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How A Suit Should Fit | The Art of Manliness

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Learn how a suit should fit properly. For a text version see here: http://www.artofmanliness.com/2013/09/25/good-fitted-suit-visual/ This video is brought to you by Combatant Gentleman. Combatant Gentlemen offers high-quality men's essentials at prices any guy can afford. We can do this because we cut out all of the middlemen and their markups in our production process -- we own our own factories, our own wool mills, and even our own sheep!Enter Code: ArtofManliness for FREE TIE With Any Purchase!Just click the following link:http://9nl.eu/l5rc •
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Text Comments (599)
Missed Planet (13 days ago)
is that a Mannequin ?
Rahz Al-Ghul (1 month ago)
Eric gets every girl by giving them this stare for long periods of time never looking away
Walter Sickinger (1 month ago)
Again the fit described is terrible. Jacket is too short...trouser rise is too low (shirt triangle showing) Jkt pulls at button . Trouser pockets gape and it pulls across the area between waist and crotch. This video is pure crap.
Benja Black (1 month ago)
horible looking taylor made suit
Benja Black (1 month ago)
Where is the classic suits,
Benja Black (1 month ago)
Too tight
Jeff (2 months ago)
Cmon, even I have a blazer off the rack thats fits better than this one. The shoulders as well as the elbow are too loose and the midsection is too tight
David Otarres (2 months ago)
The guy doesn't look comfortable lol
Aslam Howlakhan (2 months ago)
Many default in this suit sleeve in front on the right and left side near the first button , the flaps at the back is open it's not fall straight . Trousers it's too tight at the back too many fabrics down the waist in front it's not a perfect suit .Mauritius tailor is the best you are most welcome and see the real suit made to measure and cut on your body not on size.
craigslistrr O (3 months ago)
Jacket too snug..pulled fabric when buttoned.Pants are too long, half break is better, coupled with over the calf blacks socks to cover exposed leg.CEO looks slobbish. But the the cobblers children wear no shoes either.
Mounir CHICAO (3 months ago)
Thank you, that was really useful.
AdeL ziz (3 months ago)
This man gives us good information thank you so much
Yin Zhao (3 months ago)
Shoulders don’t fit at all! WTF
Word Truth (4 months ago)
How come the dude giving advise dressed in an awful fitting jacket?
Pebrero Vente Singco (4 months ago)
The tailor look swimming on his suit sleeves... Sloppy..
RH 0703 (4 months ago)
The eyes of the model secretly telling us "Don't believe with this guy"...
Jay Johnson (4 months ago)
Its not supposed to fit like that around his stomach, the jacket is cut to tight. The arm length is to long should be about half to 3/4 from wrist. Its ok for the pant to touch the top of the heel. #GET IT TOGETHER GUY
Johnny Blaze (4 months ago)
Damn! I gotta take all my suits now down to the tailor to get them properly fitted. I figured if you can comfortably swing an axe around with it, it should be fine. Guess not.
Tucci Polo, Inc. (5 months ago)
You should check out TucciPolo shoes. Exclusive for classic gentlemen who does not compromise on quality. Check it out: https://tuccipolo.com
PelicanState Piper (6 months ago)
Come on Brett AOM is better than this
Esteban Aguilar (6 months ago)
Guy is looking a little too serious
Ster the Blur (6 months ago)
eric looks stoned as fuck
Raurke Goose (6 months ago)
A suit, no matter how good it is or how well it fits, has absolutely nothing to do with manliness. Instead, it is symbol of fashion slavery, it is following not leading.
Vladimir Riché (6 months ago)
Horrible SMH
Danielle Strijdhaftig (6 months ago)
First, the camera is positioned too close and too high, creating an unflattering viewing angle. Women do in fact want to see a bit of a man's ass below his suit jacket. The suit jacket is bunching up in weird ways; divots, the button crease, the sleeves. Not sure it has been properly canvassed. The suit jacket's sleeves are also too long as they are hiding the shirt cuffs. On the pants, the creases are pointing down from the crotch rather than up, which makes for an unflattering look. The rest is fine.
Virtual Reality (6 months ago)
Does this guy ever blink? lol
Joe Stevens (6 months ago)
turn1210 (7 months ago)
That just looks like a cheap suit with a poor fit. It's way too slim fitting.
SurferHawa (8 months ago)
ugly shoes. Suit fits good but it's meh
mrjamesgrimes (8 months ago)
This guys does not make a good model, his shoulders are not symmetrical...I thought the suit was fitting weird but he it’s just how he’s built
Seth Z (8 months ago)
Oh btw. His neck line in his haircut is crazy jagged...
sillyninja65 (8 months ago)
that coulouration
Nick (8 months ago)
People who are thin look good in everything
cjs33139 (8 months ago)
Nice Seat! Haha!!
Barry Wuthrich (8 months ago)
Really poor fitting suit. If it it fits that badly standing straight, imagine how bad it will fit when moving, eating, etc.
Javaid zaman (8 months ago)
One of the best videos I ever watched on youtube....perfecttt
jay Dizzle (9 months ago)
I'm sorry, you're a smart man but lose credibility when not in shape... sorry again... not sorry.
Jim N (9 months ago)
How about a real world suit fit perhaps on the guy that's talking!
pseuocpkle (9 months ago)
Pulled button, shoulder less than a quarter inch, chest doesn't drape naturally, rule of thumb not being applied. I think men's Warehouse would provide better advice than this video.
GoOgle GMailL (9 months ago)
Was informative thank you ..well I always like to be a dapper ..😜
Gerardo Salas (9 months ago)
I only clicked for the model in the thumbnail and BOOM, CLICKBAIT.
Thomas Donnelly (9 months ago)
I mean does this guy with the way he looks really expect us to listen to what he has to say about style? LOL
BigHenFor (10 months ago)
Poorly made suit on the model doesn't inspire confidence at all.
Unknown Unknown (10 months ago)
Why can't I simply wear a t-shirt and basketball shorts? Life was simpler when I was 12.
Conner_The_Esquire (10 months ago)
Eric... Is A Manakin.
Wyatt J. Sullivant (11 months ago)
01:04 Is the guy on the right breathing?
Rok Podlogar (11 months ago)
cool presentation, and a great business name. can you do a grey suit option for bald/shaved/receding hairline guys that are slim(ish) with a bit of a beer belly going on. :)
Sean K (11 months ago)
Still haven’t seen the guy in the suit blink. Still waiting.
Waldemar (1 year ago)
Obi-Won Chubboni (1 year ago)
This sucks. They don't have my size.
Arturo Millán (1 year ago)
Thank you! The pants bit, that's the length I always ask for and they give me a look like wtf you don't know anything about suits... 😰 You should have had the model sit down, though, to see how much should the leg rise.
Maricris C (1 year ago)
Where can I buy Erick? Lol
Alex Rad (1 year ago)
Beginners advices!
Dusty E (1 year ago)
LMFAO ! Guys wearing slim fit suits all it says is I like other men LOL
LucasGrowsBest (1 year ago)
Want to see Logan Paul kick his dad in the face? Click here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DV_vOY_IpFo&t=58s
Gerhard Solem (1 year ago)
Who else is having a staring contest with Eric/k
MrJharo93 (1 year ago)
My shoulders are to pointy on my suit is that normal
Mike Winter (1 year ago)
It's pretty simple. The difference between 'style' and 'fashion'. Fashion is anything new, be it good, bad or indifferent. Style is fashion that has been worn and accepted by gentlemen. In a nut shell the description of a well dressed man "he was very well dressed, but I don't remember exactly what he was wearing." (So much for a long red tie covering your open fly). I saw a guy once in an absolutely gorgeous green Brioni suit. Fabulous fabric. Only one problem. If he were in a room with 500 people and I said "take this note to the guy in the green suit", you'd walk right up to him. Two things so dead wrong here. #1 The myth that coat length is determined by your thumb, Coat length is determined by whatever it takes to place the fullest part of your chest, waist and seat in the fullest parts of the coat accordingly. This, not height, determines Reg, short, long , etc. It's torso, not height. If you're 5'11" and have a 29'" inseam you are a probably a long or a mid-long if you can find it. If you're 6'1" and have a 33" inseam you are probably a regular.. The common problem with today's slim-fit-Ryan Sycrest's -little-brother- outgrew- it suit of clothes (besides being ridiculously suppressed at the waist) is that the strap (lapel) is too short causing it to spread out. This is usually the result of the coat being too short. So Mr. 5'9"/225 take a serious second look at the 6'1"/118 walking mannequin in your suit. HE looks like he's wearing that suit that Ryan's bro outgrew. Funny, you probably think you're too old and too fat to wear skinny ripped jeans (and you're right). But, you'll wear the 'skinny ripped jeans' guys suit, And, btw, I don't care what GQ is showing this season, your lapels should be in balance with your frame. Big guy= skinny lapels?. Never. Skinny lapels - wide tie? Ditto. It's all about balance. Balance! Know why Cary Grant wore wide shoulders, a style which became immensely popular? HIs tailor realized that like so many actors (damned if I know why) Cary had a large head. Balance! Only two really important things to look for in selecting size and model. The collar hugs your neck and the "expression" across the chest. It should look smooth and flat. Most anything else can be tweeked. We used to call wide lapel flared trouser jumbo plaids the "look what we've done to them club". Looking today at your daughter's wedding pics and you were wearing a clown outfit 'cus it was THE fashion.
Sung Kim (1 year ago)
Shoulder divot is obvious. Fail.
John Pearce (1 year ago)
Shoulders look bad.
Alex (1 year ago)
combat gent is a BAD COMPANY watch alpha m's video on combat gent
9 cath (1 year ago)
존나 잘생겼어 씨발...
Harlock Polar (1 year ago)
Tie is too short
Valentin (1 year ago)
For sub 200$ suit it looks good and how do people expect it fit perfectly?
Ifk 1899 (1 year ago)
The "expert" should look in a mirror. His own suit looks awful.
Ifk 1899 (1 year ago)
American suits looks retarded. OK I understand that the avg. American is obese and that they feel comfortable in a big bag of fabric without shape, but it looks awful.
Jex B (1 year ago)
Way to promote your product by making a video with barely any correct facts, the suit doesn't fit this man at all. Won't be buying my suits (or anything) at Combatant Gentleman that's for sure.
Ovi Ovidiu (1 year ago)
I was wearing exactly this shape of the costume. And I always thought that it is too small.
Ian Schulze (1 year ago)
sleeve length is so important that we won't let you see the shirt sleeve till I pull the jacket sleeve up......I also made a video of my daughter using sidewalk chalk on our driveway and used the same free music.
Mutant Witch (1 year ago)
Hi. I have a question. I have a hard time taking measurements to my clients with big belly and want a slim fit or macho-look. They wanted something like a curve/sexy shape so I usually get the circumference of the high waist for the curve part and take the circumference at the center or on the umbilical level. Am I doing the right way? How much allowance should I add, if the clients high waist is 38 and the belly is 42? hoping for you reply. thank you.
do Eric ever blink?
Cardinal Biggles (1 year ago)
That's a terrible fitting suit. Look at the wings overhanging on the shoulders, and the top button is in the wrong place, making the jacket crease up all ocross the front. What happens when the model lifts his arms? Jeez!
TheBooban (1 year ago)
So this clip uses a model and a presenter with ill fitting suits to show what not to do?
Kinko Sam (1 year ago)
The tailor is mere yaar
eklypse13 (1 year ago)
How should a suit fit for someone who carries a concealed firearm? Same thing just one size bigger waist?
Riza hariati (1 year ago)
I don't like how that upper arm sleeve wrinkled to the arm hole. So annoying..
Steve Pelman (1 year ago)
AT $160 this could be ok suit or a waste of money. Better than your odds in Vegas though.
iamOAKland (1 year ago)
I'm in trouble because I have a belly
Kevin (1 year ago)
The suit is also too small as he buttons it it forms an "X"
Kevin (1 year ago)
The shoulders fit horribly and there is a shoulder divot
Kirby Allison (1 year ago)
Love it
2HHB (1 year ago)
yikes, talk about shoulder divet...
Zion7 (1 year ago)
That suit is too tight, looks ridiculous.
ethan brennan (1 year ago)
@Art of manliness what should i actual say to the tailor can i just give them the suit and say tailor it or do i have to tell them all the alterations you've said here
He stares... right into my soul! Oh, the horror...
j (1 year ago)
Where are the regular fit suits that don't crowd the crotch? "Slim fit" is close to becoming incongruent with manliness.
Richard Spalding (1 year ago)
God no!
mortalsting (1 year ago)
Wow. That was one bad fitted suit! If this a suit company I would say "SHAME ON YOU!!!" Close your stores and learn about suits first!
theagent3 (1 year ago)
A suit is a uniform. Why do people make things complicated than what it is?!
markh15 (2 years ago)
The title of this video is ironic. The jacket is too tight around the waist. Not a great drape either. Slim fit is fine, but this is more like 2 sizes too small.
cheeriomartinez (2 years ago)
being short and fat fucking blows
Nik Man (2 years ago)
Guy you look like a lamentable lard bag next to the model !!!
Oliver Lorenzo (2 years ago)
Thats a terrible shoulder divot! Bad fit!
Sherrie Bush (2 years ago)
smile dude a.k.a. (male model). geeeez louise LOL!..😁
Daniel Harper (2 years ago)
why doesn't he button the always button himself?
fucko bo (2 years ago)
fat slob
Mark Anthony (2 years ago)
The best motivation to lose weight is fashion.
Johnny Lu (2 years ago)
thanks man I learning a lots
shovelcharge (2 years ago)
Blue jacket and a black shirt? really? And that hideous watch and crap pants? COME ON NOW.
Brilliantcreem (2 years ago)
Look good , feel great !

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