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The Best Brands For Your Basics

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Want to know the best basics on the block no matter what your budget is?? I've got the answers for you from top to bottom. For more style tips and a FREE wardrobe checklist, click right here: http://bit.ly/1NoQdeC
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Megan Weeks (8 months ago)
what are your thoughts on Nordstrom brand basics? or urban outfitters?
Herguiltless-garb (1 year ago)
Also, can you do a video on the best place to buy basic blazers and boyfriend blazers from low to high end? I’ve never seen a video on this
Herguiltless-garb (1 year ago)
Do you suggest Uniqlo for basics??
Susan St. Louis (1 year ago)
This is a good one
Helene (1 year ago)
I bought two Vince T-shirts last year with the aim of investing in some very good high quality basics. Pima cotton. The one in my favourite colour got a seam that is twisting towards the front after one wash (isn't that a sign of the factory being cheap and not cutting the fabric properly?) and the white one got small holes in it pretty fast. The holes were not where your pants often make them. I was so incredibly disappointed as each one cost 900kr!! (About US$90). They have gorgeous basics in the colours I love, but I won't ever pay that much for any of their clothes after seeing the shortcuts they do :( I always buy clothes that I aim at keeping for years so I buy less, natural fabrics, a bit more expensive and things that appear to have good quality. (900kr T-shirt is not normal for me to buy though, just to make that clear). What is your experience with Vince? Did I just have bad luck? :/ Great videos! I'm addicted to watching them! :)
Maria Smith (1 year ago)
a t shirt is a t shirt.
sarah (2 years ago)
love love your videos! learnt lots ! love everlane too!
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K (2 years ago)
what about plus size
jtwlover (3 years ago)
I LOVE your comforter! It's exactly what I'm looking for. Where did you buy it?
Lauren Messiah (3 years ago)
+jtwlover Thank you! It's actually from Target.
Lisa Sivertsen (3 years ago)
How do you dress a short neck with broad shoulders and a full bust? I know that V-necks are the best and anything that keeps your neck open, but what about necklaces and jewelry? I hardly wear anything but diamond studs because I don't want to take up the valuable real estate on my neckline and chest, so I usually dress pretty plain. HELP!!!!!
Holly Katz (4 years ago)
fabulosity at it's best.  Keep 'em coming
Lauren Messiah (4 years ago)
+Holly Katz thanks, girl!
Melanie Laporte Travel (4 years ago)
Coveting those leather leggings. Thanks for all the tips!
Melanie Laporte Travel (4 years ago)
+Lauren Messiah I'm doing a wardrobe upgrade from surfer girl (HI)/backpacker to DC chic. Your videos have been sooo helpful. When I get some cash, I will hire you!
Lauren Messiah (4 years ago)
+melloveism right!!! i could live in those leather leggings
Angela Landskron (4 years ago)
Off topic, but your hair always looks so cute!
Lauren Messiah (4 years ago)
+Angela Landskron i feel so self-conscious about my hair, so thank you :)

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