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Cupecoy Beach - On Top of The Beach @ St. Maarten

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The Cupecoy area on Sint Maarten is famous for its cliffs with a narrow and very attractive beach strip in front of the cliffs. The condos on top of the cliffs grant amazing views over the Ocean towards the small island of Saba. The 10 to 25 feet high, golden sandstone cliffs serve as the backdrop for Cupecoy beach. The white, powdery sand beach is lined with beautiful rock formations and caves. This rich coral sand carpet is very popular, and if you like to find a cave for yourself only, you have to get there early. The beach is easily accessible by a few sets of stairs down to the beach. The surf at Cupecoy Beach can be challenging at times, the wind however is blocked by the rocks. The cliffs provide some shadow in the morning. The sea is crystal clear. The clothing optional community meets at some preferred non-official areas in hidden coves. Great times to enjoy the Cupecoy views are the late afternoon watching the sun go down. As Cupecoy beach faces southwest, there a splendid views of the sunset and the surf. Several condo developments in recent years made this scenic beach to one of the favourite island destinations of Sint Maarten. The rental condos above the cliffs are in the mid and upper rental rate range. They all include nicely manicured gardens, pool, and sport facilities. There are more condos on the lagoon side at Puerto Cupecoy. A shopping center and casinos are in walking distance. More about the beach and its lodging options on the links below. http://www.st-maarten-vacation.com/all-rentals/dutch-st-maarten/cupecoy/ http://www.st-maarten-vacation.com/island-info/beaches/cupecoy-beach/
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