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New Cartier Carat Reveal | The Perfume Pros

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This week we are taking you behind the scenes as we reveal the new Cartier Carat fragrance to the retail industry. Products mentioned: Carat EDP https://www.harrods.com/en-gb/cartier/carat-eau-de-parfum-p000000000006139914 Carat Perfumed Hair & Body mist https://www.harrods.com/en-gb/cartier/carat-hair-and-body-mist-p000000000006139913 You can also find us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theperfumepros/
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Text Comments (17)
Heavin A'alyse (6 months ago)
Does it last long?
Daisy Christina (7 months ago)
This perfume is my signature scent now. It’s such a pretty fragrance. If you love a rich floral everybody should try this.
Josie Bitencourte (9 months ago)
Hello!!! I miss you ladies, I tried the new Cartier, its so beautiful, I love it.You two are looking great as usual.
The Perfume Pros (9 months ago)
Hi Josie. Great to see you on here. Hope all is well. 👍
Linda C (10 months ago)
Looking forward to trying this . Thank you for your reviews .
Esther Oh (10 months ago)
Just a really random request: could you guys please consider lowering the volume of the opening title by any chance? By the opening title volume is very loud but your voices are relatively quiet. As someone who binge watches your videos, it hurts my ears every time I play a new video. Thank you and I love your videos! Love from Boston, USA. :)
The Perfume Pros (10 months ago)
Oh no! We didn’t realise it was coming over so loud. We will try to rectify.
okapi323 (10 months ago)
They did a really good job with the bottle.
Tania Filomena (10 months ago)
Is indeed a beautiful and fresh floral. Nice video!
Mitchell Halpern (10 months ago)
Very nice look at perfume marketing. Now I am inspired to wear Cartier Declaration tomorrow. Still too warm here for L’Envol.
H2Ono (10 months ago)
Nice, reveal! Thank you.
Arden Powers (10 months ago)
I only wished I was there to discover this with you both . . . Thank you so much for sharing !!
avocadocow (10 months ago)
Thank you for continuing to give your viewers such unique and exciting experiences!
shanashel baghdad sh ba (10 months ago)
V.very nice review
michael oles (10 months ago)
Ladies... love your content .
Good things Out there (10 months ago)
Hi there, i tried it and it is very nice elegant expensive smell😊
Pamela Wolf (10 months ago)
Lovely lovely lovely! Thank you for sharing this amazing experience with us. Love & blessings from Indiana, USA!

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