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The agony of trying to unsubscribe | James Veitch

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It happens to all of us: you unsubscribe from an unwanted marketing email, and a few days later another message from the same company pops up in your inbox. Comedian James Veitch turned this frustration into whimsy when a local supermarket refused to take no for an answer. Hijinks ensued. Get TED Talks recommended just for you! Learn more at https://www.ted.com/signup. The TED Talks channel features the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and more. Follow TED on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/TEDTalks Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/TED
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Text Comments (6238)
MsBettyR. (11 hours ago)
Pretending to be dead; reminds me of Harold and Maude.
Vikas (17 hours ago)
Mark as SPAM
Jay Nielsen (1 day ago)
Agony? I unsubscribe all the time. I even unsubscribed from this channel, but it keeps popping up on my feed feeding me crap I don’t want.
Alessandro Scarano (1 day ago)
He almost became the spammer ahahahah I freaking love this guy
MrAlexLowen (1 day ago)
Anyone else noticed that he got emails from Safemart in his inbox even if he said Safemart was a fantasy name?
Daniel Young (1 day ago)
This is ONLY funny if it were true. Which it is 100% NOT true.. He would not receive any emails! All these gullible people who believe this are the ones I feel bad for.
KingKiwi (1 day ago)
I wonder what case number he’s on now?
Curtis Lowery (2 days ago)
Looks like he had down syndrome
Jeffery Williams (2 days ago)
Did you honestly do this? Because if you did that is epic
Al Biss (2 days ago)
Pure genius!
kaan bingol (2 days ago)
I do not prefer to watch this guy.
LatestVibes (2 days ago)
Fred Fadungy (3 days ago)
Love this guy :-)
C Moore (4 days ago)
ka jong venus Park (4 days ago)
I have been IMMENSELY entertained by this guy! I agree with bisher martini - this guy should be doing stand ups!!
2nd Account (5 days ago)
Makayla DeLange (6 days ago)
I like to imagine that SafeMart is actually Asda, and Dan is none other than Daniel Howell
Kimberly Jones (6 days ago)
I was dead at the auto email part 😂😂
Elmaestrodemusica (6 days ago)
Never thought of that: "The internet gave us access to everything; but it also gave everything access to us."
Beautiful Doge (6 days ago)
Nice James you always make me laugh!
krystalwaters47 (6 days ago)
Can't stop thinking about that toaster bonanza. The red one is a winner!
Rhuth K (6 days ago)
He would get 4 yes + a golden buzzer if he uses this in Got talent shows
R.P.W (7 days ago)
This guy is a genius!
Mshojat (7 days ago)
Legends say that he's still not unsubscribed.
A Fuller (7 days ago)
Hate to tell you but an auto-replay email is against FCC rules. This was tried about 23 years ago by a company called Bluefrog, the government shut them down and took all of their stuff. This is the same law that makes it illegal to send an unsolicited fax. Sad but true.
Mik Mik (8 days ago)
I have never gotten a Spam that allowed for Replies.
AMY L.T (9 days ago)
lol he is funny
Ulirat ni Bogs PH (9 days ago)
That was really awesome! I tried to make some of it. I like writing and ive made something to help everybody in writing! Cool stuff dude you might want to look some of my vids.
Chris Jones (9 days ago)
I think he thinks he's funnier than he is. Any pedant could come up with better
Morgan Perry (9 days ago)
Dan setup another server too
ShadowGamer Xxx (9 days ago)
Bro one of the guys in the crowd looked like my sport teacher
Ali Mahdi (10 days ago)
And that's how IoT was started.
jessica * (13 days ago)
all i wanted was a free toaster
ao t (13 days ago)
"What's the plan Dan?" Danplan😁
Dopamine (13 days ago)
This guy should teach professional trolling as a college course.
Mary G (14 days ago)
This guy is so funny!
AC3 (14 days ago)
When a ted talk goes from being a 'talk' to a comedy performance.
Dicaeum Music (14 days ago)
The thing about unsubscribing from TED is simple and easy. You don't, case closed.
Francesca Osgood (14 days ago)
scene: job interview interviewer: what is one moment that you think represents your life? me: 0:32
Erin (16 days ago)
21,439. Should like my conversations with my friend. 😀
umberceri (17 days ago)
I so wish I had had a child like you James, I totally love you! I can tell it would have been an hysterical 18years. Dude, I love you man!
Leonardo DaWagner (17 days ago)
Is there a guide which could teach me how to set this sort of automatic reply up out there somewhere?
Jerry van Hooser (17 days ago)
Monica Ådin (17 days ago)
Scott_T (18 days ago)
Dude. You should be way more famous.
Anna Malov (18 days ago)
I like it too much , your personality especially , James :)
Pickle and Raspberry (19 days ago)
Ur gay
Sam Ferdinand (19 days ago)
James for Dr. Who!!
Julia (19 days ago)
Ah this is so funny. Granted most marketing emails don't have people actually manning them lol, usually they don't respond back to people.
AOC yeah you know me (20 days ago)
I love this kid ❤️❤️❤️♥️
Tayber Belt (21 days ago)
I'm speechless
TrumpCat (21 days ago)
So the difference between TED and TEDX is that one is about facts and logic with a bit of comedy..... and the other one is a SJW platform
Get this man a bouncy castle
Asrat Mengesha (23 days ago)
Sure, I will try to unsubscribe some, to subscribe.thanks.
tigress63 (23 days ago)
We bow down to the master of whimsey! James we are not worthy! Dude that's just incredibly awesome. :) You have no idea how happy you've many people around the world.
Justin Kuhn (23 days ago)
What’s the case number at now?!?!?
adwyck (24 days ago)
he is amaing.
chronal cactus (25 days ago)
How many case numbers now?
Ben Cole (25 days ago)
He sounds like Tom Holland
Kiyori (26 days ago)
*TED talk* : hey, are you interested in coming back on TED talk? *Hold on. Let me check my spam box.*
midas nightmare (26 days ago)
David Schmidt (27 days ago)
DEAR FREAKING GOD, that was one of the most self-indulgent, smarmy, warm-n-fuzzy MEANINGLESS ADS I've EVER SEEN!!! WHEN, Oh , WHEN??? will folks rise up and tell YT that, as an wholly owned subsidiary of google.com, they don;t need to infringe on our viewing with their ads that NOBODY wants, and when will the folks rise up and tell YT to stick their ads up their collective trillion-dollar assholes?
Sheeple Slayer (27 days ago)
YouTube algorithm has got me thrice!!
Sam Trott (28 days ago)
How to unsubscribe, right click Block
amphetamean-queen (28 days ago)
I thought advertising emails came from unmonitored accounts?? James and Joe Lycett should get together, they'd work wonders.
Pranab Mohanty (28 days ago)
*No u*
Bhavya Gautam (29 days ago)
He looks so young but he's actually in his 30s 😱
Tnage Selamanya (29 days ago)
Ratapan anak tiri
Captin lemon _ (29 days ago)
Huh.... I wonder what the number is at today
Mary Rose Kent (1 month ago)
Dude must have been an only child.
Andy Roid (1 month ago)
06:25 wow!
Andy Roid (1 month ago)
15 333 777 views, nice!
Mary Rose Kent (1 month ago)
Andy Roid Now, less than a day later 15 346 397. This is probably my fifth or sixth viewing.
DillaDilla (1 month ago)
Thank you! .Great info. I found this app: http://m.dilladilla.com/300perday/ which is a great alternative to Clickfunnels and doesn't have a monthly fee...at least not yet. Check it out.
Nefarious Nektarios (1 month ago)
Funny James Veitch says the thing about getting out the car is mundane, when I was a wee lad I'd pretend to be asleep just so my mom could carry me inside, and she knew I was being cheeky lol
Hannah Smith (1 month ago)
These are just too funny to me.
babypj (1 month ago)
This inspired me to go through my 3k emails and mark 90% of them as spam
Da Kid (1 month ago)
So goofy and witty at the same time. I love his unique style of comedy!
Stasken23 (1 month ago)
he is so GAY and GAY
Samantha Penny (1 month ago)
Hahaha I just died lol 😂
squishyjungkook weow (1 month ago)
the supermarket was waitrose
GoldenBudgie (1 month ago)
He kinda reminds me of Milo from Disney's Atlantis.
Yud'ha Pratama L (1 month ago)
Tabargains Don (1 month ago)
ladies salt away as well as mens clothes
kourii (1 month ago)
Now wait just a minute, is this the bloke who was on that commercial telling me how to set up a website?
Haffnium 24601 (1 month ago)
P certain safemart is Waitrose Cos like, there's a Waitrose at king's
Anne Lin (1 month ago)
“Anything, everything, even something as mundane as getting out of a car can be fun, if you find the right game.”
Paranoid (1 month ago)
*Legend has it, the emails are still going*
Froyo Time (1 month ago)
tough crowd, but it really wasnt that funny. idk what everyones going on about
HereitsZara (1 month ago)
This guy reminds me of James acaster
QTR_Champ1 (1 month ago)
this dude is a legend
revmpandora (1 month ago)
Catalyst for whimsy
Helleuw123 (1 month ago)
we need way more james veitch:)
Mary Rose Kent (1 month ago)
Helleuw123 He has his own YouTube channel.
Moroslasher (1 month ago)
SafeMart ain’t safe no more.
Rob McCabe (1 month ago)
2:08 is the most truth I’ve heard spoken on the age that we live in.
320speed (1 month ago)
Anything this man does is brilliant. 🙌
Phuong nguyen van (1 month ago)
Phuong nguyen van (1 month ago)
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