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24 HOURS HANDCUFFED to my “BOYFRIEND" | Piper Rockelle

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Shalom guys!!! What would you do if you woke up handcuffed to your friend! And worse yet your friend is a boy! Now I have to do this crazy 24 hour challenge! Hayden and Hunter totally pranked me and I woke up handcuffed to my friend Hayden. It was quite a struggle and we fought a lot! My makeup was a mess, I couldn’t enjoy my burger and dancing was out of the question! Watch until the end to see if we were able to make the best of the situation. https://youtu.be/-yXjluh0xs4 Hunter/brother/editor: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo2uAMyB_Oqlmr-2SQ6qDPg https://www.instagram.com/itshunterhill Hayden’s Page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCH-67MurivaKoeCjMNz3hjA https://www.instagram.com/haydenhaasofficial #24hour #24hourchallenge #challenge ------------------------------------ Follow Piper Rock-elle: Twitter: https://twitter.com/piperrockelle?lang=en Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/piperrockelle/?hl=en
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Text Comments (9844)
Vicky Miranda (19 minutes ago)
Piper is a sassafras
Tabitha Strykiwsky (44 minutes ago)
Every type of candy except for licorice
Carly Murphy (4 hours ago)
Candy corn
DAPHNE SOMSEN (6 hours ago)
He lovs her
Evie Hunt (7 hours ago)
You two are cute togever
Avery Amara (15 hours ago)
He does not deserve to treat himself, piper, you must get payback
Avery Amara (15 hours ago)
Poor piper
MACIE JOHNSON (16 hours ago)
skittle is my favorite
RYLEE SAXTON (18 hours ago)
Aren't you 10 do you need makeup yet
Adrian Pecson (18 hours ago)
thay re so cute together
Virginia Rubio (19 hours ago)
Who,s your boyfriend
OOGA BOOGA BOOGA (21 hours ago)
Hi it deniskartel007 your bf
Natalie Sullivan (1 day ago)
I love bottle caps and my fav flavor is also rootbeer. Love you, Piper!
angel Coss (1 day ago)
My favorite candy is skittles piper
I like so much candyi cant not even name it all. And i realize that you from chicken girls
Carrie Collyer (1 day ago)
You guys are like MENT TO BE TOGTHER! XD Have you ever kissed? OoooooOoooooooooOoooooooo lol I'm joking
Angie Valentin (1 day ago)
I love bottle caps
Angie Valentin (1 day ago)
Trish Ha (1 day ago)
Who ships Hayden and Piper? #Hayper
Sabrina Bennett (1 day ago)
ther to gether :)
mimiandthumpshow (1 day ago)
Is that your Apartment Piper
Mary DeHaven (2 days ago)
Mms york patties love ur channel u inspired me lol!💖
Sinidya Laure (2 days ago)
They treat each other like annoying siblings 😂😂
Jungkook Bts Jungkook (2 days ago)
They look like a cute couple Like if u agree
Kennacakers (2 days ago)
Summer Kabano (2 days ago)
are you in love Hayden
Julia McGrath (2 days ago)
Nuwara Usman (3 days ago)
Hayden really likes her
Eriele Torrefiel (3 days ago)
their so cute like if u agree
Fatimaa Alkafri (3 days ago)
My favorite candy is Sour Patch Kids❤❤❤
Aisya sari (4 days ago)
I love you😊😊😁
Ali Neary (4 days ago)
you cant dance for your life
Janis Rosin (4 days ago)
Izzy Stewart (4 days ago)
Mai Vue (4 days ago)
Hadyen why do you have to do thar
You are mean Hayden
Madison Murphy (5 days ago)
Quit youtube you stink
Lola Rose (5 days ago)
You boyfriend is adorable and you are to piper
Abby Smith (6 days ago)
A kid her age wouldn’t where make up
My favorite part was when he was working out you were eating chips and he was like PIPER that was funny
TheSavage Girl (7 days ago)
Hayden likes her hhahahaha
Ruby Eite (7 days ago)
They are a couple its cute! Lol
Diane Howard (7 days ago)
M and m's and kit kats
Diane Howard (7 days ago)
💋 him piper
Rona Gonzales (7 days ago)
You guys are so sweet
I ate Your cookie (7 days ago)
How old is she she looks like a 10 year old
jameel moosa (7 days ago)
I want to see piper naked
byoung lee (7 days ago)
Wait is he your Boy friend or like a friend that’s a boy
Gentry Slagowski (8 days ago)
Teara Burgess (8 days ago)
Kinder eggs
Liberty Reisner (8 days ago)
Jolly ranchers
chloca vich (8 days ago)
my boyfriends name is also hayden!
Briana Holloman (8 days ago)
CHALLENGE love you
MAXI мир (9 days ago)
Вы с ним этак похожи по лицу
matthew jones (9 days ago)
He must very annoying And mean 😑😑😑😅
Steve Baildon (10 days ago)
Poor😂 cereal
Andrew Taylor (11 days ago)
I love you
Jessica Fordham (11 days ago)
You should watch James Charles he is amazing
Ava's World (11 days ago)
Sour candy
Chloe Nicole (11 days ago)
Mawar Seserisuri (11 days ago)
More 24 in the batroom
Kate Rose (11 days ago)
Hayden chill out with Piper ok everyone knows u like her
Gavin Magnus (9 days ago)
shes mine lol jk
amanda Mallory (12 days ago)
Wait piper has a boyfriend
Callum Kempson (12 days ago)
My crush is ?????? ????????
Callum Kempson (12 days ago)
My crush is piper
Boyfriend She still 10
Madelyn Rice (13 days ago)
How old are you
Dahliathefan unicorn (13 days ago)
Thank god you survived
Dahliathefan unicorn (13 days ago)
Piper i hope your survive
Jillian Green (14 days ago)
I love how you just left your mess ups there
ROCIO LOL (14 days ago)
My favorite candies are warheads and gummy bears
Rob2222 Vaz2222 (14 days ago)
Paige Ringling (14 days ago)
He likes you
Akea Harris (14 days ago)
Harlo was from secret lives of kids Halen liked him
Katarzyna Zielinska (14 days ago)
I love you piper
Layla Jara (14 days ago)
Hi Read more
Sam Narag (14 days ago)
Piper is that your boyfriend or friend????but i love you so much
Leah Clarke (14 days ago)
she is just acting like he's a weird guy she loves him she is acting like Lizzy sharer if you know Lizzy leave me a message if I have a right she is acting like Lizzie sharer and don't want to tell Hayden.that she has a crush on him like Lizzy didn't want to tell carterthat she loves him
Leah Clarke (14 days ago)
If you think i am right.send a message hayden like Piper and Piper like hayden because the word boyfriend is there
Jo Jo (14 days ago)
Awww ship!!
Maya Houston (14 days ago)
How did you guys go to the bathroom 💕
Ella Wells (14 days ago)
How old is piper? Because she has a boyfriend at a really young age
Shay McHenry (14 days ago)
Sour pachth kids
Janice Xing (15 days ago)
I do like the boy he is sily
Janice Xing (15 days ago)
How are you go to poop
Madison Jim (15 days ago)
ugh fornite
Amanda Duarte (15 days ago)
all not eww ones
Brandon Wallace (15 days ago)
Reese’s are the best candy 🍬🍭ever
Madison Jim (15 days ago)
uhg fortnite it wird
Sandy Hidalgo (15 days ago)
you know your prettier with out make up [ stupid ]
Joannah Jesh Sayson (16 days ago)
Chery Simpson (16 days ago)
Favorite candy and flavor is the same
Norah Yarmata (16 days ago)
Why do you call hadden your "boyfrind"???
Nikki Haines (16 days ago)
Milk duds
Brooklynn Bearden (16 days ago)
Bottle caps
Aliya Nessa (16 days ago)
Piper eats like a boy and Hayden eats like a woman haaaaaaaaa
Ellabelle (16 days ago)
She is so pretty!
Khalid Aladdin (17 days ago)
Is he really her boyfriend in real life
Andrea Tanteo (17 days ago)
Do you have a boyfriend now!?!?!

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