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No Country For Old Men - Motel Scene (Demo Original Score by Francesca Pidgeon)

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HamburgerTime (1 day ago)
While I love this scene as it originally was, this is really good. Excellent suspense building music.
The only good mexican, is a dead one.
Welton de Anhaia (5 days ago)
Best movie ever! Yes or for sure?
whatsgoingon07 (5 days ago)
Better without the music
d talmood (11 days ago)
I think both version with and without music are extremely suspenseful
heavystarch100 (22 days ago)
A suppressed shotgun...LMBAO!!😸😸😸👌I love it!!
xd Japoppin (24 days ago)
Could do without the music - the movie was designed to LACK music, which is exactly why the movie had no soundtrack.
olemissfan91 (26 days ago)
This movie was a lot of laughs.
DEANGELO GARISON (1 month ago)
One of best movies all time
Smith Love (1 month ago)
cold ass scene
neon williams (1 month ago)
I think the soundtrack detracts from the scene, as it makes it feel too 'Hollywood" in its' production. I think they def. made the right choice in the final version.
RobSchneiderIsAStapler (1 month ago)
Finally a smart person in a movie who takes off their shoes to be quiet. I’ve only seen this one other time. Although the shotgun being that quiet is pretty dumb. Really dumb.
Cambreezy Tha Colorman (1 month ago)
The cop and the murder was in the same motel
xd Japoppin (24 days ago)
Cambreezy Tha Colorman what
Fenway Park (1 month ago)
What the hell was those two in the bathroom part. Hmmm
Peter Jongsma (1 month ago)
That's a cumbersome weapon. Suggests he sees men as cattle.
PEGASUS MASTER (1 month ago)
The music volume is too high. Its just edited funny.
Студия КвС (1 month ago)
Score is fucking good.
BandfromtheBand (1 month ago)
Brilliant! Our band scored many terrible films and a few good ones. Would like to chat with you sometime about music score. We were in a band called "Pray For Rain" (NOT to be confused with a christian rock band who had to change their name because of us). One of our first, and biggest jobs was for providing four scenes in the Alex Cox film "Sid & Nancy" back in 1986. We were even parodied on "The Simpson's." We subsequently scored three or four of his other films. Would love to chat with you sometime so please check in.
MRVOX C (1 month ago)
my favorite film to this day i think. Cohen bros do it Again...
Mutlap (1 month ago)
the device the killer uses is used for killing cattle. The air pressure pushes out a metal rod which penetrates the cow's brain.
Benji Playford (2 months ago)
Superb classic, we just get left wing political shit now sadly.
OnePunchFatality (14 days ago)
Wtf does the left wing have to do with anything you stupid FUCK Lol
nikushim666 (2 months ago)
Magic movie suppressors....
John Sutton (2 months ago)
Thanks to this movie I carry a gun to every hotel I stay at...lol
Jason Montalvo (2 months ago)
3:24 if you were a smart navy seal, retired force, that closing the curtain shower Would have been the opportunity for him to grab the weapon and fight him hand to hand combat but he was scared shit so there for,...he was fucked!
kuribo1 (2 months ago)
Nooooooooo shot gun on earth sounds like that even with a huuuuuuuge mother of a suppressor on the end of it.
Baconbits Belcourt (2 months ago)
Once anton closed the shower curtain..I would have tried something..at least..
Matthew Nanoski (2 months ago)
Much better without music
How brilliant he is.! Before enter the room Javier @ sigurh took a overview on his room. Sigurh is the real hero for his Extradinary acting..!
Zaman Yolcusu (2 months ago)
He is young Benjamin Netanyahu.
Keneth Fanuel (1 month ago)
ShreddingBlood (1 month ago)
aka. a war criminal 👌
Arunkumar E (3 months ago)
Happy Schizophrenic (3 months ago)
If I ever find a suitcase full of money the first thing I'm doing is checking for a transponder.
Tre Napier (3 months ago)
I can't that fucking Llewellyn character!... I was cheering for the bad guy the entire time.
Lebenspiel (3 months ago)
2:43 Shot the wall, left that TV intact...
xander (3 months ago)
Why add the music where it doesnt belong
Ish (3 months ago)
Of course a women ruins a great movie scene.
Monty Monroe (3 months ago)
I like it, more intense. I have new head phones so i thought it was the original. Nice!
Marco Mulch (3 months ago)
I've dumped Nationwide for their hideous irritating ad.
Hank R. Hill (3 months ago)
Sawed that mans arm in half with a shotgun, hardcore.
TOMway1000 (4 months ago)
I thought the music worked very well. But I prefer the silent version
Samsung J5 (4 months ago)
One guy sleeping. While two guys in the bathroom. One has a gun. There is a shooting. But the only person who hears that is the one trying to reach what the hel. ....
kitkit007 (4 months ago)
sounds like a terminator scene
ED FERNANDEZ (4 months ago)
Drop the music... don't ruin a masterpiece
Swisher Mic (4 months ago)
Ese personaje salio en un capitulo de los Simpson
Dante Fermo (4 months ago)
Having read all the Cormac McCarthy novels, this by far the best one.
Bob Cobby (4 months ago)
This guy makes jean jackets bad ass
Javi Valdi (4 months ago)
I saw the movie and read the book. IMHO is a story about how the world is changing so fast with good things but also in a really violent way. It is not a gangster story or a thriller, is more like a moral fable.
Ricky Stevenson (5 months ago)
I like it with no soundtrack
Pollo Frito (5 months ago)
Nice resolution.
Damnit Bobby (5 months ago)
Why was Pablo in the bathroom with Chub?
JBryan314 (4 months ago)
Sucking dick.
TheLEFE (5 months ago)
171018 stupid mexicans
Jaytal (5 months ago)
“Music” ruined it
Timothy Cornell (5 months ago)
This is a man who takes very good care of his feet.
Steve52344 (5 months ago)
For me, the whole thing does not need a score and works better without it. No score, no anything could improve this movie's penetrating affect.
Jupiter Eye (5 months ago)
I don't like the score... I think the one in final cut is better.
Cryptic Wintermoon (5 months ago)
There NEEDS to be a movie about the origins of Chigurh. This movie leaves many questions unanswered.
yagnouska (1 month ago)
In other words: There should be a movie that makes this one worse.
The Benjaman (3 months ago)
A origin story would make the character of chigurh a lot less mysterious and in result a lot less scary. Not a really good idea, but knowing hollywood and recent trends, a origin movie of this guy might actually happen some day
Black Frost (4 months ago)
That would ruin the message of the movie, The fact Anton just comes in and starts murdering people makes him way more horrific.
윤희조 (5 months ago)
Much better with music
colt (5 months ago)
Dude in the bathtub could have easily attempted to not die lmao Chigurh pulled the curtain and turned his head away he had no visual on the guy but dude just eats the shot anyway
Jared Kamel (5 months ago)
so good
doug bull (5 months ago)
i loved how much crazy detail went into the scenes.like the process of anton blowing up the car to get what he needed to patch up his wound.then seeing the process of how he did it.so much of this went into this movie
dundrea bell (5 months ago)
he needed the infinity gauntlet
Lavrentizodiac (5 months ago)
The real last western
Matthew Joseph (5 months ago)
Silent and Deadly💀
John Mareston (5 months ago)
Why he kill doe
Double Trouble (5 months ago)
The ending sucks arse
MAUSO (5 months ago)
The music fits perfectly, it gives the scene a fantastic atmosphere, good job
Mr. Thanos (5 months ago)
D4nk Punk420 (5 months ago)
what were those 2 guys doing locked in that restroom?
A Khajiit (1 month ago)
Prolly drugs
Finn Sanders (1 month ago)
they were listening and dancing "narude,  sandstorm"
Blood Beryl (2 months ago)
Sucking each other's chorizo
The Benjaman (3 months ago)
JBryan314 (4 months ago)
Sucking dick.
DrJangoR9 Kazama (5 months ago)
Terminator 1?
Alex Dorrity (5 months ago)
duck films (5 months ago)
Quiet amazing how much of a difference a soundtrack makes
Bader AMF (5 months ago)
Silencer shotgun .. that is all 💀
Sam Brodie (5 months ago)
This scene makes me wanna exercise
Peter Petruzzi (6 months ago)
For me, the power of the film is the lack of music. The most prominent music in the film is the mariachi band, which serves as comic relief more then anything.
writerconsidered (6 months ago)
Psychopathology is a hell of a thing.
MICHAEL CRASH (6 months ago)
Are you available for hire ?
Francesca Pidgeon (6 months ago)
I am, you can contact me for more information here: https://www.facebook.com/FrancescaPidgeonMusic/
Daffy * (6 months ago)
Putting money above human life. If everyone believed nobody had a soul then the chances of everyone becoming a sociopath increases. Every life you take increases the odds to become immune to empathy and prone to sociopathy. Eventually even your own life becomes meaningless and the only thing that matters is killing. Something someone smart must have witnessed first hand and decided to give everyone the idea of a soul. Strong medicine.
sntbozeman (6 months ago)
Does no one carry a screwdriver anymore?
Trev Mac (5 months ago)
it took place in 1980
Aquarius (6 months ago)
Anton looks like he has AIDS, pale skin, redness around the eyes like Jesus 😂
tallullah dana (6 months ago)
soo cool
Dan Daman (6 months ago)
Whats with the bs 'suspenseful' music? Spoiled a great clip with it.
아재옆집 (6 months ago)
Could you volume down the god dam music?
Jrpowered (6 months ago)
His finger prints are everywhere
upland77 (6 months ago)
I liked it. Well done.
James Peters (6 months ago)
best blood splatter ever
Lone Star (6 months ago)
Should've stopped the music when Anton bust through the door. Had a crescendo, and then silence as the violence erupts.
Detective HoodBruh (6 months ago)
That first dude caught the wrath for real!!” You could tell by those piercing yelps and shrieks...
fitnesspoint2006 (6 months ago)
You know you're an ultimate badass when you shut the door behind you in a room full of armed narcos.
無臉男Faceless (6 months ago)
2018 two guys in the bathroom? still curiousity ...
swazilandirtbikes (6 months ago)
The internet has made more doctors, lawyers, movie producers and spiritual advisors than ever before or after. A bloody miracle!
JAKESTAR105 (6 months ago)
The dude in the shower looks like David Crosby.
Trev Mac (5 months ago)
It's getting to the point where I'm no fun anymore I am sorry Sometimes it hurts so badly I must cry out loud I am lonely I am yours, you are mine, you are what you are You make it hard
Wes McGee (6 months ago)
Shugur is straight outta the warped minds of the Cohen bros.
JAKESTAR105 (6 months ago)
You'd think, but the movie is based on the Cormac McCarthy Novel.
Alfredo Duende (6 months ago)
Wtf is up wityh the soundtrack. That is plain bad.
Brianna 187 (6 months ago)
👎 Way to take a good scene and turn it into a bad scene, my friend.
Trev Mac (6 months ago)
i had a hair cut like him right up to grade 12 (save the comments and yes i never got laid)
Tyler Payment (1 day ago)
Fuck You it’s not just the long hair, long hair can get anyone laid if you’re not ugly as shit, it’s how it’s styled. No one wants to fuck grown ass Dora the Explorer
Ruthless 28 (7 days ago)
heavystarch100 (22 days ago)
Raul Castro (4 months ago)
My son haves the same haircut
Mieszko Mickiewicz (5 months ago)
+Mr. Nobody right know I'm trying to get haircut similar to Antons. Wish me luck 🤞 😂
Lord Elrond (6 months ago)
No Country For Old Bibi
acmm50 (6 months ago)
I love anything the Cohen brothers produce
Daniel Cannata (6 months ago)
Clearly an unpopular opinion, but I thought the music worked well with this scene. Sure as fuck kept me tense. It's arabian in nature. Arid, desolate, dry, and barren sounding. Perfect for the world this movie takes place in. Its rising and falling, and leaves greay waves of tension, uncertainty and anticipation in the air.... And ending exactly when it should... This scene does well on its own, yes. Your music doesn't really "add" to that tension so to speak. But it changes it do a different kind of tension. That works just as well in my opinion. I enjoyed this. And i enjoy this type of music as well. Is there a way i can download it?
Peyton Farrell (5 months ago)
Daniel Cannata its brilliant
Brick Missing (5 months ago)
Didn't like it. It's telling us what to think all the time and there's no change in intensity from the build up to when the action starts so it has the effect of lessening the impact of the violence.
Ug Lee (5 months ago)
you can download this video and convert it to mp3.. just google for some youtube downloaders n you will find
Daniel Cannata (6 months ago)
+Blood Beryl Awwwww does da baby need his bottle? :3 kissy kissy the little missy!
Aquarius (6 months ago)
A little hard on the rehtoric
yoshe yoshe (6 months ago)
The only thing that makes this movie silly is, WHO in the hell after a week not dump this money out onto a table or bed and count it ? O, whats this little flashing light thingy :) Still a dam good movie
Trev Mac (6 months ago)
you've lived a sheltered life
Crazi T (6 months ago)
Who were those guys he shot again?
colt (5 months ago)
Crazi T the Mexicans. Moss rented that room and hid the money in the air duct, then he noticed the truck outside so he rented the other room adjacent to his so he could pull the money from the other side without being caught from whoever was following him. Anton tracked the money to the original room and busted in only to find the Mexicans inside waiting for Moss... Anton later finds out that the Mexicans were also given a transponder, so Moss was not only being hunted by a hitman but also the Mexican cartel. Anton later killed the guy who gave the Mexicans the second transponder

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