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Men's Haul: AliExpress & Forever 21 Accessories! Supreme Strapbacks - dyrandoms

64 ratings | 7576 views
Hey you guys! In this video I share with you some recent accessory purchases I made. Enjoy! Giveaway Rules: Comment how many subscribers you think I have. Leave your IG name. The two people closest to the amount of subscribers I have on this day ( 11 November 2015 ) wins. Subscribe to my Vlog channel: http://goo.gl/0OAdgX Keep up with me! Twitter: http://goo.gl/BzmuBW Tumblr: http://goo.gl/shrTYq Instagram: http://goo.gl/k7izbA Facebook: http://goo.gl/fbKhXS Camera: Canon T5i Editing: iMovie Music: YouTube Music Keywords: dyrandoms dyrandomstv dy moultrie men's fashion style haul
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Text Comments (86)
Eduardo Costa (1 year ago)
hat links?
Drift Master Suzuki (1 year ago)
dunno why people keeping pointing the hats out, im not paying an arm and a leg for a label
Kerry francis (2 years ago)
whats the link to the supreme hats on aliexpress ??????
LIYA ANNICE (2 years ago)
Really helpfull video!!!! I found a site,it save me a lot of time and money while shopping on aliexpress :)) if you also need it,just search ellecodedotcom on google. LOL....⊙▂⊙
jalal qaumi (2 years ago)
Is he gay? Or am i wrong
Jeff Berryman (2 years ago)
IG: @whitehornedgoat 4,275
Myles Wojtasiak (2 years ago)
IG: prinelife88 Guess: 4086
Carson Chapman (2 years ago)
Those are some fake ass supreme hats
dyrandoms (2 years ago)
+Carson Chapman sure are. hence, me getting them from aliexpress.
Alice Jane (2 years ago)
Já faz dias que não consigo acessar o AliOfertas Brasil. Vai parar nas ofertas gerais e não aparecem os produtos que estão na capa. http://goo.gl/G2KxlJ É isso mesmo?
Yosua Albert (2 years ago)
can i get the glasses link?
Apollo Skywalker (2 years ago)
What beat is that bro?, sounds very familiar and made the video that much better to watch :)
James Hammer (3 years ago)
Insta name -_jake_plum_ Guess- 1504 And ps I luvvvvv ur vids 😍
Grace ma (3 years ago)
Hi I am unsure if this is still open! Haha, I'll still put my guess and IG Guess: 3,000 IG: g_e_m_1992
Sarra Somer (3 years ago)
I am trying to purchase a lack and kimono http://goo.gl/E65cqa and its on sale today. How do I do this?
Danny Santos (3 years ago)
Sub:3168 IG: ynnadboy
Fuego_Style_For_You 23 (3 years ago)
guess:3,134 ig:noahgebman98
V1NC3YY (3 years ago)
Yeah again like the other guy. not to be rude but those supreme hats are fake.
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+V1NC3YY thanks for the info -_-
73001xx (3 years ago)
Guess: 3,077 IG: azharparris
Parker Wilson (3 years ago)
Ig: parker.yo Subs- 3,069
TeddyHop47 (3 years ago)
Not to be rude but most of the Supreme on Aliexpress aren't authentic just saying
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+TeddyHop47 thanks for the info -_-
Kevin S (3 years ago)
Guess: 2,500 IG: esekevv
LaRay Donyeil (3 years ago)
Instagram: 4everlaray Guess: 1300 But I feel like you said in a video that you were super close to 1,000 tho..I could be wrong but that's my guess homie! Peace!!!
LaRay Donyeil (3 years ago)
Oh ok! Just wondering lol
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+LaRay Donyeil thanks for participating! nope, i've never disclosed that information lol.
aaron quick (3 years ago)
IG: aq_moneyonmymind Guess: 1683
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
Aaron thanks for participating!
Izaiah Benton (3 years ago)
IG:LindoRican Guess:1,200
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
hey thanks for participating!
5mentariosBeats (3 years ago)
Guess: 3495 IG: @5mentariosBeats
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+5mentariosBeats thanks for participating!!
Alfonso Ramirez (3 years ago)
Guess: 6,000 subs IG: alfonsomiguelramirez I watch your vlogs all the time as well!!
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Alfonso Ramirez thanks for participating Alfonso!
OutMyBody (3 years ago)
IG: @princemainstream Guess: (2,300) ,(3,256).(4,234) 😎
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+OutMyBody thanks for participating! Ill use your first guess as the official lol
Luke Thompson (3 years ago)
Guess : 916 subscribers IG: Luke.thompson14
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
hey! thanks for participating Luke!
Xavier Richards (3 years ago)
IG: iamxavie Subscriber Guess : 6,557
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Iam Xavie thanks for participating!!!
YupItsJas (3 years ago)
IG: iRockFlyyStuffOnly Guess: 5,091
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+YupItsJas ig name is D O P E N E S S! if your pics are as fly as your name, I'm following you. Thanks for participating!
Kash Cam (3 years ago)
IG: kvshcam 5,577 subs
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Camai Douglas heyyyy!!! thanks for participating!
noahecasarez (3 years ago)
ig @thisguynoah you always have such dope hauls! 3,000 subscribers
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+noahecasarez thanks for participating Noah!!!
Joseph Nguyen (3 years ago)
IG: Joseph.Kn 5,416 subs
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Joseph Nguyen thanks for participating Joseph
Anthony Castillo (3 years ago)
1364 subscribers IG: That_Boy_Ryan_Cas
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
thanks for participating Anthony!
Exzonta Mosley (3 years ago)
IG: exyonce Guess: 2,220
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Exzonta Mosley ayyyyyyye thanks Exzonta!
Kevin Zeng (3 years ago)
IG: wolfphine99 2,146
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Kevin Zeng thanks for participating Kevin!
Winston Waters (3 years ago)
3,650 subscribers IG: midnite_soldier_of_love
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Winston Waters thanks for participating Winston!
Carlos Campos (3 years ago)
1,639 @ carl0scamp0s
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Carlos Campos thanks for participating Carlos!
TeamEPICv (3 years ago)
@Refavoritism Guess:4729
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
thanks for participating!
Christopher l (3 years ago)
IG : crl_09 Guess: 1,000
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+cr_sneakers thanks for participating!!!
JAYRAM0NE (3 years ago)
Ig:Lucidxriverz Guess: 3,040
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+JAYRAM0NE thanks for participating!
Budget Madam (3 years ago)
IG: BudgetMadam Guess: 5,107
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Budget Madam thank you for participating!
JavoieL (3 years ago)
IG: mr.luisantonio Guess: 3,347 I really dig the accessories, they all look great! Keep making content man.
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+JavoieL thanks!
Jrbr9 (3 years ago)
IG: jrbr14 Guess 1748
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Jrbr9 thanks for participating!
TheMagnificentMagikarp (3 years ago)
IG: derek.qu Guess: 2360
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+TheMagnificentMagikarp thanks for participating!
Rudy Shelton (3 years ago)
badboiruru 3396
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Rudy Shelton hey! thanks for participating!
Mela the great (3 years ago)
IG: mela_the_great guess: 1,634 funny how people who don't wear glasses buy fake glasses. people like myself that have to wear glasses wish they didn't have plastic on their face lol those glasses are cute and it looks great on you.
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Mela the great lol thats a good point. thank you!
Christa Alexis (3 years ago)
IG: cjscreativemind Guess: 2,500
Christa Alexis (3 years ago)
+dyrandoms you're welcome but you don't have to thank me lol I just enjoy watching your channels...
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Christa Alexis hey! thanks for participating!
Ayoo Jaystar (3 years ago)
Ig:jaytooglobal Guess:2,300
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Ayoo Jaystar thanks for participating!
Parmvir Sidhu (3 years ago)
Keep up the good work!!!! I really like your style! Please check out my Instagram! IG: disfusions Guess: 1,429
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Parmvir Sidhu thank you kind sir. thanks for participating and i sure will!
Richard Jones (3 years ago)
IG: ladies_lovej69 Guess: 1,152
dyrandoms (3 years ago)
+Richard Jones thanks for participating!

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