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My BFF started with a new company called Amelia James. Super cute and soft dresses, shirts, skirts, and more! Add her on Facebook - Cozee Couture - Amelia James with Ashlee Welcome to Nay's Days! Always think positive. Never Give up. Live life to the fullest! I'm a daily uploader, vlogging about life, work, family, and much more. Here on this channel, you'll get to know me a lot better with vlogs and tag challenges. Hope you enjoy and be a part of the Nay's Daisies. Thanks so much for watching! Please make sure you LIKE 👍🏻, COMMENT 💻, SHARE 📲, & SUBSCRIBE ✅! Don't forget to turn on the post notifications 🔔so you never miss a video! Love you all 💖! SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VLOGS! ►► youtube.com/naysdays Business email: [email protected] Twitter: NaysDays_yt Instagram: NaysDays_yt Facebook: naysdayswithstephhagerty Snapchat: stephhagerty Also check out: John Hagerty: https://www.youtube.com/johnhagertyvlogs RBX BUMP: www.youtube.com/channel/UC5hAUarg6UePJSovr3V0Yhg Invisible Creeper and The Brain: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbFT3FoFuuQCSf458qp6GAA
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Kira Arik (6 months ago)
Loved the first dress you tried! Looks so good on you! The color is perfect for you as well. Actually all dresses looked good on you:) what’s your secret?
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Kira Arik aww your me too sweet. Thank you! No secret lol
Rachel Benefield (6 months ago)
Love those dresses! So fun and flirty! I wished I could wear dresses, but I look so hideous in them. Maybe I need clint from "what not to wear" to help me with that! Haha
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Rachel Benefield I’m not a dress person either. Try some on. I stepped out of my box
Jocey Potts (6 months ago)
I love the top you have on! So cute with the shorts!
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Jocey Potts soo comfy
PinkBeautyXx (6 months ago)
I love the black and fushcia pink floral dress with the bardot neck line!😍 looks so good on you as well xx
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
PinkBeautyXx aww thanks
Sez Francis (6 months ago)
Nay, this is amazing; you certainly participate in a lot of great events. I love all the dresses 👗; they look beautiful. 💖🙂🦋✨
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Sez Francis thanks Sez! You’re the sweetest
Growing Roots (6 months ago)
Hi Nay!! Omg!!! love the dress with pockets yas!!! qnd the top you were wearing soo cute!!!🤗🤗
Nay's Days (6 months ago)
Growing Roots I love the pockets
Katty's Vlogs (6 months ago)
Nice dresses!😍

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