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Saint Martin & Sint Maarten: The Friendly Island ~ Travel Tips 101 | Moments of Love

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What beautiful countries so tightly coupled together. We REALLY enjoyed the Dutch side of the island, but the French side was - meh. If you go soon - be sure to use us as a referral at Princess Heights so we can go back soon too!! :P Vlogs while in Saint Martin/Sint Maarten: Day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FX0TI37EhqY Day 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Om4kxEisBuc Day 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UP6igASM0q0 Day 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dNCA2jEhLLY Princess Heights Luxury Boutique Hotel & Condo: http://bit.ly/1rZnxQy Our Gift Registry: Home outfitters - http://bit.ly/1h7VvML Amazon - http://amzn.to/1mtCjKD Web/Blog: http://www.mymomentsoflove.com Twitter: @WemiLove - http://twitter.com/WemiLove @davefound - http://twitter.com/davefound Instagram: @misswemi - http://instagram.com/misswemi @davefound - http://instagram.com/davefound Email: [email protected] SUBSCRIBE please, it's free!!
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Jessi G (2 years ago)
Thank you for this! Doing research for a honeymoon, you guys are so helpful!!! Many blessing guys ;)
Jessi G (1 year ago)
Hi! You guys were so very helpful! We did book on the island for the first week of July, Super excited, thanks again for all your information.
Moments of Love (1 year ago)
Hope this helped and you were able to choose somewhere fantastic.
Kenny Hyde (4 years ago)
Where did you go to rent the car? Going down for a future weekend, and searching for a good (and inexpensive) place to rent from.
Kenny Hyde (4 years ago)
Will do, thanks for the quick response and great tips in the video!
Moments of Love (4 years ago)
+Kenny Hyde We rented from EuroCar. It's a beautiful place. Hope you enjoy it and let us know if you have any other questions we can help you with :)
Angela Tobas (4 years ago)
Thanks for replying to my comments. I knew there was something special about you two educationally, since I am now a retired preschool teacher. I do love your blogs, very spirited fun, and educational.
Angela Tobas (4 years ago)
Wemi bright colors are for you, i enjoyed your dialogue about the islands, are you all teachers just love the way explain things
Moments of Love (4 years ago)
+Angela Tobas Thank you, I have learnt to enjoy bright colors. We aren't teachers by profession but both our moms were teachers at a point in life. 
Prisca's Life (4 years ago)
Love the review! You guys were totally taking notice.....Perhaps since y'all like to travel so much, you can probably get hotels/resorts to sponsor since you will do them a favor to give your reviews(Def. keeping it 100%) Good business idea, ain't it?....lol!(I think i comment way too fast before watching the whole vlog....just saw the last part about discount)
Moments of Love (4 years ago)
+SetApart Prisca lol it is a great idea!! Maybe next time we travel we'll try it out! :)
Trail Blazer (4 years ago)
Dulce Andersson (4 years ago)
So beautiful!!! Lovely! <3 
Moments of Love (4 years ago)
+Dulce Andersson Thank you :)
fatou1975 (4 years ago)
Do u needed a tourist visa to go there?
Moments of Love (4 years ago)
+fatou1975 We didn't need a tourist visa going from Canada
fatou1975 (4 years ago)
Funny but you kind sound exactly the same. I mean the tone of your voice and the way you talk. IT must be love ;))!
Moments of Love (4 years ago)
+fatou1975 lol thank you
hunnyb82 (4 years ago)
My Island
Moments of Love (4 years ago)
+hunnyb82 :)

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