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$6 Sandwich Vs. $180 Sandwich

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Text Comments (17006)
Pavithra Shaji (52 minutes ago)
have they done burritos yet??
Raya Koth (2 hours ago)
3:31 He knows :)
Adolf Hanhardt (5 hours ago)
8:21. Oh vey
Adolf Hanhardt (5 hours ago)
I meant 8:20
Hannah Robinson (5 hours ago)
is Binging with Babish the new Stan Lee
Amy B. (6 hours ago)
I'm watching this while eating the cheapest sandwich ever it only has a little bit of mayo, one egg and one tomato...
Darth Velitiane (6 hours ago)
Chateaubriand is actually a french writer and politician who is a precursor of french Romanticism in literature.
Gabriel Keller (7 hours ago)
Raiyne Bayutas (9 hours ago)
Let's get this bread
Aaron Jay Galutera (10 hours ago)
I'm also from Philippines
kermitthefrog37 (11 hours ago)
$1 dick vs $1000 dick
Corba Zizz (12 hours ago)
Anyone noticed that in the pic the sandwich is the nazi symbol
neM Elegance (14 hours ago)
what happened to the last sandwich
Jack Finley (15 hours ago)
You guys should do astronaut food
PLSSS DONT JUDGE ME (15 hours ago)
Isnt that gordon ramsay's beef wellington at the end of the vid?😂
Qin Shihuang (15 hours ago)
don't touch the stones.
Qin Shihuang (15 hours ago)
What is the music for Bolton's sandwiches?
BogBones (16 hours ago)
Are you from LA? Why is your camera man wearing a hat from A boat line on Catawba Island in Ohio..
krishron Sritharan (17 hours ago)
would there be a season 6
Chris Isip (18 hours ago)
dovarex 115 (18 hours ago)
The thumbnail looks like a swastica
Fransisca Perez (18 hours ago)
Y dont these people get fat 🐷🐖🐽
Machin (18 hours ago)
chateaubriand was actually the name of french dude, viscount françois-rené de chateaubriand. chateau means castle in french, briand could have several meanings such as "strong", "hill". interesting fact : briand is pronounced the same as brillant which means shiny. so either chateaubriand is a shiny castle, or it's a castle on a hill, or it's just a castle for a dude who was from brianes in northern spain. whatever, nobody cares. the POINt is, chateaubriand was a french dude who had a great chef called montmireil, who created a dish which is, to put it simply, a simple, large, thick slice of beef cut in the fillet. and he named it after chateaubriand, his employer. basically, the dish in the video is called chateaubriand because it's a thick slice of meat, like the eponymous dish. it's also a wine, some french county, and a sauce. #themoreyouknow
Mr Elf Man (19 hours ago)
That not how you pronounce Athens
Alexander Croy (19 hours ago)
I thought he said Benjie McBazal
jo4vt (19 hours ago)
Come to Vermont. Do “maple” foods
Sarah (19 hours ago)
Where is the episode on kebab?!?! :)
Hen xo (20 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/BVhUYXYRJyg after watching this disgraceful video from Buzzfeed albeit four years old but still so disgusted could you go to Pakistan one series and do pakistani food some justice?
ItzJustVon (20 hours ago)
Plz this can’t be it😩😩
hoilok leung (20 hours ago)
when I eat fried chicken I usually take out the bone first
- MrTwitchyFingers - (21 hours ago)
What a scam, waygu is inferior to Kobe beef, because Kobe is only in a small handful of restraints. Waygu isn’t the same, search up Kobe beef scam.
henk visser (21 hours ago)
What would a waterwich taste like?
DARRELL D (22 hours ago)
$200 sandwich..... not really that impressed....
DARRELL D (23 hours ago)
Don't touch your eyes..... 🤣 beta as hell....
Enders Turkers (1 day ago)
Eddie O'Sullivan (1 day ago)
Adam looks like he should be the star of a silent 5 minute animated short about loving his cat
MythicalSLIM (1 day ago)
I guess I will finally watch this, since it just keeps popping up.
GoHomeRoger l._.l (1 day ago)
10:24 12:38 13:52 That's what she said...
Bhopster (1 day ago)
I went there and the sandwich is 95 dollars... clickbait.
Jazel Antiporda (1 day ago)
happy birthday
HazaardTensity (1 day ago)
love your laugh
King Evasive (1 day ago)
You know damn well the first place served them chicken edibles😂
Ragnarok (1 day ago)
toooo gay
Derpme not (1 day ago)
Where are my peenoise dudes and gals
Stephanie Martinez (1 day ago)
That ladie in nash vill at boltons sounded horny
l3lack_D1am0nd (1 day ago)
Whoa they found Binging with Babish himself? His channel makes me hungrier than this channel
* (1 day ago)
Oinkster 😂😂😂😂
shurdigurdi (1 day ago)
Sheeesh $6
The Tantrum (1 day ago)
I'm hangry now
Rinaldi Gotama (1 day ago)
I'm going to Japan in two weeks. Does anyone know if there's a compilation of Worth It restaurants in Japan somewhere?
Zeina is Zeina C: (1 day ago)
Congrats on the streamy’s!
brebella angel (1 day ago)
How did i know he was gonna be the one to touch his eye smh
Why won’t you guys try Lao food? For your next episode.
Barrack Obama (1 day ago)
I live in Nashville
Grace Krouse (1 day ago)
this guy honesly reminds me of ben from parks and rec
Charles Deguzman (1 day ago)
Omg proud pinoy here
Lil Mayo (1 day ago)
I like my sandwiches BONELESS
thurnishaley004 (1 day ago)
Nashville Pride
Tchai Jean Baptiste (1 day ago)
When is season 6??
silverserpants (1 day ago)
Look yes price sometimes plays a factor in quality. That being said it's also not always the case. I've tasted a hundred dollar steak that was sorry as hell then enjoyed a 12$ steak and almost died in extacy. Its knowing where to eat not what trend or price dictates. A bit of googling goes a long way 😉. Otherwise what a waste of money.
I’m sorry for saying this but the last sandwich might be a nazi
AEGIS LUXURY (1 day ago)
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ReXipp (1 day ago)
13:48 listen to that with your eyes closed ;)
Happy_Hannah 77 (1 day ago)
omg ube milkshake i need that asap
Jessie Cupo (2 days ago)
The Lobster King (2 days ago)
Just make ur own sandwich
Jenna Luke (2 days ago)
Next season could you do Chinese food and have Stevens mom as a guest ☺️
ItzzATGaming (2 days ago)
$1 Condom Vs. $1000 Condom
Isabella Ellis (2 days ago)
y’all were in my home state
Alix Astruc (2 days ago)
Omg... Chateaubriand is a French author!!
Just Lorelei (2 days ago)
Like Narnia You got me dieing lol😂
Ako Ang Filipino
Teen Kiru (2 days ago)
it's pronounce ube not ubey
Bob Bob (2 days ago)
You know, I think we're getting too much japan
MCQuis (2 days ago)
12:37 *I never expected it to be so **_thicc_*
Bape Nyark (2 days ago)
i cant even afford $6
*A rare moment where the most* *expensive food is not madw out of gold* *or caviar*
MICKA (2 days ago)
Oh a Filipino ❤️ i love ube
MidnightPikachu (2 days ago)
My worth it winner is KFC! It has delivery!
Panda Party 3O6 (2 days ago)
Crap, I gotta go all the way to LA for an ooba shake?
Rafael Marquez (2 days ago)
Hello my fellow filipino
OmegaExalted (2 days ago)
That's it! I've come up with a new recipe!
moviedude22 (2 days ago)
I can't do this show...not now. it all looks so good
BloodOnMars (2 days ago)
This made me really hungry. I paused and got 2 pizzas but the hunger continues. Ima stay away from you guys lol
one of repetition (2 days ago)
Aww adam :)
A Chateaubriand is a French steak
Brittany Young (2 days ago)
Nooooo. I need more episodes!
mariana arias (2 days ago)
You guys should do Worth it Mexico 🇲🇽
Musshies Kaiser (2 days ago)
more seasons pleaseeee
Sam (2 days ago)
I hate Americans
Stromberg (2 days ago)
Sam why
Rias Gremory (2 days ago)
The food in the thumbnail looks like a swastika omg buzzfeed is sooo racist anti semetic and xenophobic omg omg omg im gonna get a nervous breakdown
Nacknone (2 days ago)
About time there was something expensive without caviar.
Raya Koth (2 hours ago)
Or gold leaf, or truffles.
drago0860 (1 day ago)
What about the salmon episode?
Ethan Logan (2 days ago)
Ahh buzzfeed
cyanide (2 days ago)
why was babish in LA
Yancy Naughton (2 days ago)
milk tank hahaha
Jeop (2 days ago)
Hmmm I got an idea for a video A Buzzfeed Video Vs an actual good youtube Video
elsa snow (2 days ago)
Why not subway :c
lauren montgomery (2 days ago)
If the bread is better than the contents then it’s probably not a good sandwich..
EHM-HooDosent (2 days ago)
6 dollars sandwiches are still good
Yuran McKinley (2 days ago)
The white guy is so monotone and boring

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