The Greatest Magic Tricks REVEALED & EXPOSED

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The secrets of some of the worlds greatest magic tricks have finally been revealed. Here are the secrets of tricks performed by david copperfield, dynamo, david blaine and even penn and teller! Subscribe for more! ► https://goo.gl/pgcoq1 ◄ Stay updated ► https://goo.gl/JyGcTt https://goo.gl/5c8dzr ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: [email protected] Credit: https://pastebin.com/rQNZ7NEf Rank #10 video credit - CaptainDisillusion: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dSp_f0f9gE
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Text Comments (1462)
Orion Star (14 hours ago)
I would like for you to reveal the trick of someone being levitated not in a studio, but on the street.thanks
James Cook (2 days ago)
david blane is an amazing performer and goes through tons of trial and error before performing he test the limits of humans none of witch is magic he is just very skilled because of practice practice practice
Random Videos (3 days ago)
Oh god the last one..
chee-MAX (3 days ago)
Wheres harry potter?
TheBenster (5 days ago)
Ok but like poor frogs. Imagine being eaten alive by a giant being and then regurgitated back out
El Guiñolo (6 days ago)
David Blaine is probably the best of all.
kamruz zaman (6 days ago)
david blaine is a legend
Bella potchy (10 days ago)
I want to know how DMC managed to transform a picture of a butterfly into an actual butterfly at the tattoo shop on his Netflix special "Death by Magic"
HeLLRaiser (14 days ago)
This video only shows how every magician is a fake except one..
McLovin (23 days ago)
Dynamo just relies heavily upon camera tricks and edits for his magic
Al Fernandez (25 days ago)
First name comes to mind when hearing the word magic..... DAVID BLAINE
Heimonmitre Syngkon (25 days ago)
David blaine is the best
Ledio Lluka (26 days ago)
Why you dont do it?
Cripst (26 days ago)
The David Blane part was taken entirely from Vox's youtube chanell
Wayne Mcdonnell (28 days ago)
Load of b. s, it's magic
mohamed shahir (28 days ago)
Ethel Dugz (28 days ago)
what about those who performed live, reading minds ??? can u figure it out too? i wanna know :)
Emerson Ottoline Quin (1 month ago)
I feel bad for the frogs
Bay Koehn (1 month ago)
The frog one is just cruel
adla praveen (1 month ago)
Reveal imadmagician trics
NoobyGamez (1 month ago)
The comments in the videos showing the last guy’s tricks are stupid. They all same how it’s the devil and shit. Fucking hilarious how dumb they are
Goddy Carino (1 month ago)
I am more amazed by David Blaine, than Dynamo... Buried in ice for days. water etc., Dynamo can't do that.
NoobyGamez (1 month ago)
I watched a video that debunked that trick, the guy has a stunt double and switched every few hours I think. I don’t remember how they switched without being noticed but it was clever
PotHead Music (1 month ago)
David Blaine is real 😂😷 lowkey
Joshua Hammond (1 month ago)
HAM BONE (1 month ago)
These are iffy
Drum Method (1 month ago)
NICE !!!
Hyunjung Kim (1 month ago)
I like how you copied Vox's (youtube channel) words on David Blaine's secret of regurgitating frogs.
David Garcia (1 month ago)
Who else got mind F***** by the Svengali phenomenon? 0_0
Ambar rose (1 month ago)
^what^! How do u do that, is is so complicated! I can't even find anything out! Like this is true now I'm gonna eat chocolate biscuits for breakfast nom nom nom I'm going to make it^u'w'u !
Ambar rose (1 month ago)
How do you know the secrets are revealed and how do you reveal them but how do you know that? This is so weird you are the cleverest person in my life like what
Just Lazy (1 month ago)
When I beat my Dick milk comes out
Mr Lockhart (1 month ago)
Nope, still believe in magic
Prateek Pradhan (1 month ago)
My respects to DAVID BLAINE..........
Upendra Hang Limbu (1 month ago)
My only question is, why do you want to expose this magicians?
Von ParZivaL (1 month ago)
Simple, because magicians did it for money, so does this youtube channel. Exposing something is quite interesting 😋
Fortnite Wonderr (1 month ago)
Reveal the trick on how my dad disappeared
Imelda Nariz (1 month ago)
Your correct
Billy Winchester (1 month ago)
If Simon crack a smile, trust me it's impressive
Kim Seuna MSH (1 month ago)
Appolyons Inferno (1 month ago)
You think they wash the frogs?
姜涵之 (1 month ago)
How could david blaine stab his arm with a needle?
sukesh vashistha (1 month ago)
Magic is magic....there is no trick behind magics ....those who are like you dumb and less minded called them trick because you are an idiot person ....#spam#misleading#fake
6 100 tor 1jay (1 month ago)
To fast can't understand anything
IN THA MIDDLE (1 month ago)
I actually gaged at David blaine regurgitation trick
JJ Jordan (1 month ago)
Me 2
Riolyn Martin (1 month ago)
Stevie Starr is the king of all regurgitator
Chris Carter (1 month ago)
Blaine is truly amazing.
Charles Gaming (1 month ago)
What about stevie starr's reguirguitation
roblox player go (1 month ago)
Ugh he tried me I was there
Alex Nagy (1 month ago)
You can definitely tell the first coin trick
sarah said (1 month ago)
Simon Naylor (1 month ago)
How about swallowing pool balls and bringing up specific numbers/colours?
Bumbear and Bearie (1 month ago)
How about stevie starr? The human regurgitator. I guess he can also swallow those frogs with gas and a billiard ball.
#proderis (1 month ago)
10:16 you got that wrong
Woken Artist (1 month ago)
Dare you to decode #Shinlim... and all my money is yours
Zim news (1 month ago)
well what he is saying are just theories.some do make sense. Will believe it if you imitate this tricks.
bosgotnojams (1 month ago)
FLEXDTV (1 month ago)
Please reveal cults
MaD HaTTeR (1 month ago)
But youtubr channel!!!!? How do more coins come out of the cup??? David Blaines shit is real he sold his soul or some shit. idk how he does his stuff. it's insane
Matthew Suarez (2 months ago)
Please tell me who can revealed the trick of shin lim hahahaha
Zen Guerilla (2 months ago)
You dont reveal shit
Hippie MT (2 months ago)
Thomas is retarded, hillary isn't to be trusted, neither is fucking trump but she has to much shit on her. Plus trump is doing what he'd say he would. Most presidents such as Bill Clinton FUCKED america with the china trades, etc. I think i've proved my point so fuck off.
rock WCG (2 months ago)
And fools will say, sell soul to satan
Deniz (2 months ago)
There is no such thing as magic, its illisuon.
Paulo Isidro (2 months ago)
help me
mike martin (2 months ago)
David Blaine’s my far was the hardest
Khen Chua (2 months ago)
my idol is dynamo
maruclout (2 months ago)
How the fuck did he wirte that girls dead friend on his chest though
Dave B (2 months ago)
*A better trick: make trump disappear and his stupid kids*
Rcat 601 (10 days ago)
Dave B (2 months ago)
*A really hard trick: Make jimmy fallon and his show funny. Not even magic can do that. That show is terrible*
Mi_Sabel TV (2 months ago)
*Magicians has left tha chat...*
Largest Classifieds (2 months ago)
Hats off to David Blaine
acon (2 months ago)
5:54 its tori vega AHAHAH!
Lol Lol (2 months ago)
Thumbnail- 10:28
Tat Vela (2 months ago)
That's a huge reason I don't watch America's Got Talent anymore. That and how annoying they keep cutting to the judges and crowd reactions. And the background story videos about the participants. And the never-ending recap segments. So much fakery and filler.
patrick mcglone (2 months ago)
Sitting inside a block of ice for 47 days -IS NOT MAGIC Being suspended over a crowd of spectators with a bottle of water while in a glass globe ISN'T MAGIC Regurgitating frog's ISNT MAGIC Alot of stuff David lame does isn't Magic at all. His card tricks are great to watch.. his levitation trick is so lame! I'll pass
dormant (2 months ago)
And some dumb religions people will say magicians sold there souls to demons.
F dL (2 months ago)
So David Blaine has no gag reflex, hmmm...
Chrollo Lucifer (2 months ago)
*poor* *frog*
Aadhawan k (2 months ago)
Final david...so ricky and great........
ART GALLERY (2 months ago)
How did he light many lamps at a time in a river in India in front of many people at a time, plz explain sir
Retornon (2 months ago)
I love Captain Disillusion
Anggora Entertainment (2 months ago)
Are You A Magician?
Turnip Greenwood (2 months ago)
Jussie Smollett should be highlighted for his magic trick he escapes scot-free and it's going to happen a lot more the same thing that Jesse did people are going to see that they're not going to be crucified for it
raye coone (2 months ago)
What the fuck are you talking about? Did you forget to take your pills again?
John Hernandez (2 months ago)
1:15 unfortunately this gimmick is becoming more and more popular by magicians.
subscribe to my channel my work magician illusionist
zaid khan (2 months ago)
Please reveal how bjp hacked the evm
Nikki S. (2 months ago)
Damn, Instead of being mad at the magicians here for really fooling me....im mad at you for showing me the truth!! I liked my blind, judgemental position before just fine!
Zandler Canillo (2 months ago)
David Blaine is the best
Fred Gotoc (2 months ago)
He only explain partly but all the rest are assumptions.
Who here skip in the last video🤣
Solomon Kane (2 months ago)
can you reveal Shim Lin ?
TRAVEL LOOK (2 months ago)
Peacock Mating | Udawalawa National Park Link - https://youtu.be/soe62ofJUH4
stownee (2 months ago)
Your reveal has been revealed by another channel sorry bro😔
philsipad (2 months ago)
Number 10 is already guessed wrong. That's when I stopped watching.
wayne moore (2 months ago)
Stevie Starr is the best Regurgitator look him up on YouTube long before David Blaine.
Juan Dela cruz (2 months ago)
Are you a magician also? Coz you reveal all the tricks i dont think its a good idea as a magician
Noti R (2 months ago)
David blade el mejor
kisekwa akiram (2 months ago)
The last one still a secret
Enceladus Eve (2 months ago)
I think all the young girls should consider controlling that gag reflex thing.. You know......
Enceladus Eve (2 months ago)
My God.. So apart from all of them..Blaine is real!
Matmat Kiram (2 months ago)
David blaine! He is a wizard. Respect!
How does David Blaine swallow needles then spit them up tied to a thread and how does he make a dead fly come back to life?

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