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Dangerous Run In with 4 Men, Homeless Hotel in 100yr. old School

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Creepy Urbex Encounter while exploring this 100 plus year old School in Saint Louis. Awesome Old Brick School with spanish tile roof. We ran into four very strange people and were suprised while exploring. Two Junkies, one of which seemed like a pedophile and another two that I got really bad vibes from they seemed like they may be wanted and running from the police and may have been working a plan to rob us. Please Subscribe and check out My Urban Exploring videos. I explore old homes, buildings, factories, cathedrals, churches and businesses.
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Linda Gill (21 days ago)
Cut the music!!!! Turn it way down!!!!great video tho..b careful!
Vonck Evie (26 days ago)
restore the original audio on this dudes and yes disused buildings are used for drug deals
CACTUS PANTS (28 days ago)
What's with the fucked up loud music,
Marion Robertson (1 month ago)
Tattoo Tony I enjoyed the video of the old school you need to be very careful my man. Thanks bless you.
Orenthal Simpson (2 months ago)
Why wouldn't you film that
beards & bucks (2 months ago)
Fake YouTube is a prop like regular television
williss11 (2 months ago)
This was entirely stupid. You should had put everything. You were obviously in deep sh*t for a moment there
David Lovelady (2 months ago)
Tell them no You have two pitbulls and a 44 magnum that watches your kids.
Von Braun (2 months ago)
Damn that music was horrendous
Aaron Jackson (3 months ago)
The music really sucked. Too loud.
Abby Bottorff (3 months ago)
Couldn't hear a damn thing you said with all that background music. Bummer
Helen Boula (5 months ago)
Well you do know that that is for their living I thank you invaded their home.
appyd02d (5 months ago)
OR... they WERE cops undercover and didn't want you to be able to ID them....just sayin'... Creepy, but compelling and interesting. Thanks for posting!!
Linda Toten (5 months ago)
Can we do without the loud music? We can barely hear you.
64pori (6 months ago)
Babysit your kids? Pageants? He sounded lime a pedophile.
Joshua Brown (6 months ago)
You weren't in danger. We were addicted to heroin back then and stayed at the honor center so during the day we would get a "day pass" and go here to get high plus had no where else to hang out. Jussayin
Leeroy brown (7 months ago)
They were CHOMOS bro it don’t take a rocket scientist to work that out.
williss11 (2 months ago)
Leeroy brown chomos? Why?
Mecho Salinas (7 months ago)
Pobre sr. Apenas se puede mover, dios guarde se ocupe correr pues lo van hasta coger...
Lindsay James (7 months ago)
God brings memories from my hometown back to me y'all have balls of steel
SAMMIE VANN (7 months ago)
Ive been outside this school ....I believe it's near downtown St Louis.
Kaysha Bullock (7 months ago)
Just stop the music man it's not cool
Thea Papa (9 months ago)
Tattoo Tony cut the music off in bk-ground can't hear u speak
Austin Ryan (9 months ago)
Smart move to avoid the basement, that was most definitely a setup! Plus I may have wanted to kill the junkie that asked about your kids, how insane and terrifying!
Silent Stream (10 months ago)
Running around with hi dollar cameras in getto areas is asking for trouble dudes.
makeitso (10 months ago)
why the music at all. kind of awful.
Jon Griggs (10 months ago)
I'm in Alton also.
kryptonite736 (11 months ago)
Idle since 1982
Anna Contreras (11 months ago)
Sounds like pedophiles!!
Nessa V (1 year ago)
The photo looks like a bearded man is sitting on another man's lap, facing eachother. There's some weird types out there
deraleigh88 (1 year ago)
I noticed the “young dolph” tag. I wonder if the actual rapper did that or if it was just a fan lol
I don't know.. is he from stl
Frank Bowne (1 year ago)
I'm glad I found The Proper People, this is crap.
J B (1 year ago)
the music is annoying... would like to hear more history & info about the building you exploring.
AngryRed Banjo (1 year ago)
Something just don’t add up with that 2009 school supply list. Maybe it was just a fluke that it was there. As falling down and ruined as that building is its hard to believe it was usable just seven years before. It takes a lot of years for concrete and mortar and brick to get that rotten.
PR NOTHALL (1 year ago)
Serious drug addicts and mentally unstable, really fit don’t they?
Tronald Dump (1 year ago)
Music at the end was too quiet imo
Cyrus Terwilliger (1 year ago)
What what the first song called?
Ms Mystery (1 year ago)
Yikes!! Lol
Brittany Harding (1 year ago)
We couldn't understand u with the music run n as u talked .💙💜
Brittany Harding (1 year ago)
Guys please don't in these old places without mask ,that's way to dangerous to ur health .💜💙
Some Fool (1 year ago)
LMFAO. I’m cool dude, I break the law ALL the time. No yeah same bro, I always break the law.
Starla Bright (1 year ago)
Can't hear you over the noise lol don't rip your hair out
captain awesome (1 year ago)
Just cause there homeless doesn't give you the right do call them junkies and weirdos and No
Samantha (1 year ago)
Would have preferred to listen to you guys talk then the music. The history on this place would have been nice to hear
Pan Aaronowski (1 year ago)
I kept wondering about how much asbestos dust might have been kicked up from walking around in there. Might be a good idea to invest in a good quality mask.
TheBigfoot425 (1 year ago)
thumbs down for invading the potentially cool vid with MUSIC!
Edward Kuemmerle (1 year ago)
I'm tryin to focus on my videotography Damn it
Sam C (1 year ago)
Maybe the early 1900s but it wasn’t built in the 1800s.
Sam C (1 year ago)
This school was probably built in the 1930s. Since it’s abandoned it looks older but it’s not from the 1800s. Maybe an addition was built in the 30s. Probably not the whole school.
gil wood (1 year ago)
dude, great stuff....the music is not helping at all
QuadraxisTheGreat (1 year ago)
Gay music
Terry Sparnie (1 year ago)
The music sucks annoying
tabby314 (1 year ago)
I always been intrigued by this building every since I was a child. sSo to finally see what it looks like inside. It really exciting
Rose WHEELER-STILLSON (1 year ago)
I prefer not to have music because I like listening for noises and comments
Laverne's Life Vlogs (1 year ago)
Would have been able to hear you better without the music! Only problem with watching. Cool old place tho. Creepy people that just meet you, in that situation, asking to baby sit your kids!! Wow
Julie Hoskin (1 year ago)
You need a camera stick all I hear is you moving the camera it's so bad.
Urbex Daff (1 year ago)
Exciting video! I should be watching more of you!
Vince Phan (1 year ago)
Warning!! Do not plug in headphones!!
Vince Phan (1 year ago)
Can't stand it
Vince Phan (1 year ago)
You fucked this vid
Vince Phan (1 year ago)
Music sucks
Vince Phan (1 year ago)
Carla Campbell (1 year ago)
I don’t know why of all the places they hang there? There are much better and cleaner abandoned places
Michel Martin (1 year ago)
the music... really annoying
Axix Graham (1 year ago)
Pedophile.Axe murderer .antichrist and serial killer. ..wow meet them all in a day.
Dank KVs (1 year ago)
I hate videos like this that drown his voice out soo bad you can't understand what he is saying lol horrible editing
JAKE JABLAH (1 year ago)
Worst. Editing. EVER.
Tiago Baenre (1 year ago)
Cant hear you talking In the end the music is too loud get rid or lower the volume of music
Val Willman (1 year ago)
Keep the music down! Can't hear a damn word your saying!😡
E rock (1 year ago)
The music killed this good video bro
Jacki (1 year ago)
Cant hear anything you say at the end. The music is so loud
Lost In The Comments (1 year ago)
Really appreciate that background music, super mellow and chill, nice sound! Wonder what that beat is.
Change InTheAir (1 year ago)
What is picture of guy that you surrounded in yellow highlighter? It looked like guy with naked woman or girl on top of him. Was that a real pic of one of the four vagrants? Glad you were smart enough to move to office by outside door.
Ayden Haffner (1 year ago)
The guy in the chair looks like he’s wearing a mask lol oh and the music made it so I could hardly hear you
Mitchell Rawson (1 year ago)
Man, im from st.louis, north county, and you're playing with fire bud. I'm gonna guess you're on the south side, which isn't as rough as the north or west side of the city. We routinely have the highest murder rate in the country, and the fiends that frequent those places would think nothing of your demise if they got high out of it. And in st.louis, your random ass body in a drug area, with no real evidence or leads....get shrugged at by cops is all that's gonna get. How they gonna catch who did it? They arent. Just be smart man, at least carry a pistol, constitutional carry in missouri, so you're ok to carry it
Lindsay James (7 months ago)
Im from there as well and im sitting here like they had an angel on their shoulder
NUNNA URBIZNEZ (1 year ago)
Since schools were not likely to have a wood burning fireplace in the hall, I'm guessin that was a water radiator for heating.
Mother Ship (1 year ago)
I hope you are armed!
Shirley Harrison (1 year ago)
Them old school desks are REALLY old...( I didn't say anything about the music, so don't yell at me, I'm an old Lady).. Be careful, take no chances, carry a weapon or something.
Jayme blueeyes (1 year ago)
The music killed it, No music seriously
Jesus Christ (1 year ago)
If you ever need baby sitters just ask your local homeless.
Andrew Trucker (1 year ago)
You seem very street smart that’s for sure they were trying to kill you obviously be careful next time try to get pics those guys are but cases x cons of course yes your right bad news make sure you always get pics they are child molesters
Marge Stibel (1 year ago)
Music sucks
Not Used (1 year ago)
Damn man that's really sketchy damn, that was spooky !
Ceci Molina (1 year ago)
Awesome vid but you have to turn that music down couldnt really hear you talking
Shelley Morrow (1 year ago)
Ceci Molina é÷!
k1j2f30 (1 year ago)
Hey man, did those guys give you a bad vibe? Anyway just thought I would let you know that I thought the background music might be a little bit loud, had a hard time hearing everything being said. LOL, really this was a good video, just had to rib ya a little...Ta-da!
103Catherine (1 year ago)
Is this Garfield school?
+103Catherine no
D.Y. H.W. (1 year ago)
Idk WHAT everyone else is complaining about. I can hear you just fine. Stay safe. I'm subscribed. 😘
+Dannah H.W. thanks
Maelich Arn (1 year ago)
I stayed in a derelict hotel for a month by the seaside in a run down part of the coastline, Beside the holes in the floor (which I almost fell through), a couple shagging on a squeaky bed, something pushed at the door one night after I had barricaded myself in.
Shelley Morrow (1 year ago)
SmashTheGranny OutOfIt ee
+SmashTheGranny OutOfIt cool..
Phil Pickering (1 year ago)
What disappeared mid screen at 20.00 ?
maisie smith (1 year ago)
Only me who felt hearing whispers ??
Gloria and Buster (1 year ago)
Music too loud. Can't tell what you're saying.
don't care (1 year ago)
When someone says "don't worry about" immediately start to worry.
BIlly Ray (1 year ago)
If you use your imagination you can turn back time and see hundreds of students rushing to class, teachers preparing lessons ect...I wish people would explore without damaging or destroying these places..
John Kirkhart (1 year ago)
Next timevturn your music down. Hard to understand u
Texlahoma Girl (1 year ago)
Stay safe. Some places aren't worth it.
Amanda B (1 year ago)
Enough with the music bro
Stephanie Rauba (1 year ago)
I’ve been urbexing for about four years now and am yet to run into someone (getting my concealed carry license this spring). I can only imagine the anxiety and fear of running into sketchy people and I pray it never happens to me esp as most of my explores are solo. If you don’t mind me asking, how did you feel going into your next building and how do you personally prep yourself for such an encounter?? Thanks for the killer videos man, keep up the good work! You’ve really grown and I love your content - and for the record the music didn’t bother me personally 😁
April M (1 year ago)
good place to kill someone or be killed
April M (1 year ago)
gay music tho..sorry
Michael Duffy (1 year ago)
i heavy fucks with the instrumentals... if you could reply with song names and artists i’d appreciate very much so 😃
Joseph Holder (1 year ago)
Dolph was there
lou booth (1 year ago)
just kill the music its good video no music is needed

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