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$6 Sandwich Vs. $180 Sandwich

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Text Comments (18329)
spiderpig990 (4 hours ago)
Traverse city Michigan folgarellis grampas cabin if anyone goes there and gets that your welcome
I am in love with Steven Lim, like he is the love of my life! handsome and loves food and cake!
Kyle Dobson (8 hours ago)
Kaymarah Worrell (8 hours ago)
Bruh binging with banish that’s crazy
hsen kblan (10 hours ago)
i do for the cute cameraman😭nt come for the reviews i come here❤💔
Naruto Hatake (10 hours ago)
A sandwich without bread is just meat with some toppings
DeadJoker 77211 (11 hours ago)
200 dollar heroin vs 1million dollar heroin
default810 (18 hours ago)
the bread is softer than the meat hmmm ??? or is it the other way
Nguyen Minh Phuong (18 hours ago)
Please do worth it chipotlee
SMD Productions (19 hours ago)
I watch buzfeed so that I can fall asleep
Sovik Jana (20 hours ago)
Americans are cute for calling THAT spicy. LOL. Come to India. I'll tell you what spice is
Tyler Claus (20 hours ago)
You cant just slap 1/4 of a full chicken with the bones still inside in between 2 slices of plain white bread and call it a sandwich lol. What are they going to do next? Take the same chicken and wrap it in a 12'' tortilla and call it a taco?
sanga vids (21 hours ago)
who comes here for the camera guy 😂
ScytherRaid (22 hours ago)
Wagyumafia? Thats how mafia works
Tomas Cali (1 day ago)
Annie X Adam. I ship it❤️
Lars Kumpfert (1 day ago)
You have to try tortas from Mexico.
Rustin _PH (1 day ago)
Adaboss Gaming (1 day ago)
Liam Martinero (1 day ago)
WTF?! Surprise BWB Andrew. BEST EPISODE EVER!!!
DracoxXetPooki (1 day ago)
Neck 10:02
DracoxXetPooki (1 day ago)
D B (1 day ago)
The real question is who ate that last quarter
keiffer white (1 day ago)
Babish looked naked without his apron.
Holyflame (1 day ago)
*"You can't make a bad sandwich"* The people who ate my sandwich disagree...
I like this video just because of the Babish boi.
izaiah Boss (1 day ago)
The sandwich is a nazi sign
iris _03 (1 day ago)
I am vegetarian... Yeah.. WELL BYE.
Don't ask me (1 day ago)
Micah (1 day ago)
7:53 OMG I never knew fries could taste like patatoe
Chris Reyes (1 day ago)
Make more seasons
Anacunda (1 day ago)
Did you just made a swastika In the thumbnail?
Copper Conner (2 days ago)
F.A.Q Chris (2 days ago)
Im sitting here 9 pm hungry af now
Alan Yoon (2 days ago)
Asians can certainly survive some spice to the tongue, but certainly not the eyes.
Alex Alonzo (2 days ago)
14:14 you can tell how happy the camera man is
Alex Alonzo (2 days ago)
11:34 they know what’s up, no crust
SGS PRO (2 days ago)
Why not do BBQ in Nashville TN?
Trap Alexis (2 days ago)
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Luan Vorster (2 days ago)
I'll just stick with subway!🤣
Gameboy (2 days ago)
Chateaubriand is actually a french literature writer very famous in france ( i think from the 18 or 17 century)
isuck4cash (2 days ago)
Chateaubriand is actually a very well known French author. He wrote Atala. René and Génie du christianisme
Elijah Esquivel (2 days ago)
It has to be thicc ~Andrew
dark union (2 days ago)
how do they get the money for all this?
krazye (2 days ago)
half way through i can't watch this anymore its looks so damn good....
Aloysius Soh (2 days ago)
Can you guys do worth it in Malaysia??
KrAzyDrummer (2 days ago)
Casual Sean Evans name drop I see you
Edgar Salgado (2 days ago)
"The bread is not important" BLASPHEMY!!! D=<
samantha macasu (2 days ago)
Brooke Mullins (2 days ago)
Boltins is the best
Kebab Muncher (3 days ago)
Adam is the most awkward person ever😂
Golden Brothers (3 days ago)
Nice how these guys are not like cough cough Gordon Ramsey cough
Lenny Evans (3 days ago)
Gooo Greece I’m so happy
Mikael Cyr (3 days ago)
Is anni mute?
Ace Smoker (3 days ago)
Mark wein should of did most od these shows. These guy have no respect for other people siding.. Being dicks about good food.. Fuk em..
Leslie Lanagan (3 days ago)
Every time Rie shows up in a video, my heart flips.
Hero (3 days ago)
walks into subway
MinerGT (3 days ago)
Who has the best sandwich? Easy, just go to subway
87Oscar87 (3 days ago)
Wow you made me hungry for some fried chicken
BlackSax05 (3 days ago)
14:03 he seemed so sad it made me sad 😢. I wonder if he’s ok?
Tengo Miqadze (3 days ago)
11:15 he said N WORD
ur dad (3 days ago)
i love dollye omg
Flaming Paradox (3 days ago)
i thought Subway was gonna be in this. Did anyone else think that?
Love, Gia (3 days ago)
Umami pastrami
LoL_reingschaut (3 days ago)
12:21 the shape of the white bread-lines...
agauerm (3 days ago)
Music at 13:00 please?
Rangerross nnn (3 days ago)
Cooked a tamago before watching.
Flect (3 days ago)
"how hot is this one?" *sAmE*
Xavier ? (3 days ago)
8:26 double thick lmao
Eating the expensive one on the video is littly eating the expensive “fried” steak b[with bread
Muhd Farhat (3 days ago)
I miss Adam...
Impact Aqua (3 days ago)
Barbara Bush (3 days ago)
shoulda went to subway
Uh oh lmao
CradleEpiscopalian56 (4 days ago)
I found this vid entertaining. Thx.
Wary Trout (4 days ago)
20:16, what's so strange about a spaghetti sandwich? I use leftover spaghetti with a thin spread of margarine (vegan option) on bread when money is tight and it's filling as well as economical. My mom actually loves them despite the low cost and ease of cooking spaghetti with just a bit of garlic and oregano. But most of all my son is a few years old and says it's his favorite food (when I bake homemade bread for them) lol. Then again bread keeps quite a while when frozen so that isn't a problem.
Alexander Villagomez (4 days ago)
Babish here Nani!
I need subs (4 days ago)
Hey I live near Nashville
Cowta Playz (4 days ago)
im 25 percent philipino
DuFFmAn996 (4 days ago)
Why does the thumbnail kinda looks like a swastika
Raybanzz Productions (4 days ago)
Matthew Penney (4 days ago)
I can now say I want a boneless sandwich and it makes sense.
Fortnite Cringe (1 day ago)
Bro I’m giving free subs good luck
Fiona Geddes (4 days ago)
*goes to tokyo to try one sandwich*
TheVoltageKid (4 days ago)
The Guy says Never Eat With an Empty Stomach and Then Eats
Katelynn Murphy (4 days ago)
Oml camera man was so cute when he looked up from the chicken.
JustPassingBy (4 days ago)
But they didnt do any sandwich facts...😥
Joash Naah (4 days ago)
Katz new Deli.......? just saying... -.-
David Popovic (4 days ago)
Why is Rie in the corner
Rafael Esguerra (4 days ago)
4:12 when u feel it kicking in (ruffis or somethin)
Dood (4 days ago)
$6 Sandwich Vs $180 Sandwich Vs Idiot Sandwich
Molly Nye (4 days ago)
They should've featured Bay Cities "godmother"
Joshua V (4 days ago)
The best sandwich is the dirty ice cream sandwich from the Philippines
FredMonster (4 days ago)
I want to be friends with the lady from the first restaurant. She’s fun.
Banana Rama (4 days ago)
A sandwich wouldn’t be a sandwich if it doesn’t have bread
Yahya Bana (5 days ago)
Honestly, worth it is the only reason I watch buzzfeed
Ultra Sauce (5 days ago)
Bone in sandwhich? No thanks
The Fruity Fruit (5 days ago)
Dude try the Ruben from Jersey Mike’s
It's me ihotu .O (5 days ago)
Sandwiches are all about the contents like just today we went to Subway and my sister wasn't there and she a little angry I didn't get exactly like she wanted
Herolife217 // MCPE (5 days ago)
Eat With Pookie (5 days ago)
I’m so hungry watching this!!!
Briar Valdr (5 days ago)
Steven has calmed down so much

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