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Tonight Show - Men In Coats

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Talk show malam yang akan memberikan informasi dan hiburan, bersama Arie Untung dan Hesty Purwadinata serta bintang tamu dari berbagai kalangan. Menemani istirahat malam, Tonight Show sarat akan kejutan yang sayang untuk dilewatkan.
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Text Comments (25)
Tonatiuh QR (10 months ago)
lmao Chinese jimmy Fallon
lw216316 (2 years ago)
humor like music is a universal language
Cgit Einsteins (2 years ago)
fuck the audiance, so silent
'''JeR*Me*SeFF!!''' (2 years ago)
wait... what happened to the other guy?
ThommeGun (2 years ago)
I definately could be, this was posted 3 years ago... but the original was posted way back in 2005(i think) lot can happen in 8 years.
NonsensicalVids (2 years ago)
its the same guy lol
Chris (2 years ago)
I'm wondering too, still funny, but the other Guy did so much better
hope art (2 years ago)
literally been doing the same act since the 90s lol
Numa Mendez (3 years ago)
Rasyid Khalifa (3 years ago)
keren coy!
Shane Cheatham (4 years ago)
Not the Tonight Show.
Lance Baker (2 years ago)
In Indonesia, the name "Tonight Show" is up for grabs.
akhwan munawar (4 years ago)
fun performance
Xangzorg (5 years ago)
4:47 He probably done it before (if you know what i mean)
The Lone Chipmunk (4 years ago)
The alternative would be a sword.
Daniel Mendoza (5 years ago)
dear host , i don´t understand a damn you say
Bambang Irawan (4 years ago)
Actually It's Indonesian language sir.
Monique Caerteling (5 years ago)
Super!! Gezien op de ACCU avond in Brewinc.
perrathje (5 years ago)
They removed the "FU handsign"....? Politely self censorshipping....
Joody Kiyoto (5 years ago)
achei que eles eram bem mais famosos
Brunno Risuenho (5 years ago)
Muito legal esse numero.
Dey Video (5 years ago)
Quem veio pelo legendarios da um joinha
Bruno Chaves ZTE (5 years ago)
Este numero muito bom mesmo vcs
Bruno Chaves ZTE (5 years ago)
Eu vendo este no legendários
thesupermariu (5 years ago)
one of them is

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