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100 Years of Fashion: Men ★ Glam.com

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100 Years of Fashion is back! This time, we’re giving the guys a go and recapping men’s style from 1915 to now. ★ Visit Glam for more: http://www.glam.com From seersucker suits and double-breasted blazers to Greased Lightning and hipster chic, we’re giving you 100 years of men’s fashion in less than three minutes. This is one history lesson—and hot bod!—you don’t want to miss. For more videos like this, visit us at Glam: http://www.glam.com ★ { Model } Matt https://instagram.com/matty_watts/ ★ { Music Tracks } on Premium Beat - Funk Force by Senbei Funk Fever by Studio Le Bus Elephant Trap by Senbei Party at Gatsby's by Olive Musique and on AudioSparx Swing Empire by Music Candy Touch and Go by Ian Kirton Need a drink? Here’s 100 Years of Cocktails in Under 2 Minutes: http://www.mode.com/food-drink/roundups/100-years-of-cocktails-in-under-2-minutes/0140574 Visit http://www.glam.com Visit us for more! http://www.glam.com Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Glam Friend us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/byGlamInc Check us out on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/you.are.glam/ Get inspired on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/glampins/ Add us to your circle on Google+: http://bit.ly/glam-googleplus”
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Text Comments (11996)
Halloweenville (3 hours ago)
So i guess from watching this, is that men just don't care anymore about how they look, and can't be bothered to dress with style, how can you compare all decades up to 80's, with the slouchy messes from the 90's onwards, so depressing that everything just gets dark and boring. I blame the 90's, i remember that's when it all changed and people started seeing glamour and style as being old fashioned, everyone just wanted to be hip and indie, gone were the days when you had to make an effort.
ayush singh (4 hours ago)
1985 😘😘😍😍
Hiya Gada (10 hours ago)
Rupam Dhal (13 hours ago)
Do a video on evolution of Fashion in HipHop. It's the hottest genre right now. And everyone is into street fashion.
Shane Walsh (18 hours ago)
0:15 is one of the best BY ORDER OF THE FOOKIN PEAKY BLINDERS!!!!
Appleby Rob (1 day ago)
I like 1935, but still I also like 1925 I think his hat is great.
J RICH (1 day ago)
i love 1935
maddie (1 day ago)
why does 1965 look like tom cruise
Noor nain (2 days ago)
1915 is the best 😍🎉♥️
Chaton Playz (3 days ago)
2015 winner
Thorin. S (3 days ago)
1975 jabardast chutiya.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Vintage Electronics (3 days ago)
1935 is literally the sharpest look you could ever get
joseph 120 (3 days ago)
the song in the background is darude sandstorm
Nick Ellis (3 days ago)
So why couldn’t he dress himself I’ve never seen these vids before so just slightly confused
Felipe #Rorschach (3 days ago)
1935 1955
Rocket Man (3 days ago)
Girls, what year you prefer?
Mr Arnob (4 days ago)
Oh.. really!!🤔 There are no changes in underwear till now🙄🙄😑
Grace Ann Relatorre (4 days ago)
when hes wearing tje under wear only he looks like the avatar in PUBG
Suziane Tavares (4 days ago)
Meu marido parou em 95😂
Glidescube (4 days ago)
they styles of 1995,2005, and 2015 are very interchangeable...
Nrgizd Btw (4 days ago)
Back when men dressed like men...
Nbdy Xo (5 days ago)
25 35 45 gerisi çöp
luisrodriguez 198 (5 days ago)
1955 is the best by far
Arijeet Maity (5 days ago)
2015 was the best ....
SleepEatDrive (5 days ago)
I wonder when we will dress like the 1920’s and 1930’s again!
YetoCheto (5 days ago)
2019, Sin ropa v: la verda que vamos en reversa a lo que vestian adan y eva
TERMINATOR Nguyen (5 days ago)
1985 and 1995, To cool and good👍👌
TERMINATOR Nguyen (5 days ago)
Thomas Fisher (5 days ago)
1995 makes him look like a narc
BodyDiePie (6 days ago)
Imagine him having bonner while they dressing him up
꧁E ᴍ ɪ ʀ. ꧂ (6 days ago)
20s and 30s the Al Capone Look
Valerie Martinez (6 days ago)
I always adore fashion from the 1920s-1940s most
Erdem Özdemir (6 days ago)
Brooklyn Kilpatrick (6 days ago)
50s and 60s. So hottttt
I Panda (6 days ago)
1975 he just reminded me of Bob Ross and Lol
А где челкастые педики в 2008?
vidyut gulati (7 days ago)
how tall he will be ❓❓
Thegamingnuke21 (7 days ago)
God damn you 1960’s, 1970’s and 80’s
buttler kiss (7 days ago)
1955 first street wear
Jakub Grubski (8 days ago)
im new with mens fashion
Jakub Grubski (8 days ago)
im new with mens mode
Yoongi (8 days ago)
2:27 Hotel? Trivago
Liza LPS2 (8 days ago)
Нахера голыыым его снимать долбаёбы
よっこらせ_ (8 days ago)
The Curator (8 days ago)
Hey guys welcome to 2019 where the music’s bad and the fashion is worse!
Trey Lopes (8 days ago)
Surprised no one said 2015 was the best
Ground (8 days ago)
Why 2015 is so bad
Issac Wegner (8 days ago)
Why Did The 80s EXIST!!!!
Dominik Piekarski (9 days ago)
1925 is the best
SalmonParadise (9 days ago)
Why is his pp not hard?
elif kurtoglu (9 days ago)
Pradeep Kumar (9 days ago)
Anshika Dixit (9 days ago)
1:52 Swoons
Aéla Dénibar (9 days ago)
Hummmm être à la place des habilleuses juste pour lui enlever ses fringues 😍😍😍😍😍
study commited (9 days ago)
I didn't like anything
santanu kumar Mahalik (9 days ago)
I almost had the cringiest moment of my life at the 1965 dance 😣😣
the rapaz el chido (9 days ago)
Se han preguntado por que son puras mujeres
Der Alte (9 days ago)
1965 - funny, this when West really commenced to goes down.
Puppet Player (9 days ago)
What made the people in 1955 made them change they're minds about no longer wearing suits
Ana Paula (9 days ago)
*Jeff* - (9 days ago)
1935 That's How Mafia Works
padoru padoru (9 days ago)
Бле, таковой секси
Nikto nikto (10 days ago)
Видос класс, однако музыка на фоне дерьмо
Dysor_ 21 (10 days ago)
2019 ??!!
Simon (10 days ago)
Just came here for the guy
Ben Phillipp (10 days ago)
70s - early 2000s was hideous
namarie (10 days ago)
So many people love 55 year, but I love 2015. Am I weird?..
Jorge Villalba (10 days ago)
1945 is alcopone
I like all from 1925 to 1965
Divraan Power (10 days ago)
at 1:20 he really looked like Anthony Padilla!... Isn't it?
A Man Apart (11 days ago)
Be gone thots. I will draw you thots as poison is drawn from wound.
Sanjana Faria (11 days ago)
1955 hello
ÁREA DUBSTEP (11 days ago)
Desde hombres a jotos bien venido a doc tops
Sinan Mert SAVCI (11 days ago)
Men? Which men? Men that where are they? For example, Russian men weren't seem like at video in 1915. And this was the case for Turks... Men that your said is only American men... But world is nothing only America.
maya 31 (11 days ago)
He looks best with the underwear. Nice body man
abhay singh (11 days ago)
1955& 2015
Frozen X (11 days ago)
1925 Cool
BusteR (11 days ago)
1925-I like mafia style 1935-that's like 1925 but worthier 1975-retro is the best for me. 1985-retro in my heart
Maria Martínez (11 days ago)
Forget the clothes look the man😍
Diamondare (11 days ago)
His body is like what a crook body would look like in a video games or mobile game or maybe a body which is ready to go serious training in a movie or watever
-Эмпни- ._. (11 days ago)
1945 top
Adrsh vishwakarma (11 days ago)
Underwear to change karo koi...
Internet Troll (11 days ago)
Mi papá tiene un montón de fotos con el outfit de 1:53
Internet Troll (11 days ago)
İdil Çevik (11 days ago)
The hottest one is when he is naked 😂 1955 looks cool. The rest sucks
buzz bightyear (11 days ago)
K Brytto (11 days ago)
He is hot anyway
Ana Santoss (11 days ago)
O que uma roupa não faz ne kk hora ele era um 10/10, hora era 1/10 Kkkkkkkk
Positif Smile (12 days ago)
1955 the best !!!!
İdil Çevik (11 days ago)
No. With Underwear is the best lol
huguetix7 (12 days ago)
1965 mmmmh?
Daniela Castro (12 days ago)
hoi hoii (12 days ago)
T T (12 days ago)
2019 supreme supreme supreme loll
65' looks like a Pedophile
İdil Çevik (11 days ago)
Xtreme Music (12 days ago)
I like 2015
Alvaro Quezada (12 days ago)
SILVERSTRIPE PSN (13 days ago)
Don't look very disabled and he got people putting his clothes on. Pointless video editing.
usman saghir (13 days ago)
In 100 years he didn't change his underwear
dinesh basumatary (13 days ago)
Is dis a Satisfied Video?
Shreerang Vaidya (13 days ago)
Clearly it becomes more and more comfortable and less and less like a person straight from GTA

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