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Michael Trapson - Billie Jean And I Dab (Official Music Video)

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MORE MUSIC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkiXaeZ1rVk Purchase "Billie Jean And I Dab" on Itunes Today https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/bil... www.facebook.com/michael trapson www.instagram.com/ogmichaeltrapson www.twitter.com/miketrapson https://soundcloud.com/ogcano Director Ricky O Facebook.com/DirRickyO Instagram.com/Dir.RickyO
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Text Comments (2643)
V-Way (1 day ago)
Shit hard tho.😫😫😂
Komka Arion (1 day ago)
This is a piece of shit
Bitch be smellin n tastin her own pee... N you wont do a show wit me???!!!!! Cmon mike. I know u want da mic. More than tina n Ike. C'mon do a livestream wit me...Fuck Billie's Jeans homie!
Jimbuh ! (4 days ago)
Love that Jermain turned up and dabbed for the video!!!
Jimbuh ! (4 days ago)
Diego Delgado (6 days ago)
uh..... hope? are you still there?? kk
Deep South (10 days ago)
I'm officially a fan
ggg ggg (19 days ago)
This is so gay lol.
A A (22 days ago)
that killed my ears, also how is this not copywrite infringement
C. Williams (23 days ago)
I am in love with you
Rθtt Bθ¡ (1 month ago)
That beat is 🧨🧨🔥🔥
B Morgan (1 month ago)
This actually went hard real talk
Marilyn Santos (1 month ago)
Jared Lammi (1 month ago)
If "Billie Jean" was made today, this is what it would sound like.
Shera Bertrand (1 month ago)
Oh you're stupid king mikey and that's what you get for making her upset and you're the fake one the real Michael Jackson is in heaven where God is with him and your fake just remember your stupid😡👿
I going be fangirl😂 very soon
iTechUOutGuy (1 month ago)
Tricks know I'm the man. Billy Jean When I Dab! Hehe! 😁
SergeantSilly (1 month ago)
Trev Tv100 (2 months ago)
I’m so god damn drunk I thought this nigga had a secret release trap music from 1990
class PG (2 months ago)
Billy Batson (2 months ago)
my god, how can you rape the legacy of king of pop so baaaaad
Angel Gallardo (2 months ago)
una burla total.
LifeLongMETALHead83 (2 months ago)
This is horrible. MJ would be rolling in his grave. This guy walks into a bar and the bartenders says "Why the long face?"
Michael jackson's queen (2 months ago)
She got the glow Michael
epic roblox gamer (2 months ago)
Wendel Santos (2 months ago)
Meu deus, como não conheci o MICHAEL TRAPSON antes senhoooooor!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Obg deus
patriarch wolf (2 months ago)
This is catchy
The Cool Gamer Dude (2 months ago)
I feel like they tried to make Billy Jean as ugly as possible in the beginning but also made her mad sexy
WAKOKAINE (2 months ago)
Who's the chick in the beginning
Jordan Jackson (2 months ago)
That shomeon
Charis Ralph (2 months ago)
mhbass (3 months ago)
Mohammad ail (3 months ago)
Omg 😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kameria (3 months ago)
COOL YOUR BEANS MAN (3 months ago)
COOL YOUR BEANS MAN (3 months ago)
Muhammad Fakhruzy Wafi (3 months ago)
Wow trapson the king
Solo Dolo (3 months ago)
that Peter Pan Swagg
Sameer Raza (3 months ago)
Migos shouldve featured
Manie Love (4 months ago)
"allegations no charges anit touch no kids stop fraudin" 😂😂😂😂😂😂 get em mike
cheralyn Williams (4 months ago)
Belly jean and I dab
Jole Lariccia (4 months ago)
IS COPRYGHT !!!!!!!! YOUR SO BAD !!!!!!!
DreamDemonify (4 months ago)
jaylen pizarro (4 months ago)
you suck bitch
Miguel Navarro Morales (4 months ago)
Que diablos es estoooo
Exclusive Yasir Naqvi (4 months ago)
The dab
メRazorBladeメ (4 months ago)
whats the girl's name
David Troia (4 months ago)
I feel like Mike is back with a new swag & it goes hard & I would bump that shit!
David Troia (4 months ago)
Ohhh shes so stupid but hot as fuck
Quintin Wright (4 months ago)
Bro I hope u release more music loved ur last album
TONYC-956 PS4 player (4 months ago)
Peter peter with that ass
toastyghost (4 months ago)
This dude is like the best possible combination of parody and actually fucking smooth
Legends Animations (5 months ago)
dis nigga exsists
Luis Lopez (5 months ago)
Dang she fine 😮
AXD 004 (5 months ago)
aint touch no kids stop fraudin
Ryss HaTe (5 months ago)
This looks like a ''Scary Movie'' version of music xd
Psychedelic Kool-Aid (5 months ago)
The only time I don't cringe when dabbing is done in a video...
Brandon (5 months ago)
Kinda disrespectful...
Deep Mind (5 months ago)
You want the truth ?. Once upon a time Trapson was having a nap, then came Michael in his dream........"you shall continue my legacy by Mumble rapping my child" said with his soft voice. Trapson woke up screaming "eeee yeeee".
Troy Butler (5 months ago)
This is a tragedy! 😂😂😂
Clown Centralia (5 months ago)
Hate mumble shit rap but this is crackup and catchy......
Rainiel Soriano (5 months ago)
holy shit, this is not mumble rap,..this is MJ RAP,..SO COOL!!!!!!
Eb1Kabal (5 months ago)
1:42 Cha'mone!!!
Azeroth Assassin (5 months ago)
i HATE mumble rap. This shit strait heat though.
Max boy Bandit thug (5 months ago)
Go and check ma first song!!!!🇸🇳🇸🇳🇸🇳 https://youtu.be/Fh7nT_NU1gY Please subscribe🙏🏿
Gemini Gamer (6 months ago)
She wanna play with my monkey so this about to get funky lmaoo😂🤭✊🏾💁🏾‍♂️
green (6 months ago)
oh my.
lVemesManage l (6 months ago)
I'm not sure who's better real Michael Jackson or Michael trapson
Rex Butwosky (6 months ago)
Enigma (6 months ago)
omg im so dead. that shit was hot tho
Lego yakult (6 months ago)
You got the game up came up the Hip Hop Pop Michael Jackson the king of the Hip Hop Pop
AMERICAN KING (6 months ago)
I swear every single i hear from him is slamming!!! I might buy this Niggas album!!!! Shit Billie Jean and I Dan that shit!!! I'm a Micheal Trapson fan now!!!
NikoVanAthand (6 months ago)
Please.. kys
MR MEME (6 months ago)
YOU DISRESPECT MICHEAL JACKSON. you shit ass nigga. GO and see a doctor cuz you have a brain damage.
She is amazing 22 (6 months ago)
Dark Soul Boy (6 months ago)
Como acabé aquí?
damek666 (6 months ago)
Willem Ewald (6 months ago)
this is a copy of another video. real channel is Michael Trapson.
dtroy Jones (6 months ago)
You can't kill a legend mufucka came back rapping lol
Albert Teac (6 months ago)
I actually watched the whole video and it kept my interest.
Vreezo Uzi (6 months ago)
Who's here from Latruth?
Sabriya Thomas (6 months ago)
I love the dabs
wavy Jordan (7 months ago)
My man's lip tho
Valentin Da Costa (7 months ago)
Il faut mettre les sous titres FRANCAIS SVP
sophia Mjj (7 months ago)
Michael jackson the man
Tiljuana W (7 months ago)
He will never be Michael Jackson😁😁he was a ledgend!!!!!!! but Great 👍 performance tho !!!!!😁😂😂
linyiah James (7 months ago)
She wanna play with my moankey so it’s bout to get FONKEY🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂
Chelsea Cheyenne (7 months ago)
"Moon walk is flawless if you cant do it then back off it" yaaassss bish
derbikuski (7 months ago)
What The fuck
famousfainworld (7 months ago)
famousfainworld (7 months ago)
Tony Atliss (7 months ago)
Lou Perez (7 months ago)
Penny loafers so glossy Petty people tryna cross me Allegations, no charges Ain't touch no kid, stop frauding. These Lyrics are insane! 😂😆😁
djparaense (7 months ago)
Man, if i was hearing just the voice i could swear that it was Michael himself.
SonicMJ2008 (7 months ago)
i dab
Terrace Brown (7 months ago)
Michael Trapson the Man.
Marqui ie (7 months ago)
Robbie Groove (8 months ago)

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