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shrek 2 I need a hero (with lyrics on the screen)

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I have a ´´new´´ channel, it already excists verry long, im from the netherlands so if i typ things wrong, dont be rude ore something, im not perfect, just like my englissh... eehh.. and im gonna put my videos on the channel what i use right now... the name of the channel is : luckiietv i hope you enjoyed these video's and keep watching me... i people, i know there was standing, ´´karaoke´´ for a long time, when i created this video, i was like, well ehh, i dont know, i think eleven ore something. and i thought you could call it karaoke if you could sing along, but i was more than wrong
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AZIZA BAHBA (9 hours ago)
I need a hero my best song 😍😍
BluBirdVA (16 hours ago)
Godmother: "C Minor" Piano guy: *Plays it in G Major*
Gan Ning (18 hours ago)
it worth shame
Alia Ali (1 day ago)
This woman is speaking my needs!
A.J. Haamid (2 days ago)
A cover' s never as good the ori....
awwh u missed out the part where shes shouts "HIT IT!"
Peter Wainio (3 days ago)
WAIT! Isn't that the music from "Shrek 2"!?
meg (3 days ago)
Infin (3 days ago)
I only listen to real music
That animation Girl (5 days ago)
This is on and my cat is purring!😝😝
Cool Guy24 (6 days ago)
The funny thing is I actually prefer this version better than the original
LBD Productions (1 day ago)
me too!
Susuke AIZEN (5 days ago)
Her voice actually matches 😅😅😅😂🤣😜👌
Robert Pugh (6 days ago)
I always thought it was impressive how prepared the castle's soldiers were to deal with the attack of a giant cookie.
littlelamp100 (6 days ago)
"c minor put it in c minor" **plays g minor chord**
Torganzer (7 days ago)
i wonder if its just me who listens to this unironically...
Sion67 (7 days ago)
I need an archer hero!
Sweto Cnr (8 days ago)
Lyrics just watch the video :/
derkommandent Nova (9 days ago)
Top 10 best anime soundtrack.
Miguel Guzman (9 days ago)
Great freaking song!!
Tony P (9 days ago)
15 million goddamn views. God bless this song is still so good.
I love you, nerds (10 days ago)
ZinC Podzzz (10 days ago)
When you’re running then it starts to rain, and you need to keep ahead of the clouds.
Racurz (10 days ago)
3:30 today I repay my debt
Yoon Yoon (11 days ago)
ALEXIX (12 days ago)
Maggie Mae (12 days ago)
i can see the scene
lazer taser (13 days ago)
That's copyright
ccbib (3 days ago)
lazer taser this was up 11 years ago. People did this shit all the time back in old YouTube.
Olivér Biró (13 days ago)
Who sings this version? Writeee pls
Emily Monjes (14 days ago)
He heard the lady we need a pro police force
Emily Monjes (14 days ago)
I’m sure you will get some more information about your own place and if it’s in good luck I’ll try something new but
Im Saved (15 days ago)
*Asks for C minor* *Sings in G minor*
Raspberry Studios (15 days ago)
You have to admit this is an epic song hahaha
Djamel vegeta sama (16 days ago)
2:43- - - -3:04
EmmyTokki (16 days ago)
Alice Stone (16 days ago)
Who's here in 2018?
bob no last name (16 days ago)
2:34 to 3:03 my favorite part
Otaku Guardians (18 days ago)
cromusic ibra (18 days ago)
Why am i getting shivers? I'm sweating, but this is giving me shivers.
Brendan Cross (19 days ago)
"Hey you! Back away from my wife!"
Anna Liisa Paalits (19 days ago)
What if my hero is villan? (thinks about Loki)
Blueberry 15 (20 days ago)
Oh....the memes......
Lord Draco (20 days ago)
and who says covers can't be better than the original
Warr_Toast _ (22 days ago)
Alright big fella, let's crash this party.
When you walk into extra help class,after school,and the teacher isn’t there
When your parents aren't home and you're too lazy to get the tv remote
Nicholas Win (24 days ago)
That song would honestly be awesome and it would be perfect for the batman
This scene alone made Shrek 2 the best sequel ever made in movie history, even better than the first one
Aazza Mohamed (24 days ago)
Indycisive (25 days ago)
Is it me or is this song becoming viral lately?
Indycisive (22 days ago)
Oh... Makes sense
Mikala Morgan (22 days ago)
Indycisive It’s all over TikTok (updated musically). That’s how I ended up remembering it 😂
Luci_fromHell (25 days ago)
Someone: song covers are never as good as the original Me: uhm explain this sweetie...
Shane Burns (27 days ago)
I was waiting for mongos sick "breeeee" sadly disappointed
YoBoiYo -MF (27 days ago)
When you stuck in low rank I NEED A HERO
devil animatons (27 days ago)
1:04 "and he's gotta be larger than life" me: . . . WHY IS MY MIND THIS WAY
Rhian Boyle (28 days ago)
Who's your favourite singer Normal people:Arianna Grande, Adele ,Pink Me:Fairy godmother from shrek 2
Indycisive (25 days ago)
Larissa Oliveira (28 days ago)
Alice Rose (29 days ago)
Jennifer Saunders is making everyone quake!
Eddie Miller (29 days ago)
I need a *G Y R O*
Name a better f-ing cover than this. I dare you lol
Yung trump (29 days ago)
God this video is old
Andrea Hernández (29 days ago)
Sigo prefiriendo la versión en latino:3
Youpo1 (1 month ago)
Bruno Aziz Esquivel (1 month ago)
*Yo quiero un héroe >:v*
Snowmanbutternips (1 month ago)
Jasmine Teasdale (1 month ago)
Comes her after watching shrek
LoLmanDerp (1 month ago)
I can imagine playing a game and my friend getting surrounded by enemies and is about to die while this plays
lemon squeeze (1 month ago)
okay but her voice is actually beautiful
Ryan Wilbert (1 month ago)
I came here from 'I need a Shirou'
Indycisive (29 days ago)
notablegoat (1 month ago)
super metal sonic (1 month ago)
I just watched this movie yesterday
diontre boyce (1 month ago)
Vote if you want this for smash bros ultimate theme!
Valerie Petris (1 month ago)
Splatninja (1 month ago)
when most people are here for sweet, innocent shrek and you're here from saints row...
Bob's your uncle (1 month ago)
Wait she said c when it's in g
Leosparks98 ///Niko/// (1 month ago)
This is a good song. A shame it was ruined because of the fucking memes along with the All-Star song from smash mouth.
Carter Montgomery (1 month ago)
“Be good........”
Sooper Syko (1 month ago)
Other people: Theres no such thing as a good cover so- Me: *slams this in their face*
TheCookieGod (1 month ago)
“I think I gave her the wrong tea...”
Metallic Bascinet (1 month ago)
person person (1 month ago)
I watch shrek other day... Oscar worthy movie
Mara Quin (1 month ago)
That would be Jesus YHWH the King of Kings & Lord of Lords.. He's coming soon with a rod of iron to rule woth JUSTICE & Mercy FPR all. Wake up... Wake up.. See the Message from God written in ancient Aramaic, Chaldean and Phonecian in our DNA fthat Harvard University discovered in 2013. YHWH when broken down letter by letter tells us to... Behold the hand Behold the nail. Sound familiar? 🙏
ccbib (3 days ago)
Mara Quin sounds like mongo
kim tae (1 month ago)
4am and i’m listening to shrek i honestly have no regrets
oceanwavedvd (1 month ago)
Therealchris929 Lol (1 month ago)
“Covers can never be better” they said
Wet Mote (19 days ago)
0:39 HIT IT! 0:45 Alright big fella, let's crash this parteh 0:57 Shrek: Brace yourselves 1:06 Not the gumdrop button 1:10 (Mongo Makes a Godzilla noise) 1:17 Donkey: Haha, alright! 1:28 Shrek: Go Mongo,Go! 1:41 After you mongo! 1:46 Shrek: Hall your forces!Hot,Foamy milk is poured on Mongo Mongo:Hee VOOOO! 1:48 Donkey: Shrek! 2:12 Milk with more heat, less foam is poured on Mongo Again 2:17 Mongo's arms break off 2:20 Gingy Jumps off shrek's shoulder while saying no S L O W M O T I O N to save mongo 2:50 *Whistles* Shrek: Come On! "Gang Cheers 2:51 Gingy: No no! 2:52 Mongo: BEEE GOOOOOOOODDD 2:54 He needs me! No no! 3:09 Shrek:Donkey! 3:15 Shrek: Puss! 3:22 Puss: Go go, your lady needs you! Go! 3:25 Puss: Today,I repay my debt 3:34 Guards: Awwwwww 3:38 Puss: EN GUARD! 3:52 Shrek: STOP! sauce: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLHCS6oL7lo&lc=UggKso6k1LahdHgCoAEC
Bobbi Crouch (1 month ago)
Look at this relic
MiSFiT (1 month ago)
When you forgot there was homework and the teacher gives the class 10 more minutes before you have to pass it up.
Astrid (1 month ago)
I woke up from a dream with meeting my crush in his country, and I have this song stuck in my head lol
TbhDavy (1 month ago)
Angel Marquez (1 month ago)
This shit is a masterpiece of a remake ❤❤❤
lana mori (1 month ago)
I can hear "HIT IT"
Retarded Syrenna (1 month ago)
When your batteries run out in the middle of a battle
links pokemon (1 month ago)
All star 2.0
Mahooi (1 month ago)
Listening to this while my right foot is cramping.
Savage Supernova (1 month ago)
Thomas Stapor (1 month ago)
0:56 that piano sequence always make me smile (very good cover overall 👍)
Anime Girl (1 month ago)
Me:can I play a song? Cousin:NOT THAT SONG ABOUT A HERO! Me:BUT I NEED A HERO Cousin:.....*ugh I give up*
Midori ._. (1 month ago)
I get a high off of seeing this part of the movie..
Retarded Syrenna (1 month ago)
“Ready for vocal lessons” Everyone else nodds Me:*Eats bags of chips while watching shrek 2*

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