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Skyrim, How to Unlock All Spells, Skills, Unlimited Magicka

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This is a tutorial of how to use console commands on the PC to get everything you ever wanted and more in Skyrim. I will show you how to unlock all spells, abilities, and stats. Links are below that detail more console commands. Enjoy and subscribe. Full list of commands: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Console_Commands_(Skyrim) Skill Commands: http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Console_Commands_(Skyrim)/Skills Skyrim, How to Unlock All Spells, Skills, Unlimited Magicka Skyrim, How to Unlock All Spells, Skills, Unlimited Magicka Skyrim, How to Unlock All Spells, Skills, Unlimited Magicka Skyrim, How to Unlock All Spells, Skills, Unlimited Magicka
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Text Comments (52)
AnimatedArts (5 months ago)
Y’all noobs using console commands 😂😂 Bru it least work for something in a game for gods sake
Atlantic salma Mohamed (6 months ago)
umm so you just used codes not judging but wouldn't that make the game less fun?
QuAntique (1 month ago)
Not at all
ScanGain (6 months ago)
I hyave 10000 dragon souls and i still can't use any shouts. help me pls.
Martynas Šekštelo (10 months ago)
When i goed to magic it crashed....
Rebel Life (1 year ago)
Whoever disliked the video gets an arrow to the knee!
Mark Hancock (1 year ago)
+ButcherBaronProductions i agree
I have skyrim on xbox 360 :c
Mitchell Demarest (1 year ago)
This wasn't helpful you cant use cheats and commands on console! D:<
Mark Hancock (1 year ago)
True gamers are on PC
kaiden spencer (1 year ago)
Thanks so much
Mark Hancock (1 year ago)
My pleasure!
Aqua Den Barbar (1 year ago)
I can't see what you are typing :(
The Oofyy Clan (1 year ago)
its psb
Mark Hancock (1 year ago)
Mark Hancock (1 year ago)
Try viewing it on a computer. The text is in the bottom right corner
gabriel ferreira (1 year ago)
esa porra nem funciona
Sir Erectus III (1 year ago)
thank you so much! this was very useful! I tried using the codes when I restarted and made another character, I forgot about the bounds. XP
AphotoshopPro Gaming (1 year ago)
I can got in this ban
Shark's Cat (10 days ago)
If you said that you got banned you are lying because you can't be banned in a singleplayer game
Shark's Cat (10 days ago)
PrO-_ToNy (2 years ago)
This was perfect thank you
PrO-_ToNy (2 years ago)
Mark Hancock (2 years ago)
You are most welcome
KONAHRIK PRIEST (2 years ago)
Cheater. I did the werewolf dialogue method and it provided better results instead
Mahatma Gandhi (1 year ago)
KONAHRIK PRIEST He is using the Console, you are exploiting a glitch so it's almost the same
PLAYER 1 (2 years ago)
hey how to disable the cheat u unlcked first (psb)
Mark Hancock (2 years ago)
No disable command for this one. You will need to have a previous saved file to load in order to reset your spells - sorry mate.
Drivex (2 years ago)
my game crashed when i tried to unlock a shout with a name lol
Z3R0 ProDucTioNs (2 years ago)
lol same
Kiritatsu Endragneel (2 years ago)
Is there a command to make maicka regen faster?
Mark Hancock (2 years ago)
You will need item codes. Here is a great webpage that explains everything. http://www.ign.com/wikis/the-elder-scrolls-5-skyrim/Item_Codes
Kiritatsu Endragneel (2 years ago)
+Mark Hancock (RPGxTV) thanks and if there is one is there a command for getting an item?
Mark Hancock (2 years ago)
Try - player.ModAV Magickarate 10000 - (Default is 3)
NOW Noodles (2 years ago)
This video help me really well
Joseph Levi Glea (2 years ago)
mate .u dont put the link of the mod
Hulsty (2 years ago)
ɷ Heeyy Friendsssss I Have F0und Workingggggg Online Hacck visittttt : - https://t.co/BQP8nPxajB
Mark Hancock (2 years ago)
console commands were included with the game on PC. It's not a mod. No download is needed
Ali Minum (2 years ago)
it's really help! thnx
Oki-O (2 years ago)
I used to conjure dragon priests like you....in till I took an arrow in the knee
Oki-O (2 years ago)
Idk exalcly 93 (that's how many guards that are in skyrim)
Ben Breaux (2 years ago)
sad story how many arows
Ben Breaux (2 years ago)
are some of the spells dlc
Liridon Elezkurtaj (3 years ago)
can u pls make one for the ps3
Oki-O (2 years ago)
you can with mods.... just get a flash drive and download the mod you want and download it to your xbox
Luna Maya392 (3 years ago)
Liridon Elezkurtaj (3 years ago)
+Progamer1 😊👌
Luna Maya392 (3 years ago)
Np man
Liridon Elezkurtaj (3 years ago)
+Progamer1 oh... ok, hmmmm well.... Thank you anyway 😊
Mrs.MiXturbia (3 years ago)
Thaaaaank you !!! ^^

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