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I Love Lucy: Charles Boyer Episode Secrets!!-- Behind the Scenes Info YOU NEVER HEARD!

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I made an I Love Lucy video showing behind the scenes information as to what happened in the Charles Boyer episode! And let me tell you, a lot happened! What do you guys and gals think of the episode? Do you think the issues were resolved well? Let me know below in those comments! Chat 1-on-1 with me: https://docs.google.com/document/d/16QaKcLscW1_ODQFZShE2UeaWwbGhQdD6vZWOHhnn5wg/edit?usp=sharing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Help me reach 10,000 Subscribers by hitting the Subscribe Button if you haven't already!! -------- Support my channel on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ricknineg 2nd Channel: http://tinyurl.com/laeuromotors Ricknineg Store: http://www.ricknineg.com Instagram: laeuropeanmotors Facebook Page --- https://www.facebook.com/ricknineg Twitter Page-- https://twitter.com/Ricknineg Mailing Address: Att--Ricknineg 5406 West Washington Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90016 Please LIKE if you enjoyed the video and please subscribe if you haven't already. Music: "Royalty Free Music from Bensound"--Little Idea---used for all videos with end credit tune ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I Love Lucy Playlist http://tinyurl.com/j4q5y4g Empires of the Undergrowth Playlist http://tinyurl.com/hdgno68 Three Stooges Playlist http://tinyurl.com/zgrkoqk Farming Simulator 17 http://tinyurl.com/zm7hy5h Slime Rancher http://tinyurl.com/jk24jzp Subnautica Playlist--Underwater Build/Exploring Game http://tinyurl.com/gkpysuj Cities: Skylines http://tinyurl.com/h2p6lzz Nintendo 64 Games Playlist http://tinyurl.com/hpqjt3k ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are interested in EXOTIC cars, learning about cars, mechanic shops, car reviews, auto sales, and just plain fun--visit my second channel--European Motors-- https://www.youtube.com/laeuromotors
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Text Comments (73)
Becky Martin (11 months ago)
Why do I watch these videos on your channel and like them so much you ask? Because I learn a lot!! Another great video you have made Rick! This is one of my favorite episodes. I think they did good resolving the issues. Thanks for helping us learn more about I Love Lucy. You stay positive and always be hopeful. Even though we don’t know each other, I feel like we could be good friends. You are a nice guy and thank you for your Lucy videos. I really do mean that.
Becky Martin (10 months ago)
You’re very welcome Rick.
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Becky Martin Wow, what an amazing compliment! Thank you Becky!
Patrick Passanante (2 months ago)
Did you notice the tube running along Lucy's arm after the ink is shot out? Must of been part of the "magic pen" and had the bulb on the end!
rick nineg (2 months ago)
Nice try! haha
coashddjj2 (4 months ago)
I love this episode and think Charles did a great job with it, but it's always a little sad to see it now, knowing that he committed suicide later on in life.
stan ochocki (5 months ago)
Something that you, at a much younger generation might not be fully aware--with Charles Boyer, is that for most of his career he WAS the Leading Man, the Matinee Lover-Idol. And, in some bio's that I've read--was a naturally fastidious man, who dressed each morning of his life, as if 'hounds of photographers' would be waiting out side his door. At the time of this episode, it seems that Mr. Boyer was starting to go through a 'Mid-life, Mid-career' crisis as he very reluctantly realized that his 'matinee idol' days were over and that Hollywood was not ever again going to call him to star in a film as a romantic leading man. He was a consummate Actor, but one--who albeit like Norma Desmond, found it difficult to realize that the public's taste had moved on to other interests.
Just Liz (7 months ago)
I love that scene! Wonderful actor.
Paul Gary (7 months ago)
It definitely looked like he hit his head on the door ... and the pen trick was great too!
Paul Gary (7 months ago)
How about that! I would never had thought they used their own cloths on set. They dressed so glamorously. Those were the days!
hifijohn (8 months ago)
Another fine example of the desi/lucy ego problem , boyer was a very popular french actor and considered quite a heart throb ,so of course they have to make a complete fool out of him.
Guy N. (8 months ago)
It's true.Boyer cushions the bang on the door with his hand. I also wonder what Keith Thibodeaux meant this march 2018 on a radio show when he said that the <<hour-long>> show (towards the last months of the series) with Charles Boyer was the best thrill for him since he could jam away on his drums.Were there two shows featuring Boyer then??? This one and another one toward the last moments of the series late 50s? ON Thibodeaux's Facebook page, he talks about it on the radio interview.. I wonder..Interesting your channel. Bonne journée du Canada cher ami!
rick nineg (8 months ago)
Many greetings sent your way!
Guy N. (8 months ago)
Thanks for y our great work on that amazing and so funny tv show of this 1950s vintage.Most funny of all comedy ever I think. Though I also love Golden Girls, it's true.Merci. Appréciations.
rick nineg (8 months ago)
Thanks so much for the support!
Seth Williams (8 months ago)
Rick, you are so adorable and cute!
David Brown (9 months ago)
Boyer was a panty waste.
Brother Andy (9 months ago)
Notice the editing glitch? Lucy sprays the shirt and opens her left hand, letting go of the ink pen...cut...same action, different angle 4:15
rick nineg (9 months ago)
Yes, the show was shot by 3 cameras at all times. So editing would sometimes reflect that
Susan pratt (9 months ago)
I just love watching her shows she's my all time favorite actress.keep up the great work.
Susan pratt (9 months ago)
Another great video rick.thanks
rick nineg (9 months ago)
Thank you, Susan!
madeline hayes (9 months ago)
truely enjoying the videos and all the info. Thank you so much.
rick nineg (9 months ago)
My pleasure, they are fun to make
Melody Sledgister (10 months ago)
All the props and gags on the show worked fabulously. That's why it's still one of the funniest shows ever on television.
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Melody Sledgister agreed!
Dezerae James (10 months ago)
The raincoat bit probably 'splains why Ricky screamed the loudest.
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Dezerae James haha
Jacque McCoy (10 months ago)
I think the shot was wonderful. I have seen it many times and had no idea what all it took to complete!
Michael A Williams (10 months ago)
This is among your best, Rick. I don't think most of your viewers knew about all this behind-the scenes trivia. Charles Boyer was known for his suave, debonair style in romantic or dramatic roles, so to see him, at the end, involved in some slapstick comedy made the episode that much funnier. He carried it off quite well, seeing that he was inexperienced in lowbrow comedy. I never noticed he faked running into the door at the end. As for the clothing controversy, extras were and still are expected to wear their own clothes for the parts they're doing, except if it's a period piece. The four stars of "I Love Lucy" and the recurring regular actors could all take the cost of their clothes they used on the show off their income tax, so don't feel so bad for them. The special guest stars as well. I'm surprised, though, that in the case of Boyer staining his shirt they wouldn't have provided fresh shirts. Cheap shirts would do and the cost minimal. That seems being too cheap, to me! The "Bert Wheeler Magic Shop" you refer to is still on Hollywood Blvd. Although, Bert died tragically in a plane crash in 1946 at the young age of 37. Bert's sister sold the shop in 1947 and it continued to operate. It's moved to inside a toy story now, but the sign "Magic Shop Inside" is outside. For those who might visit the area sometime and want to check it out, it's on the southside of Hollywood Blvd just where Hudson dead ends into Hollywood.
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Michael A Williams Great comment, Michael! Always enjoy your input
Will D (11 months ago)
I agree. the whole scene turned out great. The timing of the hit to the head was perfecty done. I had no idea about the pen or the rain coat. Fascinating tidbits. It does seem like a lot to ask guest stars to wear their own clothes, but maybe that was common practice in those early days of television. Great job. Thanks Rick.
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Will D Practice makes perfect
Hannah Bright (11 months ago)
David Cervantes (11 months ago)
ILL was shown at 9:00-9:30am(2 episodes) on syndicate for many years here in So Calif. Fond memories watching on sick days from school while eating breakfast. And my grandparents watched while having their coffee on rainy days.
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+David Cervantes thats amazing
David Cervantes (11 months ago)
The pen and door hitting head stunt were shown with good camera angles, which turned out great, but the coat rip was dubbed too loud, but Ive never noticed until now. Good job Rick.
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+David Cervantes They practiced every camera position as well as shot, it is amazing
Cara G (11 months ago)
Jeez crushed hat , torn coat, stained shirt and the door hitting him. what else could have happened to Boyer before he got out of there? lol . Not totally surprising about the wardrobe. Good money saving practice
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Cara G agreed
HRHPaula Lewis (11 months ago)
Interesting to me that celebrities had demands back then. I just assumed they would go along with everything.  Another great post here!
Indigo Twilight (11 months ago)
Dang, theres no 'I' in 'team' Charles, 😃, may he rest in peace. 🤐
Indigo Twilight (11 months ago)
Really liking the I Love Lucy trivia! Thanks!😊
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+DB Me33 :)
John Scherer (11 months ago)
Loved it!
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+John Scherer thanks
lowec315 (11 months ago)
Spoiled rotten celebrities.
Kasy Long (11 months ago)
Great video! It makes sense why they would request the guest stars to wear their own clothes to save money on costuming. I learned a lot of information in this video. Thanks! :)
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Kasy Long It is a great compliment that a huge fan like you learned something
Kandis Powell (11 months ago)
I'm watching I Love Lucy on Hulu and several episodes are missing. Is this the case on the DVD sets?
Kandis Powell (10 months ago)
rick nineg I definitely need to buy the DVD sets!
rick nineg (11 months ago)
+Kandis Powell No, the DVD sets have it ALL. HULU licenses a few episodes and provides them free. Then license runs out and the episodes disappear
Jabe Nekula (11 months ago)
3:36, Wow thats like what George Lucas did when a storm trooper bang his head on a door frame accidentally in, Star Wars A New Hope.
oceanwaves (11 months ago)
Where did you find these old photos? Super cool. Also where did you get this info?? love it.
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+oceanwaves lots and lots of reseearch. I hunt for them
Cynthia Jotim (11 months ago)
Rick, I felt so bad for Boyer in that scene especially when Lucy also squirted him with orange.
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Cynthia Jotim haha
Chris Canale (11 months ago)
bahaha haha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha haha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha bahaha
Charles Arbogast (11 months ago)
I think they did a great job! It's a shame they had to supply their own wardrobe. Oh well, it was still a great show! Thanks Rick!
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Charles Arbogast great to hear from you Charles
Brian Rebmann (11 months ago)
Excellent video. This is one of my favorite episodes
Brian Rebmann (11 months ago)
Excellent video. This is one of my favorite episodes
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Brian Rebmann It is pretty hilarious
Christopher Kraft (11 months ago)
Rick, another great episode!! You continue to educate us all with Lucy facts that I didn't have a clue about. I find these facts fascinating. Remember, be hopeful :-)
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Christopher Kraft Be hopeful!
Thea Stewart (11 months ago)
Very informative! Thanks! One of my favorite episodes!
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Thea Stewart so glad it was informative to you
Alec J (11 months ago)
I never knew extras had to wear their own clothes. Great information Rick.
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+Alec J :)
patty 8873 (11 months ago)
The top rated show on tv and the cast had to wear their own clothes? That surprises me. Was that the usual practice at the time?
rick nineg (10 months ago)
+bradness Great synopsis and viewpoint!
bradness (10 months ago)
True all of that, Rick. But, I think it helps to look at your reply in the context of the "early days of TV," when norms and expectations were yet to be set, industry-wide. No doubt about the need for money-saving, etc, and certainly specialty "costumes" were provided by the studios, but I wonder, as decades passed, and agents intervened, that actors' expectations started to include ALL of their wardrobe to be supplied by the studios. Rick, I'm betting you (as have I) been in a studio's wardrobe warehouses to see all the suits, dresses, and other clothes actors can wear. In the "ILL" days, I can't imagine TV studios had had the time (or resources) to accumulate a massive collection. Remember, the movie studios had a several-decade head start on TV studios in hoarding wardrobe options! I love your vids, especially the "running gag" ones (Ethel's nervous, star-worshiping meeting celebs, Fred's fainting, Fred's "music," etc.) How about another running gag, and isolate Lucy's "ewwwww" expressions when she realizes her boo-boos? It'd be funny to see those back-to-back, kinda like the medley of "Oh, Rob!"'s I once saw in a collection of "Dick Van Dyke Show's Laura (Mary Tyler Moore) toward hubby.
rick nineg (11 months ago)
I do not know how widespread it was. But I wouldn't be surprised if it was. If you think about it, most men wore suits so it made sense to have them just wear theirs and save a bunch, etc. Any dress ladies wore would already be in their closet. Imagine custom making every article of clothing for the cast. That would take a whole team of people. Desilu was not unlike any other company that was trying to save as much money as they could and this was a practical and simple way to do it. :)

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