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The agony of trying to unsubscribe | James Veitch

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It happens to all of us: you unsubscribe from an unwanted marketing email, and a few days later another message from the same company pops up in your inbox. Comedian James Veitch turned this frustration into whimsy when a local supermarket refused to take no for an answer. Hijinks ensued. TEDTalks is a daily video podcast of the best talks and performances from the TED Conference, where the world's leading thinkers and doers give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes (or less). Look for talks on Technology, Entertainment and Design -- plus science, business, global issues, the arts and much more. Find closed captions and translated subtitles in many languages at http://www.ted.com/translate Follow TED news on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/tednews Like TED on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TED Subscribe to our channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/TEDtalksDirector
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Text Comments (5619)
brainwallet balance (6 hours ago)
Bouncy castle... You lost me there
Wujcio Wariatuńcio (12 hours ago)
i looked on subscribtion on this channel, hehehe, TED was alredy done, let it stand, i like that channel and i dont like writting emails
russells20 (13 hours ago)
giannis psillias (23 hours ago)
Safemart got me more hyped about their shop opening in two weeks than rockstar did about red dead redemption 2
K1naku5ana3R1ka (1 day ago)
Hoo boy, with this and his spam videos, we’ve got a professional troll right here.
David Wamsley (1 day ago)
Still no audible audio what gives?
o n e d u c k .
erobed21 (1 day ago)
I do wonder what would happen if James Veitch met Dave Gorman...
Lachlan Wilson (2 days ago)
I mean the bouncy castle sounds great but do we have any red, free toasters?!
SHYEE 12 (2 days ago)
Who else immediately checked their emails after this
AshLee R Parker (2 days ago)
So.... You were always ODD.... that photo is priceless
Divinity (2 days ago)
I wonder what number it's at now.
All 2.8K dislikes are from SafeMart employees
RedVexeD (2 days ago)
_" The internet gave us access to everything, but it also gave everything access to _*_us..._*_ "_ Cool new horror flick, coming Halloween 2020.
Kacie Reynoso (2 days ago)
He reminds so much of Tom Holland
Ali Supreme (2 days ago)
aaaaaaannnnnnnd... This is my favorite guy so far.
NightcoreHeaven (2 days ago)
Krish Nair (2 days ago)
I’m sorry but spam emails are first world problems
JJ CC (2 days ago)
This guy really should be a comedian
Elvis Van (2 days ago)
10:30PM October 14 2018
TSK_Griif (2 days ago)
I want to know what number it is on now
Jess Gatt (2 days ago)
Muzie monkeys in the audience, waste of programming.
Ornithocowian King (2 days ago)
Akira Felix (2 days ago)
*Clicks unsubscribe button* "Do you want to unsubscribe?" (grey) button 1 - yes (blue)button 2 - no *clicks yes* and then it loops back to the "do you want to unsubscribe" dialogue box
Jeremy (3 days ago)
Why does his voice sound completely different compared to the "responding to spam emails" talk?
Bodhiboom gaming (3 days ago)
When will ted finally show up to the talk?
aaronl19 (3 days ago)
Your case number is #0000001 Continue it
Developer Developed (3 days ago)
hehe. Now I wonder what auto-replier program he used...
Lεαh (3 days ago)
This inspires me to troll spam emails.
Lεαh (3 days ago)
I love talks by KitKat
HuganicFirtic (3 days ago)
Someone teach me how to make an email responder like this
Thanks for your email your case number is- *one year after this was posted* [#9291828392928489462829494629284628292919911918733892837494857283639272639287293362839372848291269293858390284848492996939393929284849628282928574927473928373929284829274859272639572826 92918283929284894628294946292846282929199119187338928374948572836392726392872933628393728482912692938583902848484929969393939292848496282829285749274739283739292848292748592726395728269291828392928489462829494629284628292919911918733892837494857283639272639287293362839372848291269293858390284848492996939393929284849628282928574927473928373929284829274859272639572826929182839292848946282949462928462829291991191873389283749485728363927263928729336283937284829126929385839028484849299693939392928484962828292857492747392837392928482927485927263957282692918283929284894628294946292846282929199119187338928374948572836392726392872933628393728482912692938583902848484929969393939292848496282829285749274739283739292848292748592726395728269291828392928489462829494629284628292919911918733892837494857283639272639287293362839372848291269293858390284848492996939393929284849628282928574927473928373929284829274859272639572826929182839292848946282949462928462829291991191873389283749485728363927263928729336283937284829126929385839028484849299693939392928484962828292857492747392837392928482927485927263957282692918283929284894628294946292846282929199119187338928374948572836392726392872933628393728482912692938583902848484929969393939292848496282829285749274739283739292848292748592726395728269291828392928489462829494629284628292919911918733892837494857283639272639287293362839372848291269293858390284848492996939393929284849628282928574927473928373929284829274859272639572826929182839292848946282949462928462829291991191873389283749485728363927263928729336283937284829126929385839028484849299693939392928484962828292857492747392837392928482927485927263957282692918283929284894628294946292846282929199119187338928374948572836392726392872933628393728482912692938583902848484929969393939292848496282829285749274739283739292848292748592726395728269291828392928489462829494629284628292919911918733892837494857283639272639287293362839372848291269293858390284848492996939393929284849628282928574927473928373929284829274859272639572826929182839292848946282949462928462829291991191873389283749485728363927263928729336283937284829126929385839028484849299693939392928484962828292857492747392837392928482927485927263957282692918283929284894628294946292846282929199119187338928374948572836392726392872933628393728482912692938583902848484929969393939292848496282829285749274739283739292848292748592726395728269291828392928489462829494629284628292919911918733892837494857283639272639287293362839372848291269293858390284848492996939393929284849628282928574927473928373929284829274859272639572826 9291828392928489462829494629284628292919911918733892837494857283639272639287293362839372848291269293858390284848492996939393929284849628282928574927473928373929284829274859272639572826 92918283929284894628294946292846282929199119187338928374948572836392726392872933628393728482912692938583902848484929969393939292848496282829285749274739283739292848292748592726395728269291828392928489462829494629284628292919911918733892837494857283639272639287293362839372848291269293858390284848492996939393929284849628282928574927473928373929284829274859272639572892918283929284894628294946292846282929199119187338928374948572836392726392872933628393728482912692938583902848484929969393939292848496282829285749274739283739292848292748592726395728269291828392928489462829494629284628292919911918733892837494857283639272639287293362839372848291269293858390284848492996939393929284849628282928574927473928373929284829274859272639572829291828392928489462829494629284628292919911918733892837494857283639272639287293362839372848291269293858390284848492996939393929284849628282928574927473928373929284829274859272639572826929182839292848946282949462928462829291991191873389283749485728363927263928729336283937284829126929385839028484849299693939392928484962828292857492747392837392928482927485927263957282692918283929284894628294946292846282929199119187338928374948572836392726392872933628393728482912692938583902848484929969393939292848496282829285749274739283
I know that this channel has 11m subs, but it should have way more than it does
John Rambo (3 days ago)
This guy sucks
Rob Young (3 days ago)
This guy is a master troll!
puppypower (3 days ago)
Just don't use email
This is great--Joe Lycett also does it as well.
Little Kitty Crafter (3 days ago)
The business is on. I am trying to raise the balance for the Gummy Bear, so he can send all of the necessary Fizzy Cola Bottle Jelly Beans to the Creme Egg. Send £1,500.00 via A Giant Gummy Lizard.
AytinTheNotSoGreat (3 days ago)
I’m here after the ducks and soloman
Xavier Crossman (3 days ago)
2years later whats the current count ?
patrickthefox (3 days ago)
Comic genius since age one
RAZOR (3 days ago)
yo, he was in Banff thats were I live!
Nuovo (3 days ago)
This was the single funniest Ted talk I've ever watched
LastDrakkar82 (3 days ago)
I feel the great need to check my spam folder right now...
Typhoon Forrester (3 days ago)
Got your toaster yet?
mIGHtyClif (4 days ago)
Where can you get that auto-reply software? Looks like a great time saver.
Wafflesandcakes (4 days ago)
Wafflesandcakes (4 days ago)
Wafflesandcakes (4 days ago)
TheMcArrow (4 days ago)
Is this related to ted ed
alishanmao (4 days ago)
he is right. more you unsubscribe, more your email goes to many other programs for email bombs
Pseudo Nym (4 days ago)
MyHunta (4 days ago)
oh god, I often pretended to have died when I was a kid. Was I disturbed?
NightCrusher76 (4 days ago)
Abby Dreams (5 days ago)
If there was a celebration I'm sure there would have been *HUMUS*
Little Kitty Crafter (3 days ago)
Abby Dreams $2.5 million of it
EmeraldFireball (5 days ago)
U R the funniest guy, James
zoey polhill (5 days ago)
This man is my hero
Henry thatdude (5 days ago)
this happens to me way to much #relatable
RandomNoah (5 days ago)
Who else thought of Harry Potter when you heard kings cross
Peelyyy 8 (5 days ago)
Where's Ted?
Bree The 3 (5 days ago)
If you don’t mind I’m going to my email XD
MrKNSIT (5 days ago)
Fake conversations, but hilarious nonetheless. :'D
*Beatrice E* (5 days ago)
Solomon fights back
tmastersat (5 days ago)
No no no if it keeps coming report it using spamcop
Jose Meireles (6 days ago)
Brilliant! I love Bouncing Castles.
JC Cobbelpot (6 days ago)
This man has no chill!
marek svatos (6 days ago)
I love James Veitch he's funny
HypeJayYT (6 days ago)
Thanks for your email your case number is: #2828372882
Ibakon Ferba (6 days ago)
Setting up a spam bot that reacts to spam mail must be the most genous thing I've seen in a long time xD
A Pokeball (6 days ago)
Ok YouTube, I clicked on it... can I go now?
Mafioznik Valera (6 days ago)
Mark as spam, problem solved
Mychael Vo (7 days ago)
I like hummus too...
Unoriginal Name (7 days ago)
“The internet gives us access to everything, but also gives everything access to us.” - James I-can’t-remember-his-last-name, whatever year it is
MotoJim (7 days ago)
I love whimsey.
David Morais (7 days ago)
one love
Rocklny Mine (7 days ago)
I'm just gonna leave this right here. Since we are talking about it... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNoxwUsNDX8&t=5s
240X (7 days ago)
i wonder what the count is at today...
Naldooo (7 days ago)
This guy is amazing
Bill Grandone (7 days ago)
Well tell your dear mother that it could have been worse. A friend of mine when he was a child was stuck on a long, boring , "vacation ride" to visit relatives. A journey that he did not particularly want to take. So to mollify him they let him sit in the very back of the family station wagon, which was equipped with a rear window that rolled down. Since the trip was of some several hundred miles little Billy became bored. So to alleviate the problem he furtively opened his father's suitcase and every few miles would toss one of the contents out the window, until there was nothing left but the suitcase , which Billy just as furtively closed.
Bill Grandone (7 days ago)
James have you ever thought about getting on "Britains Got Talent' or even "America's Got Talent" You should not be limited to You Tube. Great stuff.
Gerdschi D (8 days ago)
What about the free toaster ??
Tom Livanos (8 days ago)
This did not/does not satisfy.
Mikey Abdon (8 days ago)
Very funny
Nalianna (8 days ago)
your incrementing email should have had an unsubscribe button.
amuletk (8 days ago)
AARP is starting to get like this.
intuitiv.me (8 days ago)
Paul Drake (8 days ago)
Should have set up his auto-reply to send TWO e-mails for each one received; in no time at all their system overloads exponentially.
Maldus Alver (8 days ago)
When companies send me advertisements with a link that says unsubscribe, "It's a Trap!"
Dominic Quist (8 days ago)
It’s Tesco I guarantee it
Miss Marcy (8 days ago)
okay, but for the effort it takes one to unsubscribe, you should at least get a toaster
Yitzchok Sabel (8 days ago)
This is literally insane....
Janina Burns (8 days ago)
when I hit unsubscribe , I then start getting 10 times more from others I never heard of before !
Stephen Quirke (9 days ago)
I want that app
Ulyana Cordonnier (9 days ago)
I wonder what case number is on the e-mails now!
Life Abomination (9 days ago)
From Solomon, to Kamada, to this. Long live James Veitch, my newfound entertainment and will to live.
science freak (9 days ago)
MyCatInABox (9 days ago)
I can't get enough of this guy.... hilarious!
starcon2001 (9 days ago)
I got to try this ----------------- I'll find a game with a company, as I too get these damn messages - got one the other day on the phone which I deleted - but I know it will come back again because it something like this "Hurry, special offer, to get major discount on some damn company' and it too counted down to the very end --- and guess what --- it restarted again in 1 month later ------------------- and to be honest, even I'm getting fed up --------------- thanks to this show, I can now look to find the code needed to flood the company I despise off with junk - and forget about it by isolating the messages in a box -------------------- I guess the company will be dancing if I play it right ------------ the plan will be to waste their time and flood the net with it --------- sadly it won't flood the company hard drives as they too can ignore me --------------------- if we all do this action then the law will stop the companies flooding junk advertising messages to us - how many people can this show help wake up to flood companies with unwanted messages?? remember if millions of people does this - then not only will there be a million people isolated - but trillions to auto reply firing at each other - how many hard drive space does the internet have?? - our defence was I really interested? No ---- so stop perstering me ------- but this is how they win by annoying us enough to visit the store --------- there will be big trouble around - but in the end the customers are always right ;-) there's millions of companies, all advertising, and almost all of them we are not interested in ------------ and it will get worst ----------------- if we don't act, we will spend hours of our lives deleting messages -------------- hours which we could have gone on holiday, sleep, work, spend time with families and friends --- but we lose this time by deleting messages ================== you see we only live once, about 20% of it is education, 2% fun time, 55% earning money, 10% traveling around and 2% retirement ------------------------ and that the story of your life
Nixatra (9 days ago)
This guy is brilliant :)

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