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Alien Interview Part 1 | Secrets of Universe Revealed | Project Blue Book

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Extraordinary Project Blue Book file film of Alien interviewed in 1964. Subject was named 'EBE-3' and was held captive for 5 days. Subject disappeared from Government records on date of this event. This is an entirely original narrative work created and owned by Aristomenis Tsirbas and his company Menithings Productions. Any third party music is legally licensed. If you have any questions regarding licensing please contact [email protected] Copyright Aristomenis Tsirbas and Menithings Productions.
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Luis Solano (5 hours ago)
If the Earth really is flat then they could be from the other side of the world
BOOM ERANG (12 hours ago)
Amir nadarević (13 hours ago)
My grandmother is an alien
Tezzy Murphy (1 day ago)
Who's watching in 2025
Chad Yonish (1 day ago)
So fkn stupid
grandcalifornia (1 day ago)
100% fake, there is no question about it 😂
Yummy Cookie (1 day ago)
I am a time traveler... To travel 10 years in the future it takes me about 10 years
imam hasan (1 day ago)
this Video is 100% real?
Luis Solano (1 day ago)
Ok so the alien are saying that they are collecting all planets natural elements and expanding threw space time, they are all working together as 1 planes and specie and we are just fighting each other in country so as they share notes we fight for adomence, so there just collecting natural elements so they can travel threw space time, but just because they have space ships doesn't make them smarter, remember hot=material gravity=speed , by traveling the speed of light the equipment will be to hot to handle lightspeed, the natural elements on mercury can withstand sun temperatures making it able to travel at faster speed unstead of bursting into flames and gravity=speed can be collected on Jupiter as soon as both projects are completed, we can skip a few planets and collect if more gravitational since these gravity will be greater and there elements and send them back and forth from planet to planet 1 stop shop
Blinky Bill (2 days ago)
Communist alien! Seriously though, this is some top tier communist propaganda. Go fuck yourselves you soft cunts
Mrinal Anand (2 days ago)
Is it real or not
uk_ii (2 days ago)
Video is fake,but message is real. We're gonna destroy each other. Come on guys we're all humans,why do we all have to fight?
JACK FRANCO (3 days ago)
fake like your dad masculinity
Ana_Games 06 (3 days ago)
Isso eh um filme
Itsmayr (4 days ago)
He can speak Thai???
Rick the Brick (4 days ago)
*Ask him about Thanos.*
Janeth Jimenez (4 days ago)
He was casting for a porno
Katia Melo (4 days ago)
No fake
You mad Lil bIhhh (4 days ago)
I’m from 9993385893839284939274937493749284848392935884934784489385748493847538388475754849754838387:$,8:9239;&929273299273&[email protected]&:[email protected]:&.’crieowpwirueiwiwi82883838888494E
Yuba Odavic (4 days ago)
This video is misleading, Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy a US force flight nurse did the 1st interview telepathically before the alien called Airl learned English, she couldn't be tortured, they feel no pain. You can fin the full interview on YouTube by searching Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy : Interview with an Alien
Area 51 *Wants to know your location*
Kristian Mellingen (4 days ago)
Fake or not: interesting ideas! Humans have allways been searching for the meaning of life, and searching for answers about the "afterlife".. our mind is programmed to believe that everything has an end. What if death is’nt the end? i guess we’ll all find out eventually :)
SD (4 days ago)
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
Compassion is to get along and evidence is proof so this is a lien species is willing to get along with ours and expand together because what are our Morales? Is the same compassion and evidence or a dominance and evidence
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
So you saying within the next century but yet by alerting us this can create altering the past to make a new future we are aware what we are doing is wrong but we can get long expand eventually the universe has no beginning and no end so by us expanding we will meet into extraterrestrial for example we are creating a project on the moon an extraterrestrial can see with their telescopes Observatory so imagine if they see a wall being built on front of them this will create unwanted attention around are part of the solar system if they see is built a city before them through a telescope for this reason as soon as we expand the world has to get long so the thing I'm saying is we should all work on one project so it could get done fast as soon as we hear aliens as a species we have to stick together it will get crazy there gravity might be stronger everything might Bimmer advanced so we have to be greater or above
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
All right so he said politics religion so for example back then they had a holy war a battle between religions and today it's a battle against government and that's what they called Dogma
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
When I say we are more advanced than the species we are more advanced in the species they are just fortunate enough that they landed on their own natural elements but they've been studying us so they learn our language essentially so due to its gravity it's a thousand times greater than Earth Maybe so they can read our satellites so that's how they know our language so to them studying us and now or language essential that's the importance of collecting all natural gravity and elements around the planet and number in them but they've been doing it just hear what you saying
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
There are Infinity University each with its own physical life it's all natural elements and that's my project the avatars expanding within earth even if we can live there we will have its natural element so we can always expand
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
His eye turns every person concludes
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
I'm still wondering who you me and him are there was three people in the room that day
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
Death is a human constant it does not exist because you live in the mind you do not live in reality so it does not exist
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
Nature mean something that is described meaning what can be and what it really is and that's the mean in the nature
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
So the meaning of life is whatever you want to make it you live within your mind you're mine tells you everything so you live within the mine but at the same time life has no meaning life is what you want to make it but if a meteor asteroid or anything were to collide with our planet our species will be destroyed but the universe will go on so life has a meaning and it doesn't there's two ways of explain things so he did not contradict himself once
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
Well I don't believe that he's from planet Earth if the alien redid get there he had to come with the spaceship if it does not have Earth elements then you will know he did not come from Earth but he had to come in one way or another
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
This alien is a liar for sure if he is an alien he is saying that is country destroyed teacher with Dogma but he says that and his planet the world speaks in one language and they're all working together expanding so he lying
Luis Solano (5 days ago)
The way you could tell what planet they're from is if you have their spaceship you will see what natural elements are on the spaceship and you will know what planet they come from, they should be documented and numbered to keep track and counted we can stick together but this alien said his spices that there specie all speak in the same language, that as a planet there expanding collecting all natural elements while are fighting each other called dogma according to them, but they are not smarter than us, they are fortune enough that all there natural elements are better than ours, space time there hot=power as gravity =cold , to travel space time your elements has to withstand heat traveling the speed of light which equals hot=power closer to the sun plus gravity= speed, mercury and beyond can create earth wormholes threw natural gravity depending on natural magnetic field it can be 50x to 100x gravity then on earth, avatar will help us expand and collect gravity while we can live there or not, machines can build machine and build communication centers with its own natural gravity so it can withstand Jupiter gravity , there gravity can start up expanding in the speed of light, if I have the formula I will know how to travel the speed of sound and not burst but withstand hot temperatures, common sense
King Winterzz (5 days ago)
I know its fake but what they are saying seems real
Abby's Daddy (5 days ago)
crazy pelon (5 days ago)
Daniel Lopez (6 days ago)
Guys don’t be mean he’s doing for entertainment
Bonnie Bunny05 (6 days ago)
Imagine if everything he’s saying is true and then it happens and somebody finds this video somehow and then they say “we should have listened”
Giorgiooke 2010 (6 days ago)
Who watch this in 2043-NOW
Ruben Calderon (7 days ago)
Bmjoshi63710 (7 days ago)
Cheap fake video
Jason McDaniel (7 days ago)
Mandela effect#1? good title. unprovable blessing? faked interveiw? gear-ring's'?
Keiji Le (8 days ago)
How can aliens hear and speak
james jon (8 days ago)
Use some shampoos your head looks like "big butt "
amang marquez (8 days ago)
so when the time has come to the end of the earth what will the last thing you probably do ??
Rubens Santos (8 days ago)
Real or not, if we do follow his messages, we will sure be better off.
99,999,88 8 (8 days ago)
4:37 scared crap out of me🤣
Adam Stockholm (8 days ago)
Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
kiwi loves MJ024 (8 days ago)
Is it what you take from this, as a video, that creates the meaning it has for you?
Latte Tinapat (8 days ago)
Latte Tinapat (8 days ago)
Face and it not a Alien
RAHUL RAJU (8 days ago)
Why aliens don't have hairs ??
Rajesh Kumar (9 days ago)
Fake video
junjun gebutan (9 days ago)
fucking waste of time ..the real alien is the people in thier back.
salurxx (9 days ago)
potato said that hebele hübele
This is seriously Interesting shit. maybe it is True. whats the point of me being alive? all other humans experienced life for me and my Energy lives on past this body when it expires.
Suvan Banerjee (10 days ago)
Impressive they can speak english
Cho Koon (10 days ago)
who's watching this in 8008135?
adidell (11 days ago)
I love how the alien gets frustrated at the idiot that’s interviewing him lol
Edco Danio (11 days ago)
Maybe he will join thanos soon..
Ashvinda Ranasinghe (11 days ago)
How did he learn English?
Hunterian22 (11 days ago)
Most definitely fake. However, truth is stranger than fiction. Also, here's an idea: What if aliens are demons?
Lucky Dingding (11 days ago)
Obviously, it's fake. Why does the alien move like a robot when it is considered much higher intelligent than human. Unless the robot is demon possessed, in that case, it is an evil spirit that dwells inside the robot. This evil spirit will control human during the end time before the coming of Jesus Christ.
THE BISON (11 days ago)
What does the unbisoncode mean? 👽👾👉earth
Nathan R (12 days ago)
For being so advanced this alien never researched the STAR interview response technique.
cleon Chua (12 days ago)
UTAY (12 days ago)
That is the excuse I have after being late :D
Fank Davis (12 days ago)
Stupid Shit.
steven davis (12 days ago)
Who’s watching this 2075 ?
Raipur Bhaskars (12 days ago)
How the fuck does this alien know English? Why not other languages? The alien can speak any language because it had pumpkin size brain?
CRYPTO COMPARE (13 days ago)
Bad CG specially the lip syncing.
Gearttawan George (13 days ago)
This is real
Skitt Landen (13 days ago)
Who else here viewed the video just to comment
Robert Robski (13 days ago)
What movie is that
BOOT REX (13 days ago)
If it is real then why the hell is NASA not trying to erase this clip?
köttfärslimpan (13 days ago)
who is watching 2056?
dark soul (13 days ago)
michael bennet (14 days ago)
No proof till you physically "SEE IT". Who ever believes theirs Aliens and didn't witness it is dumb in the head
JAZZLOW VEVO (14 days ago)
Its tottaly fake
Joy Lucas (15 days ago)
Tingnan nio khit alien tlg alam nia n religion ang isa s magiging cause ng nuclear war.kt mga cra ulo mga pinipilit ang religion for living.kania knia pagalingan kc.tpos nd n nbubuksan utak ng mga tao s reality pg nkialam n religion.
Green Snacks (15 days ago)
Fake but real
im a tree (15 days ago)
Green Snacks no 100% fake
Mr. President (15 days ago)
Ask him what happen to the DCEU
LombardMilitia (15 days ago)
Liberal snowflake agenda in this fake video with a leftist alien and a CIA bible-wanking neo-con zionist interrogator...😂 If there will be the end of the world, it will be because of the masonic NON-ELECTED masters controlling both the left and the right and using the bank system, climate "change", immigration and wars for oil to mess up everything. And they will die too...
chaitanya ram (16 days ago)
This is fake or real
Michael Howell (17 days ago)
I wonder if Jewish people know that by wanting to tear down the Dome of the Rock and replace it with a supposed Third Temple of Solomon to bring on a meshiaak, that this is who the meshiaak probably is a Annunaki/ draconian, Solomon's Temple was built by demons who in the Israeli government has the ring to control them?
SOME PRANK SOME JOKE (17 days ago)
how did alien know English language.... our world have many language....Intelligent alien....ha ha ha
im a tree (15 days ago)
SOME PRANK SOME JOKE the video says it a evolved into that thing and it’s from the future
VITTORIO Gary (18 days ago)
000000000000 cool ill take that oh that's right kill me but its so... wrong?
To all: RBT = Repent Believe Trust in CHRIST & CHRIST Alone! Be blessed!
Skank-Hunt 010 (18 days ago)
No clothes in the future?
VG Suanni (18 days ago)
It's Almost like Buddhism.
Kingston Kyle (18 days ago)
so thiss is not real
im a tree (15 days ago)
Kingston Kyle yeas
Real Bonanza (19 days ago)
Tell him to bring my future report card from future.😂
French VI (19 days ago)
The message is the only important part
Kari H (19 days ago)
The Reality and Spirituality of Life in the Universe is not what you think it is.
Md Aqueel (20 days ago)
He would kill u then only
Thrinadharao Boddu (20 days ago)
this is not true ;it is just creation if you agree like my comment
Lucy Ferro (21 days ago)
Has anybody considered that the video might be fake but the audio recording actually legit? Well, it'd take some editing to reverse the distorted voice. Why would it be distorted in the first place? What I do believe in is that such event actually took place and the script is real. Not the video, neither or the audio.

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