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Super Short Textured Haircut | Jack Rabbit's Barbershop

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Shop Beardbrand: https://bdbd.us/2Ec3I3r Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beardbrand Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/beardbrand DESCRIPTION Beardbrand's own Carlos Costa visits Jack Rabbit's Barbershop in Winchester to bring you a super short and highly textured haircut, complete with a nose waxing! RECOMMENDED VIDEOS Scissor Cut Short Back and Sides Men's Haircut https://youtu.be/wcVVXUV0YUY Great Haircut for High Hairline with Short Beard Trim https://youtu.be/3xp7mGVp034 Buzz Cut and Beard Trim https://youtu.be/z8cO8wq0NHw ABOUT BEARDBRAND Beardbrand is a men’s grooming company that is helping men keep on growing by providing education and tools for urban beardsmen to master their morning routine. We’ve found that confidence starts with self investment, and allows men to do great things for their families, co-workers, and community. We are working to break down the negative stereotypes that surround bearded men, and show the world it’s the man who matters, not the way he looks. BEARDBRAND SOCIAL MEDIA https://www.instagram.com/beardbrand https://www.facebook.com/beardbrand https://twitter.com/beardbrand BARBERSHOP INFORMATION Jack Rabbit's Barbershop 14 Stockbridge Rd, Winchester SO23 7BZ, UK Instagram: @jackrabbitsbarbers SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL https://www.youtube.com/beardbrand?sub_confirmation=1 CONTRIBUTE TO THE CHANNEL http://www.youtube.com/timedtext_cs_panel?c=UCm0f2zUj2eSEKfH8IpyHV3Q&tab=2
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Text Comments (68)
Quality Barber
Juan Cordova (2 months ago)
what cape is he using?
Carlos Andrade (5 months ago)
Hello Brazil 🇧🇷✌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
gerv55 (6 months ago)
Holy shit, someone WITHOUT a beard!
striker161 (8 months ago)
Nailed it. Sharp look
Mec 75 (9 months ago)
Very cute guy!
Karol Bombowiec Krawczyk (9 months ago)
Jax from Sons of Anarchy! XD
Rachel Evans (10 months ago)
Omg!! I’m in love with this barber! What a dude❤️
Beardbrand (10 months ago)
That's Hollywood Dan for ya! Stylish, handsome, and talented! - Jack
Russell Bogrett (10 months ago)
Excellant cut. If a barber walked into my shop looking for a job with hair that long i would tell him to get a haircut then come back. Barbers should not have hair that looks like that. Its not professional looking.
Aaron Bye (9 months ago)
Russell Bogrett your a fucking idiot, should a professional drive have a head shaped like a steering wheel, should a soldier have an arm shaped like a gun. The way you look doesn't have a handicap on how good you are at something, as this video clearly displays.
Lisa Fanucchi (10 months ago)
Hot barber 😍😍😍
Jared Frew (10 months ago)
Nice to see a new shop. Hopefully you'll get them doing some beard trims.
Jhardwork Pays off (10 months ago)
Nice to see a new barbershop
Beardbrand (10 months ago)
And we've got even more new barbershops coming soon! - Jack
smurfarooney2003 (10 months ago)
Pulp fiction shout...!
Ben Mullan (10 months ago)
Dunno if this guys been on before not seen every video but good to see different guys cutting instead of Charlie’s shite skin fades
Evan Castrillo (10 months ago)
Excellent haircut! 👍
A_ Lundgaard (10 months ago)
what great beards in this vid. A true testimony of where this channel has ended up.
Kristian Georgiev (10 months ago)
What would you say is the length on top? I’m coming from a longer cut and I want to know what to tell my barber.
MGC (10 months ago)
40 minutes on a 2 back and sides 😂
Cheshire Barber (10 months ago)
Hi guys what’s the wax brand ???
CaFreaK92 (10 months ago)
I want to see people with beards get a full haircut + line up that's why it's BeardBrand right? Who's with me??
Theo Bauch (10 months ago)
I love the barber series. Beards or no beards, makes no difference to me. Personally I have the least interest in the videos that are ONLY beard trims.
Kellz 9 (10 months ago)
So much more professional barber shop than Gentlemen and Rouge.
Kellz 9 (10 months ago)
MDNixon yes they know what they are doing and they are funny, but you know when fame starts to get into people and they start fooling around? That's what I meant. Compare the first videos to the lastest videos.
MDNixon (10 months ago)
Kellz 9 Why? Gentleman and Rogues is also a very nice Barbershop, they know what they are doing aswell and they are very funny and entertaining while cutting hair. Nevertheless this Store looks cool aswell and the barber is cool
Mackenzie Bennett (10 months ago)
love this barber shop!
Mike Borer (10 months ago)
Hey guys, I love the barbershop series. But is there a way to get a video about barbershop etiquette? Ways to communicate, proper tip amounts, how to make third job easier. I think there is a lot to learn on that front. For instance, my barber spends 45 minutes with me on beard trim and hair cut and charges 20 bucks, is 8 to 10 dollars a reasonable tip? Or I have an idea of what I want in a hair cut but don't know how to convey that to my barber is just bringing pictures the best bet? It may seem like common sense to most, but coming from someone who has only went to great clips and got my hair justed buzzed off it's hard to know.
Mahesh Hayward (10 months ago)
Mike Borer if you hold on, I have done some videos about these subjects. Be posted on Mahesh Monday’s.
ForgottenUser_ (10 months ago)
Where’s the black guy with the great beard that was meant to be joining the channel? Was looking forward to his stuff
Charlie Britton (10 months ago)
Visited this shop a couple years ago. Really friendly team and lovely shop. Great cut mate!
phil Amato (10 months ago)
At last a shop that does a hair wash..👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Rabbit 289 (10 months ago)
You guys do a lot of "Only Haircut"-videos the last days, without any beard cuts. Hopefully there´ll be some again in the next time, so that I can quench my addiction of beard grooming. :D But anyway, i like you´re videos a lot! Nice greets from Austria! (..so excuse my English ^^) And keep on growing :)
Matthew Pearson (10 months ago)
Looks great. Looking forward to more from this shop.
Aris Superidis (10 months ago)
Great cut! Wish there was a barber in my region that knows how to texture and fade hair
Shaun C (10 months ago)
Think should get more stuff from him, like his style
Ariel kevin Fuentealba (10 months ago)
beard videos plz
Snow Man (10 months ago)
This dude is super thorough. Great barber. Attention to details is what gets clients back. More from this barber please.
Taylor Schultz (10 months ago)
Edgarr Segura (10 months ago)
We need some more beard videos :(
77Guv (10 months ago)
Anyone know of any good barbers in Birmingham?? That can do a good textured choppy cut!!
The Gentleman Weekly (10 months ago)
The doghouse , wylde green , near Sutton Coldfield
Sunny (10 months ago)
Goodlife barbers
Wesley D (10 months ago)
Perfect cut
Emily Tolman (10 months ago)
Nice to see someone new!!! The haircut is really good!!!
John Medina (10 months ago)
Basic cut, made it look amazing.
Herr Frew (10 months ago)
i mean yes its great. but is this the end of mahesh and the gentlemans club barbershop?
Eric Bandholz (10 months ago)
Herr Frew na, we are just adding more variety as we continue to grow. We'll also be getting a few American shops in as well in the future.
Martin Linnett (10 months ago)
Great to see a new barber and I liked the look off this shop. And a great hair cut too.
André Fernandes (10 months ago)
Beardbrand, do you have a trade representative in Brazil? I want to buy your products.
Matt Garcya (10 months ago)
Finally a new barbershop
wyatt.loser (10 months ago)
love this guy!
Mahesh Hayward (10 months ago)
Great work guys!
Eric McFarland (10 months ago)
Macklemore stunt double?
Gabriel Andrea (10 months ago)
I love this YouTube channel because it is so diverse like throughout this YouTube channel history they went to cut and grind then they went to gentlemen and rouges and now they are here this channel deserves far more subscribers and Carlos is now a legend in my books
Leandro Pacheco (10 months ago)
702 Mikey (10 months ago)
Love the music in the shop!
Michael Ray (10 months ago)
That was a good hair cut . I've never seen the wax up the nose technique . I waited for him to sneeze .
fabrizio olmeda (10 months ago)
taglio sport !!!!
Aj Hamilton (10 months ago)
Rip gentleman and rouges 😢
Johnnie McHardseed (10 months ago)
I'm sure you said the same thing about cut n grind, and do we ever see them anymore? Nagh I'm playing idk what Happened to them though.
Beardbrand (10 months ago)
We’re still going there, don’t worry. Just adding another barbershop to the mix. - Jack
Ziv Viz (10 months ago)
Hollywood Dan rocks!
Theodore Panaritis (10 months ago)
Great haircut, nice to see a change of scenery, too!
TnaKer (10 months ago)
2 minutes ago :D
Vishal Mehan (10 months ago)
New barbershop looks 🔥🔥
GUITAR AZERBAIJAN (10 months ago)
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