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Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey Pour Homme Review - Cologne Review

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One of the most unique and game-changing designer fragrances to ever hit the shelves in my opinion. Issey Miyake L'eau D'issey pour homme combines sharp sour citrus notes of yuzu and lemon with soft floral notes of lily-of-the-valley & blue lotus with a masculine woody base of cedar, cinnamon and tobacco. L'eau D'issey sports solid performance with a very attention-grabing projection+sillage, and it's best suited for the warmer spring and summer weather in my opinion. Despite being quite popular, this cologne would make a great signature scent and is both unique and a compliment getter. ------------------------------------------------TIMELINE------------------------------------------------ Presentation: 1:14 Scent: 2:31 Performance: 6:55 Versatility: 7:47 Compliments: 8:41 Final Rating: 9:48 Thank's for watching and plead like, comment & subscribe
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Text Comments (10)
toastynotes (3 months ago)
I bought this one because it was one of the only decants I used that everyone liked. Almost everyone likes a lemony floral smell.
André BM (1 year ago)
I think it's too floral... But apparently girls love the smell
That stuff is floral fresh on the skin my friend . Like you walked through a bed of wild roses.
michel jean (2 years ago)
You are very good....
Quadrillion aire (2 years ago)
thanx for the updated review of this! all other reviews are from years ago
tripleinc. (2 years ago)
Glad to help
Webster Kollie (2 years ago)
this cologne is definitely a must have in everyone collection. performance best in the high summer heat and it last a very long time on my skin. compliment getter also.
Marvin Leach (2 years ago)
Love it! I have the 2.5oz. Sprays pretty darn fine to me. Also, works best in the heat. The sharp uzu note kinda put me off initially, but when that tames down boy oh boy. Makes me wish I bought the 4.2. Definitely my fav citrus frag in my collection so far
ShaveNontheDarkside (2 years ago)
classic dude, classic
Darren Newell (2 years ago)
That stuff is a beast in the summer.

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