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Orange blossom & Neroli Perfumes

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This week we focus on the notes of Orange Blossom and Neroli and show you some fragrances where they feature. Perfumes mentioned are: Annick Goutal Neroli Cologne Serge Lutens Fleur d'Oranger Our 'Perfumes to make you Happy' video that we mentioned https://youtu.be/d5atQRsh6uY You can also find us on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/theperfumepros/
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Text Comments (44)
José Barbosa (2 months ago)
Nice vídeo.
Mellisuga Helenae (8 months ago)
Tom Ford's and Guerlain's Neroli are my favourite
Pamela Wolf (9 months ago)
I love you both! So good these videos. Had to buy an extra speaker bc I cant hear them that well though....
Embercrest (9 months ago)
I was wondering what the difference is between orange blossom and mandarin blossom (Annick Goutal L'Ileau The), do they really smell all that different?
E J Gallo (10 months ago)
Cologne by Thierry Mugler is a wonderful unisex fragrance
E J Gallo (10 months ago)
Absolutely fabulous watching and listening to you both🌟😍You’re both so knowledgeable and thorough! I need to move to the UK 🇬🇧
mochipii (1 year ago)
On the topic of neroli & orange blossoms. what do you think of the 4711 cologne and tom ford's neroli portofino? Really curious here. Thank you.
Snoopy Orb (1 year ago)
I shall certainly look at the listed perfumes above as I love orange blossom and neroli scents. My favourites would be Tom Ford Neroli Portofino and Dior Escale a Portofino
The Perfume Pros (1 year ago)
+Snoopy Orb oohh; nice choices. The idea of anything inspired by Portofino is just wonderful - a spritz of a scent that transports is to the sunshine, seaside and lushness of the Italian riviera!
Cheri H. (2 years ago)
I'm late because I just found you 2 lovelies and boy am I glad I did. I LOVE neroli and orange blossom. I just ordered Annick Goutal's Neroli. I can't wait to receive it in the mail. I have in my fragrance collection Montale's Orange Blossom which is a sweet orange jasmine tuberose elixir that is quite intoxicating. Anywho...I'm subscribing now. Thanks for your expertise
xandria20 (2 years ago)
This was very informative! Thank you for this! I'm currently trying to train my nose to better pick out single notes in a composition. Videos like this are AWESOME for that. I'd love to see more! 😊 new subbie!
The Perfume Pros (2 years ago)
+xandria20 thank you so much for your lovely comment and subscribing
Coco (2 years ago)
Another great and informative video, ladies! I was on the edge of my seat as you were talking about Neroli. I was for certain you were going to give a hint as to other fragrances to layer it with. Seems like a lighter formulation would be perfect to spritz under or over something else....but what?
Lanier Smith (2 years ago)
Your knowledge and expertise are so refreshing. Loved learning more about Neroli and Orange Bloosom. Bravo Ladies.
Kristi Marie (2 years ago)
Good choices, ladies. I just bought Serge Lutens Fleurs d'Oranger a few days ago. It was off my radar, but I love orange blossom. I also bought Les Couvent des Minimes Cologne of Love. It's so good and reminds me of a classic splash.
Allistar Anglophelia (2 years ago)
I fell in love with Orange Blossom in pastry school because they would use extract to flavor buttercream and meringue. Heavenly to smell and taste. Never knew Neroli was from the same flower! I adore that Sergei Lutens fragrance.
stephanie (2 years ago)
I wish serge lutens is available in my country. Sadly- not the case
Rob Whiff (2 years ago)
great video ladies
handelviola (2 years ago)
I lurve the serge lutens. I can't have my floral straight up. I need some dirt with it.
handelviola (2 years ago)
I have the old label serge lutens with a lot of cumin in the background which makes it to smell like you're standing next to the whole tree. I guess they took that out in the new label.
Mitchell Halpern (2 years ago)
Very nice video ladies! My wife and I are big fans of neroli scents.
edreamsincolor (2 years ago)
Hmmmm, you've peaked my curiosity. I don't have any neroli or orange blossom fragrances in my collection. I do have NR for her edt and I believe it does have orange blossom in it although I can't detect it.
Fatima (2 years ago)
please do a bookreview.
Fatima (2 years ago)
for me it's tricky
nangablessed2010 (2 years ago)
on point as usual ladies! love love the knowledge! didnt know the difference between orange blossom and neroli - thanks to you i can show off i know😎 Give me Elie saab l'eau couture any day!💚💚💚
Jack (2 years ago)
Reflection Man by Amouage has to be one of my favourite neroli scents along with APOM Pour Homme by MFK.
StealthAudrey (2 years ago)
I really enjoyed this video. Orange blossom & neroli are two of my favorites. Iam going to wear my Goutal Neroli today since it's so happy and bright, perfect boost on this cold winter day. I think I need that Serge fragrance in my life too. Thanks for these interesting and fun fragrance videos!
lyrrasgirl (2 years ago)
great video as usual!!
Sara Manae (2 years ago)
I love Hermes 24 Faubourg for orange blossom:)
knittingdoula (1 year ago)
Sara Manae Yes - though I consider it less straightforward than the two frags they highlighted. Way less linear, I think.
HRH (2 years ago)
Aren't you two just the cleverest, gorgeousest things! I mean for goodness sake! Your delivery of essential information is easygoing yet very fulfilling. And that's not easy to achieve. So my favourite orangey whiff is the overlooked Karl Lagerfeld Cologne (later named Classic). Giiiiirls, lemme tell you! It's got the orange blossom, the amber, the oakmoss, the vanilla, and the rest! I mean Jesus that's a good fragrance! Wooh!
Anne Ng (2 years ago)
Another great video!!!!!!! thank you soooo much!!!!! will you do one with patchouli anytime soon???😍😍
Homvid Mem (2 years ago)
Great video! Thanks for giving us great reviews! I appreciate very much the history and stories behind all these fragrances...and you two have shared your knowledge and expertise with us, very much appreciated...once again, thank you!
Fay Moussabeck (2 years ago)
Orange Blossom is one of my favorite fragrances, besides Jasmine & Tuberose.
Andrei NP (2 years ago)
APOM pour homme from MFK is my all-time favourite orange blossom scent :) it's more ambery and with depth. and as a refreshing scent I love Neroli Portfino from TF.
Bee Bo (2 years ago)
Oh yes. And APOM pour femme is delicious, too! My favorite orange blossom fragrance is Prada's Infusion de Fleur d'Oranger.
ForeverFragrantKid (2 years ago)
I LOVE orange blossom! Jo Malone's Orange Blossom (especially the bath oil) is just lovely.
ForeverFragrantKid (2 years ago)
:D I like those scents as well!
sadu622 (2 years ago)
me too, I just got it after having my eyes on it for a year. I am waiting for spring to put it on. I am currently using heavier scents like Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence, YSL black opium, Aerin Amber Musk and Estee Lauder Splendid.
BulgarianElena (2 years ago)
Love orange blossom! JPG Classique edt is my orange blossom star.
nadia montasser (2 years ago)
I love your videos! So informative!!! Is Bvlgari perfume crystaline omnia the silver bottle is it orange blossom? Or what can you categorize it as? @theperfumepros
Carol Lyn (2 years ago)
Ladies y'all are getting prettier as you upload more videos! Love neroli and orange blossom based scents! They're yummy and so uplifting! I want my world to smell like it 😌
Misan (2 years ago)
Brilliant video, you two. Georgina, you have an enchanting smile. Keep it up ladies :)
Arden Powers (2 years ago)
Thanks for the great video and education ladies ! (love you both) A controversial men's fragrance that I love for Spring, is Jean Paul Gaultier "Fleur Du Male". Although discontinued, is still available at some discounters here in the U.S. This fragrance borders on the feminine side, but is a great example of the use of Orange Blossom . . . I will have to purchase a backup bottle soon before it's no longer available !! Cheers ! :)

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