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YOU SAID THAT? Pt.2 (COMEDY) @ReedoBrown

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YOU SAID THAT? By @ReedoBrown http://www.instagram.com/ReedoBrown http://www.instagram.com/ReedoBrown
Category: Юмор
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Text Comments (24)
Yomo B (8 months ago)
WolfxKenshi Gaming (1 year ago)
Marcus Davis (3 years ago)
Mukoro Oweh, Jr. (3 years ago)
Shit like this is whats gon keep tha peace in da world. The funniest is when he gets robbed and b4 the robber finishes his request chain already on his arm
Kay Le'Rose (3 years ago)
😂 😂 😂
Jaime Chavez (3 years ago)
That some cool shit
Ryan Holloway (3 years ago)
Funny as hell
Latrice (3 years ago)
More pleaseeee...😂😂😂
Chief E (3 years ago)
cornellius Baxter (3 years ago)
1:01 I was dead
Kasey Branch (3 years ago)
the only funny part of the video is the backstage beatdown
Lazaro Magana (3 years ago)
Do more !!!
Burg Bass (3 years ago)
Its even more funny because the syncing between the video and audio is off a little lol
Daniel F (3 years ago)
+Fox Duper it gives it a lil sumn
Chris Jenkins (3 years ago)
this shit here is funny yall see how fast he snatched that Damn chain off even he RASTA WAS SURPRISED
KTAC1 (3 years ago)
Michael Massey (3 years ago)
He at it again.....lol he don't know when to quit but that's how people be tho..100%
Gustavo Alvarez (3 years ago)
MegaBeautifulTruth (3 years ago)
"You need another pillow Bitch?!"
Addasha Mapp (3 years ago)
Aljandro Arauza (3 years ago)
Bruh this shit hella funny the seriousness on his face when he lie tho
Magen Singleton (3 years ago)
OMG plez make sum more of these.. These r so hilarious 😂 neva laughed so hard
NPLTube (3 years ago)
i totally agree
Its Tyrell (3 years ago)

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