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L'Eau Bleu d'Issey Eau Fraiche Issey Miyake (2006)

145 ratings | 6707 views
Ben's Review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-MVR-0a3no Fragrantica Link: https://www.fragrantica.com/perfume/Issey-Miyake/L-Eau-Bleu-d-Issey-Eau-Fraiche-2330.html For a decant in Bangladesh: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10155335035275963&set=gm.794465747429777&type=3&theater&ifg=1
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Text Comments (27)
Stefan Fragrance (13 days ago)
I love the Leau Bleue!!!
Javier Trevino (14 days ago)
I just saw this fragrance at a local Ross for $16.. I was about to buy it, but I saw Azzaro Chrome United and decided to give it a shot first. However, tomorrow of it is still there, I'm going to have to pick it up.
dojo guamboy (3 months ago)
Bought this from MAX FORTI'S recommendation. YOU got the description of this fragrance SPOT ON !!! I needed a second opinion and I got and EXPERT one from YOU . Thank you so much for the information. will be getting a backup!!!!
Fat Shady (8 months ago)
I bought these one based on this review and it is MAGICAL! Thank you brother! WONDERFUL juice!!
Z Mag (8 months ago)
L'Eau Bleu d'Issey Eau Fraiche just arrived today (75ml bottle)! Instant hit! One of my favorites for this summer, along with the ultra versatile Versace Dylan Blue (replacing last year's Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique & Versace Eau Fraiche). I also bought a new bottle of Moschino Uomo? (one of my everyday fragrances, goes well with a white shirt, mainly indoors).Thank you Joy, great advice! I really like your reviews, keep the good work.
Solidude Hermit (8 months ago)
dude rockin beard!
Harry Steady (9 months ago)
Just bought L'eau Majeure D'Issey (blind buy) reviewing from Frangrantica and Basenote. A little bit disappointed as the smell was just 👌IMO. I shld have buy this instead.. Gr8 review btw. Of cos I will buy it.
Ray Betto (9 months ago)
Nice review 👍
Nathan Jasinski (9 months ago)
Great review! I just ordered this - I love the house of IM. Can’t wait to get this for summer- your review really makes me excited to get it! Very articulate and great explanations. Thank you!
Ralf P (9 months ago)
I've just discovered this fragrance today ! Great great scent :) Big thx for this review Joy :)
David Lecky (10 months ago)
Have this it smell like creed himalaya to me
GeeMood (1 year ago)
I just bought a 75ml at Ross for $24.99, so there is at least one other size. Great review!
Chris Vargas (1 year ago)
So is this version fake or authentic?
Ionel PI (26 days ago)
Please be more kind.
ScottM (1 month ago)
Are you retarded?
Dastardly XK120 (1 year ago)
💨 🍈 🍈
Dsn Dsn (1 year ago)
Hi joy Plz make a review dior homme sport 2017
Gabe (1 year ago)
i own this one, I like it. I'd describe it as a woody aquatic. Definitely can smell the mint in it. I would only wear this during the summer.
Jeremy Hinze (1 year ago)
I have a vintage bottle of the original l'eau bleue d'issey I absolutely love it and wear it all the time its an absolute beast.
AB VFX (1 year ago)
Hi Joy Bro, love your reviews. Kindly try to review Issey Miyake L'Eau Majeure D' Issey
Veritas Vincit (1 year ago)
I've applied this after a shower this morning. In the UK it's on offer at B&M for £16 which is a steal. Trouble for me is this: I had an operation for cancer last Tuesday and although I'm hydrating myself my body and its chemistry must still be awry at the moment. The result is that I'm currently getting precious little performance at all out of this today. It's not olfactory fatigue, others can't detect it on me after only thirty minutes. This is only particular to me in my current state, though. The fragrance itself is wonderful. As usual your passion and knowledge comes over on the videos and the distraction of fragrances and reviews are helping my recovery and keeping me happy so thanks.
Veritas Vincit (1 year ago)
2016 Scottish cup winners Cheers buddy! I've got a hol booked in Cyprus in May so hopefully it'll perform like yours did when used in that warmer weather. Thanks again!!
1983 Capital city (1 year ago)
Veritas Vincit same here i got mine from b+m 3 weeks.ago, weather in scotland 1° on skin 15 min it lasts , but i took the bottle last week to the canary islands with me and when the sun was out and over 21° heat wise it was lasting 4 hours easy, it may just be the cold weather that it does not peform in . Ps u have a good recovery 😎
Wongoloide Wong (1 year ago)
Do you like the summer 2009? I think robes 09 loves this
David Stanton (1 year ago)
I love your reviews Joy because you review all fragrances not just the high end brands, but I did not like this when I tried it last Summer. Its still freezing in New York, but I'll try to revisit this again in the Summer
David Lecky (10 months ago)
stantino129 what's ur favorite Cologne to wear. And I agree with u he doesn't review only high end Colognes unlike some of these ppl
Gabriel Zambrano (1 year ago)

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