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Men Of Standard - In your will

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Michelle Marks (7 days ago)
Yarnell Hardy (11 days ago)
Thank you MOS.. 2019..Staying in your WILL..
Claresia Ross (24 days ago)
2019..trying to get through my Master's program..this is my song of encouragement...thank you lord for your strength
DAVID SMITH (1 month ago)
We have to stand on the word of Yah . No matter what happens . Selah . Put no false idol in front of HIM. No man or woman . Trust in his word only .
Samerra Dean (1 month ago)
Holy Spirit I am dependent upon you to keep me in the Lord's will
Shirley Harrell (1 month ago)
I won't give up or give in, I'm staying in Jesus will, it's only one Jesus. Kisses and be blessed. 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
LaTreasha Lewis (1 month ago)
Still here in 2019!!! In your will!!
Pretty klassy (1 month ago)
I heard this song when I was a little girl and today out the blue I heard it calling me... thank you lord
Tamara Mckenith (1 month ago)
Who puts a thumbs down on good gospel music u need jesus the devil is a lie.
Joe Oliver (1 month ago)
I like how songs remind you where you were when you first heard them.  I was at RAF Lakenheath, United Kingdom. I had been saved for about 10 years but had been what I call a "weak" Christian.  So many bad things happened that year, yet God remained faithful. I heard this song and it became like a theme song for me.  I have had great things as well as horrible things in my life but the one constant has been God never leaving or forsaking me.  Blessed be His holy name!
Just Ask Mae (1 month ago)
I'm standing in your will Lord "2019" and forever more.
Stephanie Rickenbacker (2 months ago)
God is a keeper! Staying in the will of God. Hang on Saints 2019
Angela Lynn (2 months ago)
When the trial of life & tribulation begins to be so heavy. This song gives me life & keeps me focused. God has been to good to me for me to give up now!
Stephanie Rickenbacker (2 months ago)
Always liked there music! Wish they could reunite. 2019
Kai Alexandria (2 months ago)
Never heard this song till August Alsina posted him singing it on IG 😍😍😍
Ruby Bigby (2 months ago)
prophetmck7 (2 months ago)
William Green (2 months ago)
Julie Coburn (3 months ago)
I love this song
BeautyfulScorp (3 months ago)
I'm staying in Your Will Lord.
Cornell Miller (3 months ago)
Amen. Still very encouraging.
Tiffany Donley (3 months ago)
NO MATTER HOW I AM FEELING, I will not GIVE UP OR GIVE IN, I am Holding on til the END.....I prophesy that I will be STEADFAST, UNMOVABLE, & Always Abounding in You GOD!! #ImStayingInYourWill #ImStayingLord
Brian Porter (3 months ago)
No matter what I will stand, stay and remain positioned in the will of God. I will walk as the man, and as the husband, and as the man of integrity, and as the leader that God has called me to be in the Name of Jesus Satin you better back off. You cannot have my marriage You cannot have my marriage You cannot have my marriage in the Name of Jesus. We are victorious through Christ Jesus
Stephanie Boykin (4 months ago)
This song made me cry because my aunt dog died 😢😢😢😢😢
diamond webb (4 months ago)
Still listening Nov. 1, 2018 day before my birthday😎
GoODTiME QUANUS (4 months ago)
Pleasure to be the 10,001 like.  Blessings through melodies fellas.  All glory to Him for his grace and mercy.
Tameka Williams (5 months ago)
This song is EVERYTHING!!!😍
Bernice Williams (5 months ago)
I love this
Erica Lugo (5 months ago)
Encouraging. 🙌
Tiffany Wyche (6 months ago)
Yes lord......right on time
All Things Mo! (6 months ago)
Rocky Mountain Princess (6 months ago)
Just learned of your group. First time hearing this song. My personal life anthem. God bless you mighty men of Yeshua Messiah.
Ontario Barrett (6 months ago)
God is I Am.
Trubroo B (7 months ago)
This song never gets old
Reginald Greene (7 months ago)
Praise and Worship breaks down and destroys the yoke with the ANOINTING of the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord God within our Hearts, Mind, Soul and SPIRIT. The Word's of God changes the atmosphere there is Liberty where the Spirit of the Lord is. Amen.
Angel Brown (7 months ago)
No matter what direction they trying to pull me in go this way that way Lord I'm staying in your will I need you to show me the way Lord Jesus please.
lee ruffin (8 months ago)
love this song
Deborah Hopkins (8 months ago)
Omg I loved there music
Yahawahdah Yahrahshalem (8 months ago)
We the children of Israel Deuteronomy 28 68 Kjv was about the transatlantic slave trade we the jews
Tonya Smith (8 months ago)
I love this song
Kendrick Smith (8 months ago)
I made this vow to God. No matter who come or go, no matter what I choose right or wrong, my desire is always stay with God.
James Brannon (8 months ago)
I'm staying in your will Lord.
Racheal Baley (9 months ago)
My testimony... Today, Tomorrow, and Forever.
gibbonst75 (9 months ago)
Love this song good worship song
Leonard Smith (9 months ago)
We, who are born again believers of Jesus Christ, should seek His Will and not our will. It is indeed the safest place. My prayer is that we become 1 in HIM!! Let us live this out!! Jesus Christ IS coming soon!!!
It's Tee (9 months ago)
Lord Yes this my song bumping going down the street
Regina Daniels (10 months ago)
Lord I’m staying in your will 🙌🙌
Keith Jones (10 months ago)
Yes! ,stay focused
James Brannon (10 months ago)
I won't give you Lord. I'm staying in your will.
Edith Jones (10 months ago)
Lord Let me always STAY IN YOUR WILL. With your guidance I know I can. Black Gospel Radio brought me here from listening to The Commission and scroll down a viewed this song.
Angel Brown (10 months ago)
I will never give up that is what they want me too go back depending on drugs and alcohol and stuff I will never give up.
His Desire (10 months ago)
The words " staying in your will" was in my spirit....so lord help me to stand still no matter what..
Mary Hudson (10 months ago)
oh my GOD! very nice voices
Ike Triplett (11 months ago)
Man this song doesn’t get old N.O.. connection Brain sang boy God is comin soon we need to stay in He’s will Jesus help us all to stay!!!!!
Jake_Anime The Assasin (11 months ago)
Danny Keyes (11 months ago)
Cynthia Jacobs (7 months ago)
Danny Keyes AMEN, and fight for their families....
Nichole Smith (11 months ago)
❤❤❤😥😥... This song is life
Michele Carson (11 months ago)
I was in a very dark place in my life for months but God brought me though today I thank God for Jesus and this song
ANGELA Burch (11 months ago)
My favorite song .
perry cox (11 months ago)
I won't give up Or give in I'm holding on Till the end I will be steadfast Unmoveable Always abounding in You Lord, I'm staying in Your will (REPEAT) V- I'm staying in Your will I'm staying Lord I'm staying in Your will, I'm staying I'm staying in Your will I'm staying Lord Said I'm staying in Your will (REPEAT) B- Promise You Lord I am staying in Your will Your will (REPEAT)
Aonnanii w (11 months ago)
Meika Williams (11 months ago)
I'm not going no where I'm staying Lord !!!
Brittney Anderson (11 months ago)
I'm staying in his will no matter how hard things get!!🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾
James Brannon (1 year ago)
I'm staying invite your will Lord. Yesterday I'm Lord.
Alex The Great (1 year ago)
I add this song to my collection of favorites
SHELLIE L HARRIS JR (1 year ago)
Tiffany F (1 year ago)
This song still ministers to me!!!
Brenda Boyd (1 year ago)
I love the oldies. They touch you like you like no other
Brenda Boyd (1 year ago)
Yes Lord. I won't give up. I'm staying in your will..
Listen I use to think it was so Cliche when people said when i think about the Goodness of Jesus... though it was something my mom said when she had nothing left to say... When I think about the goodness of Jesus... it took for me to experience some things... to have some situations some circumstances some trials and tribulations.. ot took the storm to show me the Goodness of Jesus... it was when He step into the situation Himself took on my tirbulance and weathered my storm I understood the Goodness of Jesus... Some chains had to be broken to understand the goodness of Jesus.... some Healing had to take place freedom released to fully understand his Goodness... it was time I wanted to give up. He kept pushing me Forward... time I thought I was alone.... time when all I could say was JESUS.... Listen i dont know what your going through but get with God... He is the answer the source and the resource..... stop trying to be Laretta fix it and see the Doctor!!! Jesus!!! Hes a Healer a deliverer...a way maker ... trust His will for your life and do what He is telling you to do!!! He sees you sis... and He there brother!!! God bless you!
Lacretia Knox (1 year ago)
No matter what, I'm staying in Your will, God! ☝🙏🙌
James Brannon (1 year ago)
One of my favorite songs. Thank you Lord.
Tiffeney Rhodes (1 year ago)
Love this song ,I want give up ,Lord I'm staying in your well .
Marlon Taylor (1 year ago)
powerful powerful song I don't think nobody can hit the " I ain't going no where" part like he can...CHILLS YALL, CHILLS!!
Penny Jeff (1 year ago)
God I penny bless your HOLY NAME
Tiffeney Rhodes (1 year ago)
Help us Lord to stay in your will .
Tee Herise Johnson (1 year ago)
Great exhortation for a person to sing back to God and sing to ourselves so many haven't not stayed the course and we need to get it together and this is a good song to proclaim always giving God the glory but be ready when you confess this cause we will be used by God.
Dasha Nicole (1 year ago)
Living my life for you lord! ❤️❤️ married to the kingdom of light 💍
Larry Pate (1 year ago)
James Lawson (1 year ago)
Love this song
jane jane (1 year ago)
My favorite intimate song to my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ ❤️❤️
Fee Fee tha Diva (1 year ago)
Beautiful song❤️
diamond (1 year ago)
Lavern Carpenter (1 year ago)
This was my mother favorite song,every time I hear I cry.My mother died 12yrs ago and I miss her like it just happened sweet memories
Carla Williams (1 year ago)
My testimony.... Only because of you God... I'm still here... Planted
beast mode Bailey (1 year ago)
I promise this was mi song wen I was a kid probably around 8 or 9.....I promise I love ol skool gospel 😎☝🙏🙌
Lorna Herbert (1 year ago)
Gotta stay. Can't go. Amen.
keepit 100% (1 year ago)
This is my Jam!!!
Phyllis Bennett (1 year ago)
This is a very beautiful Song.
Andrea Kenney (1 year ago)
I'm going through so much at this time. I'm at a point in my life I don't know how much more I can take. but this a very encouraging song. Cause I'm trying to stay in his will.
Dakara Williams (1 year ago)
Saviour Lord Jesus!
Mel Cooper (1 year ago)
I wont give up and I wont give in
linda mckee (1 year ago)
I know God Got Me after losing my son to murder last year 01/03/2016 worst year of my life. I have more good day than bad days. God is Amazingly Awesome!!! God Got Me!!!!!!
Sheila E (1 year ago)
beautiful song💕...
Awesome group!!!!! Wonderful song!!!!
zabdiel edwards (1 year ago)
can everyone keep me in pray(zabdiel Edwards) ask he for break true and healing for my eyes
Reba Martin (1 year ago)
want it be sweet
Ebony Gonzalez (1 year ago)
this song makes me think about my father who passed away 3 years ago. Miss u Daddy more then anything
Lynette Beckles (1 year ago)
Just heard this song on Kirk Franklin's channel today and it brought me to tears. This is the type of music, singing, praising that brings me to my knees. Please keep this kind of gospel relevant. It lifts your eyes to The Lord. Thank you Men of Standard for this song.

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