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THAT WAS SO HARD So today I attempted the 24 hour handcuff to my ex girlfriend challenge with Molly, and it was intense.. • OFFICIAL RUG MERCH ► https://rugwear.com/ • SUBSCRIBE IF YOU'RE NEW ► http://bit.ly/SubToRug Follow me on my Social Media to stay connected! Twitter ► https://twitter.com/FaZeRug Instagram ► https://instagram.com/rugfaze Snapchat ► "thefazerug" (Add me to see how I live my daily life) :D If you read this far down the description I love you
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Text Comments (13847)
FaZe Rug (8 months ago)
kylie Girl (1 month ago)
that would be the best video Ps i love you
Aniyah Ramirez (1 month ago)
Rug I want to meet you☺
Sarina Delaney (1 month ago)
U guys should get back together
Brooklyn Huckaby (1 month ago)
Yes pls
Flake YT (1 month ago)
Cat-tastic (40 minutes ago)
lol her shirt....Xd
Matthew Mullaney (3 hours ago)
Get color on your toes
Cristy Ally (13 hours ago)
Brian's type: white girls, big boobs, ?
Matthew Mullaney (1 day ago)
Do stuff handcuffed together and do stuff girls do
Savage Lifestyle (1 day ago)
3:58 Lol like if you see it EXPOSED
Angela Gucci (1 day ago)
Do you guys know how many times I laughed during this video 😂😂 LIKE LMFAO🤣😂😂
Maha Al-Khateeb (2 days ago)
Lol lol lol lol lol lol
lucas mertz (2 days ago)
yes i want to be handcuffed to brain so we can play FORTNITE
Porsha Hayes (3 days ago)
I think they are going to get back together
Pug princess 111 (3 days ago)
If I had two choices get whatever I want for 24 hours or be handcuffed to Brian for 24 hour definitely be handcuffed to Brian for 24 hours
Crazycobb22 (4 days ago)
Bro mollys friend has like the whitest teeth in the world
Excision ProFergyxX (5 days ago)
When did they break up
brian muise (6 days ago)
how is she your ex???
SimplyStimulating (6 days ago)
Oh shit
Nikolas Ransom (7 days ago)
Best YouTuber ever
Nikolas Ransom (7 days ago)
Oh yeah
Fives (7 days ago)
He’s a failure
Arjun Das (7 days ago)
please give me some money
Kaylena Maynard (8 days ago)
literally brian was so serious about taking a sh💩t lmfao😂
Yusuf Mansour (9 days ago)
You need a haircut
Kateyln Gavaza (9 days ago)
you do know you didn't have to get in the pool to get the key those handcuffs don't need a key to open I had them before they just open on their own you don't need a key
Ace_ Ashley (10 days ago)
You should do handcuff to brother challenge
Mac Daddy (11 days ago)
Sister Lauren (11 days ago)
He has a type
je poy (12 days ago)
You sucks
Connor Lister (13 days ago)
Molly is sexy
FlunkedGamer xXx (13 days ago)
Molly is blazing hot
shifaida chandoe (13 days ago)
i love you guys
Mohammad Muzammil Ali (14 days ago)
part 2 with your other x
Nighty Gacha (14 days ago)
I hate molly she’s such a baby🥵🙌🏼
It smells like broke (15 days ago)
14:57 Molly: alexi stop My brain: Alexa stop
Johana Gutierrez (15 days ago)
Why always molly can u plz do kayln
Angela Hulbert (16 days ago)
They litterally ended the challenge because he had to poop.
Summer Carter (16 days ago)
Me: Why can’t they just go through the front window of the car, they are making it harder- Realises what I just though. Me: Oh.
Th3GroggySl0th (16 days ago)
The rugrats may say your ex is a thot but holy fuck is she hot
blob bobby (17 days ago)
I wanna be hangcuffed with briyan
Aman Jain (17 days ago)
She was purposely moving her face from pool cause she know her makeup is gonna vanish😂 lol
mine was potato corner chili BBQ 2019 anyone?
Vanessa Ochoa (17 days ago)
12:44 Molly’s face is funny
Ella Grimm (17 days ago)
That shirt tho.... ewwww
Aishath Athuva Athif (18 days ago)
Can you do it again.
Rainbowstar Fortnight (18 days ago)
Ayyyyyyyy fortnite
Karen Rogers (19 days ago)
Why do u always open ur mouth for photos molly? 😂😂
Josh Good (19 days ago)
I wouldn't mind being handcuffed to Brian😃 I think it would be fun
Joshua Sustayta (19 days ago)
Muss me Molly !!!
LiL Dean Vlogs (19 days ago)
Like her boobs that have XX’s on them
Kenzi Gosvener (20 days ago)
Do it again
Logan DePrey (20 days ago)
Aubrey Pelczar (20 days ago)
I feel like molly still likes faze 🤔
evan Evan (20 days ago)
Why the hell did you break up She is actually so fucking yogi would smash 100000000000/10
Savannah Hawn (20 days ago)
I would
Izaiah Parker (20 days ago)
Moll has big bubs
ShinXel (20 days ago)
I got my dog for 115 dollors she was in a box
Monkey Henderson (21 days ago)
Just get back together all ready
Fernando Petersen (21 days ago)
nah mate your too ugly for her
spongebob squarepants (21 days ago)
bad idea?? this was a frickin amazing idea
Ll Jian (21 days ago)
Ll Jian (21 days ago)
Adriana Eskils (22 days ago)
Instead of throwing key in the pool you could just giving it to your parents or the friend
faze D (22 days ago)
He likes girl with big. Boobs
Orlando Martinez (22 days ago)
8:12 the D was the wrong way if you know what I mean
Maria Serrano (22 days ago)
I think they like each other again
Kayla WolfBlaze (22 days ago)
Kayla WolfBlaze (22 days ago)
I wold like to be hand cuffs with brian
Marisol Palma (22 days ago)
Canny do this with kaylen plz
Maha Al-Khateeb (23 days ago)
In the end of the 24 hour challenge
Maha Al-Khateeb (23 days ago)
You guys had to go in the pool to take the hand coves off
Maha Al-Khateeb (23 days ago)
How did you guys pay
Maha Al-Khateeb (23 days ago)
Such a funny idea
Drea Shepard (23 days ago)
Not to be weird or anything but I definitely would wear her shirt
Jessica Ubaldi (23 days ago)
7.000 dollars... shit I got a baby Pomeranian for only 300$ in Thailand
ViVianne Giang (23 days ago)
couldn't molly use a pool float instead of getting in the water?
KawaiiPlayz (24 days ago)
if a foot fetish watched this O.o
Lina Novak (24 days ago)
I wanna be Fugs sibling
Cupcake Choclat (24 days ago)
Seriously molly and Brian I just love there relationship like they don’t hate each other or nun
Elijah Mann (24 days ago)
Yes I want to be handcuffed with you
xXBGI_FaTe xX (24 days ago)
U could have sleept with her
B amm (25 days ago)
You guys should do a handcuff to your parents challenge and the winner gets a prize
Emma Simon (25 days ago)
I think brother had those exact same handcuffs at one point because I stole the key and made it into a necklace and that’s the same key
Brenda Garcia (25 days ago)
I understand why u didn’t want her in the restroom because she would of hear you fart 😂
Caden Reese (25 days ago)
She is so hot
Micky Icky Sticky (6 days ago)
Caden Reese I know right
Manuel Cortes (25 days ago)
Awkward 4:28
Paige Hines (26 days ago)
Handcuff yourself to branden
Denae Walters (26 days ago)
I'm weak ASF😂 he said mom I'm sorry I gotta go😂😂
Denae Walters (26 days ago)
6:30 for all the foot fetishes 😂
Slipp Dolphin (26 days ago)
2:07 try not to stare challenge
The god at Fortnite (27 days ago)
I would
Cameron Huth (27 days ago)
Lexie Gonzalez (27 days ago)
That is my name
nacho Mugica (28 days ago)
challenge fail 15:21
Abby Garcia (28 days ago)
She wants him back
Lisa Mcdonough (30 days ago)
Me i do very much
D A1 (30 days ago)
He still lobes her but she just wants money
Halie Gardner (30 days ago)
“I’m going to poop my self!”
jake Diaz (1 month ago)
i do
Natascha Villegas (1 month ago)
Molly gives me an older version of sniperwolf (lia) buttt this is not supposed to be offensive because I think both of them are really really really really really really really REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY PRETTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!(or a yonger version of nikki bella❤🤞😂😂
robert pelletier (1 month ago)
i'd rater Moly cz she's a girl
Iupita Loano L (1 month ago)
I want to be hand cuffed to faze rug a lot because he's my favorite YouTuber
genevieve colomb (1 month ago)
Come on rug why

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