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Alien Interview Part 1 | Project Blue Book

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Part 1 of Project Blue Book short film series. This is an animated fictional work created and owned by Aristomenis Tsirbas Copyright Aristomenis Tsirbas and Menithings Productions.
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Text Comments (19511)
White Walker (21 hours ago)
Arkangel 98000 (1 day ago)
What happend at the end? Were they attacked?
BRAT BEATZ (4 days ago)
This is my cousin bruh🤦🏾‍♂️
Macaroni Potato (5 days ago)
This video is fake it says so in the description
HorrorTubeHD (6 days ago)
I don't know if you people are naturally retarded or just can't read - "This is an animated fictional work created and owned by Aristomenis Tsirbas"
Official Vo1ze (6 days ago)
Now some may not listen but I'm going to say this. I'm Apache purepecha and Azteca native American. My grandpa who is Nahua Azteca showed me a ancient carving with alien heads that look just like this alien on this video 😮🤔😮 WTF
Luis Solano (7 days ago)
Well to me hes a lier, i feel it been watching us, tapping our satellite, they learned how to speak essential but hes smart saying radiation causes evolution, wrong we have evolved to our final form, this is our final evolution descend stage, that is a smart alien that got caught wondering, there is no such thing that we cannot comprehend his time, I can understand it quite clearly and understand how there spices more advance, they share latest technology to there people, that why that why they feel more advance
Luis Solano (7 days ago)
The universe was not created is what he said, for example I am a project designer, it has a beginning to the project and a end, the universe has no begging and no end so it was not created, it's a spontaneous event, life happen by coincidence,
Luis Solano (7 days ago)
Mean of life is what you make of it in your life but in reality there is no meaning if an asteroid were to wipe out earth our species is destroyed but the sun will still be in its natural orbit and the universe will continue, so that nature, there 2 ways of explaining things
prince baji (7 days ago)
100%real brother
JG Nambiar (8 days ago)
He didn't had enough experience.. so sad
david kkhannn (9 days ago)
What happend in end of video he attacked
david kkhannn (9 days ago)
Lol it's fake 100%
Jesa Cabingas (10 days ago)
I Think he is mah boyfriend from 3 years ago but he died😭😢 RIP
It's your boy Grant (10 days ago)
HOLLY SHIT HE IS RIGHT we’re in 2019 and this was made in 2016 political reasons the leader of Korea with there nukes wanting to go to war DUUUUDEEE
okAy (10 days ago)
Anyone else excited for the next century when we get ‘destroyed’ just to see what happens after ‘death’
Magic Yeti (11 days ago)
Fight Me Bro!
Cj (11 days ago)
This might be a sad message, but it's also a message of hope, a message of rational compassion. May their words live on in us or any self aware being to come.
Alessandro Sambo (11 days ago)
Relions are weapons of mass destruction. Full stop!
BERSEKAEL (12 days ago)
nice cgi and animation, very deep knowledge on NDE experiences
Threelly AI (12 days ago)
A normal conversation https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-ai-for-youtube/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo
canaanland brothers (13 days ago)
this is a very big lie ...the government will never release the real video ... I have a proof that aliens exist am conducting my own project have seen greater evidences about this race ....its a BIG LIE ...did u know our moon is an artificial one ...I hAve sent an high tech drone I invented my self into space and I have real proofs ill keep taking piucktures and rec ... did u also know that thers a part in space that freezes......./, did u also know that theres a prt in space that's just plain white this where we are is just the beginning ...... whatch out for my evidence .........** the government would never release the real video believe me or not its real we are not the only ones here
John Carter (12 days ago)
canaanland brothers Bro you're right in this, everything they tell us is a big lie. the governments world lederrs also lie media too. but a few people think I am one of them. what i believe is this god / allah is made up by man. we are 100% not only just look at the numbers 200 / 400th billions of stars with planets in a galaxy, and then to estimate 800 billion galaxy s. and the distances are incomprehensible even in light years, we humans are also very dangerous, we are able to kill our own race for literally nothing, and have devised a weapon that can destroy our own house (the earth) as if there is ever a war with those we can never win, we will be able to kill ourselves with them with all we have to do with atomic bombs, we nothing / they nothing. whoever wants to come here as well as we do not enter a lion's cage either, I believe we are not alone that does not exist. that is impossible
Threelly AI (13 days ago)
http://www.threelly.com/ Threelly uses state of the art A.I. to analyze videos for key insights: topics, scenes, people, sentiments, and much more.
CaravanSmoker (13 days ago)
Who watching in 2020?
Robert hughes (13 days ago)
he's a space cowboy I bet you won't ready for that
Martin Ainsworth (13 days ago)
God damn. This alien looks and talks about stuff that's like 25 years ago. He's so 1995....yikes. I could of told you more interesting things than that guy. This video sucks, big time.
Tanner Clabaugh (17 days ago)
Ask him what happens in fortinte season 100
Alien Mapping (16 hours ago)
Fortnite is dead in season 9😂
Alvin Fano (17 days ago)
I believe it. No matter what. I respect them
giorgos_kerkyra (18 days ago)
It is the best animated work ever done on the problem of shadow. Better than all movies and electronic games. What to say?
Alvin Fano (18 days ago)
Dito rin sila sa earth sa agharta yung mundo nila. Sa ilalim ng lupa natin tama ako dito po sila para Mag observance sa mundo natin wala silang masamang balak saatin dito sila para tumulong sa atin. Naniniwala ako Hindi tayo nag iisa sa mundo. Mababait sila. Kahit marami tayong nakikitang UFO dito sinasaktan ba tayo? Hindi di ba. dito sila to help us. Respect them. Thank you
Reyniel Parulanan (18 days ago)
I hope no one thinking this video is real it ain’t real niggas
Taylor Newell (18 days ago)
He says we will destroy our own species but then he says there will be survivors. Cmon alien make your mind up already.
Walter (20 days ago)
However comical its real. What it says about time travel and space is reality. This is a cgi manifestation of metaphors is true. Made in a form for us to understand. Think about it.. All he abductions... All the cases... All the gadgets in our bodies.. Roger Lear and his operations of foreign objects.. For decades now all this.. It was not aliens.. It was us from the future. A possible future.
have you though anything about the alien interview, Project blue book,? something the alien said, shocked me, about the atomic bomb, and the alien said an century will the world end. and an century ago, did hippie become huge in the world saying, love and peace. and i was reminded by a verse in the bible, 1 Thessalonians, 5:3, When they are saying, peace and safety, then sudden Destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall in no wise escape. have any though about that,? for hippie's have launched 50th anniversary 2019. such coincidence? and something hippies said, Love and Peace, also a coincidence,? and the alien said, an century, and a century is 50 years? also a coincidence? and the other destruction, the alien feared for he's life? of whom? i believe the God of the bible, whom created all.
first lady Genevieve (21 days ago)
A century is actually 100 years ☺
Manuel Barro (23 days ago)
*THE TITLE SAYS ANIMATION* *THE DESC. SAYS IT'S A PROJECT* Stop calling it fake if the authors already claimed it
Bounty Hunter (23 days ago)
you should have asked him if he knew about the 4th dimension
MeshuGR (24 days ago)
The builders of pyramids
Susan (25 days ago)
This is rubbish because the real Jayrod doesn't speak, he's telepathic!
Slam HaXor (27 days ago)
This is fake. There is no truth outside of God. This “interview” 😂 was such a poor attempt from an atheist who believes in Aliens to make us think that what the “alien” said about not needing God and us traveling in the future to planets 😂, y’all strayed so far away from Jesus who is God in the flesh and came to take the punishment for your sins, y’all would rather believe in this nonsense than the book that told you that the Earth hung on nothing (gravity) {Job 26:7} 3000 years before science found out and the book that tells you the future and everything written is happening right under your noses. Jesus is coming back soon repent and believe on him and have everlasting life. That’s all you need no need to donate to church or think you can work your way up to God, that’s impossible your saved through believing that Jesus took your punishment and died and resurrected from the dead 3 days later because he is God and showed us he has power over sin and even death itself and repenting from your sins (leaving them behind). But you can’t do this from your own strength you have to ask God to save you from your sins and change you through his Holy Spirit. (Ask with a humble heart believing or else it won’t happen... God rebukes the proud and gives grace to the humble)
blickeroni (25 days ago)
Yep, you can also see they've slipped the new age agenda on there with how the aliens talks of compassion and humanism. People are definitely going to fall for this bullshit when the real thing happens.
Scooby Skullx (28 days ago)
So the “white people privilege “was born! One billion Chinese one billion Indians and one billion Africans denied an audience with a plasticine reptile ? 3 billion non whites with camera phones and no pictures of green plastic men or their oversized flying kitchen wares ? You people are sold to ... (redacted) or YouTube will put me in jail again !
Der Nerd Der kluge (1 month ago)
0:27-0:51 I got what the alien said! It is like in STAR WARS or in STAR TREK!!!!
Amey Mane (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who thinks something weird happened at last last ?
Blu3 R3d (1 month ago)
Blu3 R3d (1 month ago)
Blu3 R3d (1 month ago)
Blu3 R3d (1 month ago)
Blu3 R3d (1 month ago)
Blu3 R3d (1 month ago)
Blu3 R3d (1 month ago)
Blu3 R3d (1 month ago)
Maha suleiman (1 month ago)
This is a Yes, No video, this is how the great deception will be like, true mixed with lies, that you don't know what is truth. For those that are Christians, the scriptures, the way I understand, Jesus created worlds, there are other beings which will not look like us, Why?, Because we were the only ones created in God's image, so these beings from other worlds are not sinners and are not allowed to come to this earth, yet they can observe us from afar hoping that some will be saved at the end of the world. Meanwhile, Satan and his armies, CAN materialize themselves to look like anything they want, that my brothers a nd sisters is the Great deception. This beings will differ in their appearance, saying, I come from this planet and I am a Grey, and I from this planet and I am a Plelidian and so on. They will tell you lies, like they created you etc. Just like the beautiful Angel appeared to Jesus, but Jesus knew the Word, the written Word, and Jesus knew this angel was Satan and spoke lies that the Scriptures said this and that. Brothers and Sisters, the time is short and we see the signs happening everywhere, weather, desease, pestilence, See the Book of Matthew 24. Satan wants our souls. Satan prepare, from early ancient times by using weak people, to do horrific myths, writings on stone, ghosts, yes some of don't understand that when you call a ghost you are really opening a portal if invited into our dimension ghost are another way to deceive us, they are armies of demons playing mind games. The dead sleep, we know not Time passes, and when Jesus appear we resurrect in a twinkling of an eye. Be ready, for Jesus, He is preparing a heavenly place for us...not he'll fire. This is the Great deception.
PETER NDICHU (1 month ago)
stop tricking us
Roberto Del Castillo (1 month ago)
Is this real?
Jonathan Shearman (1 month ago)
Schizophrenic little piece of shit.
Daniel Cutfeather (1 month ago)
Offset spacial divergence is an actual thing...
AHMAD ALI (1 month ago)
aliens dosent exist
AHMAD ALI (1 month ago)
its fake
elena olivares (1 month ago)
In this film there is deception in the suggested sound at the end that the so called alien was screaming in terror but the truth is in my opinion the government wants all of us to fear these beings and to not talk to them when we make contact with them. It is of major importance to know that the so called aliens can put a voice into your head, perfectly clear, and you better listen carefully and obey it. . . because it will save your life and anyone with you. As you already know U.F.Os are being reported daily with landings and the truth is starting to be revealed . . . we have yet to realize who the Satanists are. We do know that 200 years of history is so bloody and the cemeteries are full and more death and disease is what the Satanists want . . but, have you seen any visitors attacking ; don't you think that if the visitors were evil as suggested by arrogant and reckless uniformed hooligans with guns that they would be destroying our missiles instead of just disarming them???
Abraham Flores (1 month ago)
When the guy said why was the universe created and why it was made so perfectly probably its because if the world is so perfect their would have to be something to end it. Its only a prediction I have.
Alexiz Sandoval (1 month ago)
I hope his theory of death is true but I hope we don’t remember our past lives so we wouldn’t be sad or anything
XxToxicXx (1 month ago)
Guy.... My dad work in Area 51 and he has seen a ufo not lieing and I think that’s him from the ufo gray aliens are bad and brown are nice...
TOP PHENOMENA (1 month ago)
nice movie, where is nick fury?
Alexey Baal (1 month ago)
Why do some people say in this part and previous ones as well that even if this ''video is fake or not'' or ''real or not''? This video is 101% fake but entertaining.
Tosif Hassan (1 month ago)
I think this is cj's father
RED PANDA (1 month ago)
Ask him what he thinks of dank memes or weed
Toxin The simbiote (1 month ago)
Zach Morris (1 month ago)
May sound strange but I believe
jess jesse (1 month ago)
- bunch of crap informative ! Isnt it alien 666 race type species such cute voice dude ?
jess jesse (1 month ago)
- all aliens are man voice ? With software record audio messing sound tricks !
zee magtira (1 month ago)
alien says after the interview: can i now use my one phone call?
zee magtira (1 month ago)
i thought we will be reduced by depopulation massively due to statistics of food outage. the elites will do this to ironically survive and maintain humanity, exactly what thanos had in mind hahaz
Robin Vigilante (1 month ago)
2021 where u at?
FBI (1 month ago)
The top of his head is so slappabled. Idk why this is going through my head but yea. ✌️
CreativeBreed (1 month ago)
My observation of SPC 2020 AKA greys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=od3sx1Ylte8 !!WARNING!! Very disturbing images !
lêámydêãdpøôl 65 (1 month ago)
I know that they are not alien they are us which came from future by time travling
Bubbabooty 10 (1 month ago)
He never asked what the evidence is so he just asked how it was destroyed so the government knows how we destroyed it so they know why the aliens r here
Pat Sha (1 month ago)
It’s already heading this way
Marshmallx (1 month ago)
Please ask him how ro get free robux
LT. Valkyrie (1 month ago)
Even if its fake he's got a point humans are most likely to destroy each other
ravenwda007 (1 month ago)
What else is new?
TNM_HuRiGo (1 month ago)
Okay buddy dogma is a movie
sunil kulkarni (1 month ago)
Where is the alien now? Shouldn’t we explore the vehicle that alien came from ?
"Dogma" In our accent , I mean the native Iraqi accent , means "the button 🔘" due to that the nuclear war starts with pushing the "Dogma" or the button 🔘 ?!!!!! It's my point of view , everyone has the right to reply .
1566 (1 month ago)
It's real, That's my brother.
William Cooper (1 month ago)
I'm a big fan of this 3 part interview! Need part 4
Jack Shephard (1 month ago)
The moment he said god and all myths I immediately considered everything else he’s gonna say is silly
Xezbeth (1 month ago)
Fake video but what if the recording? The message makes sense though.
Tim Mason (1 month ago)
Could you please tell E.T to go home
VoistTV (1 month ago)
nicole chin (1 month ago)
Young Mirror (1 month ago)
Hey its uncle Bobby
Ian Addis (1 month ago)
At the end it sounded like the oh yeah mr krabs scream
Laurentiu Cimpoi (1 month ago)
I hope in the future we'll evolve so much and we'll not need technology anymore, like in Frank Herbert's "Dune". And then we can put in the rubbish bin al the Pc's , laptops and smartphones and start using our brains on full capacity.
GamerBoi 123 (1 month ago)
Buff The Nazi Slayer (1 month ago)
Hi, read the description.
Purple Boy (1 month ago)
Its like a SCP interveiw
Gabe The Scout (1 month ago)
I like how half of the comments are philosophical but the rest are just random and funny shit
Paulo Pimenta (1 month ago)
Thats scary
Buff The Nazi Slayer (1 month ago)
I understand what that being is talking about.
Wojtek Siewierski (1 month ago)

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