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Headphone Test Best Headphones Quality Test Bass Test Top Bass Boosted Songs binaural 3d audio experience sound phones best songs to test headphones like bose sony sennheiser 3d audio kopfhorer beats by dre dolby digital plus 5.1 surround sound 10 ULTIMATE HEADPHONE TEST !!! (Wear Headphone) Buy some Top headphone brands : 18. Plantronics (57) 17. Beats by Dre (58) 16. Skullcandy (62) With apologies to celebrities, NBA players, and extreme sports athletes around the globe, our analysis was not kind to Beats by Dre or Skullcandy. Yes, each brand has a handful of decent products (ex: Beats’ Solo HDs, Skullcandy’s Navigators), but the average, mid-range product from either company likely isn’t worth your money. Tone Deaf 15. Koss (68) 14. Creative (68) 13. Philips (72) If you know exactly what to look for, all three of these brands offer solid, reasonably-priced options (ex: some of Philips’ Fidelio line; Creative’s Aurvana, over-ear headphones). The problem: they also offer dozens and dozens of less solid, less reasonably-priced products. If you’re a gambler, you might get a cheap thrill when you scoop one of these off the shelf—like ordering rare fish at a back-alley restaurant or betting on the Dallas Cowboys. For the rest of us, it’s not worth the risk. Unsound 12. Bose (73) 11. Apple (74) 10. Panasonic (74) Unlike Philips and Creative, Bose and Apple have a “less is more” headphone strategy, marketing just three or four flagship products at inflated prices. If you want a comfortable fit with top-tier noise canceling, Bose’s QuietComfort 15s actually stand up to most of the hype. Unfortunately, many of their other products have received mixed reviews, and regardless, you’ll end up paying a premium on anything that comes in a box labeled “Bose.” Then there’s Apple. They’ve been something of a joke in the headphone industry until recently, when experts gave the new EarPods a polite nod and some decent review scores. While it doesn’t quite make up for years of blown out iPod buds, it was enough for a middle-of-the-pack finish. Sounds Good 9. Audio-Technica (74) 8. JVC (75) 7. Sennheiser (78) If buying Philips or Creative is a reckless gamble, then snapping up one of these brands is a responsible risk, like investing in an index fund or predicting another Justin Bieber arrest. Though none of these brands are a sure-thing, each has a distinct strength. Audio-Technica produces some of the best studio headphones on the market, and often at sub-$150 prices. Meanwhile, JVC makes many of the best cheap earbuds available: good for couch potatoes and loose change scavengers. Finally, Sennheiser’s best products are universally praised by audiophiles and DJs alike. Sounds Great 6. AKG (79) 5. Sony (80) 4. Pioneer (83) Both AKG and Pioneer make consistently stellar headphones for DJs and audio technicians. Even better, they don’t charge a superfluous $100 just because the box says “studio” on the side. That leaves Sony, perhaps the most surprising high-performer, especially next to all these headphone industry stalwarts. With hundreds of products in almost any price range, color, and style, Sony’s biggest accomplishment is consistency of quality. Super Sonic 3. Klipsch (84) 2. Grado (89) 1. Shure (90)
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HiHACKER (1 year ago)
*So, what was your score?? How did your headphone performed??!!* Have a great day! Maybe Subscribe For More! (and that notification bell icon, enable it to get notified)
Shadow (4 days ago)
Pretty good.
GhostBP Abay (17 days ago)
HiHACKER perfect all the way through
Abdullah Akram (22 days ago)
+Error Sans {Human/Female} same
Teufel move pro 20000hz
Shiz Wham (1 month ago)
eclipse bruno (51 seconds ago)
I'm i supposed to volume it down? Cuz i think i just lost my consciousness.
Ken DC (5 minutes ago)
30 and 15000
the BoY FroM SPaCe (13 minutes ago)
I heard a song
Δαναη Αθανασια (18 minutes ago)
I feel like they brainwashed me
I got 30 beacause im kind of deaf
Drug Dealer Ftw (1 hour ago)
When he told to use high level then i thought Rip ears
Epic Victory Royale (1 hour ago)
my headphones are so gud
Mate Bencsik (1 hour ago)
Tested a Skullcandy crusher wireless with this video. Yep, it passed
caRCe _playZ (1 hour ago)
what a cool video!
Katharina Fischer (1 hour ago)
Bass in my headphones is fucked up cuze I always have it at full lvl someone has an idea what u culd do.?😂
Katharina Fischer (1 hour ago)
God that destroyed my ears 😂 what song tho at 6:00?
namles Retap (2 hours ago)
Mine is from 30 HZ to 15.000 is it bad
OFFICIAL speedaxe (2 hours ago)
yogesh gariya (2 hours ago)
lawdoggy00 (2 hours ago)
At 9:02 i started hearing the frequency is that good? audio technica m50x at 15129Hz
Victory Boss (2 hours ago)
Only headphone users can like This comment 👇
Joey Boom (2 hours ago)
Just tried this with my nose headphones and now I will only buy Bose from now on out
Joey Boom (2 hours ago)
***gets rickrolled***
a n-xiety. (3 hours ago)
69 hz
DarkPresident 78999 (3 hours ago)
My ears have been broken
Ayush Singh (3 hours ago)
How trippy 😂😂
Ultra Instict (3 hours ago)
that thumbnail number tho...
Rafid (3 hours ago)
it contains the heart attack
nepali chora (3 hours ago)
Graffiti Animations (3 hours ago)
30 1500
Ajgorowski (3 hours ago)
Jbl charge 3 disconnecting
mix mix (3 hours ago)
Realy realistic
Stealthy Popcorn (3 hours ago)
I like my headphones even more now
Cody Leon (3 hours ago)
Using Bose AE2 and everything checked out great just not the best bass but Bose is never good with bass so that’s okay
Razan Montaser (4 hours ago)
Pretty sure im gonna have a headache
SDtheVA (4 hours ago)
Score: *Excellent*
Zozo (4 hours ago)
My turtle beach headphones Bass: 34 Treble: 15000
Its a normally some think to me 😎😂
saumil dixit (4 hours ago)
4:10 I'm dead 😵😵😵😵
prostiggerman gaming (4 hours ago)
JBL is The best
Gene Wong (5 hours ago)
Remarkable using my audio technica w1000z
Mohit Nikhare (5 hours ago)
5:47 song name?
Royal Channels (5 hours ago)
When you said the second file it was on full volume, and I dropped my phone in my cats water bowl, but it’s okay now.
My earphones are better than i though
Wyatt Berlener (5 hours ago)
I dont why im here i have senheiser 660s their fucking awesome headphones
kumar Janmejay (5 hours ago)
Could anyone tell me the best Bluetooth earphone under 500₹
Raj Bal (5 hours ago)
Fabulous. Laverne (6 hours ago)
Ponty Joy (6 hours ago)
I heard the music till 65 in the first one
MrJeeper117 (6 hours ago)
My car system sounds amazing thanks
Twìłíght Dāwñ (6 hours ago)
Austin Combs (6 hours ago)
Just above 15000
Clix (7 hours ago)
This test messed up my headset I can't hear bass from songs anymore
Clix (7 hours ago)
Kingasasin 177 (7 hours ago)
Depends on your volume for the first part I couldn’t hear 30hz at medium volume but I could hear 10hz perfectly at full volume
Gacha_gamer_xcatx (8 hours ago)
Bass test:42 Treble test:15900 Quality test:no buzz Driver Matching:It broke my ears a little Binaural test:it sounds mad good and realistic Center:Was very good heard from left right both and center Hearing test:I was just like stone :)
gentle wazzup (8 hours ago)
bass ,27 hz
Pete Ribardo (8 hours ago)
Headphones work. Head no work.
삼각형 (8 hours ago)
My earphones:40hz,15000hz
Snaxe Gaming (8 hours ago)
Mine canceled out at 15000
Mezoy Waiba (8 hours ago)
Rip my ears😶
Random Cuteness (8 hours ago)
I heard down to 10 HZ... you said only 20 HZ was the lowest we could hear... :/
Octavio Duran (9 hours ago)
I just hear a car signal now everytime
X4Vv_ (9 hours ago)
søftea (9 hours ago)
is it me or does the thumbnail move when u scroll o.o
Prideful Cadet (9 hours ago)
Holy shit my headphones are actually good :')
Addy Hooker (10 hours ago)
works with Turtle Beach :)
Dan Beat (10 hours ago)
My headphones are 20 bux and still good YAY !!!!
Storm_bjmyers13 (10 hours ago)
Not loud at all bitch
Connor Gibson (10 hours ago)
Im fcuking deaf ouch!!!
I think i was trying to commit ear suicide XD
Lindsay Whitehouse (10 hours ago)
Treble test 16065
Jennyfer Rivera (10 hours ago)
Dang mah ears are so goona bleeds after dis video becuase of all the beeping and other shit
your mom gay (10 hours ago)
Lindsay Whitehouse (10 hours ago)
Bass test 40
Duh Doy (10 hours ago)
I got to 20hz and 15000hz the rest it passed
Grettle Gamez (10 hours ago)
Last test i got excellent
Lake 42 (10 hours ago)
Guess my apple headphones suck
Sidley_Turner (10 hours ago)
Using Rig 500e headset and sound is amazing!
Grettle Gamez (10 hours ago)
It completly stoped at 15k on the treble test
[RPR]King (10 hours ago)
Kraken never fails.
Garion Prak (11 hours ago)
Sound republik studio headphones, best headphones I’ve had do on this test
Shaku (11 hours ago)
i dont know whats ass my ears or my headphones :(
XcLp GAMING (11 hours ago)
For the frequency I gave up and plugged out my headphones on 12k
alexis olivares (11 hours ago)
who else can hear the noise at 20000 hertz? cuz i can
Britposting Gang (12 hours ago)
got remarkable uwu
Mikalius Tesla (12 hours ago)
These are a $5 dollars Coby earbuds and they ranged in the excellent level. Thanks for the video.
SuperPlushiePlanet (12 hours ago)
I hear all of them for the score one...
Steven Waschalk (12 hours ago)
Score of 110
Lil Fluump (12 hours ago)
My hertz was 120
Santigamer 132 (12 hours ago)
i cant fil mai brein :3
Alpha BravoGeko (12 hours ago)
mine got down to 10 Hz on the "bass" test and i got to 15,000 Hz on the treble test.
Justin Maree (12 hours ago)
Guess volcano headphones pass
IXG (12 hours ago)
1: 12 Hz 2: after 15000 it went quiet 3: No buzz 4: Right in the middle 5: Extremely Realistic 6: Both Drivers work perfectly. 7: 15000
Assassin21bro (12 hours ago)
Quality test reminds me of a car
Simone M Mueller (13 hours ago)
Remarkable, ladies and gentlemen!
twofishh_ (13 hours ago)
or you know just look at you headphone frequency range
Yareth Gaming (14 hours ago)
OOO OO OOO!!! accidentally typed 0 instead of o .-.
Xbox DM (14 hours ago)
My head hurts now 😞
James Uche (14 hours ago)
Book Reviews by Chappy (14 hours ago)
JBL headphones received a perfect score
Lambsaucelocated _ (14 hours ago)
Mine passed 😁
Igor Mickevic (14 hours ago)
On JBL t110 it sounds nice
Mr Wiseman (14 hours ago)
Sony MDR xtra bass headphones PASSED!

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